"Where "Miracles and Healing" are Experienced"

Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis, The SEER
The"THRONE" Building



 Now is the time! This your the Season...
Come, "walk in the spirit with us ... meet us for our "Anointed"
Sunday Service
2 p.m. to 6 p.m. 
127 N. Leamington Ave ~ Chicago, IL. 60644

The "Divine Prophetic" gifts of The SEER, will give you evidence that God is
with you...
The "Powerful" Biblical teaching of The SEER will empower you spirit to seek a relationship with God...
The "Creative" voice of the SEER will encourage you to believe in, trust and rely on our Sovereign God.
The SEER, Dr. Lewis, is God's Divine messenger...
She brings a "Word" from Him to His people...
A Word of healing, warning and blessing. 
He gives her to reveal hidden things be it spiritual or tangible, whether it is a document associated
 to you or a color, time or place... 
What the Holy Spirit gives her that is relevant to you it shall come to pass.
Experience the dynamic healing Power of God through His vessel...
Join us, your life will be transformed in an instant!



The THRONE Building 

Intercessory Prayer

12 noon to 1 p.m.

We are Prayer Warriors that
for all that are on our prayer list...
 We know that
"There is nothing to hard for God"!
Whatever the situation we hold
it up before the 
Lord in prayer and thanksgiving, 
we know and believe that God has done the work.

All are welcome to join us ... 
If that is not possible
Call us (773) 377-6344 with your  
prayer requests.

127 N. Leamington

Chicago, Illinois 60644
Phn: 773-377-6344
Bible Study Class

6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Dr. Lewis teaches an intense and comprehensive
 Bible Study Class...
A profound walk in the scriptures 
that embodies a clear understanding 
of the commandments and
statues that God has set forth for us to live by.

Meet us for our exciting class...

Dr. Lewis is currently teaching
her interesting study about 
God's messengers.

 Counseling Sessions
Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis
Counselor, Consultant, Life Coach
For scheduling or information
call the office @ (773) 377-6344
[Scheduling fee is NON-REFUNDABLE]