Dr. Arnella Lewis-Pierce's "New" spiritual, informative, powerful, healing,encouraging book "CONVERSATIONS FROM A PREGNANT MIND"
will be available for you to order soon.
You will want this book in your personal library and to give to a person that you want to help heal in their mind, body and spirit.
Here is an excerpt from this dynamic book that will surly spark your interest and give you an idea how amazing this book truly is.
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"Yes, You Can!

Determination has empowered you,

Destiny Has Summoned You And

Providence Will Provide For You …

This book is written to suggest to you alternative creative affirmations. Offer to open your possibility through Revelation to possibility.  Some of the wisdom you gain or encounter in reading this booklet, even though the words may be a bit poetic, will prompt you to think beyond “natural” consciousness. Sometimes we ask questions when there is alternative thinking through revelation is given. Take the trust beyond your understanding challenge.
These revelations should trouble your spirit consciousness, which will make you at least consider the reality of spirit personalities dwelling among us, in this earthly realm.

My hope is that while reading the information contained in this book, you will consider, drawing from the well, its wisdom. You will consider drawing the intimacy inherent in this knowledge into your sacred places to embrace its effectiveness as your daily bread. The time has come to activate the “Power” deposited in you, given you by The Spirit Spermaticos (Rhema).

How, you ask? Just obey what is being taught. Speak what is being given to your voice. We encourage you to obey the instructions provided in this book and use the secrets as keys to unlock universal wisdom to transform your life. Surrender to the knowledge, which describes a spiritual hierarchy.

Courage does write a new script for your life, different from yesterday… Different from what you “thought” you were limited to do.  Take courage to accept the new role faith has standing at your door… See it? Lights … Camera … Action! Your stage is changing. Help me say, “today is the last day on this set”.  You have a new role to play. Where there is only victory, only wellness, only greatness.  No need  to worry, do nothing but TRUST! 
The Ultimate Director has your lines all prepared, just show up. Faith without works is dead, I am Geeked! It is a new stage… Lights! Camera! Actions!

Let the show begin."