Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis, The SEER

Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis is the founder and pastor of Revelation International Outreach Ministry and has shepherded this great ministry for over twenty six years.
These spiritual deposits she has been endowed with transforms the mind, body, and spirit to liberty on multiple levels of the "tripartite" man. Dr. Lewis is a vessel proven to be a healing tool and creative voice  of God for the people. Her very presence represents Divine Spiritual Power. 
A teacher by profession, Dr. Lewis is a pastor, teacher, author, playwright motivational speaker and life coach. 
In her international travels, Dr. Lewis, counsels, the masses from every walk of life lay people, to international dignitaries and diplomats. She gives guidance to award entertainers… Politicians and religious leaders have sought out The SEER for wisdom and advice at negotiating tables and she has sat in corporate meetings giving direction to executives and CEO’s.
Never wavering in her role as The SEER, Dr. Lewis serves humbly, faith driven and courageously... She has the deepest regard for the hearts of man, serving as a beacon of light to the path of salvation for ...
"He that hath an ear"


Revelation International Outreach Ministry (RIOM).  From the young age of eight years old,
Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis was being prepared for the great under-taking of the evolution.   
One night, as she rested upon her bed, the Lord God, Elohim,  beckoned her to the foot of His Throne... This journey into the Spirit realm would be the first of many nights and many trips into Heavenly places for this precious young child. Carried there, in the understanding of her young mind, on this beautiful winged horse called "Pegasus."   When maturity had found it's way into her bowels, the true identity of the creature "Pegasus" was that of a "Cherubim," a member of the first triad of celestial hosts always in the presence of God.  She found herself by the edge of a brook that brought forth songs of praise in every bursting bubble. 

A consultation between three individuals seized her attention in these Heavenly visits. They were discussing secrets of ages past, present, and future.  As she sat there allowing the soil of her spirit to digest every morsel of Revelation knowledge poured into her - she would now be able to retrieve that information for an appointed season such as this.
Every journey has a beginning...
There is a beautiful depiction  of how Dr. Lewis
was chosen to a Spiritual Vessel of God.
You will be captivated by the exciting background of a child entering into a realm that only the Holy Spirit can take her and bring her into her adult life through His powerful Revelations.
Going into heavenly places is a
very unique experience ... 
 Dr. Lewis tells her amazing story that began
the preparation that brought her to the office of The SEER.
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Our History

To everything there is a season.  The seed of "Miraculous Faith" sown in the entrails of a child reached the peak of maturation  and in May of 1991 Dr. Lewis being equipped with a spiritual anointing, and set apart to be chosen to the office of the SEER, the Revelation International Outreach Ministry was formed with it's first service at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Chicago, Illinois.   
 For six amazing years Revelation Ministry grew in its service to God and the people. The Marriott underwent major renovation in 1996, therefore, over the next six years, the Ministry found it self at various other locations...the University of Illinois, First Lutheran Church, and House of Prayer Pavilion. Some places that thought that our worship was too radical.  Another, there was not enough heat and yet another the Ministry had to transport equipment for services. But God was our beacon and Dr. Lewis had a vision for us to have our own facility.
Winter of 2003 we walked into our own church... A building that looks amazingly like a castle...
It became the HOME for

REVELATION  is a "prophetic" ministry and institution. Through the charismatic nature of her 'intuitive" gifts,
Dr. Lewis conducts healing seminars and workshops that examine in psychological, spiritual and emotional balance
of the human behavior... We seek to heal the mind, body and spirit.
Alternative Village Association, an affiliate organization formed in 1994 that, encompasses many visions that is for building greater venues for education, cultural growth, and a better standard of living in the community.

We have already crossed over the threshold to “Alternative Village”.  Flourishing is Alternative Village Productions,
our theatrical company.  A prolific playwright, Dr. Lewis writes and produces plays that have a moral base with a life inspiring message. These plays are performed by the students that take theater classes at AVP.  Students are coached adults as well as children in the art of live stage performances and trains them in other areas of theater production, i.e. props, lighting, directing, etc. giving them a base to enlarge their dreams and visions.
Our community and social service programs were developed to heal and empower those that are in need of assistant
for food, clothing and other basic necessities. "My Brother’s Keeper", under which was birthed our feeding program, ‘Blessings to Go’,  providing food as well as items such as clothing, shoes and other necessities  to the homeless and less fortunate. ‘Oh Taste and See’,  is a  food donation program providing breads and sweets to other organizations. ‘The Zoe program supports the incarcerated and those in domestic and substance abuse. We always have scriptures and prayer for all.
Alternative Village Association, will also have under it's umbrella, a coffee shop, a gymnasium,  food market, library and affordable housing. We envision Alternative Village Association will have an entire community  for whosoever
will come and live a self empowering, productive life in a family and loving environment.
Revelation Institute of Higher Learning, is a facility of higher education.  An institution dedicated to offering the highest quality of theological studies. We are open to anyone seeking to elevate there education status; plus we offer the GED to those adults beginning their educational journey in higher education.
REVELATION lovingly opens our doors to 'Whosoever' will come. We offer the Word of God as our foundation, The Bible; and we teach from these Biblical truths, every mans choice and opportunity to salvation.




"After this I looked, and behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter."
Revelation 4:1 KJV