The SEER, Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis gives a Prophetic word to "He that hath and ear".  
The Word of God is "right" and He uses His "Chosen" Vessel to speak, to intervene, heal, and serve
the people.
The Prophetic Word that Dr. Lewis gives is "Spirit and Truth" from the Lord.
God's time is not our time and His ways are not our ways.
Whenever this "Word" walks into your life just know that, "Providence" set the path by
Divine order and it will come to pass. 

Glean the Prophetic Word Dr. Lewis has given here that touches your life,
but also share what you read here, it may transform the life of someone that you know.
Reconciliation and resolution to mend broken hearts, sooth battered emotions, brings closure,
and expose hidden things.
With the "CREATIVE" voice of Dr. Lewis traumatic situations are turned around, doors

February 4, 2018

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

The Lord said to RIOM, we have God’s attention... "Because you have my attention, said God, the gift is yours."
You may try to pull other people, but God said He is pleased with you. Rejoice!
God said, "He is stirring up the atmosphere around your house. I am going to change what is supposed to happen it is not going to happen."
Today, The Proclamation Is...
"I stir your life with favor beyond measure."

"I cover all of RIOM"... God is pleased with you.

Beware of the Soy products a bacteria that is contained that can’t be extracted.

Those that know the Lord is covered from the atmospheric toxins, and those that are in the food.

God opens up your congestion.

"I am stirring your lives, and I am going to get rid of those that don’t mean you any good.
I will stir your house until you don’t need medication at all."

The Stir is on! The things that could not happen would not happen.

As you go from one realm to the other to another realm of spiritual consciousness don’t be afraid of what you see. As you move up the Lord will challenge you on that level and bless you.
God said, "AM I ENOUGH?"... It is time for next level living and teaching.
There will be people that appear you never thought you’d meet. However,
God said, Am I enough? Take courage!

God will turn a ripple into a Tsunami……God is stirring, people will feel the move of God for the next 3 or 4 days.

I will expedite whatever you sign your name too. Housing, property, food, loans, now is the time to apply for what you want God to do.

Apply for amnesty on this week not bankruptcies or consolidation but complete debt release.

God said, "As He continues to “stir.” I spoke to the stomach, kidneys and acid reflux."

If you want a healed household there has to be passion shared as you give your testimony. They should see God in your eyes. God is more than a mere man. There is more to Him to know.

Time bender tap into the revelation here at RIOM! Chronos and Kairos.......

God brings down anxiety and stress from Charles and Charlie. God is releasing it.

I see this needle in the neck, God extends mercy for the person with the needle in the neck.

I see someone that takes shots, God removes the medication.

God is the HEALER!


January 22, 2018

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

Don’t be quick to be a surrogate. Don’t give birth to someone else’s emotion by agreeing with a negative. Don’t say Amen. Don’t press like always on Facebook (FB). Read carefully…..

Again God has reminded us that no one under the sound of This Prophet will get the influenza!

There is something in the marijuana, which goes beyond intoxicating into hallucinating. You are warned people are dying.

Ray, Raymond, and Riley don’t go back to familiar faces.

Jasmine needs to make some changes.

God says, “He is opening you mind to see. So you will not be blinded by a month of blindness. Let the scales fall from your eyes.”

Do not buy Ecstasy I see a corner, a house, the number 26 do not buy loose pills or loose cigarettes, if you smoke. God is releasing mercy.

I hear Mayfield and Jesse in connection to Mayfield there a hedge around Jesse.
Someone with a huge mole on his face there is a hedge of protection, and God is pulling torment out of your house. God shield, preserves, and protects.

The person suffering from mental illness they only need to lift up their eyes. The Lord will snatch your mind back. Get off the medicine it has side effects. Lift up your eyes. God will snatch you back from a place of insanity. It will happen quickly. They could hurt themselves.

This Prophet has a dream, I saw people that work at night, and one person was a security guard. It looked like an auditorium or night club either before the show started or after it was over. The place was empty.

Also a back room someone has hid something under the steps, don’t take anything out the facility. There are cameras, and there could be a pipe bomb under the stairs. If you clean the facility, it was after everyone was gone. It could be a school, office when they close. God preserves them. Do not have any words with no one do your job and leave. There is Mercy! You shall see that I God have stepped into your situation.
There shall be no quarantine in a large facility.

I see these numbers,

I see living among the dead almost being drawn from what has died. I see type of herb that has died. I see life in what you thought was dead. God sends a rain forest of what we thought was dead. I see spores coming out of what we thought was dead.
God restores Danielle’s father.

Ask God to wash you again!! So you won’t walk pass the promises.

Milagros that means Miracle. God will speak to you in another language to bring the Miracle to your consciousness.
Milagros and Nissee go hand in hand, Miracle and the banner of God shall be over your head. The banner and evidence shall be over your head.

“Not only will I be a banner, but a green rainbow or halo to rest over your head. The Emerald Rainbow, and the ring is a symbol of the covenant of God.

The Lord said, He will produce 7 streams of income around your life. I will not show you a sign at all just be prepared to receive it. Rest your head in confidence.

God heals Marvel. He puts his cloak around him.

I am Shamma, I am there with them!.....
The numbers: 4-5-7-10 are relevant. 26 is the number of God the miracle worker? 26 is the miraculous stamp of God.

There is fraud around you, signatures, paperwork, and God erases the Fraud. Then He restores it.

God Word can not Lie!!

The Seer

January 15, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

On the way to Church today, this Prophet had a vision. All of our faces were standing on a shore. The Lord told me it was as if we had dropped into a script from the movie, “The Ten Commandments.” The Prophet was in a muted color linen robe. Lift your hands Dr. Pierce. God said,
“Use the rod in your hands and I will cause the people to cross into a place they have never been before.” (Your rod is you Prophetic pen). I lifted my hands and the wind blew harder and harder. The Rod gives birth. Whatever the Prophet writes will happen. You have come to be pregnant expect something different from God.

What I see in the spirit is “a white beast” let this serve as a sign you look for and see to help you understand every word spoken is of God. Expect a 24 hour turnover.

I see aggressive spirits around the houses. A spirit that will attack families. I see white animals.

Things are not always transparent in a work environment. There are aggressive attacks for the person with the animals at the workplace. There are also changes in a administration.

Someone that has a problem swallowing milk and mucus building up.
The Lord is going to cause bodies to react differently to things you couldn’t eat before.

God is healing from people who have issues with eating white stuff.

There is a shift around your house. There has to be a change. You are not believing hard enough and you are distracted by carnality.

Emma is being touched and those around her as well…..

I also saw the number 30 as well. God is restoring it looks like there may be a situation with the children that is hidden in deceit. I also see the Lord will uncover the hidden thing before it hits the fan. Before trouble comes to your house God will expose it. There has been trouble around the house before, but God brings deliverance.

Someone that is 30 years old has a tormenting spirt around them. It is as aggressive as a lion. They are coming as one nature but the color (white) is exposing them. They have a spirit of deceit.

I saw and heard the name Lois. I see a purging. Almost like an aggressive attack on the family, like a tail of a monster destroying things in its path.

I see a light that is burned out. I see a 2nd floor hallway, there is one blinking and one completely burned out. Make a decision don’t waiver step out. Monday and Tuesday will require you to make a decision.

The person on the second floor with the lights out. It is a sign just say NO. Do not compromise.

A person born in October there in an unstable place in their emotions.

September the 10th

For the October born person, the last is becoming first, let God put you in a new place not that old thing you being working on. The family will be able to work together…

Expect God to move……


December 24, 2017 the Eve of Christmas

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

My number is not for grabs, due to the end of the year.

In the 9th hour you plan things but then your water breaks out of season everything changes. Mary was rejected on purpose. Your vision board changes! Don’t be afraid to walk by yourself you may have to deliver your own child.

Many are going through the pain, it’s because you are in the 9th hour.

For those that are here now. God has dispatched angels to the free man.

I saw a bleeder. Someone who is on medication, blood thinners and the Lord cause the blood to coagulate. I see two things: blood dripping into a tube, and God is healing you from paralysis. The bleeder seems to be paralyzed. The doctor takes you off the medication. There are spasms.

I also see a child that was born with a umbilical cord around their neck. God blesses you with a job, and Education. I see moving and possible leaving the city.

I see a Detroit connection, and the person will release the finances.

God turns your financial situation around even before Friday. He that has an ear. Don’t look for anyone to help you. You give birth on your own!! God pulls the struggle out of your consciousness.

You won’t be held hostage by a slave that can’t speak in faith. “You are a free man.”

God straightens it out without you trying to manipulate the system. Blessings walk to your door. The anointing of possessions walks to your door.

In the next few days a ridiculously miracle shall walk to your house.
I see the crown of God over your head. I see rubies, emeralds, sapphires. They are valuable stones that make you unique and special.
God gives the gift of possession/acquiring.

The Seer


December 17, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

The Lord is a God of revelation and unique nature. All good and perfect gifts come from the Lord.

God is saying I your next move you are going to need to act like a man (mature).

Don’t let someone steal your inheritance.

The month of ecclesiastical month the 10 month, and the 4th civil month, if you trust in the Lord you al on a different wavelength. Knowing that God is in control over all things.

Increase is standing in front of you, open your eyes and see. The tabernacle inside of you. People don’t believe.

What do you need to do for the next step? “Arise and go to the potters house.”

In the next 30 days God reveal secrets around you. Things that are hidden will be exposed.
You will find the number 10 you will see often. This is a sign the Lord is leading and guiding you.

There is an individual born on the 7th of the month, and the 7th month. God has open the door for you. The 7th month with a J on it.

I hear the name Whispers, and I hear whispering. If this is you think back. Did someone make a transition during this time? There is healing around the step dad’s family.

Healing for Frances, or Fran.

God said he will perfect those that are seeking after me! It’s all about you that look me in my face, and make the sacrifice to me.

I see the 15th of the month, there is a miracle. I also hear drip, drip, drip, and it means opportunity. God is watching! to see how you receive the content. God enlarges the territory. I will cause the floodgates to open up.

Can you pass the test? Know as you walk in obedience to God, there will be evidence that will manifest that causes you to keep going. You are on the right path. God does not provide in the same way all the time. Don’t put Him in a box. Don’t be disappointed.

On last week, I saw the numbers jumping around.

Offer them a ridiculous amount….

Snakes the 26th of December, I see manipulation, even someone walking in your footsteps. They will betray you. God exposes them be on the lookout for snakes. Especially if they’ve betrayed you before.

If god had a Judas, you have one too.

In the next two weeks God can change your life.

Stop being petty with you money!

You will have an intercessor that will speak on your behalf. You will not have to speak for yourself. It will look like a raven. They will probably speak broken English, but God has sent them to you. To speak on your behalf, because you are so qualified. It will be a type of Mephibosheth blessing. A blessing that comes from an owed blood line debt, or God has sent to find you and bless you.
Heaven is being healed.
Yvette ………………

Vanessa needs a weight from her shoulder lifted.

Someone who had their name changed.

God is touching the family that had their name changed.

I see B person involved and an A person involved.
What was a seed will turn into a blossom. A unique increase is coming from that direction.

I see a dry ground, and I see a seed coming up connected to the family with the name change. Now there will be fruit from the name change. God sends an unusual harvest.

Juan Gomez, and also San Juan and a connection to Puerto Rico. I see God reversing/erasing a plaque in that place. .

I see congested breathing being eased.

Don’t ask man to give you nothing,

God is revealing who is loyal and who is not on today 17th.


December 10, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

I saw a sea horse, whether it is a pattern on someone’s sheets or Bathroom. The seahorse is a sign.

I also see sea foam as well.

Also the sea horse has no teeth and no stomach, I see someone that wear dentures. You have problems digesting food, but you will not have any more digestive problems.

There is a mask or a disguise. I see deception and people that are deceptive. Maybe you should look around this person with “sea symbols” as a sign to not associate with that person.

The person’s heart has changed toward you, beware. This person may have even had seafood with them the last time you were together in the last few days. Don’t ignore the signs. There are more than one person you need to look out for. Beware of the person that wants to come to your house. They are influenced by a person that is not positive.

Beware of those individuals who company we frequent.
I hear the word time, time change. You got time to catch up with who you were too late for. God said he will bless you out of chronological time.

God is extended the deadline for you. He is also extending the life term. He is eliminating illnesses. He is adding time to your days. Even removing the thing that causes restriction in the body. God aborts every toxic thing growing in your body today! God said not only am I going to cause an abortion but I am going to renew that portion of your body. God restores you all the way back to perfection.

Someone is going to grow a brand new disc. God is doing strange things. I see God causing things.
Rebuking the spirit of dementia, I reverse one who has this disease.

I reverse the spirit of suicide. In someone who name starts with a Dr or Da, they don’t show the signs they are thinking about suicide.
We come against this spirit of depression and dementia. Don’t agree with a person that says things are going to get worse. Don’t let negativity seep in even through friends and family.

I see someone sewing things it is a sign that you are mending things.
God is saying I have come to rescue you.

It’s time to walk in the wealth!

God reverses what a condition destroyed.

Only believe God’s word today.



December 3, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

The Powers are here today and they stand here like an army, and they will fight the battles. The Holy Spirit was sent as your advocate. Just like a women reproduces so does the Holy Spirit. It reproduces after its own kind. You are going through a metamorphosis in your body. Like the caterpillar turns into a butterfly a complete change.
God provides water in a dry place.
If you are weary God shall renew you strength!! Yes, you are tired but expect Renewal. All the meat eaters take a bite today in the name of Jesus. Renew!! Your muscles and all those things shall be renewed, you have wings as eagles not in the natural but in the spirit. Your perception changes.

Breathing shall be regulated. And regarding your legs you shall walk and not faint.

I saw/see in the spirit someone buying Candy, walking in an aisle. I see wholesale shopping, that person buying large amounts of products. What God is about to do for your life is as diverse as the products you bought. God is diverse, and this is a new realm.
Take a deliberate step, and God will provide for you deliberate blessings. Those things you thought about and was too great for you, God gives you the things you dared to think about!

I see a cloud over each members head in the sanctuary, it was the size of a man’s hand, but now it is growing. I hear thunder. There is going to be a cloud burst over your house, and it shall rain and rain and saturate. It will nourish the seeds that’s been sown and bring forth a harvest. Everyone in this place is ready for the rain!
Faith has sealed my basement!! We welcome the rain.

This time tomorrow I’m sending a Raven to the house with a 9,5, /8,0,1,0, / ,0,1,0,1, or 9,0,1.

Things covered and covered up shall be revealed, t

They shall be captured on Diversey.

God touches Clyde and Claude.

Remember who you are waiting for.

The pain that has attacked Candy’s body is gone!!

The hand of God is rewriting your tomorrows. I see the eyes of God looking into your houses and God is rapturing up your tomorrow.


September 24, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The SEER.”

There are some unique things going on in the Universe...
Know how to use the 5 smooth stones, and all the gifts God has given you.

Lord help me to convince revelation they have both feet in Canaan... Change your appetite from
religious to relationship.
I saw lightning bolts across the sky, it looked like intervention and weapons.
Intervention of a possible attack on the US.
Then, I saw the Sun go dark but it wasn’t an eclipse. The believers need to know there will
come a time when your house will become a "safe haven" for those running for their lives.
Your spirit consciousness will go another level. He (God) is raising up "trumpets" in Zion.
No compromise, you will not be local but international.

The Lord is raising us up, that our dwelling place will be safe. No conflict.

Let the missiles malfunction.

No one can stop God from blessing you! No a witch, warlock, hater, or the government.

I saw the Lord God pull the skeletal from you neck all the way down.
The numbness in your leg and your feet. God take it out and corrects it and puts it back in…
The enemy has been making you cry tears of sorrow, all tears are wet but they have different
chemical components.

When we are instructed to stop eating something do just that.

Moor, Morgan or Moore a type of mental illness God is healing. God also sends his peace to this family.

God is exposing the pharmaceutical companies.

Someone suffering from chronic phlegm in the chest. God purges the mucous from your chest.
So, you swallow what you want to say...Season your words with salt but say it!
Relive your chest by saying what you need to say.
God turns around influenza.
Don’t take the flu shot. There are other things connected to these shots. Beware of the side effects.
The Angel of the Lord steps in to intervene. Chemical is being purged from your system……

God is healing the heart, and there is a fear of losing someone else.

God touches the house of the Blind man or women.


September 17,2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

I feel an earthquake. The ground shaking beneath my feet. I feel a quake that is going to sift whatever toxic behaviors in your house. This spiritual quake shall sift out toxins in people, things, and behaviors.

I see the number 38 it could be on a house, lock-box or someone’s age. It is connected to a window of opportunity. Obey on time run… Which means you will have a limited time to act. I looked out of a small window not a peephole. I also saw a door being slammed, or someone trying to get in. God cancels out a break in.

I see the letter C, Think it not strange that I called you to this place preservation and provisions. Your season has come. I see things being hidden and tucked away. I saw secret things that God has put up for you. Don’t tell everything. I see a theft coming it could be a lying spirit, distraction, or association that won't help you push when it is time to give birth to a vision. The theft is not always a person but a lying spirit. You can have what God told you, you can have. Cut the strings of associations that are a distraction.

God exposes the hidden things. He identifies the personality of the theft.

You will not be robbed of a Social Security connection.

Confess, I am here to make changes in my life.

Today is all about inheritance! The entire day is about inheritance. I give you the inheritance of your father.
It is being released to you.

I saw gold bars being put in a lock box. I saw opportunity for you. God is allowing you to keep it. The lord said don’t try to figure out how your life is going to change. Don’t put the pieces of your broken life together trying to make a picture. The glass is broken. Your life is broken. How can God bless you?
God is taking a left handed situation and putting it at your door! It all about your inheritance. He shall deposit into your loins all the promises All The way back.

God opens a door no man can shut, no hindrances. Yes lord!!
I see the handwriting on the wall, "Yad" means the working hand of God.

Write these words down, "Good fortune," followed by your name.

June 29th, May 21st , Good opens up doors for people whose birthday are around these dates. Also, September 25, Release, a mother’s care is being restored.

There is a legal document connected to the number 7. You will not be incarcerated.

The authority of the King is in this place right now!

There is a spirit of empowerment in this place today. It all about your inheritance. You are great!

From the Seer to the scribe......


September 10, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

On the 10th do not eat dead things or say amen to a lie.

I will experience 6 days of creation staring with today. There is an anointing of divinity in my voice right now. What God wants us to do is write a script for every day. Give purpose and definition and usage for what you are to create. The creative God is Elohim is intensified. 6 days of creation. God created Day1 …..

I will show you today as my voice gives you the light of what to do.

It’s my story and I will write it. This is the month of creation. Allow the Word to saturate your soul so that you will have a consciousness of how to succeed.

Later this evening, the energy of your faith will create waves in the atmosphere. Feel the energy of God!

See with the eyes of God, and walk in the light. The light comes from a divine place. It is the light you will use Day 1. As you walk in the light…

Some things have to be destroyed because they are so corrupt. It has to be a tearing down. I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me. I will tear down my earth. devastation.
Day 2: God tends to your life, a manifestation of the water. Medications that make the body bloat.
Day 3: God is regulating Blood conditions
Keys that can unlock a door no man can shut.
Day 4:
Give a lesson plan as to what you want to happen.
It is done!

He let the people manipulate hearts.

Today is a new year for you, it begins the day of revelation.

God brought them unto Adam.

How you shall design you day, and you next move Create. Because God says he gave you himself.
What is your name? Adam.

Out of the breath God created every living thing. Genesis 1:20.

40, 6, 10, 17, 23

By the 23rd of this month there should be a reconciliation of a contract. The paperwork, finances,
contract you earth shall agree with the heavens.

I am constructing my earth! Challenge yourself.


September 3, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

There are things being buried in the ground in secret, this represents an epidemic headed this way.

There is residual reaction regarding the explosion in China.

Watch and pray about what is going on in the world!

Don’t let them feed you ungodly food.

I see dead things, lost graves or things buried that we had no clue about. Beware of the contaminated earth.

Monday (2:00) and Tuesday (3:15) He is turning away trouble. I shall turn away trouble for Marsha, Elsa, and he who would have an ear to hear.

Trouble wants to come into your house. God has given Revelation a Goshen anointing.
On Monday and Tuesday smell your food before you eat it. It could be contaminated. Beware of Rotten food.

I see someone gagging on food because they cannot swallow. God opens up an esophagus I see a B named person. God heals him, and there is no cancer in his throat. He will be able to eat properly. No scar tissue in the throat. No obstruction. God removes the fearWhatever has hindered you .

Growths around the throat God heals.

Someone that could eat food God touches your stomach. The stomach acids subsides and you will be able to eat.

What has hindered you, how you step off matters.

I see an explosion over your head.

Wednesday will be extreme for you. The measure of increase depends on how you step off today! As the lepers went the leprosy/ailment disappears. Say yes to the phone call on Wednesday At 4:15pm.

Thursday is a day of mystery!

Extreme excess for us!! A harvest should have rain on it. But not in a tsunami. Get your harvest before the storm comes.

I see a field, each of us standing at the edge of a field. I see the harvest is ripe for the picking. I see a window a smidgeon of time. Where you need to harvest your produce. Be aware of the signs.

Don’t get so distracted that your harvest rots on the vine.

I shall speak to your earth and cause the earth to speak for you. The harvest shall impact your mind

God lifts the weight of stress. I saw a mouse run across the floor. Here the angels standing at the door of your room. It is a sign. I have placed you on the right track, you will not missed the harvest being moved by heart pulls.

God uncovers a hidden treasure. I missed the deadline. I shall expose that treasure to you. Your acquisition depends on how you step off.

There is no shortage of papers.

Everything that held you hostage will disappear. Never again!
Our prayer life has to be updated.

Never again, never again, never again will I suffer the same.

I see food rotting on tress that should have been picked.

I saw the first born, but not one shall have any imperfections in them.

How you step off today matters!!

God reverses the Trouble for the oldest child! I love you but I am going to step off right if you don’t.

The eldest child needs a reversal!!

A complete shake up then a restore, Minus 1.

Before you ask (Him), I have already done it…


August 27, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”
The Seer got two call this morning with regarding physical ailments. Today is the last day you will be attacked by the lying spirit. It’s the last day you get robbed. Enemy likes to remind you of a condition you used to have.

The “Yad” or hand of God has intervened. The Beulah or the virgin land has been touched. The virgin harvest. The seed that God is sowing has never reaped a harvest before.

Surgery was cancelled on last Sunday.

I, God will enter into the chaos, and also the person causing the chaos name starts with a CH.

Guard your mind so you are not going to be stuck in your emotions. Because the people you have embraced are stuck. You must take care of yourself.

Mothers…I see a mother this a month were Mother’s love and mothers mercy will take care of its child. God will step in where the mother is absent.
For the next 29 days I am creating for you what you have never experienced before. A stream of income I’m producing from a virgin land.

I am bringing organization to your household. Take your hands off the situation. The battle is not yours it belong to me.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday beware of the manipulation.

A stranger contradicts everything that you know. Don’t eat the ideas that you don’t agree with.

I see the year 1967 there is a miracle at your door.
You can’t go before the King without being summoned. The king is in the field.

Also the person that was born in 1977, there is a miracle
around your house.
Documents are being rewritten. I see God looking in at you and I see God rewriting paperwork. You are about to get something you didn’t work for….
Someone born on the 7th of the month….

For the next 29 days expect manna ….
If the number 777 is relevant, there is a blessing relevant to these numbers.
I see someone that had a child 7 weeks early.
Don’t try to figure it out

God redeems the time


August 13, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear...
These words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive
or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. Arnella E. Lewis, “The Seer.”
The Angel of the Lord is encamped around every one of our houses.
I am looking at a door that has curtains to the Windows that lead outside.
I see the angel of the Lord standing at the door hanging at the windows. This keeps the devil from
coming in to your house. There is a plot of someone wanting to come in to the house. Beware
of the spirit that wants to come in with a spirit of anger or hatred, there heart has changed.

Someone whose name is Levi there is a hedge of protection around him, a Le named person is being protected he works a t a fast food restaurant.

There is a house that had water in the basement. I see God bringing a miracle of finance to the house.
I see the Lord giving you a supernatural release as a result of the water in the basement.

There is a supernatural release around the water…

The number 321 123, God sends an blessing to your house. The bosom needs to be healed.
I have dispatched Angels to go. There is a miracle of access and possession.

I see the angel of healing taking folks off of kidney dialysis machines.

God heals Carlos

The Lord touches Carlos and Carla’s house and her children. God protects Carl in the car while driving, protection around your cars stirring column, I88 is relevant….

The mind of a V named person. Tormenting spirits around Vanessa…..God reconciled the conflict.

An ulcerated stomach is being healed.

God heals the blood condition.

The person carrying the concealed knife or weapon, God will protect you.

Something that was broken in the house, God broken in the house. Be careful they return with
a different spirit, but a different spirit.

Jeffery needs to watch his step and the house he enters into….

The number 4 is relevant, I planned to come to your house there will not be a murder/death.

Lord spare Antonio’s life tonight……

The Seer


August 6, 2017

God said he has ordained you to be here. If you check your scheduled you were scheduled to be here.
You see that you are scheduled to be here.

I see greatness growing but there is a hindering spirt spirit trying to hold you back.

Those things you had when you got here will not be the same when you leave.

God is God!!

There is a strong healing required.

I saw someone living on a window with bars on the Window, the sofa was sitting with the bars to your back.

I see bars to the door or window. This represents a restriction. There will be a change around the house.
It is a sign the Lord was there in the living room with you. God gives you what you require to purchase the property.

Cedric has a spirit on him he talks to much.

I see someone behind bars, or behind the door or secured screen door. God moves quickly for you because someone has been watching or coming in when you are not there. It is not the enemy their heart has changed. Don’t feel bad when people walk away. Cause they are about to walk away!

Someone that has a case that could possibly land them in jail. God is a forgiving that debt. You win the case it is thrown out.

I saw 23 in an address or license plate number. In a house or License plate. What was heard the Lord say,
I am going to bless you and then he said , Let them know their body is a temple, but what defiles them
is who and what you let be put in that temple.

If your address has 23 in the address keep God’s word hidden, so outsiders don’t come in and steal your joy.
Debra and Debbie you are about to break free you have been enslaved enough.

I see keys do not give your keys to anyone. I send Angels to the D named person. God preserves they’re lives at the places where the houses look alike.

I see Captains and Sergeants in the gang. Which means they have prestige.

There is a guard around your house if you got these numbers in your address 79, 97.
God said, I will send non-believers to bless you…

Can God trust you to prosper.


July 30, 2017

"Lift you hand and holler HELP! There is a need for help."

I see a door that was closed but the change of face they were given access.

I saw someone in a sleeveless T-shirt, and when they got to the other location they’re face change. When you throw out the Word they’re arm came off and they backed away. They came back but you were off your guard. They’re left hand was taken off first. (They were exposed) When they came back, they were sneaking up on you. Then the right arm was cut off. They were not harmed, but they could not reach you any longer. Both hands had been cut off, then the left hand so they came a different way. They will try to come in another way, they have not changed. Don’t get distracted, they wear the face of a friend. This person wears a mask.
  I hear the names Marcus, and Mark. When God sets you free don’t go back.

I hear secrets being spoke softly, a person born in April and MA month are around manipulation and control. Especially of their birthday is around the 5th and the 6th of these months. This is the season of the golden calf, a deceptive spirit.

Do not enter into a partnership with someone because they are flashing money.

Beware of unforeseen pregnancy.

There is a spirit of rebuke... "Satan the Lord rebukes you", in Jesus' name.

I see a hallway, dark gray carpet, and a guy in a wife beater or sleeveless T-shirt. Beware!!

There is a guard around the house, and he healing the organs, and all manner of disease.

The 29th of the month, I see an Angel of the Lord standing with scales. I see scales being shifted.
So, that you come out on top. The 29th of the month and the 17th.
God is an equalizer for the person born on that date.

Why would shoes fall apart off your feet? The POWER is in your feet.

God reveals the date 17th,
I see clogged arteries.
I see license plates 979 or 97 a hedge around this car.

I see an agenda for this evening.

Don’t accept crumbs, God gives you the whole meal.

Let’s get ready to RUM-BLE!!

I see someone that has a small refrigerator, in their house.

I see a colored light by the bed.
Write these numbers down 784,872,473,999, 444, [2,6,7,8,9,10.]
So for the person that is 26 years old born in 1991, I see a major door opening with an Archway. I see a major door organization, or a big company, Disney, the United Center, Ebony Essence, and access to the actual people in control of these questions. Step into major places.

 July 16, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

It’s all about the feet today, it’s time to step on it. Celebrate yourself as if you are entering into the “promised land.” As you gift is your praise, and the wall is coming down.
All you have to do to gain victory is to walk or tread on it.

There is a room full of Levites, and on the day of sacrifice no one could come into the Holy of Holy. God shall authorize all of us to walk into the Holy of Holy, God pours favor into your belly. You have been appointed to be here. There is a pouring in that shall be done by the Lord. The sons of Aaron shall be the warriors of God. He the Shekinah glory shall follow you. You can’ stand in his glory without being destroyed. I see a donut cloud wrapping itself around your shoulders and your head. Your praise and celebrations causes the walls to tumble down.
All the things that happen in the next 48hrs are all God. Wherever your feet tread it’s about the feet. Touch the foot of the Prophet on today. Watch God move on your behalf……

God is moving for you without you trying to figure it out. Lord say’s change directions.
Lord if it’ you bid me to come… confidence in God.

God adds finances to your books. There is no delay.

A child will give you an unusual appetite.

God is putting something in your womb as a reward all you Levites.

God will make January, July in a matter of moments. Step into the frequency of my supernatural authority!


July 9, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

Perceived in the spirit, repeat this: give me this day your daily bread. You are inviting provisions into your house that is already at your door. Don’t be distracted.

If your needs are not satisfied you have not had your bread yet. God is promising to feed you appetite today.

God is releasing the spirit of anxiety

Plug into the obedience of the Sabbath, God rewrite the laws.

Don’t listen to negative conversation.

If God has made you a promise don’t ask no one to pray about it. God already told you!!

Beware of lying spirits and seducing spirits.

Who whisper and tell you.

There is land awaiting you. I see property

Beware of the strangers that have a different conversation than you.

Today we are being told the move that God is going to make.

Someone that was eating a pasta with red sauce know that their heart is changing toward you.

God is rewriting the laws for your house.

There is a strong anointing here, it is like running water from heaven.

You are poised for the promise land, there are strangers lingering around your door.

The 5th of the month and the 5th Month is access to things beyond your imagination.

There were 7keys to a property and one for a car, and I see a jewelry box.

The strangers are not coming to be spies. They’re not coming to congratulate you, but God is giving you warning.

Blessing coming out of May and December, and the numbers 5 and 12

Miracle around the number 17.

I see weakened knees and wrists the hand of the Lord is touching right now.

God covers the children in the camp against peer pressure, and exposes the deviant Camp Director. A camp that is connected to the job.

Ava. Emotions are being protected.

I hear the name Red ……..

God touched Simon and Simone’s mind

Miracles around the big brown dog.

Reggie and Redman are being healed…


July 2, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

The spirit of the Lord is in this place. There shall be a cloud of witness, and every word spoken shall ride. There shall be a testimony for every word spoken. It shall be revealed by those that are watching you.

What was spoken on Wednesday has transpired several time since then. This confirms that there is a now reality of every Word spoken….

It only takes one authorized voice to change your life. They can change the system of things. Just one person with an idea.

On Wednesday, God showed the unique methods he uses to deliver his people. God smeared Blood on the walls. On tomorrow, I’m about to change the people. That will give you another level of courage to trust in God. There is a transition that is not common.

There is an uncommon blessing on the walls. The Eldest/ only child seems to be in a little bit of trouble. He will heal by his hand, he purges the blood stream. But, the blood purges your children.

I have to eliminate the enemy before I can move into another location. The enemy in me includes doubts, fears, and stress. God cast down your imagination.

For the Eldest and the only, God will cause a blessing, and transition that cannot be denied.

Lee and Lee Vonn what God is going to do, the generational connection with Lee? Generational cancellations in the bloodstream, belly, and the stomach.

The Lord is restoring I come quickly. I come to cancel out blood on the wall and the floor. God cancels out, and pours healing into the house.

I see the angel of the Lord standing behind each person that had surgery in their lower parts. Keloid have formed. I see the Lord healing the Keloids, it is causing discomfort and digestive problems. He is melting the Keloids. So, you won’t have digestive problems. It dissolves and crumbles.

Breaks genetic issues even around the children.

God touches the right hip, and the spirit of falling and stumbling.

Someone had a gun stored and had a gun pointed in their face!

I see a lingering and lurking around the house. The Lord God preserves the house of the Eldest and the only child.

I see the name Less and Lester

God melts the knot in the stomach area.

Willie Lee’s house is being sustained and preserved.

Lee Evan as house is being preserved as well.

Rosie is being preserved.

Angele’s house the lord sends the Angel to bring peace and reconciliation.
I see a silver gun in the face. God cancels out violence in the name of JC.

Mercy around your sister’s house,

I am walking down a street to a house with an upstairs and a basement. The basement is not utilized very much. I see the numbers 1, 7, 3 on a house that someone pushes the door open to get in. They lied or manipulate their way inside.

Everyone that comes to your house on this week, God said I will heal them. He cancels situations out around your door.

Obey at the Lord on Monday @Noon, Tuesday at 10 obey,
Wed at Noon as well. Then on Thursday you shall see a manifestation. I see you walking to receive a blessing with a 0 in the address.

They way your body responds to medicine will change because God cancels it out.

From the Seer to the Scribe.....


June 25, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

God has given us a mission and the mission is to be here.

Last night I had a vision, a person walked up to me and it was a female. There were 3 guards and she told me I was going with her. You know who I am. One of the 3 guards came up to her, and said her I could not go. Then she appeared at the radio station, again. The guards stood up in order to restrain her. There are people watching you, and you don’t know are watching you. Don’t share all your info on FB. This person has bangs and a cropped haircut, white shirt and brown jacket. Be aware of your surrounding and your children.

Be vigilant, and don’t assume the Word is given to you only. It is to be distributed.

This is the third month the month of Sevad, things are being rewritten including your life. A month of revelation. The time and moment where your life is being rewritten. As you write it, Heaven writes as well.

The children of Israel went to Mt Sinai. The old law was being rewritten. God is rewritten the rules, regarding your health, finances, etc., Now the Season has changed, God said it. Once the Lord rewrites it, it is guarded.

The #rd month there is remedy for a condition as well as finances

A plant that has 3 leaves.

The Lord touches Lonnie and his house. And brings reconciliation.

Do not let people into your personal space. Let God remove them, it will be like sewing silk and wool together. God is sending a new flow your way. Set up boundaries.

No one can tell you what you cannot have.

I heard the number 3. It is a symbol for the month of June a rewriting of the Torah, ecclesiastically.

At Sinai Israel and God entered into a twin relationship. This marriage made them alike.

One call is going to change my life for the good!

Tre stop the plotting and the hedge is around you.

The person Tre stop plotting, and carrying the gun..

The number 3 is relevant, I see a flow beyond measure. I see a harvest in 3 ways on 3 levels.

God guides your footsteps and you won’t be lame anymore.

I saw the word triage on 33rd street, God cancels it.

Recorded by the Scribe Rholunda DeMar


June 18,2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

I’m not surprised you prayed for mercy. As in the days of Noah, I preached it is going to rain, but the people had no ear to hear.

This is the month that the paperwork is be rewritten.

Glean means someone drops something and you pick it up. You glean from a millionaire’s harvest. I see favor coming from a wealthy place. Contracts being rewritten.

New laws for the body where your body will obey the new law!! Your spinal cord and the bloodstream will obey the new law. If not you will continue to be dependent.

You Bank account responds to the new laws.

You shall see evidence of the new laws being written today. In terms of finance and homes.
June 20TH new laws around this date regarding judgement.

Those that are connected to the name Monkey, and his family. The Lord sends Angels to protect you. God be a hedge.

The year 1944, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1992, and 2004 the Lord does send a special intervention around these years of birth.
The 4th, 9th, 14th, 15th, and also the 28th of the month there is divine intervention said God. There is mercy around these days as well.
Anyone that enters into your house shall be safe and preserved.

Stella and Ella is being preserved mind and emotions.

Recorded by the Scribe.....


June 11, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

You have been assigned to this place today you have been assigned to a miracle. The wait is over!

Your time is now you had other vehicles that allowed you to weather a storm. God has given you favor, this is a season of the flood. Whatever vehicle you needed to survive in the past that storm is over. He has planted you in a new matrix the rain water has dried up. It’s no longer a transport vehicle it became a wheelchair. Get off the Arc! It’s a new earth, the old earth has been washed away. Possibility has been recreated in the earth. It is a new earth. New purpose and new possibilities.

I see an Archangel’s stand up behind each person. They come as your rear guard.

I see Clark and Clarksdale. I hear this in the spirit around the Clark is a supernatural ride. I hear a four year full scholarship ride.
There is a financial miracle on Clarks street.

God heals the Spirit of Diabetes in Clarksdale. God warns you about your sons as well. God spares the sons. Don’t allow yourself to be taken too soon.

The medicine from the place on Clark Street is going to be changed it’s too strong and has side effects. God allows the doctors take you off.

All my debts are erased, and increased without measure.

I saw Madison, the Angel of the Lord puts a hedge around Madison. God creates a miracle as well.

God is sending a spiritual explosion in the Spirit. Make the Kaboom sound!!
He is dispatching Angels North, South, East and west to tend to your business.

Someone with sore feet. They are being healed, I shall heal your feet, and if there are bruises I will cause them to be healed and not run into sores.

From the Seer to the Scribe

June 4, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

I saw a natural person and a spirit counterpart. The natural person was in color. The counterpart was like a cloud or mist. Almost as if you were a memory. As if two worlds co-existing.
Someone sleeping in a twin/ or bunk bed. It should be sibling sharing a room with twin beds. I see a heavy set women talking whose name starting with a P or an J…… Sharing about conditions. The person talking was in an altered state. There was natural fabric and the spiritual fabric. She was talking to another in a bunk bed. They mentioned peanut allergies, and when they were young the allergy caused problems….

God is sending the authority here so that what you say will be.manifested.

God is sparing lives around the tram. There are mechanical problems with the ram.

The heavy set women has a big mouth, and is jealous.

God sent his authority to intercede in the situation. God has visited your past.

If you have a stuffed animal in your house God is creating a door where there was no door.

A person with a beanie baby............

When God reveals he not revealing for your amusement but for you abundance.

God cancels out a spirit of Murder.

There is an anointing of change and transition.
For the next 14 days, each of us will be like a Johnny Appleseed blessing. The darkness shall be light. You can’t afford to give up, every word spoken shall produce harvest.

God brings deliverance and reconciliation for the Family that slept in the twin beds.

320 change is coming related to this number.

~ The Scribe ~

May 28, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”
Every word spoken today will produce evidence tomorrow.
I see the hand of God her. His glory is blowing your hair back.
I see the numbers 1,3 ……
Someone that keeps a dog in the backyard. I see the barking dog. It represents the angels were there. The dog is a sign that everything inside this house is about to change. An absolute change. God wants to bless you. He wants to do it for you. I decree today God brings it to you. You won’t have to look or search for it.
I also saw a wood fence.

The gatekeepers and those in leadership. I will open up an unusual door. This blessing is for Revelation workers. I will open another gate. You will see the increase. It will be around the family and those directly connected. He has a reward. In the next couple of months, you will understand that you are for me.

God pulls you out from the crown, I see the Lord pulling you out from the pack. So that God’s ability to work in your life won’t be minimized.

In a vision, I was swimming. I saw a beast in the water, and I called each of your names out. Everyone began to run atop the water in faith. It was dark it was something behind us. As you run by faith the enemy that would chase you becomes benign or nonexistent.

I saw a brown stuffed animal. C named person is being exalted. God knows you better than anyone and it is proving time. I saw the brown animal he was speaking about the house specifically. One conversation about furniture, leases, and relocation.

Peace for the D named person.
God comes to your house and removes stress and anxiety. God says he removes the struggle.

God said, don’t box me in.

God is sending you to places where you are not just walking in, but you are being authorized. You are the VIP.

~ The Scribe ~


May 14, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”


God is coming to your rescue on time. Even though you’ve been late.

In the spirit today there was a river flowing underneath the conscious level of your being.
The Lord said, “I am the living water, I flow in the loins of the people today.”

I see high blood pressure with infection in it,

I see 3 stones and I hear the name Stoney, I also see a person with Alopecia.
God is touching someone with Alopecia, and Vitiligo in their lower parts. I feel a pulling in the lower
parts of the stomach.
I see someone that had a tube in and a tube out. I see someone that was incubated.
I also see trouble swallowing, stiff legs.
Swollen legs and some parts of the veins in your legs have shrunk. It is also a sign of psychological
issues on which way I should go. God said, he will make the decision for you.
The problem is we have been trying to put new wine into old wine skins.

Don’t pull a Gideon, gathering those that God did not choose.

I see an Easterner releases things you need.

We have been traveling on the wrong road. I road of familiarity.

In the next 24 hours, I will release a hidden secret being held on your behalf. You won’t lose anything.

I see in the spirit there are stones. Someone that has them in their body. They will pass hard knots.

There is a hard knot in the leg. Also the varicose veins are not soft. The Holy Spirit resolves them
in the name of Jesus.

We need a new mind!! Which means a new voice.

We will meet someone that has the rights to relinquish all things to you.

I see fungus on the wall where breathing is difficult. I see sewerage underground.

Someone not being able to use the restroom. God opens up the bowels. God heals the body.

Tell Joseph his son that he has his father’s spirit. God is untwisting some things. I also see a V named person.

For those that are worried about surviving to see the fruit of your works,
the Lord says, "you will live to see the fruit of your labor".
What I see in the spirit is: I’m stirring it up like the best cake you ever had. I have something better
that the last blessing you gave me. You thought that was great.

God said he must bless you!!

God is rescuing you from need disposable undergarments. God will blow your mind. I will heal you.

I see a tiger. The person around that tiger. I shall aggressively come for you.


May 7, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

The presence of the Lord is in the house, I see the spirit of judgment. I see the atmosphere being filled with clouds of smoke, raining down in the earth realm. I see what looks like a dark cloud in essence is disease. It is disease in the air. I see a chemical attack The Words says “in the end times you won’t find a hiding place” because the atmosphere is going to be contaminated. The air that we breathe and I saw what looked like a cloud coming from the east and the west. I saw people running, running, running but there is no hiding place.

What the Lord is going to do is to create an atmosphere of protection. What the Lord is going to do is exempt you from those things that are falling in the atmosphere. He shall create for you a Goshen. Many
will be affected but not you. All about your heels shall be blessed. The Lord told me to tell you “like Rahab” she was a blessing to God’s people, the spies who went into Jericho. They told her we are coming in to destroy everything.

I see what you think is healthy is not going to be healthy anymore. “Mushrooms, asparagus, brussel sprouts and other things from the ground are being poisoned in some way. The Lord told Rahab “we are coming in and we are going to destroy Jericho, but everyone that comes to your house I want you to tie a red ribbon around your door. Every time I see the red ribbon I will allow the death angel to pass you by. The death angel will pass you by because of your commitment to the Lord. Because you will not be able to run into the house and hide, you cannot go to the mountain top and hide because it is in the atmosphere.

”I see a breaking out of a spirit of leprosy. I’m looking at sores. It’s falling from the

Sores in the head - God is healing because they are connected to you. The Lord said, “this week you will discover that you are not in charge of your own life. But we belong to God and He is going to show you that. Ye I shall reveal myself to you and I come knocking on your door.

I see a 313 on the door. I stand at your door and knock because I come to turn around a spirit of torment that would have entered into your house. I see the numbers 31 and 3.

Natural peanut butter – The Lord says, “He has sent an angel to guard the front door and the peanut butter date is not proper and you need to take it back. There is something wrong with the components of the peanut butter and someone with a peanut butter allergy. The Lord said that is a sign that I am putting at your door an angel of protection. There has to be protection at your door because I am prepared to chastise. I will not chastise because of you said the Lord. God does preserve your house because of you, because of your commitment, faithfulness, loyalty. Mainly because you are present right now!

The Lord said “I’m going to drive the people back to me. I shall drive them back to me. I shall drive back the nonbelievers back to me. I shall drive back those who don’t trust me. Those who say they trust me will trust me. I will cause them to know me in a new way, said the Lord the Lord said “I’m in the might of my Word and my Word shall not be denied.

There is a table that has bouquet of fake flowers that seem to be there all the time or on the table there are metal flowers as well. They are different colors. In this house, I shall send a blessing. I shall send a great blessing into this house. Said the Lord, “I’m going to drive folks back to me.” There has been a spirit of taking God for granted and using His Word lightly and we don’t trust Him the way we should.

The Lord says “Ye I shall drive those back because I have sent a plague in the land. The air is contaminated. In this house, I see breathing problems with the 7owers on the table. God says “I breathe into this house. I breathe life into this house. There is a breathing problem that in the house. God will cause those things to change in the house, I will not be denied said the Lord. I send blessings and I will not be denied.

Legal changes around the house! Paperwork where there was said “no” you can’t have it. God said, “I’m going to reverse the charge” There is paperwork that God is going to change. I see an eagle on the paperwork, some legal things and a gold seal on the paperwork. God said, “he is going to change it and turn it around!”

There is a child with legal situation that could put them away. God said, “He is turning that around” the judge changes his mind. Say, “Tomorrow!” I see someone driving and being stopped and they are underage being stopped by police. They will not go to jail The Lord said, “I change tomorrow’s decision!”
Wednesday there is a confrontation with a “S” or “V” person. God says you “S or “V” person walk away from it, because the Lord says “I will fight your battle”.

I see a young person that would be involved with jail. I see this person under 25 being stopped and confronted by the police. They will not succumb to any legal thing but I the Lord God shall preserve them because today you are Rahab.

The “E” person God is turning it around and there is a angel around “Easy.” There is peace around “Easy” an the “E” person and the Lord is turning around even for the young person “E” the Lord does preserve and protect.

Monday and Tuesday There shall be desperate measure said the Lord but the enemy shall no come against you.
64 – address & Birth date – God is sending warring angels to spare your house – there is a desperate measure.

64 in SS# - shall be a blessing not a curse. You will not be afraid to settle for nothing. I the Lord shall erase everything that is connected that is negative with the 64 SS number. I reverse everything with desperate measures.

The Lord is sending fire to your SS number and things connected to it. God is going to clear it out and going to be a blessing to it. God said, I’m going to clear it and shine a light too. God said, he is taking desperate measures to deliver you! I will deliver you the way I delivered my chosen people! God says “if I have to cause the sun to stop to bless you I’m going to do that. If I have to cause the river to change it’s course I will! I will cause the government to renegotiate what they said about you, said the Lord.

The power of God is in the house! 64 birthdate - those who look downed on you shall have to look up. The Lord said, “I humble you through the test. You have won! I’ve taken the shame away from the test. You have been torn, you weep, you hid the tears. Yea, I the Lord God shall take away the shame. Those who have criticized you, would have to surrender to what God has done in your life. I have come that you may have life. I have come to take the shame away! Today we are Rahab! Say – “My change has come!”
The Lord says, “No famine! No famine in your peace! No famine in your joy! No famine in your house!” God rains on this place! God has just turned your life around today! God said,” He is making you a force to be reckoned with. The test was for God’s glory! The test was for all to see. That you belong to Him!
I see the following numbers in a SS, 22, 122 and 301.
Say “Purge my SS#!”


April 30, 2017......

I saw what looked like a river of water at my feet. I reached down to touch it, the water had life in it, it wrapped itself around my hands. Then the ground was dry.

"The Lord said he would go inside of the loins. After todays service you will get a call from your doctor saying they made a mistake. "Your diagnosis was wrong. For yea the Rain of God Does fall. The Reign of God can not lie. This word is for those that are thirsty. He that hunger and thirst after righteouness shall be filled. I AM THIRSTY!!

I see a weapon that was pointed in your direction, I stepped in and stopped the weapon. you didn't know you was about to die.
I see them wearing the red shoes, You will not follow into the dad's footsteps.

The Lord breaks genetic curses around the children.

"The Seer"


April 23, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

I heard the spirit of the Lord say, tell them don’t get comfortable thinking that the season is the same as it’s always been and it’s not.

The Black Stallion in the Revelations 6th Chapter. There are multiple levels of heaven. The government is riding the red horse, and they shall kill one another. The black horse has balances in his hand. He is weighing your response to HIM. The black horse comes in the midst of the four beasts. It represents not having enough. I see fire falling from heaven, affecting the crops and contaminating the earth. This is happening in the Midwest. There is a famine coming.

There shall be a new awareness of God’s awesomeness.

Don’t buy any water S in the name or Monster.

Your normal is about to be interrupted.

The word is tight like a girdle it shall be tight until Thursday. Then it loosens up.

You will see in sequence these number 344, 45, and 754.

God makes the last first.

I see black spots being erased.


April 2, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

I was walking down a road or a street. On side was blossoming the other side was barren. It was a T named street. On the blossoming street. There was a connection to those that trust God and those that don’t. This also represents two seasons. Do not equate yourselves to others. Two can be walking together but, one can be blessed the other…..

I saw cement, and something written in the bark of the tree. It had the name Arcadia or Arkansas. I saw two trees, be the lush tree…….

I see blood coming from a tree. I see a bleeder. It’s like a limb bleeding. It’s like it’s oozing from the skin. The hand of God touches this person that is the bleeder. There is a lineage connection. This person was/is from Arkansas. God touches and heals by his power.

I also see leaves falling from this tree. We ask for the mercy of God. Stop the bleeding and reverse the genetic connection to the earth. Reverse Death Lord!

Healing in Lavern’s body and also her family.

I see a scale in the spirit. The Lord is balancing and tipping the scale in your favor.

I see Sarah and Sally. I see God touching Ulcerated colitis.

God touches someone that cannot swallow.

God blesses you to be able to eat the food. Bless your food before you and after you eat.

See warfarin medication may be recalled. It may be tainted.

Florida is being covered from devastation by water.

I see weak ankles and legs. The blood is not flowing properly in the legs. God release the pressure aches and pain. Stretch out your legs for relief.

I see a subdivision in the spirit. And I hear live chickens. Peace and wellness is being sent to the house.

Looking out a front window and I smell food burning in this house. I see smoke as well. The address has a 9 and a 2 God puts the fire out.

The lord puts out the fire!! Where there is a brick wall outside of the window.

The Lord puts out a fire.

A person on 92nd street beware of Fire. There is a knob missing off the stove. Don’t leave food or grease cooking on the stove.

Someone that has a curtain where a cabinet should be, beware of the fire as well.

God lifts the spirit of depression.

You are going to have to stand for your house. The family needs a makeover.

There has been a conversation about a young person leaving, they are not ready to go, and we ask God to intervene.

Don’t let the children go to the corner store!

The Trinity Hospital is surrounded by the Angel of Peace. Every superbug shall be arrested. The Angel have been sent to nring forth healing.

there is a miracle at the turnaround.


March 26, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

The lord is saying to each of us, “Behold, I shall do a new thing in your life. I am going to the root of your situation to eliminate the cause of what has been troubling your life.”
There is a disease in the land, and God is calling on his people. He is the waymaker….

God is leading of us from tonight until next Saturday. I see 22nd And 17th Street the angel of the Lord is quiding you. You will be in a place that God has placed you in.

The day after tomorrow, do not put the obvious in position. Choose who has been faithful. This is how God will give the reward. It is time for increase.

I see the number 29. I could be a birthday, age, or an address, the trouble is being lifted. The last shall be first. I am changing the order around this number. God says, he is switching the blessing, and God is saying, “ I shall give it to you.” You will get it .

For the next 29 days, there shall be a blossom that comes forth for the next 29 days. Not one flower but a blossom of blessings.

God said, write down that one thing you want him to do. He shall do it!!

Do not bring darkness into your house. Do not let negativity into your house. God is saying, “There was a darkness that came into Egypt, but Goshen was a protected place the people were protected. In Egypt, there was a curse for disobedience and rebellion.

I say a snake tattoo on someone, that person could have a personality of a snake as well.

I saw worms, a person’s heart could change around you. It is a sign that you should be aware so the worms won’t turn into snakes. The person’s heart has changed. The conversation has changed.

Sunny boy’s be careful, there is a darkness around.

The day after tomorrow, I see major change for someone born in the 6th month. God does lead and guide you.

I see the number 57 and 77 you are walking into the miracle realm, there are some powerful changes coming into your life.

There are blessing of the Lord around 1957, and the 12th day of the month.

I see the street 74 and 75th street. I see a 7and 5 in a license plate. There is double 7’s in the license plate.

I see a Gas station around this area. Don’t go to the Gas station on 74, 75 and 76th street.

Someone bought a lottery ticket, go to a different station. Gunfire is heard, and the words “drop it”

There is a theft in Berwyn walking around looking in windows peeking. Berwyn, Cicero, and North Riverside.

I see someone buying gym shoes, I see an attack on the shopping malls around sport stores. Shop at outside malls.

This month in Jewish history is the month of Adar. There was a need to add time.

The day after tomorrow God heals Pamela and Paul. I see the 9th month and the 10th day. God extends life for the person born on this day. Don’t worry about insurance.

Get your insurance right, reverse the last shall be first. God switched the position.

Reverse decisions, documentation, death…….

The numbers 1976 the Lord opened up a window and you need to run through it. Don’t consider your own ability.

The change is starting right now.

Your stomach won’t bother you anymore. The shoulder as well.


March 19, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

God allows the revelation to be revealed, there is nothing new under the Sun. Let the scales fall.

God is preparing the birth of a revelation or idea in you.

God teaches those in position to communicate with autistic children and teenagers. Accept the gift.

This is the month of Adar or "good fortune", where people will see you for the first time in the eyes of God. Abundance will fall from their hands. You’ve been working for years, but your boss needs to see you for the first time.

Remember God is your rear guard!!

I hear Apothecary, creating things that will be massed produced…….

Those born in the month of June God gives to you 4th, 5th, and 14th. Your joy shall be increased.

I see a man who has children with more than one women, God cancels out a struggle or conflict. I hear phone calls, God cancels the violence. Grace intervenes.

There is a child that is 14 and 19 who shares a father. God covers. It could also be a 7year old.
God calms the storm before it starts.

I see a young adult that is 25 years old, God reconciles the conflict.

God heals Rachel, she needs deliverance. God heals her situation around her body and emotions.
Also Leah or Lee... The conflict is being quieted for the next 8 days.

A birthday that is the 29th of the month. I hear a conversation about housing and employment. Also there is a double portion for you. At 11:00 there is a call or text coming.

I see someone eating popcorn, God saw you and He knows your needs.

God said tell the people to run, "like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland", you’re late and your blessing has been waiting for you.

God is going to drown the debt.

This is the month of the eye, God is saying the spirit will be like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

God said He will put mysteries in your dreams on this week, let God reveal to you.

These numbers are significant 4, 12, 26

So from now until the the 13th of next month. Expect!
Blessings beyond what you can multiply.

Because He Reigns He sends the Rain.


March 12, 2017

Prophetic Predictions

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A. E. Lewis, “The Seer.”

This is the month of the eldest child and the only child. The month where the Passover is coming. During this time the eldest child is troubled in mind and going through a personal conflict. The month where breathing is difficult for the eldest child. The eldest child is troubled. This is a time where God’s Word can not be taken lightly.

I saw in the spirit the number 25 and 2500. There is a struggle around these numbers. The Lord is bringing deliverance around 25 and 2500.

People with birthday’s around the 25th, there is a struggle around those who have that birthday. There is a financial deficit or burden that you have and the Lord is lifting that burden off your shoulders divinely for those who have 25th birthday. The Lord will bring a change with the person with letter “F” and “S” will be connected to that deliverance.

Say, “I will not step into the mess!”

A cancellation around 25 and letter “F” and Frances and letter “S” is connected to number 25.

For the number 25 and 2500 there is a supernatural intervention. The Lord says “after doing all that, stand! Did all you could do, all the paperwork.” The Lord says, “stand back and let me do it now!”

Address and social security number with 25 and 00 God is bringing change. God is reactivating and bringing a renewal.

There is a miracle around 00. Renewal in the social security number, this is the month of Nisan the Lord says, ”this is the ecclesiastic month for those who trust God.” Today is the first day of your new year.

This is the new year of renewal. Nothing will be cancelled. Renewal in application being revisited, things that were not renewed God will allow them to be renewed for you. God will pay them for you including licensing
Renewal around 00 – social security number, I see a stamp on a birth certificate which is being carried in a purse or pocket. The Lord is giving you the date on that birth certificate is connected to renewal on the 25th from the date it was created on the birth certificate. (yours or family member that is connected to you) that date is connected to a supernatural move of God on the 25th of this month.

March/April 25th there is a supernatural miracle
2 + 5 = 7 and the 7th of April and the 27th of this month. There is a double portion for you!

This is the month of Nisan where Israel was delivered. This is the month of deliverance. The Israelites was taken out of bondage and housing bondage.
There is deliverance out of housing bondage (late payment, eviction) God is going to cancel that. For those who need housing God is going to give houses liberally for this month of Nisan March/April.

Those of you who are trusting God there is an elimination of housing requirement. That means God is going to erase mortgage completely, someone is going to take over paying your rent for a while.
Say, “He that have an ear let him hear!” Say, “I trust God!”

Supernatural payment for moving in you will not need a down payment. That is being canceled out. Entering into a new location and you will not have to pay money up front.

Even with your business – get it and hold on to it. Rehab it and don’t worry about it. Get in it and hold onto the property.

Trust God and there will be no struggle!

This is a season of creation, season of design, season of thinking and it shall happen when you speak.

Say, “I believe in miracles!”... This is a month of miracles of miracles. Month of supernatural intervention where God is going to divinely open up a door and God is going to divinely make a way. Not you but God!

"Out of timing" there will be out of timing (if something was suppose to happen at 12 and you need it at 10 God will give it in your time. God is moving for you out of register time. He is moving for you out of traditional timing. Said God

May 1st is connected to the number 5. 1st to the 5th is the letter “Hei” Hebrew letter. It is connected to a business or company. Represent creation and initiation. In the scripture the letter “Hei” the Lord created the earth. Entering into this month you can recreate your earth. During this time write down those things that you desire.

Creation – the hand of the Lord around Adam, Eve and Eva

Someone born 1970 the Lord is giving peace of mind. He is taking the stress out of the situation, said the Lord. He is saying “give no thought for morrow on what ye shall eat or drink. Don’t worry about dollars and cents.” Learn how to trust God! You will not have to worry about dollars and cents. Faith gives you access to the supernatural realm.
The 22nd of this month God says I am going to open of a door for you for the 1970 people.

Write down 'creation'
00 social security – there is a corner building for someone who wants to open a business with 00 in address

Renewal ... "Wolves", is a sign
Number 22 God is putting a hedge around
22 is a high energy number for your life
This is the day of Renewal, application and it will not be canceled

God is breaking strongholds around the number 22 and God says he will spare and preserve lives.
Say, “My house needs help!”

God be a hedge around the eldest child and the number 22. In this season there is Stronghold, God wants to deliver you. Know that every voice around you is not of God and it is not for you, but the enemy wants to manipulate you to keep you where you are so that you will be comfortable in your oppress environment. Don’t be comfortable being oppress

In this season pharaoh was being taught that he is not in control over what God has promised. What God has promised those strongholds can not stop it. You must understand that God is all powerful. This is the season of miracles of miracles.

Birthday on 15th miracles of miracles. God gives balance, be mindful of your decision on today.

Right foot – Lord says, "Everywhere you step in this season you will not make the wrong move." Even if you step in the wrong direction with left foot I will change it into a right situation. You cannot go in the wrong direction I will lead you, direct you where to go. Say “right foot even if you put out the left foot say it’s the right foot.” Everywhere you place you foot I shall bless it. Wherever you place your foot I will open up a door. Wherever you put your foot I will renew. “say right foot, right foot, right foot wherever you step is the right foot. You can not make a wrong move I can not make the wrong move. Divinely intervention!


March 6, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the
power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E Pierce

I perceive in the spirit the cycle is being broken, all about your heals the cycle is being broken.
Get in concert with Jesus.

The hand of God rebukes toxic conditions in our bodies.

I saw in someone’s body an ulcer that causes you not to be able to keep food down.

God also touches healing into the liver, and the spleen.

The hand of God is healing the back.

The hand of God also touches the neck.

Lord uncover every hidden thing around me.
Something is hidden you’ve been looking for it. The hidden papers are in a shoe box. It is in the gym shoe shoe-box in the closet.

I hear conversations being whispered.

God is going to uncover conversations around 80th and 90th street. A conversation about a car. Also a car was stolen, it’s locks have been tampered with it.

I see boils being cut and healed by God. I feel bumps and lumps that come and go even blister. God touches the bloodstream. The hand of God squeezes out the infection sand heals.

7001 these numbers will be significant for you.

Take your keys back

The Lord touches Chuck and Chuckie in his body.

God touches Jessie.

Someone born in 1958 and 1985 the Lord goes into the desire of your heart and resolves conflict.

God turnaround situations that would have our address on it In Jesus’ name.

I see a navel that has something in it. God heal the bulging navel. It is a signs that God has heard the cry of deliverance for the households. God cause the tears to stop.

God is taking the left hand situation and switching it.

God causes a subsidy to be written for you as a way out. I see 10k, 15k and larger denominations of money.


February 26, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

Today is a day of cancellation, if it is not cancelled someone will get hurt. God said he will cancel it out on today.

I had a dream about a dog, a white colored dogs. I saw the dog standing over me in my house. This dog weighed about 60lbs. I saw people sitting on a patio, and someone who sleeps near a patio. I looked outside to see who was outside the sliding doors. One male and one female, one tall and the other short. They were smoking marijuana. I saw someone being beaten. I saw domestic violence, and people watching but not intervening. The male was beating the women, and another the female was beating the male. I saw someone with a tooth missing. The person with the dog knows all about it. The dog did not bark. The person with the “white dog” knows all about this. I saw bricks squares in the patio. The person was being beaten bloody. The person with the dog is involved.

I see someone with clothes on a clothesline, I see clothes falling. I see someone being put out. If you have been put out don’t go back. It won’t get better.

I saw in the spirit someone who lives in a Village, I see someone stalking around this area. Someone looking in the window. I see a glass door, or sliding door. I see someone living on a first floor. Things being cut. The screen was cut.
If anything is missing it is an inside job. People are being very quiet and no one is saying anything.

God heals the village.

I see someone going from backdoor to backdoor trying the doors. S named person and a Y named person. God spares lives. It is an inside job.

Also a J named person is connected to the white dog.

I see a fishbowl someone contemplating buying fish. The Lord has heard your request about finances and your sons.
God gives release from finances.

They told me when I entered into this place it is a matter of life or death. If God steps in and makes every effort to remove the situation get yourself out of the situation. Get out of the way. You won’t cry tonight.

Don’t let loneliness make you do crazy stuff. God will deliver you from that, then let it go.

I see house that look alike in a row, I see a door that has a knocker on it. I see a towering creature, God is about to change your complete life. I see a towering vessel. He is pouring oil into the folds of your life. I see the brokenness. God gives you a permanent address.

Someone sleeping on the floor, God gives you a right now door.

1020 is relevant
317, is your birthday God gives these numbers to tell you he heard you. God covers the genetic connection and heals.

I see the number 7 around Mari. I see there could be attacks, but God counters and cancels out what is planned for him in July. There is an address with the number 7. Don't go back. Also the child that is seven there is conflict. I go into project type area beware someone is looking for you. Beware!!

There must be healingin the group home to prevent sexual abuse.


February 19, 2017

I walked into the sanctuary and there is an unusual anointing in the room. He says, He is to be honored.

“There is an unusual fragrance that has been attached to this Prophet. This fragrance has been following me, it smells like heaven. It has a comforting aura, The Power of God will reassure you of his power. It’s unimaginable. “

There have been promises made from the beginning of time. It is time for you to reap.

The person that stumbles and hurt their foot, God said he was there when you tripped. You had to grab hold, God say’s he was there. God says he has been waiting for you. He has been there from the beginning.

Be prepared to go from tent to tent and get the spoils

Z-  The Z named person is going from one bank to the next making deposits. There has been some denial for credit, and personal possession. The denial of signature is being reversed. Also for the Z named person, The migraines and headaches are reversed. The number "14" is relevant. I see the hand or a problem with aching hands. Healing for the hands. The number "11" is relevant. Expect that there will be an immediate resolve of conflict resolution. God is a right now God. Today the Prophet speaks as a friend of God, Like Moses she has favor.
* God said, I saw you this week, I saw you tripping, I saw you stubbing your toe

Y-  I hear Yvonne, Yvette, The Y named person has a womb that God can touch. I see an ulcer that is being healed. I see a generational spirit of abuse around this person, but there is a change of season.

*There is a "change of Season", "change of Increase" for everyone. You will not receive a moderation, you will excel. The Excel is also a name of a computer or paperwork (numbers) assignment to present as a format in a business environment.
X-  X named person X-rays being changed... I see a doctors prescription being canceled. I see God is giving answers about education, I see God giving answers about moving, I see God giving answers about opening up one door and closing the next, God giving answers, the a P and Z named person is involved with the X person... I hear numbers 14 and 2 are involved.

W-  The W named person’s mind and body is being healed. The income is being brought out of the atmosphere ... I see the Lord bringing an extreme harvest in what would have been a dry place (desert). I see God feeding with a fish and 2 loaves of bread. God is healing the bloodstream, and removing toxins. New vision, bones……God is healing, the W named person’s eyes are being healed, so he doesn’t fall for the Oke doke. Don’t let man deceive you.

V-  V named person, I see the color purple. What appears to be a rash or spots left behind. That is the sign God has chosen you to be in His presence. There is a conversation about increase, about signing papers, I hear you asking God whether you can have it. God said, the sign (color purple) is, yes you can! You will have nothing to do with it.

U-  The U named person…I see feet, knees and a newborn child. I can hear teething. I hear infection being dried up. I see organs, and ear drainage being dried. I hear a conversation that causes depression don’t listen. Don’t give ear to negative conversations. Speak to the wind without fear.
*Speak to the wind, speak courageously and without fear.

*God is opening up doors, all you have to do is be steadfast. Where you are Man can’t hinder

T- T named person God said you are the apple of my eye, and I open up your eyes. On Wednesday and Thursday doors shall bow to you. I shall give you whatever you asked. Be prepared because I shall give it to you. Don’t ask if you don’t want it, said the Lord.

*The address with the 2 on the doors shall bow to you. The doors shall become subject to you. Become Lord over your week. Whatever you say, declare, decree, God will do it.

There is a miracle for Ina, a door is opening for her in healing.

A hedge around Cuba no destruction and Life is preserved. The place and the person.

The goat.. there is a miracle around the person talking about the (a sign) goat...
The bills are being paying off no struggle and healing for the father…

Don’t go to the usual place you buy

358, March 5, 80,

God said, there is a healing for your liver.

The spirit of Hostility around the March named person. God reveals secrets.

The person born on the 26th, the person is 26 yrs old, and also the K named person God delivers from anger from those that take you for granted.

(*) - Relevant to all


February 12, 2017

A- 1973-1994 I see in the spirit a change in address for the A named person.

B- The B named person 1968 to 1998 I see employment and favor with Pharaoh. Pharaoh shall write you a check.

C- A C named person has miracle in the body, and they also have a 14th or a 15th named birthday. It is multiple miracle scheduled for this Tuesday.

D- The D named person I see a red door and a black door. I see manna at the door. There is a symbol on the door, a red and also a black door the angel of peace is standing outside the door.

*I see this for everyone the Angel of the Lord is outside the door, with a scale. There will be proving time and the balance will be tilted in your favor. It will manifest on Wednesday. There are wafers on the scale. The wafer’s name is manna. *“What is this?” God tilts it in your favor those things that went forth on Monday and Tuesday.

E- named person back is being healed. Skeletal healing neck, back and pelvis. The E named person born the 11th of the month. It looks like they have ankle issues as well.

F- named person I see this person’s birth year 1985 -2000. Those born in those years. God goes into the bloodstream and heals from all manner of disease. High and low blood pressure. The last time the blood pressure cuff popped off. This person were at an alternative location not a regular doctor’s office having it done. Those readings are false.
*I see a spine that is twisted, the Angel of the Lord is healing. Don’t stop taking the medicines but trust in God.

I see a boil on an F named person. It is an abnormal growth. Also for Frank and his children. God causes the growth to shrink.
There is a growth inside of someone’s ear. As you read this Word, the growth will fall off. It does not matter how long it’s been there.
Also peeling skin for the F named person, 13 is relevant to this person. It’s in the address or the birthdate.

G- named person at the group home there is deliverance on Mon, Tuesday and Thursday. I see a deliverance for you. The Lord places manna at your door.

*Manna at my door every single day for those in service today. God sends you 3x the blessing you would have got. The number 3 will be relevance. Triple, triples Triples stretch out your hands.
He has placed in you left hand a measure of increase. He has placed it in your left hand, (now place that hand in your right hand) God just reversed it…… What the devil meant for evil, God turns it around. The wind of change has been reversed in my favor.

I smell oranges. The person that had the orange on today. A sign that God is taking the struggle out of what you put your hands to do. I see 4 directions for the person that cut the oranges with a butter knife.
He takes the struggle out of the paperwork and what you have been trying to do. God stamps a paid in full, and on Friday you shall see the reward for what God has done.

H- named person the birth year 1945-1960 there is an extraordinary release and God is paying you for suffering. What happens to a dream differed. It needs to be torn up and rewritten.

Tear it up and start over!!

I and a J named person scales will fall from your eyes, and you will see where you are is for a testimony. You are healed and God gives you vision for the business God causes you to produce. You have a creative mind and you are artistic. He opens you ears to hear differently.

K- named person you have been dealing with prejudices. God rewrites and resolves conflict. Conflict resolution makes a way for you. I see the K named person is connected to a B named person they are linked and on Thursday and God is increasing your financial grade to a multimillion dollar status.

*That I need God is doing right now! Know it so well it like you know you birthday.

L- The L named person wants a business, and God gives it to you. It is at the door. I see someone burning their hand, that’s a sign that you need to move out the way and let God work it out. There is a possible relocation.

M- The M named person God is making you marketable. The birth year 1971 to 1987.
Favor is stamped on your for head. Don’t feel as though you are not qualified. I see lights falling from the sky like favor is raining. It does rain on your brokenness. It does fall and bring favor!

The 20th of the month represents favor. Those born on this date as well. There is favor of the Lord. There is favor tonight by 8:00 o’clock. If you need to go to a particular place choose 20.

There will be a raking in the cash for those with the 20.

N- named person cannot be told no, Tonight at 8o’clock. God visits every day this week. You need to clean out your closet.

I see a navel piercing………

God said, ”It’s not over.”

O- named person birth years 1968,1971,1988,1992, it is not over. God sends his scent of it’s not over. God confirms to you he is speaking to you.

P- name person it is very specific direction. Monday take the long route, Tuesday take the short cut, Wednesday you are going into a red and white building. Thursday don’t take the bus take the train. an alternative transportation. Friday say hallelujah!!

Q- named person 331, 225, 3122, these numbers are connected to you. Thank you Jesus.

R- I see R named person walking. God fixes the teeth. I see the R person getting transportation. They must not cry in trust or cry only in faith. I see the R named with person a star in their head. The star means God will lead you divinely continue to follow after what God has shone you. The star is a revelation and an opportunity.
Everyone will not see it. If they don’t see it don’t tell them. Those looking for change saw the star and it led them to the Messiah. JUST KNOW THAT!!

S-  named person the Angel of the Lord walks pass you. This person shall be a blessing and the angel of God pours gold dust on the hand you have extended. It is falling form your hand. I anoint you with a new gift. I anoint you with extraordinary favor. “You will need only Me,” said the Lord. Whatever you do shall prosper.


January 29th

I had a dream I was standing by a harbor I saw motion by the “harbor.” I saw spirits coming by the nighttime. The water was oily and black. The spirit of the Lord was moving by the harbor. It was going in to the harbor it not just oil, but also bacteria in a major city.

I see a break in Indiana….

I see a major spill around the harbor.

I see large factors around harbors closing up.

There are things that was lost in the black sea rising to the top.

Even as one would put their hands in the water. I see living organisms turn black.

I see a harbor in Hobart Indiana…

Protect the schools in Indiana.

Ask the children in a quiet place if they were molested. Don’t hold animosity against them when they share. Just because you didn’t share.

God wants to heal you in your body and your emotions. You need healing on 3 levels. Heal the tripartite man.

God sends a wind of deliverance. God sends what torments you to surface.

God sends a wind!

I will pour oil on each one in attendance. So, that we can take our minds off ourselves. We must pray for the world. We must pray together in one voice.

There is nothing impossible for me.

I heard someone named Ivan or Earvin the power of God touches his mind and his emotions. I see the stomach areas. I see swelling in the stomach as well. God touches them in they’re knees.

I see someone walking up winding stairs this person finds peace because they’re being tormented.

God intervenes in a situation around a broken elevator.

I see someone with a walking boot on their foot.

There is also sibling rivalry around the person with the broken foot….healing for the family.

I see the person with S, N or H with a legal situation.
Also in Ann harbor Michigan, there is a spill.

If people are making noise they are a place of transition.

The wind of change is blowing on 78th street, and 59th street,

While I worship, God is healing my house, my mind, my body, and my spirit.

God gave us to give Salts for the organs….


January 22, 2017

I saw you with the yellow the angel of the Lord leading and guiding you. I saw the number 4 lay down at your feet. I see four opportunities. I see the #4 sitting down at the yellow’s feet.

Every word spoken shall lie down at your feet. Today!

Don’t run to a place on this week, or you will fly back.

There are 4 choices available on this week. You will have to make a choice this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I saw someone buying Vitamins on this week.

Yellow will be a sign that you will see regularly. It will be a guide for you.

This is a week on new guides and starts. You will have help from another level.

Write a script for you vocabulary, you will be able to control or name the nature of something just that way Adam named the animals.

I see families that have mental illness, the number 10 is connected to the family.

Adam named that you will be able to name every situation.

God lift a spirt of depression and sorrow being lifted.

Rapture has to snatch it out, and cause a spirit of insanity to be snatched out….

I see a spirit of insanity lingering around the front room, I see a red cabinet where clothes are kept. All the white animals are a sign……..Suicide will not happen.
There is no reason for your body not to function properly, Illnesses are attached to your bone and marrow psychologically.

I see someone driving a distance stopping at a pit stop to get Breakfast often. Don’t go back for the next 21 days.

God heals the mind.

God heals the person on Stoney Island.

I see a green car. There is a spirit lurking around the car. Don’t drive it.

Someone that hangs with Isaac is a snitch.

Don’t be a part of the street vengeance.

Success stands at your door. It is like an invisible door.
God reverses a spirit of suicide.

I see someone whose name has stein in it.

God touches Stanley’s mind. Angela is fighting reverse it.

The Bates family you’re coming out.

Vanessa Yolanda and Barbara fighting an emotional battle.

Someone working in a kitchen or restaurant God is reversing thing that came against you. Don’t go back to fear trust God!

Healing for Jackie’s house hold

Johansson Family


January 15, 2017

On the way to Church today, this Prophet has a vision. All of our faces were standing on a shore. The Lord told me it was as if we had dropped into a script from the movie, “The ten Commandments.” Prophet was in a muted color linen robe. Lift your hands Dr. Pierce. God said,
“Use the rod in your hands and I will cause the people to cross into a place they have never been before.” (Your rod is you Prophetic pen). I lifted my hands and the wind blew harder and harder. The Rod gives birth. Whatever the Prophet writes will happen. You have come to be pregnant expect something different from God.

What I see in the spirit is “white beast” let this serve a signs you look for and see to help you understand every word spoken is of God. Expect a 24 hour turnover.

I see aggressive spirits around the houses. A spirit that will attack families. I see white animals.
Things are not always transparent in a work environment. There are aggressive attacks for the person with the animals at the workplace. There are also changes in a administration.

Someone that has a problem swallowing milk and mucus building up.
The Lord is going to cause bodies to react differently to things you couldn’t eat before.

God is healing from people who have issues with eating "white" stuff.

There is a shift around your house. There has to be a change. You are not believing hard enough and you are distracted by carnality.

Emma is being touched and those around her as well…..I also saw the number "30" as well. God is restoring it looks like there may be a situation with the children that is hidden in deceit. I also see the Lord will uncover the hidden thing before it hits the fan. Before trouble comes to your house God will expose it. There has been trouble around the house before, but God brings deliverance.

Someone that is 30 years old has a tormenting spirit around them. It is as aggressive as a lion. They are coming as one nature but the color (white) is exposing them. They have a spirit of deceit.

I saw and heard the name Lois. I see a purging. Almost like an aggressive attack on the family, like a tail of a monster destroying things in its path.

I see a light that is burned out. I see a 2nd floor hallway, there is one blinking and one completely burned out. Make a decision don’t waiver step out. Monday and Tuesday will require you to make a decision.

The person on the second floor with the lights out. It is a sign just say NO! Do not compromise. A person born in October, there in an unstable place in their emotions.

"September the 10th"...

For the October born person, the last is becoming first, let God put you in a new place not that old things you've been working on. The family will be able to work together…

Expect God to move……


January 8, 2017


God require a new level of commitment. Faithfulness and commitment. As you cleave to me, I will cause disease cleaving to you to be relinquished.

I will cause the air to breathe life into lungs that have been infected. If you have a nasal and chest infection take a deep breath and just breathe. There is a heaviness in one’s cheat as if you’ve been coughing all night to get it out. There is difficulty breathing.

I also see bloody mucus this is a sign that the Lord is purging your lungs.

I see a dresser with several pills nearby. The hand of God has reached down to remove the need for the pills. They may be effecting the liver. God stops the need for the pills because the side effect is causing problems in the liver.

God heal you as you stands in his presence.

There are young people fighting depression. I see a High school or College student hanging themselves. God reverses that spirit of suicide right now. The spirit of murder is being reversed.

The student that goes through a metal detector at school, God is healing from a spirit of anger.

I see Students running from a school.

I see someone working in a strip mall, and a grocery store, let the robber have whatever they want.

The enemy is trying to attack Meeka or Mieka…..

I hear Michael and Michelle in the spirit God preserves………

Someone that wore a ring around the neck is fighting depression, and the weight is being lifted. There is a fight for peace in the person’s house.

2017, God moves right away no delay. I shall do a new thing. The scales will fall from your eyes that you may see.

I see a person with a job that needs a token/badge to enter. God is cancelling out a judgement. A person who needs a token to access a building.

I asked in the midst of this service God breaks every cycle that 2016 brought.

I see a pot of boiling water, I see in the spirit. The Lord is saying to you for the next 10 days expect a miracle a day.

At 10:00pm tonight I shall reveal myself to you for the next 10 days I will reveal myself to you. Manna is outside your door all you have to do is pick it up.
Parents, your children have been approached about carrying a weapon in their back packs…….

A young person will have a pregnancy avoided, they are having intimacy without birth control…….


January 1, 2017


I hear the word Sheridan and the word Sherry. The Lord gives an increase on Sheridan. You are being pulled in the office someone accused you of something that wasn’t true.

I saw 3 warring Angels, Mercy will transform you and give you hind’s feet. Come like you are, God said, “let me do the metamorphosis.” You need to climb beyond the understanding of man, because that is where your needs are…..

In 2017, I will teach you the art of war. I will teach you how to use the weapons I give you.

If you are willing to trust Him He will change the atmosphere around the house.

For the person with the Walgreens around the house, there is someone lingering around Walgreens. A conversation has been manipulated. All things are in your favor.
Things will happen around the 15th of the month. Don’t get angry it will be revealed.

I see 700 south or north. I see the warring Angels standing there. I see a 4, double 1’s and a 4and 7. I will cause a gusher coming down the street of your home.

I see a window that's broken.

When God removes the devil let him stay out. I see a basket of goods. I see a diverse harvest. I’m causing things to happen for you.

For the next 3 months, I am sending a gusher of increase. "I the Lord, will be your provider you have been distracted. Whatever you walk on you shall have."

The enemy wants to attack the people with genetic illnesses.

Take off mental illness and leave it at the altar.

I see the name "STO"…..the Lord heals the "Stovall" house.

God heals the house of Dennis and Dylan.

I do see outside stimuli causing confusion in your house. Don’t give ear to negative conversation.

I hear the name Bob or Robert trying to create a disturbance in your house.

If you have 5 friends one of them is a betrayer take off your rose colored glasses.

Ray and Raymond the masks have come off. I see this person being a conniver and there are some things he is going through in his emotions. He is behaving differently. He is broken and crying in the night time.

The person with the fence on the front God rewards you with a pot of gold.

I hear hidden messages and agendas exposed. I see individuals exposed. Step out of your understanding.

It’s almost as if waiting 24hrs represents doubt. Now Faith immediate change delivered. I see someone that hurt their right foot that is hurting.

God has a window prepared for you and it has children looking through it.

I see documents that you did not purchase erase it. If you signed your name to a document and didn’t know what you were getting into ask god to erase it.

I see an infant born with teeth, the parents have some knots in there stomach. I something that causes you no to be able to digest the food. God touches that individual.

The 15th of the month is amazing a high energy day.

I see some powerful changes in every single place.

Someone with 3 siblings, one is a bowler. there is a reward.

The 3’s have to do with judgement and the cancellation of a process. It represents having a stronger connection to the will of God. It represent the balance in your mind and emotions. The Lord said this year shall be the most creative year of your life. Use the 3 as a sign. It shall be you marker.

By the 22nd of January you will have the paperwork.

By 1/23 even though remember the 3.

It is the month of Gad, he was a lawyer and intercessor. A spoke person even though you desire. Hold your peace and let God give you an advocate.

Whatever word spoken in this place Gird your loins. Get ready, get set, Goooooooooooooooo!!!!


December 18, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

“The only way to receive the miraculous is to step out of your carnal mind. So, you want a miracle I am the miracle worker, so you want to see the supernatural, said the Lord.”

I will not reign down a miracle for a group of people who don’t trust me. I require a sacrifice. You need to sow yourself.

Some of the people around us have an appointment with death before the end of the year. I require a sacrifice before the end of the year.

Remember Hezekiah, He turned his head to the wall, and he reminded God of all his God works.

Remember the cycles that occur a certain time of year. Break the cycle Today!!

Someone who’s name is David there are cycles that he must break. He lives around the number 23 or 23 is relevant for him.

The oldest and the only, the enemy is after you. You are under psychological attack.

Reverse the assignment against David’s blood line.

There are chards of glass( the nature of this individual) around the oldest and the only child. They are broken and need to be mended. The child is a broken or wounded individual in an adult body. I see the eldest coming against the parent that gave birth to them.

I see the number 23 in the spirit.

On Wednesday of this week expect a Raven around dinner time.

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December 11, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

There is direction required right now.

The Lord told me last night, He was giving a blood transfusion. The bloody horse came on Wednesday, it means war. He came to do war on the body as well. He destroys it. There was no rider on the horse. You need faith to ride the horse. There are transformations.

Those things that cause you not to be able to eat. I saw someone’s throat closing up. God opens it up. There’s a 14 years old child having difficulty swallowing. God opens up the throat.

God does surgery on the ears.

Beware of the contaminated marijuana.

In all things give thanks.

I see in the spirit, be mindful. Many of the people have blood in their hands they were wounded in the house of a friend. Know that some of those close to you heart has changed toward you. God exposes them. They are throwing rocks and hiding their hand.

Beware of the person name Rock, a spirit of deception around them. Check the contract or agreement. It is a seducing spirit. Don’t let them make you feel guilty for saying NO.

Beware of the Lo/Ro named person……….

I see in the spirit the Horse, I see a blood condition, contaminated needle. Those that work in a hospital be mindful of the needles.

Also, Beware of someone that has needles, they have been used already. Don’t trust it.

Hairstylist, I see pricks and scabs in a head, don’t do their hair either.

The war horse comes to cancel out the cycle of a heart condition. Valves are being opened up.

I see a Michael connection the heart condition is being healed. The warring horse rides in faith and cancels out the blood connection. It is being broken by the Power of God.

God cancels the assignment of the enemy regarding the blood conditions and heart attacks.

God does not forget the children either. The blood condition, heart attacks, and the spirit of depression is broken in the child's life as well. God is amazing, and trust him…..

It is important who you allow in you atmosphere. It is important where you go and who you tell you love them.

Tell 3 people it’s a lie, and don’t say it again.

Remember there’s healing in the blood……

I keep hearing the word “the twins’” they need to be healed. The Lord, will be a hedge around the twins. I see one running away, they won’t be lost long.

I see the lord casting out seizures. Seizures are cancelled out.

I see God’s hand on Samantha.

It may seem strange but, grasshoppers and lizards are a sign that every word spoken is coming to past.

I see legs with varicose veins being healed by God.

God exposes the hidden things.

God gives direction on the 16th…..


December 4, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis.

Make Sure your plug has not come out so you can be connected to Jesus.

There was a conversation with the Angels about you. I am sitting and there is a Christmas tree. There is a glass office. You will go into the office to have a conversation. See you going into a office on Monday with the glass walls. There is a male person. He will talk about England or a England connection. The question will be asked, how much?

Monday, and I see the meeting and on Tuesday I see you coming to an agreement.

1101 in the spirit on Tuesday. I see 11:01. I see you punching a clock. They’re watching you. So, be on time.

I see the word "shave." The person being shaved with a straight razor. Don’t say a lot to this individual. Don’t say a lot and beware of this person. Also, beware of the time 3:45 and the address 345.

3:45 is connected to a lying spirit. Wednesday night I see running, running, running.

If you are standing there at 3:45 the clock has crowed. I see 34th street and 45th street. I see a NY connection.

I had a dream someone was carrying merchandise. He was trying to rob someone that has locks. I saw a robbery, you need to make a change. Do not go back to that place that stealing is going on. There was a familiar face that was robbed.

I saw merchandise being sold by someone with dreads. Beware of the thief with a friendly face.

The person had on a beige jacket and a white t-shirt underneath. Someone would attempt to rob you.

I am looking at someone with a piercing in the nose. There is a shenanigan’s. There is a lying spirit in the land.

Wednesday night animals, opportunity. The animals are a sign. There is a conversation about bald eagles that is a sign that your breakthrough has come thru…….

I see worms or a conversation about worms. This is a sign that God has heard you. Everything that has ever been spoken will be manifested in 72 hours.

Your legs, backs, and ankle are being strengthened.

I see a large factory or a performance at a theater, the lights have gone out. The show was over. I began to see spirits of those that have crossed over.

I see the spirit of Massacre coming to a theater, on the North side. There is a threat at a major theater. The Biograph, etc…..God exposes the threat.

There was an Uncle that dies to soon. His name began with a "B".

There was a women that walked up and she was limping. She lost her leg from diabetes. There was another man that was killed onstage while performing, the person unable to bend the knees and legs……. Every cycle that comes to take a life from now to the end of the year will not succeed.

I heard Lennox, Lennie, and even Leon. I see a brother that need healing in his body. God also remove the swelling out of the legs. The clot in the legs shall dissolve.

God touches Leon and remove swelling out of the knees and the legs. God preserves.

Every condition is subject to God the Holy Ghost and nothing can stop God.

God is changing Monday and Tuesday. The shifting. He is shifting things around Danny.
Monday and Tuesday will be significant for every one of you.

God shift the liar today.

Don’t ask for what the devil stole, it is old. Don’t ask God for no old stuff, it out of date.

Don’t trust the L named person.

You don’t need money, you need God’s favor.

On December 6th God said go get the car no matter what your credit looks like.

November 27, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis.

So you thought you were not going to make it through…well YOU DO!!! The steps for your freedom tomorrow and Tuesday have been already written…God Shines on #8,2,7,4

As you wear black today Sunday it represents joy not sorry excitement not anxiety…sunshine not darkness

I see a series of doors…the doors look like shades of grey colors…one door that stands out is blue with the number 9, behind another blue door is a box maybe a file cabinet, inside the box is a pile of papers with your name on it…and a name that begins with “Sh” and “Ch” the blue drawers, cover to a cabinet has blue folders in them that are significant such as…blue Manila folder a name with blue connection and the color blue around the room…from left to right…a left handed situation which produced a police report or legal document, turns it face to produce a right handed victory.

I see red…a red door. The door has a unique knob…there is a name on the door and as you walk through the door chains fall…one meaning of the red represents some kind of blood condition high blood, low blood, that God dries up…I would add in a wholistic fashion…the red is blood pumped through the heart, matters of the heart, God gives a grace period extended red also represents forgivenesses of debt from a red card…a name with the first or last letter brings laughter peace…Can you say….”UNBELIEVABLE!!!”

I must say seven…seven plus seven 14 becomes relevant today…you will begin to see sevens…seven will be the sign that you are in the right place. Actually you cannot b in the wrong place…every appointment gives new access…you receive access that no man’s court can deny…God raises an advocate this week which does provoke favor…you experience an effortless victory without measure the advocate represents you, because of your courage receive…unusual opportunity seven in the address…

The moon is the sign in the sky on paperwork and as an emblem, it’s a sign of waves of opportunities. One after the other, multiple persons call with proposition one name begins with “Y” and has an “R” last name…without question you have today stepped into a place of Divine Provisions…don’t fan away a raven…don’t ignore what looks unusual God is Diverse. You will have a conversation with “A” person you are not normally around…this individual the unusual provides you with uncommon substance…4 o’clock…is supernatural for your high energy…Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Resolution, The confusion is over…so many people have been involved with a conflict. The unpredictable persons are being removed, they will no longer take away (steal) what you sacrificed for…the number seven and multiples of seven 14, 21, 28, 35 shall guide you today through Sunday. These signs will become a GPS of direction…your season has arrived…nothing shall be withheld from you this week…Know it, so be careful to speak wisely…God sends a professional, an Angel. Partnership makes you UNSTOPPABLE this week.

I heard God speak your name and He said, “You can Lean on Him…trusting in man has brought you …DISAPPOINTMENT.”

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, God holds your hand guiding you…in a multicolored outfit or in a place where there are many colors…black stands out EVIDENCE OF A NEW BEGINNING…

Opportunities which were hidden are uncovered where only you will see…Why! Because you watch for the signs…the miracles this week has your name on it documents contracts applications…I see animals as signs horses, rabbits and cows you cannot miss this blessing.


November 20, 2016
God is able to cover and protect.

Everyone wearing black and white are being assigned an angel on this week. He will be so close you will be able to touch him. There is a decision you need to make. I will take it out of your hands because your heart is so connected. Don’t cry about it. He is taking the responsibility out of your hands. I perceive that each of you will have a dream. It’s sometime the only way God can speak to you! Expect God to answer your prayer keep a journal on this week.

Think it not strange,

Dejuan, Juan or Demond is being covered.
Willie is being kept safe, and his appetite is being changed.

I see in the spirit someone with a note or a pimple in their ear. God wants to speak but you have to be quiet. God will help you to see and change the perspective of your situation. I will guide you tomorrow by 4pm. God is on your side. Don’t ask questions. He is sitting on your right side.

I heard the word Rori or Rory this person is being lead, he is an animal worker. I also heard a lion being lead. I hear a roar. God changes Rori’s directions.

I also see a person that works around animals. I have prepared a path for you to walk. I have already elevated you. You are chosen of God and there is a shower of blessing falling on you.

I see a waterfall with hands that stretch as far as you can see. God says, “Yea I am sending showers of blessings.”

The table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on Now!

You asked the question shall you pursue. Pursue……

I was walking down the street, and I saw an individual standing at a crossroad. There was a sign Peterson St or a P named street. The angel of the Lord took my hands concerning moving.
There was a flower shop. It is a miracle around the flower shop.

I heard the name Violet, she is going through a struggle. But, don’t let it spill over onto you.

Beware of things packed high, so they don’t fall.

You are moving into a season where violets bloom. There are miracles around violets.
I see the number 17 he is fixing the broken things.

Also the number 291 the Lord is sending the former rain and the later rain. Those things that was hidden It is being exposed…..

After the rain comes up then there are worms step over them, and do your work…

I hear arguments in the spirit.

I heard Market square and stores in a circle. God stops hostility in a mall environment.

I see a spirit of drugs and addiction…..Rebuke to the enemy.

We asked that you reverse any unholy connection to prescription drugs.

For those born in 1970 and 1975 God pushes away the darkness, and breaks the cycle.

In 1975, someone had a hard birth and the child could have been breech. God gives mercy.

Intercession for Taytay and his mother...

God removes the torment from the eldest child.......

we cry for Lakeatha and everyone in her house shall live.

I see Fillmore, Fullerton or an F named street God protects you, and puts a hedge of protection round about.......a hedge!!

Tell them I, the Lord God, shall take you troubles away. Don't Quit!


November 13, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis

There is another level required to travel, we are not where we was last week.

Every day will not be a struggle for survival. The lord has put in position methods that will bring you out in a practical way.

We have to be excited about who God really is. He is the Amazing Grace, our Salvation,

To the person that had hip surgery. God will allow the healing to take place and put every muscle back in its perfect place and condition.

Someone using cloth diapers. This is a sign. What I see is for those that own their own home. The Lord is pouring sap from a tree. The blessing of God concerning your houses will stick to you like the sap from a tree. It sticks. Unusual provisions for you.

The syrup connection is being placed in front of your by God the Holy Spirit. The blessing stick to you. God plants provisions in front of you. When you touch it, it cleaves to you. Whatever you need flows from the tree of provisions. You are the tree planted by the river of living waters. You all that are in housing transitions are about to walk into ownership. It is a sign to your households of what is about to be spoken right now. This time you will possess what God has for you to possess. Children will come back home. God will dump in your lap what you need, by the living waters.

We all need living water flowing in front of you to speak for you. What God is giving is already matured. This provision shall bring forth fruit.

There will more planes disappearing, also you won’t be able to eat things grown from the ground. It will be toxic until death from nuclear contamination.

There is also something that is like the bubonic plague coming......

After the Tsunami in New Zealand, there will be things awakened when the water rolls back.

There will come a time when you can’t even drink water. The contamination will spread for different reasons.

I see tall trees like in the rain forest, we ask God to be a hedge of protection around the tall trees in various parts of the world. Tall tree in a green place as if it is an earthquake. As if the earth opens its mouth.

I see a foot that has blood on it. a bleeding foot the Lord is causing the vessels that over expand to shrink. God heals bleeding foot.

I am walking down a street, and I see in the windows Christmas lights that wasn’t taken down. The lord caught your tears in a vial and carried them to heavenly places. God is moving you and he is saying trust him.

Beware of the person with the B named person. They are a hater. The hater is subtle,

God has already started the process to restore the family.

Things spoken on today, the Wind has already started to change. You are going from a dry place to abundance in a moment.
Ask him and let God work things out in your favor.

Put your time in pay day is coming.........


November 6, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis

In the distance I see the dust rising that means someone is coming. You have been in the desert on this week. The rescue is on its way to you.

This is not the same thrill, or godly intoxication as last week. This is not that. This is a fulfillment of a promise that is coming your way. I see a door open around you.
I see the Glory cloud, and living waters moving. The hand of God is all around you.

I see a S M named person on the wall, like a signature.......

The person name Schultz there is victory……

I see the number 7 in the spirit. 7 is over your head.

The person on the 7th floor is not going to come back. God is shifting. God said where ever you place your foot, I am going to give it to you.

If there is a 7 in your birth date God has taken………frequency has just changed. The number 7 and multiples of 7 will be a blessing until the end of the year….

I see horses ride, as if God rode in here on a chariot. The King is coming.

Theme: Fill me up, until I overflow I wanna run over...fill me up!!


October 23, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis......

They energy today is so absolutely different…….

I hear the name, “Kismet” the thing the enemy had planned for you will not happen, but today God will change your destiny. There will be words spoken that will cause a decision to be changed. Your destiny goes through a metamorphosis…

I see written paperwork written out. That needs to be signed. There is a catch or clause, there is some deception involved. I see property acquisition involved,

I see a red dot or stamp. God positions you as the head over a department.

I see someone going into a currency exchange, beware of the person trying to pull the gun or rob you. Get a bank account.

Don’t use the ATM outside.

Andrea needs to change her associations. Do not go back to the house. I see threats and situations in the house don’t go back.

The An named person don’t go back there remember what happened before. Don’t go back to deceptive practices. Don’t go back after the argument. It isn’t over. A Sh named person is involved.

There is a shift, “sign the papers!”

I see a mental health center I see illegal pills being sold on the market, you need to stop the head has knowledge of the activity. You need to stop.

Ach one of us must have a change in our live, we have our backs against the wall, and we will be rescued.

God causes a change around Jordan’s house. Changes his mind.

God is sending angels to stand by each of us. Give God praise and honor.

Allow God to make you wealthy, by giving Him access to your life. Let him place you where you must be placed.

I hear the name Bernadette or Bernice. There is a change around her. I see young people taking things they shouldn’t take.

I see someone that has run away before. There is a spirit of running away, around your house. If it isn’t you it is the one next to you.

Be careful of the abusive relationship. This is what you say, “It is the will of God that you pack your bags and leave.” Don’t give your money to someone that pays video games all day. Don’t get cussed out, cheated on, the enemy has you distracted.

There has been over 3800 earthquakes in the World. You are missing the energy of God being distracted.

There are some situations, I see the number 03. I see 30 on a house paid in full.


Lord heals the SS number, that I may be exalted in your sight.

The person in black and white checks is an interloper. They are taking notes to be in your place.

October 16, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis......

There is activity something God is initiating for his people that will roll into the week. He said prophesy!! Blessing for this week…..

Monday 10-17-16
I saw a rabbit’s foot, or someone with a rabbit. I see it as a symbol. It is possible connected to water, holes, even the eating through something by the rabbits. It will be revealed on this week.
There are opportunities around a rabbit situation. A blessing around the rabbit, a miracle……if you don’t have flood insurance get it.

11am on Monday a door is opened. A person named Adrian or Angel the Lord opens a door and these person's are relevant.

Meeting or connections on Monday and the answer will not be delayed.
You will meet an individual with a foot problem you will. No foot surgery or even back surgery. They will not be able to align the joints properly and you could end up in a wheel chair.

I see a situation with the liver or kidneys. Toxins are being purged. The light of God will shine on that condition.

I see a foot with a sore on it. No surgery. The sore represents a pathway that has been hindered. You can’t get away from that same path but on tomorrow you’re steps will be prosperous. Your steps are ordered!

I see yelling and arguing, I send peace you your house with the 9 and the 7 on the door. Remove the weapon out of the house. God send peace.

Wednesday 10-19-16
I see debt elimination, and I see mail coming with a seal on it. I have raised up a man. “I see a cloud the size of a man’s hand extended out.” That hands represents an advocate you have been waiting on. The hand of a Raven will not look like what you expect deliverance to look like. The Raven is coming look for it. The raven is an unusual method of deliverance.
On this Wednesday between 10am -10pm, it is not a familiar face.

The month of October birthday are relevant. It is expedited don’t be made ashamed. I am going to remember you. You shall accomplish what has taken others 10 years in 10 days.

The drought is over, I take away the pain. You will forget the pain of the 9th hour. I will bless you until you forget.
I will bless you with abundance, and I will bless you until your face changes, and you want to go shop. It is time…..

Thursday 10-20-16
After the Raven on Wednesday, on Thursday there will be a release in the spirit that you will be able to take to the bank, move, or drive.

Yea, God says tell them, Believe on me trust in me not yourself. God says, “This one is on me you won’t have to look for it. He removes the shame, and blesses you.

Friday 10-21-16
Some of you know you were born on a Friday.
There is a B named person, J named person, There is a person in a Pharaoh position release all their goods and bestowing them on you.

Friday is the day for doubles. “Don’t take lightly the word of God spoken. I will make sure every word spoken to you on today will come to pass.” Forgive the person when they come and apologize to you on this week.

No shame……
The pastures are bountiful for the sheep.
From now until Friday Jubilee!!

September 25, 2016
Say, "My Change Has Come! My Change Has Come!" Those things that would have been delayed, a time restriction on a situation that would take 2 months or 3 months God says it is not going to take that long, it shall come quickly.
I am causing the time to speed up. Today you are in a spiritual time machine. God says today’s time machine that would have been late is going to be early. Those things that were going to be late will be on time. In this spiritual time change we shall spring forward and God is going to escalate things for you and he is going to do it quickly.
Say "Quickly!" I see a person or situation with horses involved or connection. Increase around horses, influence and favor around horses. Hybrid let the Lord give you what to do.
Be aware of dreams. Someone running in dream – which you need to run aggressively toward things that you desire. God says he has already placed in front of you what you need. You are late, your faith is late, your courage is late, and fear has stifled you and had you in a stronghold.
Locked up and shackled in a memory that you failed before. Holler “Loose Me! Loose Me!" Get your pen ready! God is going to give you a plan of action.
Say, "It’s My Time!" You’ve been in your season for awhile. But you did not see it, because you are looking in a different direction. See a road travel with 11 on the road…. God is going to give us GPS unction in our heart. Unction in your belly, when you go the wrong way it says turn left, and when you get in the flesh and GPS talk to you in an unction and say you are going the wrong way and it will reroute the way you shall go. You may say I know where I’m going and the GPS says make a U-turn and don’t get in the flesh. God is going to be our GPS on this week when you get into the flesh God is going to say make a U-turn and go another way. Say, “I will follow the unction of the Lord!”- Listen to the unction of God.
- 11 and 197 11 in social security number
- Short person (midget/little person) – God is touching mind, emotions and preserving life.
- Paperwork from someone who has made their transition, signed with different name on it, signatures being changed. Shift in the paperwork. Release of paperwork around a female.
- Double portion, there is a repetition (repeat of regular deposit)
- Carlos– involve in an illegal act
- Ava– God touches mind and heart
- There is a blessing for someone who own horses. Owners of horses who live across the water: hear Alpacas there is fertilizer there is bugs attacking the fur. Epsom salt will get rid of bugs in the fur.
- Carla, Carlos, Carles, Carol, Carolina - There has to do with family and conflict around Daddy. Conflict is resolved around male figure. Names with “Car” reconciliation with fathers...
- Generic curse is being lifted and God is healing and set free and made whole. Next week you must fall into your regular pattern, must change your route that God may preserve you and your household. I see a spirit of rebellion and you must change Foxes – zoo – farm – bugs are traveling
Della – God will heal your body.
Dale is touching your stomach and making you whole
Clarissa – God is healing mind and spirit 3174
– Connection to paperwork Beckford,
- Becky – God is touching emotions
- Alicia God is touching back situation, reconciliation and touches family. Remove people that there will not be any hindrance in your life.
- Terrance – God is touching him in his mind
- Someone is dealing with a mice issue – is a sign that God has changing your financial status.
- #11 birthday – God says, you need to be still! I know where you are, I know what you have need of. I’m watching and waiting on you to dream bigger!
-  #11 bank account
– Demand on the water fall on the 11th increase around the 11th and the water will fall bountifully into your account. God is rapturing out dry places and saturating your earth, your finances. 
- God is healing pelvis…

- Bodies are perfect! Imperfection can not live in perfection. I decree that your bodies will remember perfection!

September 11, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis.......

It seems like there are warning on today because of the series of dreams:

I saw a bunk bed and close quarters where sister shared a room. Whether it was now or you as a child. Someone who has 3 sisters. There is a mother situation that most be reconciled. I see there was a separation that caused conflict with the sisters. It was a result of mom making her transition, or Mom not being psychological equipped to deal with the situation. The Lord takes me back. God cancels out violence around the house. Because there are three of you because of the emotional instability trying to go down the bloodline. The Violence is cancelled out.

(Also 3 sisters) The J named person is relevant. I stand at the mouth of the alley. Where someone puts a gun to the moms head. God cancels that out. The sister must empty out her house.

I see the years 1977 and 1987, today God stops the violence at the door.

The J named person has a bulls eye on their back, but God changes things around the house.

The person with the 6 in their address, God sends a healing wind to the house of the sisters.

God is tearing up papers. But mom is still an issue. But paperwork is being stripped. There is a rift that is being healed. God the Holy Ghost is sending the Angel of peace. I see a bunk bed as well. Soon and very soon I shall release financial increase that has been denied.

I see someone with the bunk beds the one on the top is kicking down of the child down below there is also rejection. There is paperwork from the past is brought back up. There is something from the past with 7,0 in it being restored. There is paperwork done over and over…..God is releasing it quickly.

I see an Angel standing by the closet, standing by the closet protecting you.

I see Greg and Gregory and a financial release coming from Gregory.

I see a person name Greg is fighting an emotional decision. It is a tormenting spirit. He is fighting even a case. The angel of the Lord shall go to his mind and cause a release. So, if God can ……….. Hear every word and do not be reluctant to let your emotions override the truth being told to you.

I see a women in an abusive relationship. A person drove up in front of her house, and a person jumped out to attack. Do not continue in an abusive relationship. I see a red car. Their license was revoked or they could not drive for some reason. They were in attack mode have an ear to hear. Also I see, It was another car painted but not all the way. I also see a red fence. Take heed to what God is saying at this moment. Fall out love or break the connection.

I hear the name Jeff and Jeffrey.

God covers the eastside of your city. If you live around Jeffrey the street God covers you. Also the address with the 6 in the address.

I see an intersection with 6 corners. I’m looking on the corners to see. I see a nail shop, and someplace that sells crosses. It could be a church or a community center. I see shooting take a different route.

God lifts the burden of mental illness and depression. God removes you off the medicine. It will be televised about the stoppage.

God heals Sonny. He sends peace around the house.
Sonny’s relative has conflict that needs to be reconciled. There also needs to be healing of infirmity as well.

I go into a house of musicians. The storm is being quieted around Sonny’s children's house.

I going up steps not high up. I’m stepping one, two maybe three steps. I see a glory cloud over this congregation. The atmosphere is dense with God’s anointing.

God touches Mabel.

Relevant years 1966 and 1986……………..

September 4, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis.......

I’m not sure but there is a strange anointing in here on today. My robe is blowing and no breeze is in the room. God has sent an unusual anointing on today. I felt a weight sit down with me in the chair.

You must not allow what is inside of you to die. I see a fetus inside each of your bodies. You are here at this moment in time. It represents an idea, revelation, the birth of what you thought was dead. The dream is alive and the air you breathe now is activating the pace of the heartbeat. You are carrying a new vision. It will grow and God will expedite the process. I am looking at a vison.

I felt a baby growing as I opened a car door on the driver’s side, and before I could get in the car I gave birth. Everything spoken shall happen in a moment.

I also see growths in the pelvic area. God dissolves these in Jesus’ name. God melts them one at a time. You will see the residual as you go to the restrooms. A small cluster grapelike Polyps or tumors melted with no pain.

I see that there is also a healing for ulcerated colitis stomach pain when you eat. God heals a sore in the stomach. The person name starts with an E. They have the sore in the stomach. God touches it.

I hear the name Abby. She has anxiousness around her head. Abigail as well. They have a child that seems to be rebellious. She is anxious because of the child.

I see a person whose name starts with a B being released from jail or bars…Brian. God covers Brian. They’re could be an uprising. Beware of the location with 30 in it. A storm is being quieted, and the flames are also being put out.

On Tuesday there will be a question presented to you and you will have until Thursday to answer.

I heard the name Bradley it looks like he make clothes. Someone who sews, this person is being released from a nervous breakdown.

Byron is being touched around his head as well.

I see the numbers 5, 5, 5, I see the debt being swept away. God clears the SS number up and removes bondage associated with it. Look for an opportunity.

I hear the name Asia.

Crawford is being delivered from chest pains. There is an emotional situation that Crawford will have.

I see a heart condition irregular heartbeat, and other heart problems. God touches your bosom.

I hear Champion and it represents, I see finances working

God gives the shop to the person that works on TV and electronics.

Levis is being touched. I see blood clots being dissolved.

Tuesday at 7am/pm expect a move of God. The miracle come to you.

Things being paid off for Melvin and Melvina any day now.

Stocks value are about to hit the roof.

Kansas and Oklahoma is covered with the power of God.

Zelda’s children will be OK.

Geraldine we are about to send a special angel to you. He goes into your medicine cabinet……you came in here a caterpillar and leave as a butterfly.

On this week you are about to become a big piece of salt.

Everyone around you will know you belong to God. They shall witness and identify. You belong to God. You are God’s.

You came in here with a fetus but the supernatural hand of God is growing and swiping away debt, and give you a release that won’t be denied.

I see in the spirit a yellow cover or blanket. I will cover you like that yellow blanket covers you. I will cover your mind and your body. This is sign that God is in your house and knows your concerns.

Don’t ask for a Breakthrough send a Tsunami, in the next 24 hours.

God gives a double portion on today. I am going to touch the twins. I will cause stability. I shall bless the twins. I see twin miracles in the womb. Glory to God……
I see orange in the spirit fruit, blanket, etc.


    August 28, 2016

    He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled... to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis.......

    While walking in the spirit last night, I saw what looked like a fresh tarred walk was the Angel of the Lords was standing outside of the house. Not just the ground but pots of herbs. There is no way you could have gotten this far without the Lord. The answers are hidden in the dirt.

    I hear the word Hybrid, you will mix things together the way Jacob did. You will feed the cows.

    There is a spirit of Revelation of wisdom around the tar. The angel of the Lord is watching your house. She is stopping in the name of Jesus.

    Be aware of the J named person they are trying to come against you. The inquiry about your success is to be a hindrance.

    I see the 4th child has been going through. God is bringing deliverance in 4 different ways. Northeast, West, and south. I see news coming.
    I see a release coming.

    The label say it is fire resistant, or flame retardant be careful it is not.

    God touches the 4th child with the 2 fours in their social security number out of the red into the black. God is pulling your SS into the black.

    I see an S named doctor, he is giving a clean bill of health. Don’t do any more experimental tests.

    The word “victory” is written across this sanctuary.

    Schaffer peace is required at this house. Taking pills is being removed.

    Bill that is anxious and may be on medication. Pills are being removed.

    I am ready to meet my stranger.

    I see someone eating plantain. You will get a yes answer on Tuesday and Friday. Yes and Yes…

    I speak peace to Matteson.

    I see a child in the spirit who had on about 16 months with a flowered dress with blue and yellow. God preserves the life of the child from an inherited behavior.

    We are praying for Tina so there will not be a tragedy in the house. God releases the anxiety and stress.

    I see 4 floors God is putting out a fire.

    I see the letter H. God covers the house.

    Joyce is being touched in her emotions.

    Someone wearing red polka dots or circles. God heals the blood stream. There is reconciliation. God heals the blood stream.

    I see nosebleeds not only from high blood pressure but from an abusive situation. A B named person, E named person.

    Lord pour fresh oil today.

    I am the cloud the size of a man’s hand. I am the Father and the son. The man shall come. I have called the door to be opened for you.

August 21, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis.......

I am prepared to reveal Myself in an unusual way, said the Lord.

He has already released unusual anointing in this place.

I hear the Lord say you have not known me in the way I am going to introduce myself today.

I go into irregular breathing, do not reach for the inhaler. It is not the solution. Know that it is a miracle that goes into your lungs. I see a spirit of anxiety, I see the address 112, and I hear the letter V. Touch the V named person and their family. God uncovers what is going on in the business.

When you hear someone say on this is week, “I hurt my foot,” that is a sign of the hater. Listen for the injury to the foot.

Your purpose is going to evolve. You evolve said the Lord.

You will have a dream on tonight, write it down……

Mark the 24th of this month.

God will move for you in an unusual way, I shall release in an unusual way.

God spoke about strongholds that will keep you where you no longer want to be. It comes to get you again. It holds up your increase. Don’t get stuck, they are being destroyed because of the anointing.

If you have a breathing machine put it in the closet or away. Plead the blood of Jesus. That machine is not yours…..

I heard the name Maxine, her eyes, lower parts. God also touches her daughter.

God lifts the spirit of infirmity that lingers in the Dna…

I see a female musician that played the organ or piano. I see her in a theater playing she is in a band. I see things being destroyed. God please preserve life. I see a C on the venue…

I see Murray and Murphy I see stumbling and things that will not be loss or taken. I see a letter with a seal on it.

I see teeth being fixed for a Mari. Preservation around Mari…..

Doors open around Ari named person….

I see a key ring with 3 keys on it. God is sending a stranger to do unusual things. Things are about to change.
The keys represent the 3rd of next month. God releases you and you will receive joy. God gives you a lifeline.

For the next 5 days those wearing white socks, God saw you and he sees you. You need a physical change today where you walk he blesses your step. God take the control. You cannot go the wrong way…..God takes the reign. Walk it out.

1957 and 1975

I see housing transition
August 14, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis.......

On today, I felt a strange energy, the atmosphere was bloated with answers. I saw the hand of God moving as if He was smearing the knowledge of him in and around all of us. I felt a shift. I felt the earth, moving as the earth moved, I saw Faces. I saw someone climbing a ladder.

The angel of the Lord was there and your appointed time is now. What was in the air was necessity. There was the divine intervention reaching into our lives.

There was a conversation around a table about herbs and spices in the kitchen. Where a toaster……
There is about to be a divine explosion, coming to your house. There is a diversity of deposits and components.

In the next 14 days, there is a height that you will climb being elevated by the hand of God. Be ready to push and move on up. There are multiples of increase, partnerships, from differing cultures you will associate with…..

I see a teething child, the mother is being touched in her body. God breaks the genetic bond that would be a chain or a yoke.

The child that had teeth earlier than normal. Your scholarship will be early. Time is school shall be accelerated. Every single tormenting spirit is being broken…. rapid pace.

God is purging blood lines…DNA clock being converted to a spiritual regeneration. I have a new blood line!
God said, “Speak to the organs, I see hemorrhages so the bleeding can dry up. I’m going back into the lineage. The components of the DNA it will stop now and every drip will no longer drop.

I heard someone body say, I been here a long time.
I hear a M named persons (Mary, Mamie), the name Shirley, I go to Georgia and the name Georgia. The issue of blood goes back multiple generations and dries up.

I see a child lost in the womb, and the person had a D and C. There has been some infirmed in the stomach area. The Healer, has just purged your bloodstream.

We speak to the Prostrate, Uterus, ulcerated Colitis and anything that cause you to bleed God dries those things up. He also heal the internal infection.

It’s not the salt that has you swollen, it is the mediation. Stop adding salt before you taste your food. You taste buds will change, and the swelling will stop. He removes the medication.

Cancellation of Medication after today the High blood pressure will be gone.

God said, “If they believe me I will heal them.”

I see the name Shepard God touches
Also Sharon and Shelia
God touches Evelyn…

Also Pepper is being touched.

The Angel’s goes to Southern Illinois.

Heal Baton Rouge and stop the flooding.

Send the Angel of the Lord to Africa, England, and Asia you hand is not short and you cannot fail. All thing are possible.

331, 74. 1968, 1974, 1975, 1985 God gets your attention and blesses you.

I see a brain tumor, or a mole sized something on the brain to cause lightheadedness. No you will not have a stroke.

I see Memphis and Atlanta send the Angels.

We ask for mercy. Yea, I shall do that in the next 24 hours.

We pray for the city of Milwaukee.

Spirit of autism is being healed…….

July 31, 2016


Outside of each one house I see an ear and a shadow of someone listening outside a door. Outside of the door on the step there is a first floor and second level. In the spiritual atmosphere the Lord is listening outside the door to hear non verbal communication but the voice of your heart that yearns for that which you have for Him.

See the #3 on door 103 or 301. Its dark outside and she sees listening ears. Ears means two things:

(1) Someone you have spoken to about an desire that you have

(2) Someone is literally listening outside your door, the spiritual ear in the atmosphere hearing the desire of your heart. Listening to the unction and the yearn of your voice.

See a railing and the ear of the Lord is listening. Be sure what you speak or think about.

The address with 103 and the #3 is dominant.

The Lord say listen carefully because every word is spoken is immediate Word and things will happen right away!

God says listen and listen carefully because he is the God that can not lie and does not lie. God is mighty! He is amazing Grace! Lord over all things. God eyes are everywhere. The ears of the Lord are listening in the atmosphere.

It is a necessity around these address 301 103.

The “L”named person in the house needs are being met immediately all around the address. God is coming quickly because there is an urgency to resolve conflict. Coming through paperwork, through response from phone calls or, text. There is an immediately release.

Lift your hands and shout “RELEASE!” Chains are falling from your waist. The chains represent an hinders that which would prevent you from going forward to what you need to do being finance, person in your way, transportation. Whatever shackles your hands, you are unshackled. And take two steps forward the Lord says “I will unshackle your feet. Now I will give you direction shall be complete I will give you direction even though you don’t understand. I giving you direction the Lord is saying “Don’t ask questions just be prepared to step be prepared to move. Preparation is everything. Lords say be prepared because I have prepared a way for you, I’ve prepared a door

Say “The Lord is moving for me right Now!”

Car struck – God is bringing a miracle into your house. Check your brakes.

Say “The Lord says that he is bringing me out!

God says “Listen carefully!” for yet even the smallest things I shall bring to pass and the signs that I reveal to you will be a signal for you to watch for. Say “I am going to watch for it! I will watch for it!”

#3 – the Angel of the Lord stands outside the house. God is eliminating the debt to bring relief. God says he is rewarding the loyalty of his people. There is a reward around the #30

As the Angel of the Lord is standing he is blowing the trumpet into the universe and he is breaking up the darkness. He breaks up conflict, its okay that you don’t see the way. God has made a way. Say “Its okay I don’t see the way. God has made the way for me!”

God is bringing the light into a dark place.

Pillar outside the house – God is hanging around your house. He is sending an Angel. God is holding up what would fall will not fall, what would be lost will not be lost you will not lose anything, not peace, not joy, not finance, not your car, not your salvation. God is sending a supernatural wind that will blow pass the pillar. To resolve conflict and brings resolution into conflict.

Healing from with ulcer.

Healing from anxiety attacks. No Fear! No Fear! No Fear! There is deliverance from anxiety attack. Can’t catch your breath some time. God is healing in your bosom and infections.

Second level – breaking of some kind or force entry. Its time to go. Someone is watching you. Be careful to what you say and what you confess. Because the Lord is listening you will have whatsoever you say, be careful to what you agree to.

Red ball – God is lifting questions you have off your shoulders. All burdens are lifted off your shoulders and He is carrying it for you. God is blessing Alex.

Red pin cushion – Angel of the Lord is bringing you into a higher realm of faith, courage and trusting Him. There is a sewing basket with thread in it is a sign from the God that He was standing next to you when you had a discussion about employment and moving. God say don’t worry about it He has it under complete and in control.

Piercing of the nose – in line and waiting and anticipating a miracle. Splash, splash, stepping into a supernatural miracle.

Shadows - is a sign - the Lord is there listen to you and He knows what you have need of.

God has brought you out of a dark place. Say, "God has brought me out of a dark place!"

If you are in the middle of a conflict in a store . I see a robbery - God is stopping it "there is a 5" in the address and if you smell or see seafood turn and go another way.

If you go into someone hallway and smell fish around them that is the hater. Just know that the Lord is at your side.

Fish people who is born in the month of February and March (Pisces) reconciliation from emotions, anxiety, sleepless night and stress. God is say to you I have come that you may experience liberty. The next five days will best days of your life. He lifts the spirit of infirmity.

God is healing around the “W” place - Washington, Waukegan.

He is healing around the National Guard and everyone that wears a uniform.

The “K” person will receive a miracle concerning a conversation that you had.

Smell water- God is speaking to you and know that every Word that is spoken shall be done in your life said the Lord.

See a water hose and smell water leaking in you house you need to move or if it leaking in your car will get another car/truck. God is concern about all things you!

Table cloths on a table in a restaurant – there is old food served there, if the table clothes are not white just leave...

July 23, 2016


  All morning I’ve been seeing a crowd of people. I looked in the faces of the crowd and saw many of you. One by one you were walking up to what looked like a judge’s bench in a courtroom. As the name was being called each person went before the Judge there was so many people they could not be counted. There was more than one reason to be in the streets. There was a food shortage, there was an unknown airborne bacteria, locust. It seems like the bacteria will cause the food to be destroyed. I see a volcanic eruption where the shortage will be. Lord allow the plague to be stopped before the total destruction.

I also see another airborne virus that cause the chest to hurt. As you read this inhale and cause the chest to be healed.

There is also a crown of people in the street they cannot go home for some reason. I see large sink holes and people can’t go home.

I see the judge again opening up the place, the judges has to do with reaping harvesting and reward. Each person’s name. I see the face with a noise piercing standing at the judges bench, I heard the name Charles, Charlotte, Benjamin, and Benita .

I see the numbers 49, and 46 in a SS number. I shall bring you away that you know not. You will have to do is make certain but you must hold on to God’s unchanging hand.

I see peace a white dove, and someone else had on boots. It is going to be a harvest. It is time for it. It will not be able to be rebuked. It is the will of God that you answer for those things you have done. They are praying the will but don’t have the “force of God.” So, when you walk by people you don’t have the strength to speak to them, the force shall expose the enemy!

You are riding in the Arc, your house shall be covered.

I see the harvest clearly….

I see a land that is yours,

I see sparkles all around, nothing will stop this blessing.

I see a house with a picture of grass on the wall it is shaded. I see the angel of God standing, You blessing shall not be denied.
I see 1,1 side by side.

I see a house with two complications. I see a person with teeth problems. It is a sign that, " I God was standing with you." The harvest is right. Just turn in a different direction. It is unusual and different. The person bringing the blessing has a accent.

Internal bleeding is stopping.

God will give you pay for the things you’ve done. Your harvest is coming (based on what you've sown)!!

I see a child ..............

July 17, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis:


God is going to create a solution for your problems, the solution could from the dust. It will be birthed from within…the former shall produce fruit which shall multiply itself.


The hidden things shall be open by way of revelation, for the Lord shall reveal when the revelation happens scales shall fall from your eyes and you shall See…legend you look the earth shall burst open … produce what has become matured.


The Hand of the Lord shall move the hand of favor, I see a corner office …….


The blessed life awaits you like a man, alviing breathing spirit, who does look at you face to face and eye to eye………


The numbers 47 are connected and 74.


The blessing initiated by favor shall be delivered to you behind enemy lines Delivered behind enemy lithe immediate blessings reaches you beyond your sickness, conflict won’t stop the Force God provides, trouble of mind and heart cannot slow the rapid Pace of increase for God knows you’ve been waiting as a God steward.


I HEAR AS IF THE AIR IS BREATHING ….IAM UNSTOPPABLE!!!! Perhaps you had better say its well. God is unstoppable He Your Redeemer with His Right Hand Shall Redistribute the Wealth of the Wicked as an Earthquakes Heals the Wicked, as tan earthquakes moves the earth. God your Deliverer presents Himself to you in Favor and Divine appointment. Look for blue and white colors as a sign. This Message Is For He that Hath And Ear and He that Has a Heart Prepared.


I see there is land that is kept by a giants, and it is yours……Houses, clothes furniture. You shall glean from fields ripe for Harvest enough such is required for your house.


A person not normally around the unusual provides you substance …..4’clock …… supernatural for high energy…Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


349……..the number is relevant


The confusion is over… many people have been involved to cause conflict. The unpredictable person is being removed in that they will no longer take away what you sacrificed for ……


You having eye problems …..The number 7 and multiple of 7 will become a song of direction. In your hand now is a script of change and direction …your season has arrived….


Nothing shall be withheld from you this week so be careful to speak wisely….


God sends an advocate an Angel His Name is Unstoppable.


I See fields of fruit necessary mandated by need…I See children needing food being fed.


He who hears, I See you moving up in levels….Riding on an elevator to work layer by layer God increases….Promotion, their heart has been changed ask on the 20th of July.


The J and B named person write the letter, Time for Change Has Come.


Answers you haven’t uttered are answered in the morning. However, you must write the Vision Plainly that it may Run you have until midnight tonight….


I see pink, I see beige to you, No it is not too late to pursue, actually you are right on time….


July 10, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis:


God sent me here because he had a life changing Word for my life today.


As I was walking down the stairs I saw the presence of the Lord go before me, He said tell them they are walking into a changed environment. You will not see it with the natural eye. He will give Warriors that will rewrite the script.


I see a server in a Restaurant. I see the Lord is sending someone to you. Every day of the week creatively God sends an uncommon blessing to you. This comes from an unusual source. God is about to make you transition into complete change. Like a caterpillar changes to a butterfly.


I degree that your salary double even triple if you are a server.


I see someone’s mother being touched because she needs healing. Around the house with raccoon God has just wipes out or erased your debt. I will pay off the debt were the raccoon is nibbling.


There is noise over your head. What is it?


I hear the name Atwater it is on a type of a contract. There is a door opening for you.


Also the name Miriam. There is some struggling going on in the emotions. This needs to be healed and delivered. God gives Miriam miracles. You won’t lose nothing. His name is Jesus.


God erases the baby’s symptoms.


On Wednesday, you will talk to Anthony he will have the right answer.


The O and the A named person god keeps you out of jail. There is a spirit of anger around him that comes from childhood. God needs to touch him in his mind. He has a spirit of running. God stabilizes Anthony.


There is a key on Clark.


This week is a week of uncommon blessing, meeting and opportunities.


I heard the word Lodge. Who has a lodge connection?


114 D another plate with a J and a V you are being touched. Charlotte is being touched. There is a miracle and a door around this person.


Someone taking a bus to a different state. God gives you opportunity. God allows you to avoid an accident.


There will be a 1,1 on the bus. Also, God puts the fire out. Don’t talk too much on the bus.

 July 3, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis:


Expect an unexpected miracle on today. There is something different going on.


On 7am, Monday and 7pm Monday I am coming to supply you On Monday.


This is the month of false gods. This is when they children built the golden calf. The children didn’t trust that Moses would return. They were only 6 hours away from the promise land.


What caused them to doubt was they allowed the strangers (Egyptians) to hang out. They whispered in the ear of the Chosen and the Chosen compromised. Who are you hanging with? Don’t let that person whisper in your ear not one more time!


There’s a new normal on my horizon. You are the direction. You are the Chosen.


There is a vision of Jacobs’s ladder with the Angel ascending and descending. I see the number 4 and 0 on the doors.


I see the number 9 in an address, The Angel of the Lord is passing through the door. He came with all power in his hand. I see the Lord God coming through the door with healing in his hand.


If the 9th number in your social there’s miracle of finance for you.


There is a plaque in the midst of God, the Shekinah Glory. I see healing in the stomach, a blood condition in the stomach.


I see cows with sores. They will be detected. Cows dying unusual mysterious deaths. God exposes the contaminated livestock before it is consumed.


There are atmospheric things happening. There is a plagued of insects coming in the next few weeks, but on today God gives the balm of Gilead. Smear this anointing on you.


I see China the Orient. I see pestilence, but God preserves out house.


Blessings for the Eldest child. They shall receive a supernatural portion from the Lord. You have been tormented and had sleeplessness. God releases a blessing with the number 4 on it. You are tormented more because of your position more responsibility, there is also a breathing issue that is a sign that you will no longer need the inhaler. I see swelling that will go down. I see you. God will deliver his people, and keep his promises regarding you.


I see the person named Rebekah is being healed.


Reuben is being touched around his belly. God ties a band around his back in the middle. I see, God heard you. You thought the promise was dead but it is not.


I see paperwork on a table, or in a drawer. God resolves it for you. Don’t doubt your deliverance is just 6 hours away. Don’t leave before you get it.


I see a 1 and a 7, the 17 is a birthday, address or phone number


Birthday I shall do anew thing in your body. I just rerouted your organs. If your address I just wiped out all you owe,


On the 17th at the 9th hour, I shall come to you and give you a dream, that whisper will be a solution to a situation. That God has already worked it out. 127 is where……….


God touches the back, and He also touches the shoulder.


The Lord is here with the Balm of Gilead with the solution.


I see the hand of God touching eyes. He is removing the scaled from the eyes. He is pouring oil from the crown of the head, and He also eliminates migraines.


God also touches the thyroid situation.


Don’t worry about the irregular heartbeat he heals it. God takes the left handed situation and makes the right hand and make the negative a positive. I see a pair of white gym shoes in the closet. I am speaking to your situation. You will receive a phone call that will eliminate all the problems. Give no thought for the morrow.

June 19, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis:


6/20 Monday I see rain falling it is golden rain. Increase from another level, on the 27th floor I see things being signed doors of provision are falling. Other will take the reign or charge to take care of your affairs. This will make your life comfortable.


On 6/21 Tuesday I see someone born in the month of April you interact with that April born person. They shall be a key.


On 6/22 a July born person will come in and be an advocate. I see someone with a 1 and a 7 in the license plate number. You won’t have to apply God will give it to you.


6/24 on Thursday I heard the name Leonard or Leo. I see SS numbers the 5th number is 2 or 8. God is erasing the history around you. This word is a reward for you. He is erasing the memory of something. God is wiping out numbers connected to your name. The slate is clean. It is being untangled and untied. Those with the number 2 as the 5th number. I hear repeat. I see you had to reapply. It is being erased and God is handling that. Reproduce. God is saying he is rewarding you for your expectation. This is a sign of another door that is already opened. I see the letter M and the number 5. There are flowers in the attic. “I, the Lord God, will cause things with dust on them to blossom.”


I see an unusual bush low to the ground with an amazing fragrance. It has a creamy fragrant substance. What you think is budding is reproducing what you need immediately. God is producing a different atmosphere, so what you produce will be more than you expected. You may be seated in one place but you’re also seated in heavenly places.


God said, expect an unscheduled miracle. I have already opened the door.


If you have 7 as the 7th number in your Social security. The whole week it is in your touch whatever you touch to possess I will give it to you. You have 5 days to touch something.


6/24 Friday is extremely special. Someone named Mae. I see God touching her body and God is giving increase Circulation to her toes and fingers. May 24th God is covering someone born on this day. You shall also walk into a miracle. God says he will open a door you can walk through.


6/25 Saturday someone born at 5 o’clock. I see on the 11th of July. I see mail coming to you. What was no is going to be yes. God will forever provide for you.


I see a person named Smith. I see a door has a different language on the door.


The oil in my box cost me so much, but you can’t buy it. “Remember the alabaster oil.” There is pain and suffering in your box.


6/26 Sunday I would have come from rags to riches.


I see a fragrance coming down into the palms of your hands. One cloud is streaming. God said, “He is putting his touch into your hands.” He will put mystical things in your hand. Your house shall have an encounter with him on today. God said, “It’s in my touch.”



June 12, 2016



He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A. E. Lewis-Pierce:


Respiratory conditions the consuming fire of God's anointing removes and heals!!


Breathing shall regulate itself.


The anointing of peace walks into your house. It leads and guides you. The lion shall sleep with the lamb.


Shackles are broken and raptured out.


Sickle cell shall be raptured out.


The lion shall sleep with the lamb


Those that have seizures you shall sleep with balance.


The lion shall sleep with the lamb.


Peace no more mental illness.


Blood cells that fight each other shall cease.


Joints that need a cushion between the bones shall cease to rub, the body shall remember perfection.


Grace brings mercy to the situations you are guilty, god forgives that debt!!


The T named person that just got out of Jail, adequate housing and employment.


The gates swing open and releases those incarcerated........


June 5, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis- Pierce:


God’s working things out.


God covers West London region specifically Hammersmith.


I see Wormwood Street being blocked off. I see fields


God removes the infection in the chest.


Wormwood derivatives will be exposed it is being added to marijuana. There is a spirit of death around the brown paper used to roll this drug. Beware!


Washington, Oregon and Boston epidemic will be cancelled out. God exposes the threats regarding this area. I saw worms in the water that is purchased. God will expose the bottled water that is contaminated.


“I am standing near a stream, I can smell the water. The water will not be made poison.


I see swollen feet, watch God reduce the swelling as you watch. It is not caused by salt. God eliminates the infection in the body. The God of heaven and earth is healing so it won’t return.


I see Streamwood


God stirs the pot so that those thing that shouldn’t be there can rise to top.


It is going to happen, it is happening now. Today will be different.



May 22, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis- Pierce:


I saw orange, and then I saw carrots. I see elevation no compromise. Hold on to the horns of the altar.


Those that ate the carrots will receive a communication to receive a substantial blessing. There is a release coming from the SW named person in the next 48 hours.


We are not here to receive the same thing there must be an emptying out and a redepositing. Don’t stumble and fall. God lifts clumsiness. Beware of the person with 2 earrings in their ears.


God adds years to the life of the person wearing orange, also let the Lord bless you don’t be anxious. Remember to take yourself out of the equation.


When God speaks check your understanding. Do not try to reason. It is perfect in heavenly places. You were made perfect in His image.


Those born in 1979 you are about to be reestablished.


May 15, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis- Pierce:


I see clear stones, even a necklace with clear stones. This is a sign He was standing in the house and heard the conversation about the property. God is releasing property. God has answered a question you asked him.


What if today God opens up an extraordinary opportunity, who would be prepared to get it? This moment. We don’t want to place Him in a common box, and He is not pleased we take Him for granted……….get ready It is the Day!! We are to seize it with an anointing of oil. You are rewarded for honoring His presence, He is changing the time. He is causing a time change the paperwork will be right on time. God will give you on time exactly what is required.


Monday 16th – Friday 20th you will be the priority everything you apply for you will get. I have the working hands of God and whatever I touch on this week shall work.


I hear the name Millie, Mildred and Milford. God is talking about you. I will go into your past and redeem those things that was lost. It is not going to be lost. I see a symbol of life around her neck. There is an opportunity around Mildred. Because we are taking him out of a common place we are getting an uncommon blessing.


Carmen an uncommon blessing is coming. God gives you another house without struggle.


God drained the water retained in the body.


Crystal is being healed in her lungs.


Ruby is being touched in her back


God heal premature arthritis. God heals the hands.


Go heals a spirit of doubt.


God preserves the life on Diamond


God touches Jewels house, text her and tell her things are coming up on Thursday. God reverses house situations.


I see miracles in the green house. God blesses the green house. I see the toilet is not working.

Receive the gift of the green house.


God is moving quickly.


I see paperwork in the spirit and the signing releases extraordinary funds.

God gives you what to speak, for those that received the oil anointing in service on today. Put the oil on your mouth. So, you won’t say the wrong thing to the right person.


The eyes of God is hovering over the house.


I see a red house, the eyes of God are watching over you.


Someone needs an ottoman wash the family Lord……Wash all over them.


I see water on the knees. God does it.


Seize the Moment! Walk in a new dimension. The air is different in this dimension.


May 8, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis- Pierce:

Lord keep me rooted in your Word and allow my roots to reach deeply into the earth. So, I only respond to the Word.

I see several baby beds and the latches are broken and the baby’s leg getting caught. I see a baby’s neck getting caught as well. Check on the day and the night shift. Check the latches so the children’s life won’t be lost…..daycares, hospital children ward, etc..

Also beware of the strings on the blinds, tie up the blind or remove it out of reach.

Beware of the big back TV get rid of the TV, the baby could pull it off the stand or dresser……..get rid of it. I see this in Nebraska and in the west as well….even around Nevada.


I see place where there is cherry blossoms. I warring angels around this place. I see a tree with red flowers possibly Washington. The Lord is saying the number 33 shall lead this place. This is proof that you are in the plan of God. There is paperwork that needs to be signed. God is working it out for the house. The Lord is also reversing adding and subtracting. God is removing debt.


I see God watering the seeds that have been sown for 33. There is a new seed being sewn that there may be increase God waters the 33!! God lets the mist come up from the earth the way it did in Eden.


Those with 33 God takes your name out of debt. Blessings come through this number.

I saw God role out a red carpet from here out. That represents that everyone present at RIOM is front and center. God makes us great because of your obedience to him.


I see a door open so wide the only way you can be denied access is if you are rebellious.

God give favor to George.


There will be no conflict or emotional breakdown for Gerald.


Anxiety and stress lifted for Andrew and Andy, also be careful there could be another child on his way.


The person with the Mo or Moe name you are scheduled for greatness.


Those that ate an apple that is a sign the Angel of the Lord was standing next to you. On Tuesday, there will be a manifestation. Also don’t let someone whisper in your ear and negate your manifestation. Decree, “I am standing in mother earth and every word I speak is a seed. I am in a matrix.”


May 1, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis- Pierce.

In spite of what it looks like you win!!

I see a line people stepping into Monday. I heard Monday say I have manner daily for this week. Those present shall witness a special opportunity by 5pm. There is a Monday sign that will let you know that there is a harvest on Tuesday as well. The Monday sign is a “red light.” Another sign is: a conversation about needing dental work done. This is a sign that God is speaking to you.

Today is not the sign the Lord is speaking to you.

The Tuesday sign is seeing insurance papers, they will present themselves to you. There is a seal or a stamp on these papers. You won’t have to look. It has saturated my feet, God glory has saturated my feet. Let the flood be a sign.

I hear Wednesday whispering, I will bring something that has been hidden for a while to those hear today. Wednesday does speak to me. Today is not the same.

Thursday the 5th has a special gift, said the Lord. An inordinate amount of manner falls. That which you least expect, expect it. Manna falls not 5 0r 10 dollars or even$1000.oo falls like an abundance of rain. It shall continue to fall until the 9th of the month be expecting this divine abundance to fall. A gift for you provided by God’s divine hand. Pull down the favor of the Lord. Live on a spiritual plateau of abundance.

I see the name Ivan God touches his mind. God lifts the burden. There is concerns regarding a backs situation

The Dorsey family be not weary about the property. Also, I see a Mom that would be in the bed with a breathing problem.

God lifts the burden off the chest of the mother.

God lifts the anxiousness off of Doris.

The person with the Nissan car. The breaks are squeaking, is a sign that God gives you another car. Come receive keys.

Mel needs to make some changes.

Whatever is spoken today expect it tonight.

Canal street connection God preserves on the second floor.

The person with the March birthday. There is divine provisions.

I see yellow flowers in the center of someone tables. I see a blessing around the flowers. I see a cure. God sends a cure. Favor and opportunity. The hand of God is moving today. God says he will move today.

Maxwell, Maxie God touches

Someone bumped there feet. God gives strength and emotional support.

April 17, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis- Pierce:
The person with the toothache: wisdom tooth or a molar is a sign that you are being lifted from emotional stress. Do not allow yourself to be effected by your emotions. A sibling / parent connection. Don’t carry the burden.
Choose your battles and stop fighting everyone.
Don’t let stress make you have respiratory problems. Shake it off.
Every one hear today God does a quick work in destroying the yoke……..
The person that ran out of milk, god was in your house and he heard you.
The L named person the burden is taken off. God said, I come as lightening. There is a spirit of infirmary trying to come into the house. The yolk is broken.
I come that the change may be quick.
By 8:00pm the burden is lifted.
Looking out of a window of a home. The home has a 6 in the address. The person is saying change things. The Lord is changing your point of view. He is changing how you see yourself and how you see Him. The Lord is snatching the bills. There is a radiator in front of a window.
I see a child that was born with teeth, flowers in this house gifts. The child will not suffer the genetic fate but God steps in and redirects destiny. We rebuke a spirit of murder.

The hand of God is touching someone named Chauncey and Chance.

I’m walking into a collection of Dolls. I see a leap in the ceiling, and I see a bathroom that has a problem. There is a healing wind blowing in the house with dolls.The next time you use weed, you will come down with something. There are putting in synthetics.
Also someone is watching your house, and if you don’t stop the police will kick open the door.
There is a shortness of breath, and a opening of the Lung and breathing.
God touches Mia and her parent.
God touches the back situation.

April 10, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E Lewis-Pierce:

There is a need for mental stability for more than one family. Let the umbrella of peace comfort you.

God touches William, Jay, Jerrod, and Jackson.

Beware of the spirit of suicide.

There is a spirit of heaviness on houses. God sends a Warring angel to lift the spirit of murder. God puts a hedge around the house and occupants.

The house that has the number 4 in it and a spirit of murder. Do not go back to that corner location.

We lift up the Johnson family.

I see someone that lives upstairs …….God cancels out the assignment of murder.

Someone that is connected to 2, 2 burden being lifted.

Beware, there is poison is the marijuana and heroin.

I see mothers who have crossed over. It is like a comforting. This means a spirit of compassion.

I shall release to you what is rightfully yours.

Today God rewards his people.

In the next 21 days you go from rags to riches.

I see the name Shelly she is concerned.

Mimi is fighting emotional distress, God touches her mental stability. God gives her peace, and lift emotional distress.

God touches the digestive system and stomach problems.

Jerrod is being touched and healed

God touches Jack in his chest.

1.15.1990 there is a transition for the person born on this 

1879 …………

Paul and Paulette are being touched in their lower thighs and a stomach situation.

MUG connected to charts and paperwork. 
There is healing for Shelia.

There is a cancellation in the atmosphere right now.

1979 for the person born in this year, there is a spirit of fear. Today, God hears you and has already done it. It changes!!

Those that ate mashed potatoes on this week. God sat at the table with you and heard your concerns. God knows your needs.


April 3, 2016



He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E Lewis:


This is the month God removes medication and the body learns how to heal itself. This is the month of natural healings for the next 30days. There will be a purging as well.


Don’t let people distract you from your healing. Not even the doctors.


He will not only heal you from medication, but the medication will be taken off the market.


A medicine that starts with "SHO" will be taken off the market. 
Also a steroid that someone is taken will be taken off the market……due to side effects.


There is a medicine that pumps salt into your system, It is like blood is being dried up. it will be exposed......


There will be a method of natural healing that God will make available to you.


Drink plenty of water.


No side effects will come nigh R.I.O.M.’s dwelling.


There is someone born the 24th of January that is taking steroids, the healer steps into your life.


5776 of the Jewish calendar will be significant, looks for this in your paperwork.


I hear the name Jermaine, and Germaine I see this person healing for the house and the emotions. There is also migraines, and upper respiratory infection. God touches you and brings forth deliverance. 

12.13.1976 this year day and month or the 12th month…….


The Fleming family in this transition the mercy of God covers the house. The family is being embraced. God is a hedge around the brother. I see a 3 flat building, I hear noise, I see the police the mercy of God will be encamped round about that house … no murder or shooting. Put the guns downs no bloodbath on Division. The blood of Jesus!!

March 27, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E Lewis-Pierce.


God touches a heaviness in the chest. I feel a breathing complication. I see an S named person as well. I see a force it’s as if the entity of glory in this place. The hand of God is breaking up. The buildup and it will not happen again.


There has been a struggle in the spirit over all of our lives release. Each person present today incense of God anointing is spread throughout this place. The cloud of God is going up into the atmosphere. What has been held up by the enemy has been released. There has been a season, and it is a release.


There are 3 angels in this place and they have come to give answers. One has come to release the Rain the former and the latter rain. The blessing will be released in Jesus’ name.


There is a release going back 5 years for those that are standing here today.


I heard the word Passover, the Lord is preserving the eldest child. There has been an attack on the eldest child. God covers and protects the eldest child. The eldest child is being preserved. God gives an extra portion of grace.


God touches, Joseph and Paul there are touched and preserved. God lifts that heaviness. God goes into Paul’s back and massages it no further damages.


If the eldest child has a blood condition the Holy Spirit touches you. There is a blood washing.


Blood washing and resurrection in the blood stream it is being purged, cleansed, made perfect, “I know it was the blood.”


Be anxious for nothing.


Emanuel’s house the stomach situation, liver, organs, around his house.


God touches the upper body around Charles he will get a kidney.


Paschal God puts a hedge around the family.


I see houses not just………..


Many legs … a door of healing opens for Manny.


Someone who has been waiting for something in terms of healing will get it.


Someone with a broken window you are the one. That will intercede for the family.


There is an area with cookie cutter houses, keep your shades closed. Someone is watching.

The Angel of God is releasing an abundance.


March 13, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E Lewis-Pierce:

I see someone that had a sixth digit removed. That sixth digit is a sign that God is rewriting the pathway is being changed. God is giving you that creative desire. It appears the person is a sixth digit.


There is change in the calendar date. There is something that is supposed to come through on the 15th. The date is being switched in your favor. As if the dates are being switched all over the calendar in order to be in your favor. This number 157 is relevant. The 15th of the month in these year: 1974, 1975, 1979. Things are being switched. In the next 30 hours the answer you required is coming forward.


In the next 63 hours you can move for the person born in 1979. You should pack your bags and be ready to go.


Anyone that has an AR in your name prepare gird your loins for the next 63 hours.


I see the number 2. There are 2 locations. There is paperwork around the Gray Family.


I see millionaire status around the members of Revelation Ministry.


A financial change has come …… 51 hours.


Times and dates have changed. My needs and my demands have changed.


New foundations have been laid.


The angel of peace is walking around Kenwood. The school, street, and the family. Beware of the food that is served of the food at that school. Don’t eat the fish or mashed potatoes.


Miracles around mountain …. I see paperwork being rewritten, a position being created for you.


Everyone that will whisper and say different things. Washington will remember you.


Canned fish do not eat: salmon, sardines, mackerel. There is a bacteria in the fish. Check the dates and don’t eat it. If there is a 15 on the can don’t eat it.


Everyone here today is a mountain and all around their hill is blessed.


Be careful around route 117, or 117th street.


God heals a pinched nerve in the neck and the back.

March 6, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E Lewis-Pierce:

I perceive in the spirit the cycle is being broken, all about you hills the cycle is being broken. Get in concert with Jesus.


The hand of God rebukes toxic conditions in our bodies.


I saw in someone’s body an ulcer that causes you not to be able to keep food down.


God also touches healing into the liver, and the spleen.


The hand of God is healing the back.


The hand of God also touches the neck.


Lord uncover every hidden thing around me.

Something is hidden you’ve been looking for it. It, the hidden papers are in a shoe box. It is in the gym shoe shoebox in the closet.


I hear conversations being whispered.


God is going to uncover conversations around 80th and 90th street. A conversation about a car.


Also a car was stolen, its locks have been tampered with it.


I see boils being cut and healed by God. I feel bumps and lumps that come and go even blister.


God touches the bloodstream. The hand of God squeezes out the infection sand heals.


7001 these numbers will be significant for you.


Take your keys back


The Lord touches Chuck and Chuckie in his body.


God touches Jessie.


Someone born in 1958 and 1985 the Lord goes into the desire of your heart and resolves conflict.


God turnaround situations that would have our address on it In Jesus’ name.

I see a navel that has something in it. God heal the bulging navel. It is a signs that God has heard the cry of deliverance for the households. 

God cause the tears to stop.

God is taking the left hand situation and switching it.

God causes a subsidy to be written for you as a way out. I see 10k, 15k and larger denominations of money.
February 28, 2016


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E Lewis-Pierce:


Montra: I have come to experience change not on a normal level but on an abnormal level!!


I see in the spirit an open field animal were grazing in a field. It looks like there is poison in the grass. I see Wyoming do not eat the greens. Beware of the green vegetables. There is poison in the land. There is a door open for you.


Let God stop you from making a mistake. Our lives are changing. God is directing you from a genetic place to an inherited place…..


I see God moving quickly, and what the enemy has for you will not catch you sleeping.


I see a vacant lot out the window, and the person by the vacant lot. I see whatever happened in the house that cause the conflict is being changed.


I’m still looking at the vacant lot. I see someone cursing and saying negative things. 

The vacant place is relevant to house, moving and transition it is your decision. Don’t step into the muddy place. God is watching and purging your heart. God makes the decision for you.


Do not hang around the vacant lot. People are riding around with guns under the car seat. Beware of the D named person. D needs to make some changes.


I see the 78 in the SS number, credit is being cleared and also 47.


Those with 47 in the SS number. The next piece of paperwork you put 47 on it will go thru.


Those on 47th street


God touches Chester

God puts a hedge around Willie.


God brings healing to the Wilson Family. God resolves conflict in this family,


Someone who had nosebleeds as a child. Emotional bondage deliverance.


Migraines are being deliverance.


The challenge of your faith 3pm Tuesday and 3:30 on Thursday.


The mental situation that Allen has is being resolved and also his chemical imbalance.

February 21, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the
power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. A E Pierce

The lord said to tell us he is granting access on this week for what has been applied for on last week in terms of finances.

I see thyroid problems, and I saw bleeding. God is healing with minimum keloiding. No need for additional surgeries.

I see throat infection and spotting in the lungs bloody spittle. God is resolving organ conflict in the body. They are going to discover some problems in medicine for people that take dialysis. The medicine has been recalled. Grant Hospital medicines may not current or updated.

Doxycycline is used to fight bacteria in the body. If you are taking this medication you need to call the doctor. This is used to fight off infection. There is a coughing spell. God heals the throat and the dripping in the back of the throat.

I see mold in the baseboard and the walls. Check the house mold is causing respiratory issues.

God touches Justin.

I see the liver, and I also see kidneys, and upper body infection. I see excessive amounts of mucous. God touches the lion area…….

I see blood in the elimination from straining. The Healer is drying the body.

God touches Jerome in his emotions. He is connected to a house with 112 in it. Jerome’s parents’ house is touched. Healing for Jerome’s dad as well.

I am standing at the door of Margaret, Mary and Margie. There were complications. The medications are being given inappropriately.

The 21 days are up, your blessings are loosed!!
The quality of Margaret’s life is being preserved.


February 14, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the
power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. A E Pierce......

God said prepare for the rain. I hear an abundance of rain. Wealth is being distributed around this place.

Mary, Joshua, Allison God is preserving these houses.

I see the house that has a basement on the front. The hand of God is touching the house.

Melody’s stomach is being healed.

I see the lightening striking I also see the number 11 and also a child born in the month of November. I see houses with pointed roof tops. I see tragedy avoided in this house. The lightening means: walking in his purpose. It has to do with the family, removing hindering spirits. God is removing the strongholds.

I see a satellite that is being sent to outer space it has mechanical difficulties. This will be detected. God preserves lives. It will fall into the water…

1124 written on a plane as a flight number. God is a hedge around that plane. Gate 24 as well.

I see a red brick house.

I see anger in this red brick house it has a spirit of tragedy connected. When the anger breaks out, you should just leave. If you are a caretaker get another job.

There is another level for the LA named person for the November born person.

There is a grandfather that has a breathing problem. Is being touched. Breathing is being regulated.

We ask that God preserves and keeps safe, all the children.

I see God healing a mental imbalance around James.

I see Terry’s house being healed in the house.

There is healing in Florida and California. The lightening is striking in the spirit.

11 is significant,

The November child is in conflict. God said I am delivering you. The lightening is coming….

I heard the name Zachary in the house, there is worry and anxiety around the house regarding a brother that gets drunk and creates a disruption. There is a spirit that disrupts the house. There will be no sudden taken away.

I see stain glass windows.

I see the spirit of forgiveness.


February 7, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the
power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. A E Pierce.....

The angels are being sent to strengthen the mothers.

We speak rapture to the South side, we ask God to rapture out anger. God replaces the toxic thoughts…Rapture out violence and anxiety. Rapture doesn’t ask permission it snatches it out.

In Georgia God brings reconciliation in a family house with 7 and a 3 in the address of this house. Someone that has a stomach situation. God delivers a young and that is incarceration and set him record free. Someone with a prostate person is being healed as well.

Georgia has an ulcer that is bleeding she is being healed.

I also see an opens tore on someone’s leg.

There is an ulcerated stomach of someone that is not able to hold food down.

There is also an organ that is bleeding, a blood clot is being dissolved.

God heals Yvonne is the blood stream. I smell excessive bleeding.

Lord dry up all the bleeding!! There is a smell of fresh blood. God dries it up. It is due to some type of infection.

There is also someone that has a history of ulcers. God is cutting the cord so it is not passed down.

God touches our lives so that our are tomorrows are changed…..

Concerning Mental health, I see that psychological things are happening. I rebuke the spirit of Suicide.

There is a heavy spirit of depression around David and Dada. It is heavy. There may

Everything spoken in the atmosphere has a 24 hour tag on it.

January 31, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.....

The prophet had a dream that looked like it could be an attack around San Francisco and a place that has many bridges. The peace of the earth was interrupted. There was people coming up and down the escalator or bridge.

There is a natural bridge and a spiritual bridge there is dispatching of people. It is a service or dispatch. A convoy of trucks in camouflage. God intercedes.

The prophet also saw a Doris, the name Weathersby, the number 47, and Pops, and I saw the Angels bringing down answers. All of this was on the escalators or bridge.

I see a 21 day release of one blessing a day. It will enhance your strength. It will be like taking a one a day vitamin.

I saw someone eating mashed potatoes. God gives you 3 options.

God changes things around you.

Allen is on the bridge. There is a healing oil poured into Allen. There is change and access.

God is in his holy temple and God is prepared to change you. There is an urgency that won’t wait until tomorrow.


January 24, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.....

Sullivan or a name similar to this this with Autism spirit is in the lineage. God heals a spirit of Autism in this family.

I see the name Austin this person has a bleeding ulcer, God puts a end to the bleeding ulcer.

God touches Audrey and heals her house.

I see someone that has spirit of sleeping. The sleeping away will not happen. God cancels sleeping conditions.

There is blood pressure around this person god is healing.

I see something that happens around this time trying to come back. That spirit is lurking God preserves and protects.

God is adding years to Matt’s life minutes, hours, days, years……

Victoria I see the hand of God pouring into those houses.

God melts blood clots.


January 17, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.....

Praise God Praise God things happen when you’re in the place you are supposed to be!!

Don’t make idol noise unto God, but celebrate him.

You will not get the Affluenza and don’t take the medicine.

The Prophet has a vision, “ I saw eyes when I woke up, the name of the anointing was purpose. There will purpose for everyone here on today in this service. You must be willing to shed your common sense and be led by God. He will give clear signs…….9’s, 1999
If your birthday has a 9 in it the lord is peeling back a seal of some kind. It may be a seal of education. There is a stamp and a seal of education. Also someone who had to correct the date of their birthday. God is concerned about all things concerning you. There is a door opening for you.

Don’t let your voice echo the wrong thing. It is decreed, “That you will have a place to move before 5pm.”
God gives the fountain of youth, healing the joints, and those things that was taken God brings increase for what the devil meant for evil.

There are 9 people have been on a detour because you have too much sense.

Those with the 9 in the social or address:
The people with the rear door and a screen an opportunity coming for a type of a payoff. Someone coming to pay your rent for you. Everything that was owed you will get it double. God uncovers it, so you will get it. God reveals the person and the person give you what you deserve. It is free.

2016 is your reward season. Purge out your life and your concepts. The new is connected to a mystical God.


January 10, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.....

I see a spirit of depression, those that have a peace of mind should thank God.

Many are struggling with peace of Mind and sought other actions. There was conflict and depression. This person was near water. I see a water named street name, and gushing water. There is meeting around the water street. I see a legal document in someone possession.

God gives agreement in the paperwork. I see a legal document.

God brings deliverance around flooding, and insurance situations.

God gives reconciliation around the flooding …God moves you for free.

There is some stuff in the wall. God covers against the mold in the wall.

There is deliverance, for the person with the mold in the walls.

God says around the L named person there will have reconciliation and restoration.

God cancels the person going to a mental institution.

Agree with divine intervention and increase.

God is saying In this season you will need to break habits that has detoured your route. You have been detoured by your emotions and habits. Now in this season of your life there will be a turnaround in 20 days.

I see the number 4144 this will be relevant if not today but on the morrow.
In order to prosper you will have to turn off the instinct. I am provoking you to trust me.

There is a multimillion dollar in my belly. God will cause you to deliver that child. Step into a place and let God cause the increase.

There is a wind blowing that will take you off the road you’ve been on. God takes you off the detour.

God touches Kelly in her stomach and back.

God covers from a tornados and wind destruction.

I go to Mississippi and God covers in that city, there is preservation of life in this city. God is reaching into the bowels of MS to heal. God heals from stomach ulcers, and preserves from accidents and floods.

God washes away the blood condition.

Relationship with mother is being healed.

I see a property connection but changes need to be made.

I hear in the spirit someone has a heart condition. The healing of God is going to Mississippi.

Someone who had an amputation, no recurrence in the family. There is a miracle and healing in MS.

There is a call coming saying it almost happened.

A diabetic situation will not cause an amputation.

God covers in Maine as well. Heals the person with the swollen legs.

I see the wind in Texas.

The Wind is blowing in this place right now it’s Him (God).

I see mental illness creeping up, it is getting more aggressive.


January 3, 2016

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.....

Decide to run into 2016!! Run in to Win. Tell your neighbor if they think you all are running at the same pace. Tell them we are not. It is a race, be in it to win it. You already won.

God has provided an exit route, or a door. From this day forward, when you come into this ministry it will never be the same. There is a different need in your life requiring a different authority all the time.

I saw someone eating raisin brand seems to have something wrong with their foot. God is healing the bones in the foot.

We are asking the Imani fingers be healed.

God realigns the bones and the muscles in the hand.

I saw someone who had arthritic fingers. God massages the hand now.

I see someone whose name is Anna and Angelic healing.

I see hip and back problems being healed.

The oil of the Lord is falling and making healing deposits into your mind.

God said, “Hold nothing back.” Today is the first day of your new beginning.

The relevance of those connected 8448……..
What is in you is greater than what you ever expected. There is a new order in your life new people and new structure. The number 8 is symbolic of what your house needs and requires.
I see fortune a couple of times this year. The symbol brings greatness, you will be able to see it. Look beyond natural. Don’t miss “beyond natural,” because you lack courage. 8 brings balance 4+4=8 as well.

How many days? 8 days…….

Number 12 judgement is being cancelled in the first month January. Internal conflict is being washed away.

History does not repeat itself in the mother’s family. Or the son of the behavior the father created in him. There is reconciliation to son’s to fathers and daughter’s to father’s.

The number 12awill be associated with you. This ruling increase promotions, advance, supervisory conflict, and a new beginning remember stewardship. Your desires come easy in the next 30 days.


December 27, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.....

My miracle has arrived. Help me not to miss it.

I shall come in an unusual way the same face in an unusual garment. God takes you into a spiritual place where your vision is not hindered. I am greater than what you see.

“Know that you are Chosen and you will not be hindered.”

In 2016, God will treat you the same way he treated Jonah, when you are awakened and you have turned, the whale will spit you out. Jonah made a 3 day journey in one day. God is putting your life in fast forward.

I will add weight and volume to every word you speak. Your words shall walk for those at Revelation Ministry.

Some of you are about to walk into snake pits.

This week will be a door of opportunity. You will meet different folks on the journey. Don’t be afraid to go back to the place that told you no. Don’t be afraid.

I see golden stones falling in here. There is one of seven falling. The number 3:09 is relevant to those that take heed. This 309 is part of a docket number.

I saw someone’s animal a white dog that was sick. It is a sign that God is restoring your house. A problem in the lower parts of the body. I see irregularity.

Also someone that is filled with mucus. The mucus is being purged. Don’t take anything for the next 24hrs. Let the Lord be glorified.

I see hemorrhaging God is stopping the hemorrhaging.

God touches the muscles.

I see varicose vein in someone’s veins.

The second stone is falling at 3:14pm. This number will be relevant.

I see someone that recently had a mole removed. This is a sign that the family is being touched. God is giving you to speak and possess.

Someone who played monopoly over the weekend. I see God turns the play money into real money.

I decree in the next 24hrs God will expose those that tried to cross bred with you. He will expose those that should not breed with you. those interlopers will try and clip your wings. A text in coming with an arrow connected and it will confirm the paperwork you sign will be approved.

That thing you need go apply for it you will have it before the beginning of the year.


December 20, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.....

I saw the essence of Terry Sawyer walk in here, and someone else with the same name. (Terry)

I see the power of preservation for a person with a T name.

God also preserves Theresa’s house. The cloud of a man’s name is over her house. There’s also financial increase and release. The hand is coming to give you a hand.

The Lord covers Imari.

God has released a grant to maintain the house.

Intercessory prayer. God said you are adding to a list that is already complete. Just say amen. Glory to God.

God has opened multiple doors for the A named person. Also every a named person that has crossed over that person essence is presence in the house. They are here so that changes can be made before the end of the weeks end.

I see a Peewee or a P named person. He is explosive. Healing in the house.

Shoulder pain is being healed!

Angie and Angela in her emotions. The Angela with the son. He is going through some things.

Dora and Doris is here. There are some things that was withheld when she made her transition you will get it.

I see someone making hot chocolate and burned the milk. You took the chocolate to heal the house. God said, “He is healing your house and you are going to move according to God’s plan.”

Someone name Michael will open the door and give you keys.

I saw someone’s hand and their fingers. You got your job back.


December 13, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.......

Recognize the anointing of God! You are God’s chosen providentially placed here.

On this week you will have an amazing experience. I see a crown over every one’s head. It hasn’t landed yet. The teaching will enter into your heart that will bring down the crown. Favor from another person’s kingdom. Gleaning from another man’s kingdom. Don’t take it for granted.

Prophetic anointing allows you to see the revelation and also create or decree a thing. This is the mystery of God’s power and anointing.

Season’s change so you don’t know who you’re going to need. Repeat, “the world needs me.”

There is a shift that is part of Revelation. Feel the rain is about to come. The wealth is being redistributed.

Get ready get ready to take your rightful position.

I see 3 doors on today. Every debt is being erased. There is an eraser in the spirit, and it is being eliminated before January 1, 2016.


December 6, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.......

I see internal bleeding as it is being lodged in one area. It will be discovered.

The Lord is drying up the blood, he touches us now.

I see ears bleeding or mucus coming out of the ear.

I see a blood connection for the C named person, drip, drip drip. There could be some clotting. The Lord dries up the bleeding in your body. The angel of the Lord is standing here now.

God dries up the blood and the smell, and removes the clots.

There is also a person with ulcers in their body, the angel of the Lord is standing with you. God seals the healing and cause the hole to be closed.

The oil of his presence is being poured out, and............

I see drainage or mucus in a tube or trach. The Angel of the Lord is standing by the bed and going into the mouth to remove mucus. There is mucus and pus around the tube.

There is a position that this person is always in cause the mucus to form, and we rebuke a spirit of Gangrene.

I see addiction on more than one level and the Lord cancels what could not be done in rehab. The spirit of addiction is cancelled.

I see a child in a handicap position connected or crossed over. The spirit is trying to come back, God is cancelling premature dying of the babies.

I will reveal these things right now, “My name is NOW,” said the Lord.
I am walking up to a house 2, 4 on the door together in the address and a lovely red blanket. God brings reconciliation.
Don’t rehearse Doubt!!!

Don’t argue with others person about what should be and shouldn’t. Tomorrow

I see a deformed foot or toe. God will lead you and direct you. I see a T named person.

I see a sofa by the door. This person is telling someone I don’t agree with you concerning particular things.

God releases those things that have been deliberately withheld.

Tell the dreamer nothing is impossible. Don’t be discouraged because what is seen doesn’t match up. God will fix it beyond your understanding.

What God has prepared for you on tomorrow will surpass any visions that have not even imagined.

My calling is greater than I can imagine!!

174th Street avoid the house with the double stairway with stairs going up and down. Don’t get lured into a place you should go.

The person playing the guitar, There is a miracle or door around this person.

I see a neck that has swelling,

It is time for the tube in the baby’s ear to be removed. The child will have perfect speech.

November 22, 2015


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.......

The lord is saying, “No time to walk, this is time to run.” There is a clock over our head that says you are late. There is a catching up about to happen. There is a hold up, what has been eluding you will catch up. It is over your head.

I see the color purple. It is on the wall. I see the light of God in the room where there is purple. Things are being worked out already. Don’t worry. All is well with the one with the purple in the room. No lack!

There is no delay. If you have never believed God before this is the time.

Keep your back door closed, under no circumstances….neighbors. Someone is faking friendship. Beware of the thief. Beware of addictive behaviors. The signs are facial piercing, and S named person…….

I see someone standing outside a store and establishment, a person wants to become a friend and an associate. There is a white background. It is a club or a restaurant. Beware of the CH named person.

This is the season of Crazy running rampant!!

This is my Season and I cannot be stopped. God has ordained it under no circumstances am I not to be blessed.

There is a blessing around the color floodgates opened, secrets being revealed. It is a sign that God heard the conversation about modifications, loan, grants, and increase. Maximum! Lord maximize my life. My words become flesh.

I am the wealthy place!! When I step into a place the characteristic of the place changes, because I am the wealthy place.

I am taking my inheritance out of the Governors and Tutors.

God heals a shoulder.

God heals Reginald.

Someone whose name is Lucky, God touches you.

I see someone with a monkey on a keychain, I see someone around the monkey image. The power of God is around the person connected to the monkey imagery.

 November 15, 2015


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.......

There is a need for extreme changes in the house.

In the First Fruit portion of the service on today, there was a special ministering you had to be present!


God has mercy on something you did on this week.

God says, “I won’t make you pay for what you were accused of doing. Mercy not justice!”

The person carrying tea in their purse or bag.............

A D named person, don’t go places you don’t usually go.

I see an A named person I see so many things coming up.

Brian …Mercy Lord in your house.

God touches your house, and lift the spirit of fear off you.

Blue …........

The Angel of peace to walk in our Kingdom, and out Kingdom come, thy will be done in my earth…….

I see a mole on someone’s hand. The Lord says, “With the same ease you have shown the mole. I will eliminate the yoke that is around your neck. The countdown starts now. 321 and 123 are connected as well.”

Don’t swat away the Raven when he comes. It shall come to you wait for it. It is wrapped up in creation.


November 8, 2015 

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.......

God is opening blind eyes. You are blinded by your understanding. Do not let your understanding block your entrance to another level in the spirit.

Rain is being withheld for the next 48hrs until the scales can fall from your eyes. The increase is connected to 4 + 8 around April 8th.

There was a huge light coming out of the sky that was a sign of the magnitude going on in your environment. God validates the words spoken by this Prophet.

What you have asked God for has already been dispatched, into your reality. But, not according to your limited understanding.

The person with patch over your eye, this is a sign that God heard your quiet screaming. Holy Spirit sends an answer.

I’m standing in a rainy place and it looks like you contacted the insurance about the mud and the rain coming into your place. The insurance company’s decision is being reversed. This is in Texas, Alabama, and New Orleans and the south. I see an address 1010 and also route or highway 10. The month of October is also pertinent to this house, there is a celebration in this house during this month.

I feel a a shoulder pain, the angel of God stand behind you and massages your shoulder. There has been possible discussion about surgery. There will not be any tear.

Robert has a problem raising his arm. God touches his arm and his body in Jesus’ name. Also there is some concern about irregular heartbeats. The healer is in the house.

I see hemorrhaging in the body and the power of God seals the area from where blood is leaking. God stops the hemorrhaging before it get worst.

God destroys the yoke of Poverty, that hanging around your neck. You are shackled because of a genetic cycle. The “Yoke” is off your neck, no poverty, or no negativity.

We asked God to enter into this spirit of end of the year dying. We rebuke the enemy coming for a number, in Jesus’ name.

I rebuke a birthday on the 10th of the month. Lives are being spared.

I hear the name Daedae and Dan. I send the God of heaven, and God cuts the bondage that holds him hostage. There is a band around their heads that causes explosive anger. God spares again. God covers him from incarceration.

God covers those Adults that have pain from when they were a child. Illnesses have a connection steeped in Juvenile pain.

God is healing a child’s memory and a child’s pain!!

The hand of God massages the chest and removes the pain for that person in the hospital. The tenth floor, rooms 101, and 507 healing in the name of Jesus’

God touches Johnathan. God touches his father as well.

God touches Tae Tae and lifts the weight of depression. God gives the fortitude to get up and go forward.

Don’t allow people to move into your house and leave you house leaving things behind. Don’t let your house be the dumping station.

There is a spirit that Dan has that is being lift. God turns legal things around in your favor.

I see the blood, and the liver is not functioning properly. I see the healing flow.

Someone with legs cramps and spaThe blood flow in your legs in being healed. The Lord saw you juggling your right legs. There is a little scar tissue.

Someone who has a birthdays September 6, May 9, and in 1957 something coming to your door.

Someone born in 1971 healing in the household

Someone born the 26th of the month God send Angels to your door. God is standing face to face with you looking you in your eyes bringing things you desire to your threshold. You have been distracted but distracted no more. You also have the 8 connected to you.

On the 8th day God said he will answer you all that you have hoped for, said God. The road has been rainy and muddy. It is turning into a pathway. The numbers that are a sign are 1, 1 and 1, 2 and 754. What was muddy has become a pathway. God say’s he gives the pathway or the map. He will remove what is in your way. Don’t worry.

November 1, 2015


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to spoken by Dr. AE Pierce.......

I was walking down a street, and I see the Angel of the Lord. I’m walking thru a wroth iron fence, and the angel of God is standing in front of the wroth iron fence, and he is bringing a Peace. Shalom! He is walking into a door that has a number 6 on the door. I see the 6 and 7 also a 1 and a 3 are on the door. Shalom is coming to the house. Conflict is stopped at the door. Things will be avoided around Monday and Tuesday. Expect the Angel of God. I see paperwork with the L name.

I see someone moving in and someone moving out behind the wroth iron gates. It is the will of God. Don’t worry about anything God is going to work it out. I will make financial provisions for the house. He is pouring out a life line in the name of Jesus. What you’re going through will be just a memory in the next 24 hours.

It is a miracle week for all that are here at this appointed time!

I see a piece of Jewelry that has a lion’s head on it. I will take her right hand and take her where she needs to go. God will make positive changes in your life.

On this week don’t talk too much. You are moving into a season where God takes the reins out of your hands. Don’t talk to people that don’t have the faith or courage you have.

I see stiff hands, God is healing you!!

I hear the name Mallory and I see the house it will be sustained and not taken.

The house with the red walls don’t worry about the financial things. Don’t let someone come temporarily. I see wall and a table. There are unusual doors and opportunity.

I’m looking at the walls.

I see balances and scales. God expands you quickly. God shines the
anointing on you. Those that hear this voice I shall pay you for your work. The season is over for retribution meaning you made some bad decisions and you were reaping that harvest. That season is over. I will give you a new thing.

I see black and white checks is a sign for you.......

I smell oranges on Wednesday and Thursday you are in the right place. This is a sign things are already in motion.

Speak less and listen.

Be mindful where you go and don’t talk so much. Don’t try to figure out everything.

There is a person named Stokes. Jehovah the healer brings peace and quiets things in the family. Reconciliation for the family.


October 25, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share..

We are in the midst of change. There is direction being provided from another level. This is the month were things are about to change in a extraordinary way.

Do not predict what is going to happen, because God has rewritten your purpose because you have survived the storm.

The 8th month and the 8 day, there come confusion about direction for this person. The Lord gives you direction based on a legal document. Be led by S h named person. It is coming quickly, by the 29th of this month. There will be the answer that is required to change your destiny. The God of heaven steps into the script of your life.

I heard the name Aetna I see a door opening.

I also An A named is connected to insurance.

Etta is going through a bittersweet transition in her home.

I see financial gain in the house of Etta. This word is for Edna as well.

I see the family Nunez and Munoz. I see stairs, and conversations about possession of children, leaving and staying. The address for this house has a 5,0 in it.
Someone born 1972-1975 I see a negative conversation don’t listen to that conversation. You are in transition.

I hear the name Roman, Roland, and Robert and stress being lifted from these R named men and their sons. Their sons are under attacked. God gives peace.

Healing to the children being tormented and bullied.

God touches Rachel in her emotions and in her mind.

Tell Brandon to go home!

Healing for Manny and Gabriel, said God.
There is a hidden weapon around Manny and Nathan. God preserves life. Nathan as well.

God heals Gabby from night terrors.

This is the month of the Flood. Therefore you hear me. Your name is going to have to be Noah. He saved his family.

What’s coming up is going to require your stance and your faith in the Lord. If not your family will be subject to conflict. You have the responsibility to save your house. I see 27-30. God holds you accountable for your family. It is a crisis.
I see a person missing a digit….

I see the 17th connection. This person will help make the decision for the house. It looks like you will be responsible for the family. I also see a mailman connected to the 17th as well.

I see a family with 3 boys, another with 3 girls, or another with 4 girls and also one house with 7 children................God knows

You are the life preserver. Noah was obedient to God’s Word.

Mena don’t fight for yourself, let God fight your battles.

The heel of the foot is hurting. This is a sign God is dispatching warring angel on your behalf. There has been lingering blessing, and it has been released on your behalf. Twenty-one is connected. God is at your house.


October 18, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.........

I’m ready! Some of you are saying you are ready but you are not ready to go into the next realm. Your purpose is being enlarged.

Be patient waiting on the Lord. There is a switching in the atmosphere, God is changing things around. The last shall be first have you bags packed and loins girded. My life my right now.

I see faith coming up in a garden, and each of us had a garden of faith growing. Many types of flowers of faith. I saw poppies, carnations……The diversity represents how He will reveal himself to you. God said, “I will not bless you using the same method. Trust Me.” His power is being demonstrated through diversity.

Carnation milk on the shelf in the fridge the Angel of God stepped in your house. Moving, housing, and shifting. Those that need transportation. Do not receive conversation that negates you dreams. Get ready for the next level of purpose God has for you.

Cut family ties, Cut families ties……………let God handle it.

Don’t go raise up a Gideon’s Army, An army full of cowards.

Don’t trust your family! Don’t hire them. Diversity.

I will be faithfulness. The time has drawn now for promotions. We God comes in his uniqueness

They wrote a check yesterday, I see a check in a stack. It is a green check from rags to riches.

27th and the 28th of the month there is a star over these days. Be led by God. If those days are your birthday you get a double portion.

I am going through a metamorphosis.

October 11, 2015


Prophetic Predictions

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share

Make this your mantra, “I am on the verge of crossing into my destiny.” By Friday by 2 o’clock your Testimony, God works in mysterious ways. (Those that are present in the sanctuary now).
I see a manila or a yellow folder. God is turning a left handed situation into a right handed victory.
I see a blue folder, the angel of the Lord is flipping through the folder. God brings resolves to those things you had questions about by Friday at 2 o’clock.

The intercessor will be sent to you by another authority.

I see a blue or gray door. I see you walking through it. There is a paper with your name on it. He is taking over the legal matters.

I see a holistic resolve to a blood condition. The person may have been incarcerated. God dries up the blood condition.

There is a forgiveness of debt for a Red connection. I see 4 angels positioned, they are being sent to all corners to make sure the debt is resolve. Northeast, Southland, Eastfield there is a directions connected to it. There is a 24 hours span and time limit. It is not your fault. God resolves the debt you had because of the house. Gird your loins because it is coming quickly.

I see a door that has 7, 14, 4567, and an address that adds up to 7. Also 7, 14, 21, the door knob has a unique knocker or knob. I see a W connected to this address as well. There is an Ephraim anointing (inheritance beyond you understanding). God gave it to the one that was in the rightful position. God puts in your pathway a series of divine events. Instead of who should have got the anointing another got it instead they would take God’s kingdom to the higher level. I will cause you to forget all the pain of your youth or past.

You will begin to see A 7 connection. It will be a sign you are in the right place. I cannot be in the wrong place.
God gives you an advocate because of your faith. He gave you an opportunity because of your faith. He walks up to you and gives you release. He has funny colored eyes.

What God has prepared for my life is not just big but huge.

Multiple person will call you and has a S and a R in the name.

There is a spirit of mystery in this place.

October 4, 2015


Prophetic Predictions

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.. October 4, 2015
This is the 8th month of the Jewish calendar, and this means “overflow not just enough.” Say it with expectation!

Two things are happening around you: the flood had started and it was time to get off the boat or it was muddy a year later and you need to wade thru the mud. So, position yourself to either step off into the mud or you’re still going thru the flood. God has a prepared way, get off the boat! The Deluge started the 17th of the month and ended a year later.

The 17th and the 27th will be significant to you.

8 Supernatural Revelations blessing happening this week!
1. The first will have an “A” in the name
2. The letter “W named person” will be significant
3. The “D named person” will be significant
4. The F named person
5. Silva or a S named person will be relevant.
6. W or Waverly
7. The “letter W ”again and walking and obeying on time
8. Walk through the open and don’t question it

God is giving us a sustained stream of income. You cannot be scared. Don’t believe the hype.

There are new provisions and new doors they will not haunt you. Don’t look to be rescued the same way all the time.

The child born in the 5th month lift the burden or stress so you can reconcile what the Lord has released the chaos form the person.

The C named person is walking up the ladder but don’t lean back to far you could fall off the ladder.

David has emotional burdens lifted

The 14th is significant, in 20 days I will resolves every legal thing that has been an obstruction. All those with Sandra in their name as well.

1958 and 1985 an emotional and financial release.

God will deliver you right before your eyes, even before those that are coming against you.

I see someone with pink everywhere.

Someone who dropped the top to the toothpaste, God is walking through you house and taking charge.

The person eating oatmeal last night, God said I will answer quickly.

God releases power to forgive!

I see a person on your heel, but they are not there to support but ready to strike. They’re are on your heels hiding in the shadows. The person with the birthday in the eight month beware of your friend, especially if they live in the 100’s.

It is a time to rebuild from nothing. You thought all had been washed away in the flood but God gave you an Arc. He will make you rich out of nothing.

God take a left handed situation and make it a right hand situation.

September 27, 2015

Prophetic Predictions

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share..

Say, “It's a new day! It's a new anointing! And I'm moving into a new dimension!” Now feel the shift!

Cheryl is looking out of a window in expectation. Don't be anxious about car, finance for transportation.

Lord says, “Be anxious for nothing! Being anxious is heavy, it weights on your mind like a spirit of heaviness. It means that you are worried, your stomach is going to hurt, and you have diarrhea.

Stomach ache - The Lord is lifting the weight off of you. He is snatching if off your shoulders. The spirit of anxiousness is not yours. God is presenting a new agenda for you. That means that you are stepping out perceiving what has caused you to be anxious with different eyes. How you look at things is going to have to change. See the possibilities!

Say, “I will never be broke again! My pocket will never be empty! I will always have substances! I will always have finances in my pocket! If I don’t have finances at 9:00, I will at 9:05!” Substances that will fulfill your immediately need!

God is shaking up your world. Say "Lord shake me up!"

Stone is in the name of the street (Gladstone, Stony Island, and Keystone). A phone is dropped in mud. People around you are talking about you.

Ruth - God touches joints, bones, marrow, and muscles with sore joints. The hand is God is massaging the joints and heal. It is not arthritis, will not cause any handicapped.

Migraine - carrying to much weight. See a pinch nerve in your neck. The burden is not yours! Need to turn it over to Jesus! The Lord says; carry to much weight, the weight of the family, the weight of the children. Divine provision will come and take control of the things that you worry about and that are causing the migraine. God is touching you and lifting the concerns that drive intervention. Divine provision will come and take away the burden that you are feeling today! That means that provision is being poured into your life today! Praise God!

Lord says, “I am prepared to bless you beyond your understanding.”

Healing for Lourdes in her mind! Megan- God is sending healing!

There is growth on the body. Thinking about having it laser off (arm or somewhere). We can have toxic thought, toxic memory and toxic words that flow into your blood stream and into your body that make your sick. When you are nerves and get diarrhea or scared and your stomach will hurt. Toxic memory that you are being purged from right now! Mainly it is a spirit of rejection and rebellion. A part of that is why you need to have people love you and the rejection part is love me and rebellion is not love me. There is conflict on the inside God is going to align the chemistry of your blood stream so that there will not be any conflict and that you will understand that God loving you is worth more than the whole world against you!

God is healing thyroid today!

SW – In doctor's name - don't take the medication. Doctor's are being paid to give out medication.
Say, “I am wounded, but I am a soldier! Not just any soldier but a warrior!

September 20, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share it...

In spite of what it looks like. He will be on time on this week. He will reward us with a shift that you will experience on this week. “You are in My presence in a timely matter.” God gives you favor. God gives a voice of favor. I have a covenant with you and you with me. On Monday at 4pm and on Tuesday at 2pm. It is all about time.

There is a shift around you it is an elevation. It is all about time. There will be a meeting. God removes the misunderstanding out of the meeting. It is a divine shift.
Johnathan is involved and also Jesse. I see the name Stevens. All these names are involved in the shift.

I see someone walking up steps to get to an appointment. The number 15 is connected to the steps. God has already caused the person to agree with what was requested. After you pray then Get up!! Get up and sign the paper, call, meet, do something! Don’t be passive.
I see someone name in a lottery, you name is being moved to the top. It about time. God has them pull your name out.

Mosby or Mosley I see a shift for the person with this name. There is healing in the leg from a leg injury.

God is chastising those that know to do right, and don’t. Rewards for those that do right. The scales are determining.

It’s all about Time! The voice of your oil is going into your week. The insurance claim, insurance,

There are major hurdles you will leap over this week.

God is going into the blood stream, joints and the marrow. God is pouring his oil into this place.

There are situation that must be untangled. Sharon, Joyce, Eric’s and even the Scott’s house. The conflict, sadness, sorrow, disgust, and desperation.

There is a shift in your lives, putting your name from the bottom to the top.

Also, eliminating a debt on transportation.

God is giving help for those born in the year 1972, and 1984. There is a miracle for the one born in 1972, and for the person on the run God preserve their life. 1984 a miracle of access for those born in those years. It is all about time when God speaks obey on time.


September 6, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share it...

Unusual things are being prepared for you today. You are standing in the midst of a peculiar place. You are being strengthened by your obedience to God.

I hear the Lord saying we are in a peculiar place both naturally and spiritually. I am preparing their feet to climb into Mountain tops. To retrieve those things that are not earthbound.

I see someone with a bump on their tongue. You have been confessing the wrong things. When your conversation changes your life will change.

I am standing in a place of a life makeover. You’re standing on green grass. This represents increase and creation!! Remember when God was teaching, and fed the multitudes at first they were standing on the sand and before the day was over they were sitting on green grass.

I see someone with a NY connection God is placing angels in front of you.

It the next 48 hours you will be saying I wasn’t expecting this to happen.
Believe God without measure.

Ezekiel’s wheel has come to rest at Revelation Ministry. Wherever the eyes went the wheels followed. RIOM’ moves in faith. God honors the will to trust Him.

August 30, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share it...

This is the month that Moses went to the Mountain top a 3rd time for mercy.

There is a spirit of Mercy around someone who has a Birthday August 14th and birthday June 29th.

If this person has passed on there is Mercy around her siblings and also children in the house. There needs to be repentance first. God can not lie.

The called out the name Isaac there is Mercy for him. Mercy for his children as well. There is a person that has.........

The king is in my field. He said, if your field is barren there will be seed put in a dry place. There is/has been a determination made in someone’s life. God gives everything back that was taken from you. God is not in the field for nothing. What ever decision or an aforementioned conclusion the outcome will be changed. A new design or pathway shall be created.

The energy that impacts us all,

There are conditions of the organs that are being melting in your body like butter. Infection is being melted.

God is lifting the depression off a crown. Take off the crown of depression. A genius as you may be you cannot fix what God can fix. After it is lifted do not go back to that tables and eat again. God lifts the burden. Get a new revelation.

Don’t hang out on the porch.

If you are a left handed person you are in the right place. If you are a left handed person this is the season of you blessing.

The left handed person is signing papers for you.

The grace of God is covering on those born on these days, May15, March 7, and February 8. Do not be afraid to let go God changes the outcome of those things that were thought to be absolute.

Those born in 1967 there is Mercy. Do not go back to the old nature to resolve conflict. The lord is the healer.

Someone who’s name starts with ta Y or last name Yancy. There is an angel of mercy. There is a spirit of depression around this person.

It looks like there is contaminants at Mercy Hospital. A superbug is in the walls. Make sure everything is sanitized. It will be on the news.

Manny is a financial burden being lifted. I see housing he live in a house with the number 87 in it. I also hear 78 the street or road. There is Mercy for Manny.

Harvest every word spoken today is being created in Heaven first. The Word has been dispatched. W

Why are things not going the way you would like? This is also the season that Noah sent the bird out. The ground was muddy. Now the evidence of the ground being dry. I’m giving you an olive leaf. Get off the arc, so you won’t be stuck.
Barren no more. Noah dispatched the raven first and then the dove. The dove came back with an olive leaf it was a sign that it was time to get off the arc.

Allow God to bless you with a blessing you don’t understand.

March 1976 God lifts the burden off the house and the mind of someone with this birthdate.

Thirty-nine strips God intervenes, you are not going to die. God sends a rescue team. Many of you have been tongue lashed, but no more shall you be whipped.

Someone is looking for peace in their mind on today. God gives you Mercy on today. The king is in your field making everything life and crooked place made straight.

Each month has a tribe connected to it. This is the month of Elul, and the tribe is Gad. Things written incorrectly about you God erases and rewrites for you. You are his beloved.

We speak Logos and it turns to Rhema. The word walks. You are now pregnant. You shall give birth while we are here.

God touches Brandon.


August 23, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share it...
The Lamb of God that was slain is here.

God releases shackles.

There is a Prophetic Movement at Revelation Ministry.

Love is touching my back, and it is healed.

I heard the word catfish. It is a sign that God was standing by you and around you. He heard everything you said. Before it is spoken I shall do it. Every word shall reach its mark.

Also, young people are accepting people on the internet you don’t know. You have been entertaining folks you do not know. I see a spirit of kidnapping and snatching. Do not send private pictures, and chats. This is a warning and God preserves.

Also those that went fishing for catfish, there is a blessing in your house. There is a gift of production in your hands. I will add to the gifts you have.

I see someone on I55 or the Stevenson, you are around someone that is deceptive.
God says, I am unshackling everything you need but it is going to come through favor.

I saw Douglas' feet are being touched, God heals the feet and leads him where he should go w/o being harmed.

God heals the Douglas connection

Celeste being untied, God is untying emotions. She is being released from her current environment.

I saw a hand that has a tattoo. I see cycles of bondage being broken.

O’Keefe the family is being restored. God cancels calls to the police.

I see someone being sworn in officially. We ask that it not be death related.

These are addresses 4287, 8247, or 7428. I see someone lingering around a garage. Beware, someone is lingering around the garage. I see a substantial payment coming to pay off the house.

I see someone that swallowing has been difficult. God heals the throat. It is being opened.

Bleached skin or parts of the skin that has vitiligo. I see the angel of God standing behind each of you. A wealthy place, and unexpected flooded gates opened up for you. I heard you when you moaned.

The Lamb of God says there is no pain.
Your words become flesh. The wind took the wills up on the atmosphere.


August 16, 2015

Prophetic Predictions

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share it...

What have you been up to?

God goes into the bowels to remove the need for Chemo! Take this oil of Gilead.

Things spoken are going to happen because the voice of creation is putting it on the agenda for this week. Do let the contamination of your flesh hinder you.

The cycle of your life is going to changes on this week. There is a touch and then there is a touch. It will start within 24 hours.

To the hearers and the doers I will pour into you a week of unexpected meetings. I will have to prepare for unusual new beginnings. It will walk up to you like a mailman.

I see Cora being involved. She is confirming an application. Cora is signing paperwork that will confirm an application that was put in.

Do not share with others about your blessings. Examine the personality.

A season of a new thing #7 is relevant.

Today’s message applies only to those in Church right. Those in the sanctuary.

I see peanut butter and a banana a visitation is coming on Tuesday and Wednesday. God is given you a supernatural luxury blessing like a diamond or a pearl. God gives it as a reward for your commitment.

At 7am and 7pm expect an unexpected guest.

An A named person must examine the nature of a person that constantly breaks promise to them. God gives you to examine your worth. I want to bless you right now. Walk in wisdom. There is a windfall coming examine how you acted when the last windfall came.

Yes, the side door should be locked. Don’t leave it open. The B named person.

Darlene’s hands are stiff and the lord is touching hands that are stiff. She is gifted to heal. Move your hand in the atmosphere.

I smell scented sheets. The lord is saying this is a time for rest for you. God makes provisions for you so you won’t have to work so hard. It is a time for rest. It will not be a struggle.

God is saying, “I am giving you more than one string of income. It will help you to rest” For all those that are here today.

Some people here are taking the word and becoming pregnant with it. Do figure it out just intimate with the promise.

By Friday you will look at the abundance, and say I did not work for this.

There is a hedge of protection over all Matthews, and every one that is driving.

I hear the name Whitehall it will be relevant by Thursday.

I hear the name Kendall is being protected.

Tuesday you will get the confirmation, and it will be finalized.

I see someone making Jell-O. This is a sign your housing situation is about to change. You are pregnant with destiny. You will have unusual blessing, Also your entire furnished house will be given by God.

I hear an L named person that will be involved ……….

My miracle is not in my bank account but in the presence of God.

Who ate the apple this morning? The Lord is confirming to you your son is being promoted. Twin miracles on this week.
p to?


August 2, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share it...

God is turning back the clock and the deadline is being reversed.
Pastor spoke to the Wind, and God gave a vision of a tornado going counter clockwise. God said he is turning thing back counter clockwise.

I saw pink flowers in your dresses. I see flowers in your dresses. In the spirit realm. I see pink flowers meaning there are answers for your life.

I saw someone buying fresh flowers let the flowers be a sign that the Angels of God are standing in your house. People can’t give you what you don’t have. The house is going to blossom.

The houses represents increasing your territory.

God said I am that one flower in the house.

Danielle, Carmen, Darnell, and God is in the midst of your housing. God stabilizes your housing.

Tell, Karen the house is good!!

We are taking by force that which has been held up in the spirit. The holdup has come to an end.

The lord said there is a hedge around Noah. He touches Kate and Kay.

I see healing around Kay.

Stacey on the 12th of August you win

Steven on the 15th he get the position. I see rapid advancement after that another increase.

God touches Carla’s house.

Steven Morris and also Morris there is a door open for you.

I see a blood disorder that has affected the liver and kidneys that will be reversed. I see more natural things being given for organic situations. The doctors are overcharging the insurance.

Blessings through a utility company are coming!!

Da named person at 4 o’clock on Wednesday you receive what you need.

There is reconciliation for Juan by the 17th of August.

Margo and Mars there is healing in a door that has 17 on it.

I see the door with 17 on it. He heals on 3 levels. I see another individual what is allergic to citrus. I see on the 9th of August the answer come on the 9th
Jeff and Jeffrey there is concrete resolution on the 20th of August.

I see someone eating snowballs and freeze pops the favor of God is blowing around you.

There is Angels of the Lord that covers Crete.

There is a difference in having the word spoken at you versus deposits.

The values of your property just went up.


July 26, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to...

I see a huge clock in the atmosphere. What the lord is saying is that time is running out. The lord is saying you will have to obey on time or suffer the consequences. Time is of essence.

God say’s my name is Jealous, time is running out, and your gifts will make room for you.

I will open a door of opportunity. On Monday and Tuesday it will be 3:00pm, Wednesday it will be at 4:30pm, Thursday it will be at 4:00pm, and Friday at noon. If you obey you will not miss the opportunity. He will make the sign known to you so disobedience will be deliberate and so will chastisement.
God said, I will redistribute gifts, those that are not using them he will take your gifts.

I perceive you have been waiting far too long for things to change. Time is up. My time has come there are no hindrances. Don’t give power away.

I see schedules and scheduling, and I see a timekeeper this person on this week shall have an opportunity you weren’t qualified to receive. It will be available for you.

Traffic control on this week needs to be aware of near misses based upon time. There is warnings in time square. God puts a hedge of protection around the square. This includes Logan Square as well. The Lord is giving supernatural miracles on this week.

In a flower shop I see there could be a fungus or bacteria. Beware of the spores. It looks like the Lord is taking from the wealthy and allowing his people to glean. I also see a magazine coming to interview you. God gives you an avenue to be blessed.

God creates a miracle in Harvard square.

Some of us have numbers connected to our name. Badges and tag numbers you will not be passed over for nothing. There is a level of attached a swell. I see the levels going up.

Pay attention to this time for the rest of the week. 3:12pm. I see an explosion in the universe of blessings.

God restores the lease. The last shall be first.

Take the kick me sign off your back. Practice saying no.

The 7th child I shall bless. I open the door for the family with 7 children. Also if the 7 is in your badge number.

I see a coat of many colors dropped on you. God gives favor, and charisma. It is dropped on you.

In the atmosphere of creation it is already done.

The badge with the seven ……..

I see someone rising from a wheelchair. Their knees are being made strong.

The delay is over get yourself ready to give God praise!!!.


July 19, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to...

We are sending the angel of the Lord to Kim. God massages and heals the abdomen, ulcer and colitis.…
God touches the E named person that has an Ulcer.

God is touching Lawrence………….

God touches the prostate……………

God touches the digestive system……..

Sometimes you have to tarry to get what you want!!

Someone with a mole on their shoulder don’t argue on this week. Let God fight your battle. The person that has leg and knees problem don’t argue with them.

I see someone painting a barn someone connected to a farm. I see the bad milk.

God is sending real help.

I see a graffiti wall. It is a sign that there are variables that seem to be stable. Things are being painted by emotions and feelings. Get out of your feelings. It represents sleepless nights. The wall represents all the things placed in your minds. The hand of God whitewashes the wall of your mind. Don’t carry the weights of the other person. Beware of the heaviness and the brokenness in your chest.

I see an L named person who has the mind being distracted. The painting and the quilt, and one with a lot of colors. That is a sign that God’s eyes were watching you all day yesterday.

God removes you off of pain killers.
I speak to your joints.

I heard marketplace. It will catch on in the neighborhood. It is a sign that diverse way God will bless you. You don’t have to plant it yourself. There are individuals that already have the goods. The market place is already rich you will be able to glean from a rich man.

You answer is coming in the wind!

God touches William and Robert. God puts a hedge around him and restores relationship.

Wade is being restored. God brings reconciliation.

There will be 7 types of fruit, and God said for the next 7 days a door shall be open for you. The healer is in the house.
God say’s to Mike shake of heaven with the worship on today!

I see someone with a poke or patch over there eye. The Lord is restoring your life and your youth. God adds years to your life the person with the patch or patch over the eye. God reverses the cycle that the patch represents.

God heals Mattie!!

One word will go into the generation and heal!


July 12, 2015

Turn in a circle to your left three times and say “God has just turned back the clock for me! Once he has turned back the clock, He is pushing the reset button. That is going to restart that which has been turned around. In the Name of Jesus! God is reversing.

We were late with our obedience, late with our faith, late in our commitment, God said,”Stand up” and we sat down but God is revising the time. He is giving you more time and another chance to do what you messed up. He is going to give you a chance to do it over again.

Turning back the clock that means answers you were not pleased with around June 18, 2015 decision that were made and you were not happy with. If this is your birthday God is giving you a gift of debt forgiveness around your house.

There are grasshoppers in a field or around a yard. There are a field of insect, which represent plague interference with your harvest, represent darkness around your harvest, so that you can not pick your harvest grasshopper can be anyone who would you would give your power too. When it comes time to reap your harvest

It can be on the news where there is grasshoppers eating the crop. Crops being consume in Wyoming, Midwest. Also wallpaper with insect or grasshopper print on it: there is deliverance, because there is time for promotion. Miracle of finance!

Talking about wallpaper (house is tearful) a person who is a caretaker of other people with no headboard on the bed. Who has restless nights and shedding tears in this bed, God says, “Transitioning is over!” Today he has placed you a sphere of a whirlwind taking the calamity and making that perfect. This wind does not come to destruct but it comes to mend, renew, make bold and rapture. The Lord wants you to learn how to say “No!” God is dispatching guardian angel to take care of your mind, heart and body.

Pillow without a case is a sign that God is walking through your house and the whispers in the night on this week and that he heard your whispers and there is no waiting for your increase, there is no waiting for your life change there is no delay. We must find ourselves trust in God and not in your own selves not trying to figure things out. If you have been holding on to a hand that has been manipulating your life let it go because you have ben going in the wrong direction. God has been trying to lead you down his path way and you have been holding on to the wrong hand. Let it go! Don’t try to figure it out. Let it go! Faith moves God. Without faith it is impossible to please Him! Let go of the hand that manipulate you mind and your decisions. Have been going in the wrong direction and blaming God. God says, “Let your imagination go and let me lead you! Guide you! It’s a New Day!” Say “I need a new set of rules.”

Grasshopper is a perception of what the doubter saw that brought back the report to the people who were waiting to enter into what was promised them. On this week when God present an opportunity to you don’t listen to the naysayer, don’t listen to those who don’t have your faith, don’t listen to those who don’t have your voice. Don’t look at yourself as a grasshopper: small and insignificant. God say “I am exalting you! Not you exalting yourself!” Don’t look at yourself. Say what God say about you are from a royal priesthood in a holy nation. God say ask and it shall be given seek and ye shall find! There is one opportunity on the 15th around 2:00 pm.

There is a picture of a house in a field with smoke coming out of the chimney. In this house the angel of the God is standing and they are talking to the lawyer, talking to increase, talking to mortgage people and brokers in this house. The Lord is speaking into the atmosphere. Say “There’s smoke in my house!” The smoke in the house is the glory of the Lord that speaks into the atmosphere and anyone who comes into this house is confessing what you say. The smoke led Israel by day on where to go and what to do. Say “There’s smoke in my house!”

God is sending miracles. He is allowing you to make a three day journey in one day. We are late. We need to be happy. Say “I’m going to be happy, nothing, and nobody can stop me! I’m Happy!

God is changing minds TODAY!

Curves and winding roads: miracles going up the curve to work, school and house. Miracle is attaching himself and following you while you are driving it has to do with housing, employment, and Dave or “D” person is connected.

Bloody urine and God is touching you right NOW!

Tossing coins into fountain: God is reposition and changing your life and those who are with you. That is a sign that God is taking you from last to first.

Someone who takes milk of magnesia – mind is being turned around and changed. The 22nd is significant. God is touching your lower loins and heals relationship.

God is healing the house on behalf of the children.

Today will make a difference in your life. God will release the desires of your heart. That will change your financial status substantially! In Jesus Name!

Do you want change or not! Say, “I want change in my house!”


July 5, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to...

There is expectation in your house. God is arresting the enemy in your house as you’re obedient. Those things coming against your house shall fall. Yell Glory to God. Grab hold of faith.

It is time for God’s people to move in creation. Someone needs a brand new attitude……

God pulls mystery out of the atmosphere.

I saw a road it was going into several communities. The angels were carrying banners. It looked like each of our names were on it. These banners represented Jehovah Nisee. We will experience this on this week.

I see a waterfall washing, cleaning and purging.

The power of God is going to Rosie.

I heard in the spirit, some time we want to call for a lot of people to pray for you. But, God is moving you into a place where He can whisper the word and it is done. He will equip us in that gift.

God will speak to us in a whisper and He will call things to change. My name is creation. Everything will be new.

Wesley’s back and then I saw pulled muscles. I see a spirit of anger concerning his family. Reconciliation with Wesley Jr.

I hear a Wesley Street or town. The houses on this block…be concerned, be careful in this area. Be mindful and watch out

Roxsie or Roxanne she needs answer form a lawyer. God touches her mother. Roxanne is being healed in her home and her mind.

God lifts depression.

God heals the mind of the young people.

You won’t have to go to court. God sends a n advocate. The conflict is resolved before court. God give legal representation..
On Monday say Yes!

Tuesday is a raven coming almost not quite. Don’t accept Tuesday’s offer wait till Wednesday the dove comes.

On Thursday I see a S named Street Sterling or State Street. You get your miracle you require.

On Friday it happens….

God touches Charles and Charlotte there is tension and the house is healed.

I need an answer and direction from God.

Expect a scent to wake you up?

Step in to a place of total worship.

There is expectation in your house. God is arresting the enemy in your house as you’re obedient. Those things coming against your house shall fall. Yell Glory to God. Grab hold of faith.

It is time for God’s people to move in creation. Someone needs a brand new attitude……

God pulls mystery out of the atmosphere.

I saw a road it was going into several communities. The angels were carrying banners. It looked like each of our names were on it. These banners represented Jehovah Nisee. We will experience this on this week.

I see a waterfall washing, cleaning and purging.

The power of God is going to Rosie.

I heard in the spirit, some time we want to call for a lot of people to pray for you. But, God is moving you into a place where He can whisper the word and it is done. He will equip us in that gift.

God will speak to us in a whisper and He will call things to change. My name is creation. Everything will be new.

Wesley’s back and then I saw pulled muscles. I see a spirit of anger concerning his family. Reconciliation with Wesley Jr.

I hear a Wesley Street or town. The houses on this block…be concerned, be careful in this area. Be mindful and watch out

Roxsie or Roxanne she needs answer form a lawyer. God touches her mother. Roxanne is being healed in her home and her mind.

God lifts depression.

God heals the mind of the young people.

You won’t have to go to court. God sends a n advocate. The conflict is resolved before court. God give legal representation..
On Monday say Yes!

Tuesday is a raven coming almost not quite. Don’t accept Tuesday’s offer wait till Wednesday the dove comes.

On Thursday I see a S named Street Sterling or State Street. You get your miracle you require.

On Friday it happens….

God touches Charles and Charlotte there is tension and the house is healed.

I need an answer and direction from God.

Expect a scent to wake you up?

June 28,2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share

I saw mother Nickelberry walk in here. A special prayer around the Sawyer family. God touches and preserves Carols’ children.

I heard Shadow box. A sign that God was cancelling out a shadow box or a box on the wall. The shot in the dark you been trying to get you will no longer shoot blanks. God will give you what you want and need. It will come to your door. I see 1, 2, 3, in a row………
The person with the spoiled milk. The angel of the Lord is walking through your house right now. God is in your business. God will expedite what you have applied for he will give you back pay. I smell garlic.

Even legal paperwork the Lord is in your affairs. Rest in the Lord.

I see boxing gloves it is opportunity around boxing gloves. I see an insignia with a cross on it. Like a Red Cross connection. It looks

Monday there is an airborne message, wire transfer, email, mail, nonverbal, and verbal communication. There is no waiting period. The parent is sowing seed. You are pregnant with everything that is spoken.

I heard the name Michael with the cross insignia.

Heal the Cross family!!

Michael is working around a place that has mercy connected to it.

There is money coming from the cross.

I see financial miracle coming for Anita. God has a door for Anita. Don’t look for it walks up to you.

The miracle is around the cross.

Tuesday meeting is in your favor. It looks like a person has some illness, but God give you favor.

A meeting with a CH person God gives you favor with the CH person..

Chamber and Chamberlain opens doors on this week.

I see someone knocking on the door then the window. No harm shall come neigh near your dwelling. God spreads the angels wings do that you can receive the financial increase that cannot be denied or explained.

I see a house where sand is nearby or a sandlot. The Angel of the Lord is standing at your door. Unlocking multiple doors for you. God says I award you. Checks every day.

On Thursday, God raises up an advocate to fight on your behalf. God said I will assign a blessing with your name on it.

I see a financial letter with an increase. I see a degree letter.

I see increase around ELRO. The President of the company finds favor with your name on it.

Friday is a meeting with John and God wants to bless you. It is approved, and got your name on it.

I hear Goldie in the spirit God touches their family.

God heals the thyroid. He heals the neck.

God says he is putting a river in the desert.

Just put your name on it.

Who is Poppy or Papa? God covers and protects him.

God gives preapproval for houses.

God gives us all the leverage.

June 14, 2015

This month is the beginning of Nisan

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.......

I heard in the spirit realm there must be a “blessing for the oldest child.” They’re going through a transition, said God. The season of tormenting and creation. God will change your voice by the 15th of June.

God brings forth immediate answers in this month of Nisan. The ecclesiastical month for Israel life. This is the 1st day of my new beginning!!

There is anointing in this house. Expect the unusual in this place. His name is fire.

Those with asthma breathe in an exhale the spirit, and inhale Nisan new beginning.

God is listening to your voice and your speech. Breathe deliberately with your conscious thinking and breathe in the Holy Spirit.

I hear whispers being spoken in a house with radiators. It looks like the radiator is at the address with the 1 and a 4 in the address. Secrets are being spoken. Be aware. God will uncover things spoken in secret.

There is an anointing of change for the eldest child. The eldest child fights depression and torment. The month of Nisan grants you 6 days of miracles. Some things are going to have to be reversed in your life.

Gravy train is something you are not working to receive.

I see someone that lives in the East (side of town or the country). I see the miraculous power of the warring angels to take by force that which you require for your house and your future.

Also on the eastside, I see a birthday in the 6th month. I see a waterfall. God is going to wash your DNA. The blood line will be washed away. Nisan

The person with the right foot situation is going to remove the left handed thing and puts your life on the right foot or the good foot. He take away the shame out. The right hand of God will lead you and guide you. God was with you on this week. He saw the tears.

Margaret and Margie are being healed in the spirit.

The wind will reveal secrets around you.

I see the number 22 around you.

There are two warriors coming on Wednesday and Thursday.

There is 6 days of creation.(Hai) Because this is the month that God released God’s chosen you are also being released.


June 7, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.......

Every word spoken will manifest in the next 6 days…..

There is an attack against the children from the womb up to the age of 11. Do not have weapons around the children. Take the weapons out.

I see a house near a field or vacant lot. Do not go to the field there is manipulation from an older person. It seems as though they are trying to groom the child to trust them. Those to whom the lot or field is applicable to : the field represents God’s protection and he is covering you. Also a field you will soon harvest.

Don’t be so frantic to get into a relationship when you have boys and girls.

A four year old who is having a crying spell. There is a hedge around this child. God protects the child from clumsiness. Be careful about what you say around the children they are listening. It can cause interruption in schooling, and emotional soundness. The children do not forget.

There is going to be a greater demonstration in a high place.

I see strange events around the sun. The heavens lighting up in an unusual way.

I see a miracle transaction around a heading. I see a check signing one with America and the other with United. The Lord is opening the door around these documents with those names on it. God resolves legal thread quickly.

I see a new field the Angel of the Lord is stepping into a field situation. The Lord says hold your peace. Tuesday and Wednesday I see the number 4 being significant. God says, trust me and be still. Lean on me, so you can see the evidence of my power.

God says, he will cause your enemies to bless you.

I see a pool in the park. There is life being preserved at the park. I see an “I” named person relevant at the field house. Lives are being spared.

I see sand and dunes..........

I see the minds of Ariel or Uriel peace of the mind.

I see an audience with a corporation “A” named person. If you need an audience with the King on this week. Just ask God.

I see a bunion on the foot. You will not have to have surgery.

I see Italy being covered and protected.

4156 are relevant these numbers are connected to a supernatural move of God.

511 are significant to a person with this A,B,C, and a D name.

I see Avenue A, B, C, I see God giving favor in a conversation or meeting. Salt is being sprinkled (seasoning).

Someone with a scratchy throat.

Watch your legs on a carriage ride.

Someone with a March Bday. God opens doors for you
I see a great change in finances in 6 days between now and Friday.

I see a harvest with my name on it. It has to do with commitment and sustaining. It has to do with dew.

I see a bandage on the ring finger. I see a ring being cut of the finger. This is a sign that God is preserving your house……

May 31, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.......

Lift you hands and say I am in love with Him!!

The reign of God falls in this place!

The Lord is touching the children, and guarding them against depression etc. The Lord sees they are worried.

For the child eating the ice cream bar God says,” you will be happier than you ever been before.”

God send a Stranger into this place and he will have you answers. God blows the trumpet in Zion. The Trumpet is playing your tune.

Zion is the place were God’s glory lives.

I see the name Mario the Lord touches him in his mind. He is going through transitions. God touches him in the house where he live. As he changes his confession from negative to positive. God changes things in the house. God changes the house. Spirit of anger

I see shadows by the door. I see shadows. Someone is looking around the house, by the stairs. Also a sneaky spirit across the street. Someone going in and out. I also see someone sleeping on the couch. That person has a fear of dying. God preserves life around the house. I see someone trying to take the keys.

I see a silhouette of someone. God brings healing into the house. While you were sleeping, I was healing you. The angel of the Lord was standing by the door. If you want a different outcome do something different.

The Lord touches Jasmine. Snatches out negative things and replaces them with joy.

The person with the Double 3’s in the address and cell number

You will experience Mystical moments where you can’t explain the things happening. Moments and blessings you were not expecting Monday –Friday on this week.

God is delivering a B named person last name M,

The nosebleed is because of nervousness and anxiety.

I hear the Name Millie. Her children

Millwork there is emotional healing around her children.

Millicent the relationship is changing. I see snatching and pulling.

I see someone playing chess or a chess board in the house. I see strategic things happening regarding job. There is increase around the chessboard and God makes the moves for us.

Things are shifting in the room.

I see shadows and people sneaking around doing stuff.

I see on Tuesday a stepping stone 233 are connected to this Tuesday. What appears to be a challenge is an opportunity.

On Thursday, I see a door with a 1,2 on it.

I see the wings of God in this place.

I smell ammonia as if someone was cleaning with it. The Lord says I was there watching you.

I see the Ty-d-bol. The hand of God is there in your affairs saying be not weary in well doing.

I see a person standing at the sink washing dishes. As you look out the window you’re seeing flowers. The Angel of the Lord walked thru the kitchen taking away the spirit of infirmity out of the house.

I see a Carnival connection visited or working there. Just know one of the rides needs repairing. One of the opportunities are slipping out of your hands. God is in control…..

I see a pulling motion, cord and ropes ………

The person with Licorice the lord said he sees you. He heard the silence of your tears. Forget those things that are behind. The Lord makes the addition to your house it is called “mo money.”

May 24, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.......

I am here on purpose!! I was summoned by the Holy Spirit.

I was riding down the street and what I saw was a billboard. A house was nearby. It was high and lighted. From the house you can sees a billboard there has been some situation in the community. The Lord is changing the atmosphere, the hand of God is stepping into that atmosphere. Be leery of door to door salesmen, they are trying to scope your house out. There are deceptive people knocking on the door. Sh named person is involved. It looks like children can be involved do not do it again.

Sh named person do not get involved with someone who says they’re single and they’re not. It is not a loyal commitment.

Cherries are the sign to let you know that God sees you, and will give you one plump blessing at a time and it will have seed. This seed can be sown and you can progress further.

If you are reading this your season has come.

The fight that you’re in is because you have crossed some boundaries you’ve never crossed before. You have tripped but not fallen.

Champion there is doors in court.

You will be taking a chance signing those papers said the Lord. Wait for further information. Don’t sign the papers.

I see exposed copper and I see God putting the fire out.
I hear the name Etta and Ella in the upper torso.

Gretchen I see the leg situation around …..

I see that person on a back street. The Lord of heaven is walking on a back street.

God restores the retina, and the eye situation.

Max and Maxine’s shoulder, arm, finger and wrist have been pulled out of place

There is a safety net over Cape Canaveral.

I see God going into the organ giving new life to the organs. They are being revived. These organs are Kidney, thyroid, bladder, liver, and the eyes.

I see someone eating capers your household is being restores. Depression is being lifted.

Eric the Lord is about to knock the hell out of him. Lord let them come to themselves. God moves them so you won’t be involved in what they are going to go through. They will be wearing green.

I see someone who wears a cape or a cape is relevant. I see the angel of the Lord walking past you. I see your stomach situation being healed. That thing you whispered silently, God said, I am going to do it.

I see a McDonald’s connection, and God works a wonder. I see promotion.

I see someone who recently painted a wall or painted their house. There is Divine Intervention. I am about to bring you joy unspeakable joy. I am about to paint your house.


May 17, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to

Holler, I love you Jesus as you stand in an anointed place. He is God!! God is God.

I saw the Angel of the lord come down. He was s standing at both doors. I have come to cause confusion in your environment so you can become uncomfortable. So you will not stay were you are.

The angel of the Lord is sending healing to the M named person on the 7th floor. Miriam, Mary and Michael are being healed in the Hospital with names Mary and St Luke.

The 14th Floor healing is going to a P named Hospital as well.

It could be a person that has a hospital bed in their house. The angel of the Lord goes to that home.
Tillman and Tilly the angel of the lord touched the mind of this person or family. Peace of mind is required.

There is peace for Chantal’s mind. She is going through an emotional place regarding mom. There is a breaking point. She needs to be in the presence of the Lord.

Constance’s body is being touched. She also has a connection to Shelby County. There is a well. The water is contaminated. Test the water it is possibly causing the chicken disease.

McNamara a male person is intertwined legal situation being worked out.

McNamara outside courtroom number 8.

McCormick healing in the spine for this person.

I also see this as a street and a center. God be an umbrella around this place.

The third house from the corner. I am looking at the heart of the individual. The hardened heart id being made fleshy. Be conscious as to who you speak with their heart is not toward you.…

Patrick the angel of the Lord brings deliverance. God gives an anointing of rapture for those that live the 3rd house from the corner. That person will not be able to lie to you. I see things being borrowed and stolen.

I see a salt around autistic children, do not give them salt. There could be a reaction. There needs to be change in the house. Deliverance in the house.

Someone who is in a coma with a Darrell, or Darryl connection. They are coming out of the coma.

Lynn there are Angels’ being sent to the house.

God sends a messenger standing at your door if you have these number in your 759,143,372,928,341,273,597,289,225, and 127. As you decree your address God takes it to another level. You shall decree a thing and it shall be established. He has a letter in his hand.

Believe the Prophet and so shall ye prosper.

I see someone opening something to open something up. The messenger walking thru your house. I am with you.

The vegetarian person is having their bowels healed, and also the person that ate the turkey sandwich. Don’t fear the problem coming back.

Hollister reversal

Dorian there is healing for him.

Meditate on a metamorphosis. Tripartite man needs to be changed.


May 10,2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.
I heard that name Conrad and Conway.

Conrad has a mole God is healing an infection in his body. He may have a digit missing as well. I also see a person with a digit missing they are connected to him. God is sending a healing wind.

Conway there is a fence that leads to a court way building. The C named is relevant. There has been water in the basement. I see mildew or mold in the basement. God sends someone to encapsulate the issue. The struggle with the property is over.

Around 69th Street there is someone watching. There is a currency exchange you can see from the property.

The person with the sores in the mouth needs to be healed. The sores need to dry up now.

Someone with a stomach situation has started to pour. The discomfort is to let you know the Lord see's you and knows what you need.

The red wood fence God is bringing some new financial increase resolving all issues regarding that property.

Ella and Ellen and God brings deliverance to the person’s mind and emotions.

You are entering into a time zone.

I was at a door in the spirit that needs to be painted. I saw an Angel of the Lord walk up to that door and say………. You let someone come into your house they left something in the house. The A named individual that came, their heart has changed towards you.

I see someone that ate rice, a C named person and a T named person are shooting friendly fire. God exposes hostile attacks.

I see a person standing outside the door. It looks like this person is on the other side.

Elsa is being touched.

Ramon is being healed from an ulcer.

The walls are coming down.

I hear the name Betty, her children are protected.

I see a spirit of infirmity God gives oil for your house.

The angel of the Lord will go to Minnesota, Baltimore, and Pennsylvania to thwart terrorist attacks.

God say’s No!! No worries.

There is an Angel of the Lord, from each feather the oil is dropping. God reverses what the doctor told you. The oil goes into the joints for healing!!

Those of you that need some things reversed liens, document, judgments, etc………Done!!

May 3, 2015

Prophetic Prediction

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.

The atmosphere in which you breathe we speak.

Vision of a man who has crossed over with grey hair, stocky build, wearing khaki/light brown pants and a white tee or shirt. Grey haired man who worked in a factory or wore a uniform. He is a Dad who’s coming quickly to bring inheritance to his children.

Man with the grey hair is bringing inheritance to the Lewis family. He touches and heals the Lewis family.

We pray God puts a hedge of protection around ALL fathers. In The Name Of Jesus!

There is a man who is on the second floor sitting with a child on a sofa who is concern (emotions/depression). This father is raising the child alone because the mother is not there. The person with “T” name is involved. God is giving the child peace.

Man with the grey hair - "Louis" is involved; the soldier with a badge number on the arm or unit number “27 – 28” God is sending preservation over the soldier.

Dorthy – angel to house with an increase. Resolving conflict in the house.

God is sending a guardian angel for Marvin with the anointing of preservation of life.

Tinesha,Tenisha,or Tanisha – reconciliation around her house and children. There are children going into the closet to hurt themselves. God is covering and preserving.

Boulder, Boulder, Colorado or Boulder Hill – there is a miracle around with protection and increase.

God is Covering over children who father has made his transition. Miracle connected to “A” person or “Amos”.

Everyone say. “There is a miracle in my House! My Hope is in God!” God say, “It’s Your Time!”


April 26, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.

I came expecting something unique to happen in my life.

At 2:50, there is a blessing in the numbers 250.

There is some that has Christmas light around the roof or top of the house. That is a sign that God is going to bless you in a great financial way.

It is my time to own the Giants property. It is being released to you. Guess what, expect whatever you say……..

God said stop hanging around the people you like. God say’s the wealth of the wicked is yours…..You can’t afford to. Business has nothing to do with whether I like you or not.

Don’t be denied your inheritance.

Every word spoke the Lord is saying he will not take it back.

I saw someone with a linoleum on the floor. The floor is pealing a little bit. It is pealing up. The flooring by the kitchen the Angel of God is standing by the door both front and rear guarding it. So, there will not be any uninvited guests. There were once invited but their heart has changed.

You had chicken. You are providers and prepare to receive a provider’s reward. Things being doubled and tripled in a paycheck. I see a government stamp or seal. I see a direct deposit being doubled.

I see someone who does not have a shredder. You were tearing up stacks of mail. That is how he will tear up your bills in the next 7 weeks. It is your inheritance.

Don’t forget God is your rear guard.

I see mason jars in a closet. This is a sign that there is no more delay. The delay is over. God said you have things in a folder take the folder and put it in the window and let the wind blow on it…… more delay. You have been waiting on an answer.

The wind is blowing. So the spirit of the Lord may come upon you and deposit himself.

God touches Pat and Patsy.

Miles is being touched in their emotion. God touches the family and restores peace.

The earth moved in a place that figs grow. Preserve life. In Israel, California and the middle east…..
There are still tremors where Mt Everest is located.

Moth balls the fragrance of God shall fill you house in the next 48 hours. In the same way the mothballs smell fills your house. It is your inheritance.

The person with white shoes will walk into a miracle. You can’t go the wrong way… seven days.

234 the one is missing I see a list of thing your name I son and your children name is on as well. God says He is the One.


April 19, 2015

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.

I see a man with a prosthetic leg, it seems as though he has been in the military. There are finances being released for this young man. It appears that another person has been shot or an injured spine. The number 77 is relevant.
His mother is relevant she is wearing grey. Tell the son not to be a hero don’t go to someone's rescue. She watching over a son. God preserves the life of that son.

God covers the mother who is watching over a son. Gray is relevant also as the last name. I see a corner lot the mother and son walking across the lot. God reverse what the enemy meant. He lifts depression off the shoulders of the son.

I saw a dog that recently died, even if you had one that passed away when you were little. I see a street that was slain prematurely. The dog is symbolic of being connected to the house you grew up in. Your life is about to take off in a direction you’ve wanted for a long time. You are about to take off in the name of Jesus.

Stomach problems are memories connected to your daddy. Power of God touches and raptures out the issues. God snatches what you can’t seem to shake……

God heals the stomach of the person with the white rug. The angel of the Lord was standing in your house and heard you and he is there to heal on another level.

I hear the name Flo or Flora he is lifting the burden of anxiety off of her shoulders.

God ’lifts the anxiety and anxiousness off of the shoulders of the person in Florida.

Mickey changes have been made. There is writing of a contract, employment or financial positioning for this person. God is creating an emotional outlet for you.

I see someone that sleeps on the floor. This is going to be the best year of your life. There is an emotional healing for you.

Marjorie is being touched in her stomach and her back.

Peeling hands God said he will peel away what you have been dealing with on this week. I will peel away obstacles just like the skin is peeling.

I see God opening up an abundance,

Every word spoken today will come immediately!! Now!!!

A S named person God is creating a door in the next 24 hours. God releases those on housing lists.


April 12, 2015

Prophetic Predictions

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.

If the letters begin your name this is for you..... first, middle or last.....

The atmosphere in which you breathe we speak.

You find the answers in John from John. There has been a shift. And John is involved.

A ....there is a shift being DIVINELY ARRANGED for you...a natural shift caused by spiritual commitment...Ashley, Adam is significant.

L.....looking from the place afar off from a window see unusual falling star.

P.....permission granted..the first TwO letters that compose the name H...A with birthday: September 5, June 5, June 9, May 7.

S.....sliding their foot into a shoe with ease you will also walk into a new beginnings with an explosion of opportunities and abundance of blessings.

H....the heart of man will experience the ultimate joy of redemption with the new birth of self from NEW EMPLOYMENT. had fish for dinner last night..there were unexpected bones in the should have been filet....unexpected series of events have challenged your the unexpected series of event disturbed the balance...they have positioned you in a place of recovery. six ways I shall deliver you..six in your social...six in your address...six in driver license ...six in ID...six in your birthday ...the sixth of the six o clock daily for the next six days... I come with keys, I come with a confirmed petition.

T.....the shame..hard times...restless sleep that had been pillow...shall be changed into a bed of Rest..he takes the shame away to provide sweet sleep ...remover to keep the vow you made to Him while you watch the dawn turn into daylight ..don't worry HE PROVIDES a strategy for your next step. the morning. Between 9 and 11 am...and 9 and 11 pm...your eyes shall see witness your ears will hear it and your mouth shall testify of the miraculous demonstration HE BRINGS TO YOUR DOOR.. What appeared to you has a challenge on Wednesday actually was a test designed to become a testimony...

A...after the rain this week you stepped into puddle of water at the bottom of the thought about going back inside to change shoes but decided not...with the same soaking of your feet by the down pouring of the rain.. Divinely God fills and replenish your life with more than enough. Listen to the "M" person ...7...4...7...1 are significant.

B....just say NO. Don't look back at negative email or will accomplish tomorrow's tasks without the help of natural hand...though you have been through the fire..the outcome is you will not smell of smoke...shame...grief...your aroma will scream victory...I hear royalties. are sitting In a place of immediate change...conditions of change because your heart was tender, you put yourself in a complicated situation ..say this I RISE!!


April 5, 2015

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.......

What I see in the spirit is infection in the nose and the upper respiratory system or sinus infection. God will cause it to be purged from the system as you breathe in and out. Swollen throat God heals

I also see a stomach infection. God heals1

There is infection in the blood. God heals.

God is pulling back the layers of our life (psyche) so we can be healed.

I see Gary a person named and the place. God touches Gary in his mind. God is being a hedge of protection around you with the Gary connection.. Do not give your keys to anyone a burglary is planned. Don’t be fooled by the smiling face.

Joseph and Joe God touches him in his finances.

I see rusty pipes finances coming to make repairs to the house. It won’t be costly for the person. Finances will be resolved as well. You will be moving.

They have been watching you. God allowed the crowd to gather so they can watch you rise!!!

The person with the checkered blanket you have been having a restless night, arguments and things have been going on. God heard you. God has sent a spirit of Rest into your home. The checkered blanket at the foot of the bed cover up with it and the Lord will give you surgery both natural and spiritual.

I see a jar of buttons as a sign that God is there with you in your house. God knows your needs. He heard you.
I hear the name Rusty. God reveals the situation. He will get promotion on the job. God needs to erase what is there and write something new.

I see the handwriting in the air with an ink pen. God hands erase and rewrites what you need to have rewritten. Don’t ask what if, only believe!! By the 9th of April, you will have evidence of the paper being rewritten.

I rise!!! The stone is rolled away!!

The person with the tooth issue, a major floodgate is opened. Not just a blessing but a Floodgate is opened.


March 29, 2015

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share.......

I’ve come for answers and the door is opened and a there is an opportunity.

I see a boil or bump that is sensitive on someone’s body. It is a sign that the Lord was with you last night and this morning listening to your conversation. If the boil is hurting you God touches the pain and it will stop and be prepared for it to burst. The pain will ease.

I see the Lord exposing situation and pulling them out of darkness. The darkness has to do with fruit connection …. Person may work at a supermarket. God exposes hidden things. God preserves peace and employment. God solidifies employment for a person that is around a grocer. God provides those things you thought were impossible.

The person wearing purple God preserves those things around your house. God touches your house in this country and across the water. I see a stomach situation being healed. A genetic thing is being broken the family won’t have t worry about demise from the same thing that took day.

I see a judge and the jury you will win the case don’t worry.

God comes in the next 48hrs with judgement, legal situations, court, and a family that has 12 children. God preserves. The angel of the Lord is coming to preserve life for the 12. Things that would happen God cancels. He cancels stomach problems illness and preserves life.

I see blessings out of season. I see a person with two sons. I am sending a blessing out of season for the two sons. The eldest child has had complications and the eldest will now have an abundant opportunity because you are here. The youngest will feel the power of God in his life as well. God says he will preserve the life of the Eldest son. God deals with the spirit of rejection in the Eldest son. God blesses your house.

God touches Joyce’s mind.

He also touches the mind and emotions of Steven and Stephen.

Wayne is being healed in his back and legs.

Craig or a CR named person is connected to a larger organization there will be a restructuring…..

Also, Gregory there will be a reconnection

I see someone with a spleen and back problem. God touches you it has to do with the burden of the house and family. The hand of God is rubbing, touching, and healing your back!

I see someone who needs to get an extension, for example, mortgage, unemployment, or court, it is done!
The shift is happening in your life there is a metamorphosis. I’m (God) sending change to your house.


March 22, 2015

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share

Remind yourself that when you step into a divine place you are on Holy ground!

This is a new season for each of you therefore you need new tools for this season. God won’t rescue you with the same tools.
Learn to speak differently. You want the Lord to deliver you in the way you want to be delivered from." Don't say Lord however you want, you can have what you say in this season.

Today the Lord will bless you according to how your voice makes a demand in the spirit.

I see all of the congregation in a waiting station or line like those people that wait at the Apple store. Just know those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. We have come for a purpose!!
The angel of the Lord is walking through this place…You Kingdom has Come!!

Jeffery is could also be a street or place. I see the person being in an emotional transition. He has a conflict with a mother figure. Isee housing needs to be changed.

I hear a Stokley or a strong St named person God touches in the back and stomach areas. God touches migraines. This is caused by is stress and sinuses.

The Shiftly named person……..

I see a stick shift something is wrong with it. It is slipping. It needs to be repaired even a forklift.

Maggie, Madeline or a Ma named person her home situation. I hear secret things God lifts depression off her shoulders. God brings resolve.

Maggie could be fighting a bipolar type illness. God brings peace to the house.

God brings peace in Memphis. There is healing in Memphis.

Beware, there is a series of snipers in Memphis and on route 57.

Today, Lord a harvest may be revealed.

March 8, 2015

Prophetic Predictions

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share

The atmosphere in which you breathe we speak.

God speaks to the heart condition and reverses what they say need to be done. In Jesus’ name the, The surgery is cancelled.

I saw a navel that was swollen in an infant. I hear the doctors say there needs to be surgery. Surgery is unnecessary, there is no tumor or hernia. This could be an adult as well.

There are some physical miracles that must happen today in the service. We are asking the Lord for a blood condition to be healed. I see bleeding that will not stop. It could be the result of a medication, It is not an organic situation, it is because of a medication you are taking. The medicine starts with an “”S.’’
I also see swollen feet this is a sign your house is being taken out of foreclosure. Expect the swelling to go down as a sign.

I see a person name that is Basil or the Ba named person. I see mental or stress issues. There is conflict with his mother. The financial struggle is being taken out the house 117 is connected. I see the last name Cummings as well.

I see a partnership with this Cummings person. God is changing your status.

The Lord is changing your status.

Do you believe in miracles?! God does not need men. All it takes is one touch from the Lord.

Tears should be for the family on today, not for yourself. God reverses the plan of the enemy on this week.

God create a door where there is no door. You are God the way maker.

Lord send the Warring angels in N, S, E, and W direction to heal my land.

Lord go from door to door, state to state and country to country everything that pertains to you God removes that which is unlike you. He changes that w

Mack or Macklemore is connected to a merging business and you will need to get an Attorney. It shall be successful. Also someone named Mack God removes all the restrictions.

I see Lucinda family is being restored.

I have a burden for you what is going on in Kina’s house. Hold back the storm!

Prepare for a new normal. You are about to soar. Get ready because people are going to hear about you. They will talk about what God is doing in your life.

Tell your neighbor I love you but I can be rich without you. There is an extreme energy of success blowing in right now. Extreme wealth is being stirred.

I see ferns being bought, and planted in a window. They are a sign that your house’s energy changes. The energy changes in and about the house.

If you are entertaining strangers that are negative. You say you are the salt that seasons the earth.

Expect the new normal.

If you let the Lord rule your house every spirit of discord will be cancelled. God will rule your house, God will give you a house you did not buy before the summers end.

I see the Louisa connection. I see documents with this name. God restores the family. The wind of God is blowing.

The Eagle flying somewhere he should not be flying is one sign, and I see a little bag of miniature hotel toiletries. The 3rd sign is a rainbow in the winter time. This is signs that everything spoke today is coming to past.

There will be a message that changes your life.

I see God resolving all things that pertain to you.

1,1 in the social security number is a sign that God is resolving you all things connected to your SS number.

March 1, 2015

Prophetic Predictions

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share

You have not walked into a usual service. You have walked into a place not just expectation but of delivery. It is time for delivery it is time to give birth. God said, ‘squat and push and keep it moving. Now is the appointed time.’ There is unusual expectation. There is a feeling we are in the delivery room. You are now standing on holy ground and the change is about to take place.

Young people know this, I see you getting pregnant. I see the one becoming two or three. Take precautions so it won’t happen.

The house that is standing in your shoes. God wants to deal with you first.

I hear the name Peaches in the spirit. She is going through some emotional issues caused by an outside stimulus. Someone is contributing to your anxiety God delivers.

Josey is going through a situation with her mom.

To the Josey that is deceased, there is a cycle in that family avoid the hostile relationship. God covers and breaks the violent cycle.

I see a clear ring that looks like glass. It is transparent ring. These hands have been trying to resolve a situation. God said, I will cause things to be cancelled. God said back up and let him take over.

God removes the limp!!

I see a child’s library and it has Jungle book, Dora the explorer. God is preparing a facility for you. There will be no funding cut, but there will be increase. Don’t look for it, it will walk up to you.

There is a cycle of abuse being broken.


February 8, 2015

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share

The Lord spoke and said He was sending the healing angels here. He has been walking through the church building. We need it for the entire tripartite man. He had a flag with a star on it. A white flag with a star on it.

It could be Jerusalem. Let’s pray for Peace over Jerusalem.
I see a flag folded up in the Jerusalem.

The season is time to come on back to church for Velma’s daughter. There is someone around the house……

Lord we need you to cancel the beef. God is a preserver of peace. God cancels the beef regarding the Family.

Those with the flags related to a person that made the transition: This is a sign there will not be a repeat. That which was dying will be turned into Peace. It will not be a repeat of a cycle trying to bring destruction to the family.

God cancels family feuds.

I see white boots.

Candy, I see some mortgage papers where someone is trying to do something regarding ….beware of the name Eagle.

I see the name Evelyn, I also see a pot burning.

I hear Saturate

Someone with the name Minion, God is being a hedge around this person.

February 1, 2015

Revelation Ministry Dr. A E Pierce

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share

There is a double portion available today.

God takes the storm out of your house. You have braved the storm.

We ask God for mercy on today. Lord the silent whispers.

I see a door and the lock is broken.

There is reward in the room.

On this year you will have so much property to sell you will have your own company. Employees working for you. There is reward for you. It will come as fast as the wind is blowing outside right now. The increase is coming quickly it will knock you down.

There is guardianship coming and you will not have to apply for it.

The universe does not forget your voice it is like a” Stir of Echoes.”

24 hour rewards in a turnaround in this predetermined course.

God remember your servant Elder Willie Sykes the “balm of Gilead,” heals the limbs. We are not afflicted.

There was a person wearing paint clothes, and someone who has a helper that helps paint. That person has a bald head or low cut with paint clothes on. Don’t hire the first person that comes along does not have good intentions. Don’t hire the familiar face.

This Pastor dreamt: “I was pregnant not with a natural baby but with a spiritual baby. You are pregnant with vision and victory.”

There was negative answer that has been aborted, you are now pregnant with the right answer.

I see a child that will be born early. It has a yes on his forehead. I see an attorney. I see 66 and 76 on the forehead of the child.

Just know Arron is going to win.

I see a person whose first name starts with a G. Just know you win.

A person with a F-name will relinquish rights. I see Frank walking in agreement.

An advocate is coming be led by the Lord.

Don’t break the baby’s legs. The Doctor suggest resetting the legs. Do not break the bones to fix!!

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday seize the moment when the opportunity presents itself. Even though it may not seem….Just say I’ll take it. When the A-named person comes take advantage of the opportunity. There is financial opportunity bursting open. Legal entitlement bursting open.

An inheritance has been released. I see treasure hidden. Alfred, Wilfred and Pickford there is release. Release in a compound name.

My reward is coming and I expect it tomorrow. The email can come tonight.

God lifts burdens that would so easily beset us.

January 25, 2015

Revelation Ministry Dr. A E Pierce

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share ........

January 25, 2015
God said tell the people, I am going to heal in the service today.

God restores the fingers and the hands. God is a miracle worker. Every corpuscle, nerve, nail and every bone let it all be restored.

Only one force can regrow your fingers, heal Cancer, and revive the connective tissues …..He’s God!

I saw Harold God puts a hedge around him. There is a spat, he needs to come back to church.

I see La Shawn’s mom walking but not fully dressed. There will not be any arrests.
I see the year 1974. Restoration for someone with this as a connection. God was standing at your bedside. You were being tormented. God said look up. There is restoration and favor for this person. God gives release. You were chosen even from your mother’s womb. There is a door open for this person born in this year. Agape is coming to your house.

The Lord sends angels to New Jersey. God sends protection to heel and guard him as he travels overseas.

If you have these 1974 or1976 numbers on your SS, checking account, and credit card God gives you an overflow and a release.

A birthday that is the 6th of the month. We are in a supernatural service. God lets the floodgates open.

There is victory in the area of Dearborn and Randolph.

There is mercy for those that signed the First Fruit List. God said the last shall be first that which you applied God moves you name to the top.

A miracle in Charleston and a release in Charleston.

A release for housing.

Those with the cherry connection I see a major seed being sown in your life. It seems to be wrapped up in something sweet. Received the seed but don’t get distracted. Don’t say a word.

By the 18th of next month, you will all the paperwork you need. Your coming out.


January 18, 2015

Prophetic Predictions

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share ........

God sent you here because you were in a struggle before you got here.

I see an asthma pump check the date. There may even be a recall on the asthma pump.

The children that have an asthma pump had stress in the womb. God causes the breathing to be regular.

I hear the name Eva. God touches her body the Angel of the Lord goes to her house. God touches her torso, I also see fluid on the knees.

I see the name Al or Alfred. I am walking up to the door. I see 50 and 55 on another door. Peace is walking up to the door.

I see someone with a broken body part being fixed.

I see the 50 going through a machine spitting out several checks from IRS. I see reconciliation with IRS or release of regular money. I see records being changed and your name going from the bottom of the list to the top of the list by Feb 5, 2015.

I see the number 55 a person running up to you. What was late catching up to you. The person has a letter in their hand. What was backed up will be released. It is running to find you. God says he has prepared a door of opportunity for you. You’ve been looking in the wrong direction. I see the word Arrow connected to the increase.
The name Erroll could also be connected.
Today, I need God to create something for me out of nothing. It needs to be dated before 9 o’clock tonight.

There is healing in coconut milk. It has to do with inflammation and indigestion.


January 11, 2015

Prophetic Predictions

He that has an Ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share ........

There are several things going on today!!

I saw the strangest thing while I was meditating, I saw a child whose heart was born on the outside of the chest. The lord is saying the child will live and not die!! Mother don’t be anxious, God gives peace.

I also see another child that was born a twin but both did not survive. God say’s you are here by divine assignment. God has brought you here so you can be totally restored. I see a T-named person, you are wearing clothes that are made of scar tissue from the grief and pain you have gone through. God will strengthen you and don’t allow no one to take your children out of town. God sends you an advocate.

We are calling in the Master on today, His name is Mystery. He is in the house on today. We need the personality of Mystery to enter into the house. Cast down your imaginations……..

This represents that God has stepped into your house and the cycle is broken.

I see someone who was unable to speak when they were born and was unable to speak. I see that was a sign that God see’s the tormenting thing going on to you he is loosing your tongue so you can stop asking other‘s to do what God should do for you. God sends an advocate even in a legal situation.

Bonnie is being touched and healed.

I see someone that has water on their knees.

Claim this is your year.

I heard arguments on the second floor. Don’t argue leave that alone. Peace like a river.

January 4, 2015
I saw Brandon or Brandy running and in trouble. God shall cover them so there will not be hostility around them. I see ducking and dodging. Brandy is being covered from stalking. Both need to stay under the umbrella of God’s safety.

I also see transition for Brandy, and I see some emotional and psychological things happening. God’ eyes are everywhere.

I also heard the name Charlotte needs to have her mind and emotions touched. I also see an H-named person connected.

In 2015, don’t let be pull you into a mess. Don’t agree with them and be pulled into a net.

I hear the number 1971,

What I saw upstairs is a ranch with horse and cows. I see something in the ground that is being feed to the cows. God will cover his people so there will not be a problems.

Montana, Colorado, and Missouri I see storms coming in that area.

Also two top restaurants will be exposed for feeding patrons horse meet.

I see 1971 being significant concerning age, documents, or a life transition. I see paperwork signature requirements.

I sending an Angel of Mercy to New York in Time Square, the Marriott. I see a huge cloud over that area.

The 11th of the month is significant to all that are here. Paperwork being signed and the birth of new things.

January is a month of transition.

God touches Brenda in the upperpart of her body.

God is breaking the genetic tie that causes heart problems.

God is changing things that happened on the 11th and in January. God changes thing so that you can have peace and reconciliation.

I see someone in a hut, house or store. You go in to buy something in the front and go out the back. It could even be a trailer. It could be down south. I see the store bring robbed. Find another store to go to.

Do not go to the corner store or anywhere on Madison. I see a robbery and red tape.

I heard the name Merriweather I heard irregular heart palpitations.

I see a Cathy or Karen waiving their hand in the spirit. Tell her family that there is a hedge around the family. There is a spirit of mercy needed.

Jill is being touched in her mind. God will cause her to be in peace.

God said, if you trust in me I shall bless you in a way you did not know before. Money will never be a problem.

December 28, 2014

Reveal to me on this week; signs and wonders shall follow them that believe.
The next Prophetic Portion of the First Fruit will be called tomorrow. The lord said it happens tomorrow Monday, Tuesday even tonight the eye of God is Alpha and Omega. God goes and make the crooked places straight and the rough places smooth.
Signs and Wonders Tomorrow:
I heard the word sandalwood let that be a sign that what is being spoken is for you. It means it is a shift in your life.
Also, a conversation about a knee replacement this represents a shift in your life.
I see a person with scars inside their hands. I looked inside their hands and said take all that I have.
These all will be signs of shifts or your season is changing. Someone will extend their hand the blessing coming from a scarred hand. It is someone that wouldn’t normally come. They have double L’s in their hand… Lela or Lala…….just say you will take it.
On Tuesday, I see a stalled Tractor Trailer on 355 the shift is changing you are being moved in the right direction.
I hear an explosion on Wednesday, wherever the fireworks are cancelled there is a possible international threat.
If you believe in miracles this is what God is saying Creation today I will speak to you of things that are not formed of any preexisting materials. Everything spoke today shall have …….I shall form from nothing and cause a change to happen in your life. As you speak let there be. It shall come together from nothing the no shall become yes the invisible shall become tangible. “I am God I cannot lie.”

I hear the name Burnie or Bernard see white decorations, table clothes, or a white crock pot there is a request being granted. A place where that is a white tablecloths. God has a miracle with your name on it in terms of financial release. It happens tomorrow.

I see the butter being left out God says that is how I am going to melt hearts.

I heard the name Christina, Christopher and Chris there is mind change or decisions changing around them. I see a picture on the wall standing by a construction site or involved in the military. God is changing his mind set.

God said I am going to give answers to questions you were afraid to ask.

I hear the name Ed, and I see legs with complications there needs to be some healing in his emotion. This is a sign your standing in the midst of a major shift.

I see a finger lost and replaced, this is a sign of a major shift.

Henry and Henrietta says I am in the house there is a electrical short.

Also, God covers the bother named Henry he needs to change his associations especially from the one in the dark car.

God said, “Let there be and it was.” Don’t ask for restoration but create new for me.

I see a person that has an “I” in their name, and I also see a music connection. Also 5 and 7 is significant.

Also, a person with a birthmark on their face season changing.

The mortgage is being cancelled.
Rose, Rosemary or Rosie the Angel of God is stepping into your environment creatively write what must happen tomorrow. Let there be and it was!!!

These are signs and wonders for those that are about to have a shift in their seasons in a major way. Tomorrow is real close……

December 21, 2014
Let us know if this number is significant.
I heard the name St Anthony’s at 20th or 21st street. God covers around that hospital and around that street. God also covers those that have 20 in their address.
Candy, there will be resolve by the 26th of the January regarding property with 20 in the address concerning

I see 17th street I see the hand of the Lord covering the house. Someone is lurking around that location. God will arrest both he and the accomplice. Watch for the police. Also, the peace of the lord is standing in front and back of your doors. I see anger issues but God will quiet them. No conflict no crisis, Cause God said so!!

Is there anyone that is 10 years old lift your hands. You are going to be really happy because sometime.
I saw people fighting. I saw things being thrown. Someone with cream or white colored pillows on the sofa.

You should know the children are under attack. We need God to protect our houses. Pour out God anointing through oil on every single child.

29th of the month God be a hedge around the tripartite man.
The 12th of the month there is a blessings.

Someone connected to the word Mercy watch out for needles. Mercy could be a sick hospital. There are not properly disposing hazardous stuff. It is in the walls. I see someone stuck with a needle.
The vision in the eye. God touch the eyes. The eyes have more than one significance.
The snake bit more than one. It could be happening now the snake represents the evil eye. It represents manipulation but it will be exposing the snake before the end of the year. The snake represents exposure, evil eye I will expose the spirit behind the eye. It is deception and manipulation. The may have recently been to the eye doctor, lost a contact and you had the conversation. You asked what have I done to you and they said nothing, but they are not with you, they are lying. Their name starts with a D and was born in the 10th month.

They are connected to going to meeting with you this person is a snake. The numbers 3, 5, 8 is also connected to a snake personality. They also have a blood condition high or low blood pressure. I hear conversations. Also, the family is on dialysis is connected to the snake. The sign to help identify the snake personality are 457, 571, 026.

There is a transfer to you between now and the end of the year. There is a shift in your life. There is nothing anybody can do to stop it. God has dispatched warring angel on your behalf.

God said, for the duration of the service scream I’m coming out and for the exodus holler Exodus. God, said he will dry up all your debt.

December 14, 2014

The hand of God appointed us to be here at this time. I see the Dunamus power here now. Each of you has the flint inside of you. A power only God can ignite! It hears the pulse and the beat of your heart. It also makes you a power of attraction. Those things you need to have happen. Think it not strange the fiery trials you’ve been going through.

Take out your basket and receive what God has for you.

Some of us have Jonah situation going on. Just know the whale is about to spit you up. Jonah made a one day journey in 3 days. Expect yours by the end of the year. Your progress is being accelerated.

God said, what you need has been in front of all the time. You’ve been blinded by your own understanding.
Your miracle has a dance card with your name on it. God says He will bless you in front of everyone.

I see the color purple and tell that person I am breaking the curse out of your DNA. God is coming aggressively.

Remember God’s name is Jealous. From now into the end of the year there will also be chastisement. You have been knocking on the wrong door. You can’t lay your head in my bosom, and then spend your time with someone else.

Remember you wrestle not against flesh and blood.

I see shadows standing by the door. It was a place with wooden doors and wooden floors. It looked the doors had a 4 and a 9. It was peeking in. There was folding door with mirrors on it. It represent a replication of the real thing. What happened before will want come to happen again. Don’t open your door to this shadow. The shadow represents a spirit that was there before and was out. Same spirit different face. It is a dark place. God will not let you be defiled or destroyed.

I see Berry with a peace in his mind.

I see a field of trees someone living near a Forest Preserve God is giving gifts two by two.

God blesses Carl’s family

God gives Joyce peace.

The test that Byron is going through God brings him out.
I see someone with burnt fingers. They have a broken heart. God heals the brokenness.
A miracle for Burnie’s house.

Kay transition and moving out of the state.

Ken a miracle is connected to the family.

A miracle around a Shack.

Peace for Emil and Emily.

Obed everything that was held up will be released by Friday. Don’t tell everyone and don’t give it away.You will never have lack again.

December 7, 2014
Pick up your weapons and fight!! Use the weapons God has given you. You have been in a hand to hand combat. The Lords said, “I am sharp as iron, and Iron has to hand out with iron. Eagles hang with eagles. Allow the iron to be sharpened by the iron. You’ve been hanging out with the wrong folks. Stop carrying the dead on your back. Step over the wounded and live!!

We have natural rights and spiritual rights! Before you go out, march and get focused, then when you march the voice of the Spirit will speak to the atmosphere. Don’t talk loud saying nothing. God don’t want no coward soldier. You need to be skilled!

I saw a snake and the snake was coiled in your steps. That means it was hiding in your shadow. So, it would strike once you move. The number 356 is connected.

Val, there is deception around you. But you don’t have to fight. God will expose the enemy. Everything will be cancelled out. Before ….you don’t have to wear Saul’s clothes. I, God am with you always. Don’t fight the same way the snake fights. You can’t trust friends or family.

God touches the Logan family. The internal organs need a miracle. I see the Lord, there is a left side situation as well. Go read healing scripture.

Do not let the anger flare up on the 9th God gives a positive outcome.

Dave and Daniel the healing wind goes to them.

I see a bleeder. God heals you.

I see a miracle hidden under a porch you haven’t found yet.

A blessing for you on the 10th of this month.

I see someone that lives on or near 9th avenue. I see a curved street I see God sprinkling gold on 9th avenue. Trust God first. I want to move you can be moved before Christmas.

Posey there is a miracle being released for you.

God touches the eyes. This the month of the eyes or tabeth. You will be allowed to see the shade. God lift the shade. God will show you the shady person and the snake.

The 9th of the month will also be significant.
I see a field house connection. God said, absolutely I got you. Parents check and don’t trust the administrators or leaders of the programs. Children don’t hang out at the field house.

The shady person will have runny eyes or bloody eyes.

10th, 17th, 9th , and the 26th .


November 9, 2014

God said, “the reason why you’ve been struggling abnormally is because God is about to bless you out of the box. So, I don’t shew away the black bird (odd) it may be housing your blessing. As sure as our feet are on the burgundy rug out of the box blessings are coming!

Raven is relevant.

I see someone walking into a place with a chandelier. Every room with a chandelier represents the number of blessings that are coming. God is opening up a door.

An absolute sign of the out of the box is a sign of being out of the box!!
I see zero’s being added to the stocks.

Someone standing here is going through a metamorphosis. Your feet are taking roots where you stand.

The angel of the Lord is walking through the throne.

God is going to bless Paul. Emotional mending of the heart. Paulette as well.
Charrice and Sharrice is lifting depression from off her shoulders.

God puts the fire out for the Lockett family.

I see a string God leads you out of the box.
There are keys to a house. Receive the key to a place that you can move toward.

November 2, 2014

Raise your hands and say, "It happens this week!"

There is a blessing in interacting with someone with double letters in their name.

God is sending answers to the person with double letters in their name.

Mickey Mouse statue on your shelf – there are conversation on where
everyone is going to see eye to eye and God is sending the anointing of agreement.

There Minnie Mouse statue with polka dot dress on the shelf near a cabinet or window. God is sending the anointing of agreement to your house.

Marcie or Dorsey (Michelle) a broken key that needs to be fixed. Don’t force the key because it will snap. Have it replaced.

God is offering preventive measure today! He will turn it around in your favor.

See someone in need of a procedure done. God says, “Have no fear!” The test will give you a clean slate.

David with a tattoo on his chest (heart) God is putting a hedge of protection around you.

God say, “I am the wave!” Elohim (the Creator) has a pen and eraser in his hand and he is erasing the debt. Miracles in the waves, He is washing! Splash! Splash! Splash!

God is proving for his people!

Devon- God is healing the stomach. Revelation is coming today!

There is a fan in kitchen over the table or in the dining room, with papers and something red on the table. God is paying, changing, and reversing and forgiveness of debt.

God is walking around observing the good and bad.
October 5, 2014

I walked in and saw the people standing on the side of a mountain. As you stood there, I saw the spiritual you had climbed the mountain with expectation to be in the presence of the Lord. We are in the service today but also at the mountain side as well. The echoes of the mountain, like when Jesus climbed so his voice could be heard.

Someone whose name is Dusty needs to be touched by the Holy Ghost. They need to go higher but they have not gone to a level to hear the word of the Lord for guidance and direction.

Bring the Lord two fish and five loaves of bread. I give it to you to multiply.

I see someone who had turkey bacon for breakfast. God was in your kitchen

Laddie your mother’s energy was in the car with us, on today. She came to talk about the sister that live near Maine…… Connecticut. The condition won’t consume her life or take her out.

Someone who had diabetes or was an amputee. I see wheelchairs as well.

I gave everyone a shape of a body. This represents different diseases and ailments. The Lord revealed in the spirit certain conditions.

The angry of the amputee runs through the genetic blood line the cycle is broken. A M named person is involved

There is a healing balm in Sacramento California and also on the Sacramento Street.

Your feet have been tingling. God takes the struggle out of your financial condition this caused the tingling.

I am on the mountain and the mountain as ridges. Someone who has a problem with their feet. I see my feet are changing God is giving you hind feet. You are climbing into a spiritual place with natural feet. The valley is relative to how high you are. Maintain your lofty position.

I am walking past a package of needles. God is healing an R named person. This is for a person that lives by a mountain, a hillside, or Valley St. There are miracles around Simi Valley.

God heals from a prescription for depression. Speak, “I have perfect peace because my mind is stayed on the Lord.

Expect an unexpected call from a door that God opens for you.

330 , 233, 322, and 1030 is connected to your Miracle. God is creating for me right now.

I see water connected to every name of the list. I see water or a river on top of the Mountain to establish a base around your need.

September 28, 2014

Change is good when God does it!!

I saw a building. The building has eyes. They were watching at an individual come and go. A 3 flat, someone was looking in and someone was looking out. There is someone that is positioned.
It looks like the outsiders had a W in their name. It seems as though there is a type of surveillance. They are looking to take. Someone that has once been incarcerated. The Angel of the Lord protects and covers. The person incarcerated may be taken again. They have 32 or 23 in the SS, Cell number or driver’s license number.

Beware of the person with the S on their cap or shirt. The cap could be red. LIN person and a conversation about loaning money. There are also tattoos on the neck of this person.

God heals, sinuses, and throat and nasal issues.

September 21, 2014

We magnify the Lord today! I come that God may be magnified!

Many have been distracted on this week. You have been late on this week and your blessings.

I had a dream or vision on this week: I saw a house that if you walk into the front door you can see the backdoor. There could have even been a funeral or body in the house. I see a person with the initials W. E. that had made their transition. They’ve coming back to help reverse that thing that is in the family or house (meaning inherited diseases). There was someone standing in front of a coffin. I heard noises coming from the coffin. I heard voices coming from the coffin. Which means that the death could be reversed. Also, I see this person in the house. They’ve a fear of an inherited trait will overcome the house. Also I see a healing, fluid coming out thru draining in the night. The things you or the house fear are not supposed to happen it is not what is meant. It can be reversed as you make changes. There are changes God puts before you.

God reverses the in the family of Will or Willie, or Willaby. This includes torment.

God reverses the spirit of infirmity in the house in North Carolina.

I see a street with a liquor store on the corner and a grocery store in the middle of the block. There is also currency exchange on the corner God is turning around the stalker that is watching you.

Those that have excessive bleeding it is related to Mother. Let that spirit go.

While walking down another street going to get some medication for my stomach. Before you left home someone planned to do something to you. God covers you and protects you.

September 7, 2014

There are spirits lingering around your house. Release and rapture it out. Rapture means snatch it without your/my permission. Lord send the rapturing wind to my house.
Many are in a box God said step out of the box.
I heard the conversation you had as you shoved chips in your mouth. Experience him in a new way.
What I saw in the spirit is an inner tube. Someone that rides a bike in the street. Check the bike’s tires. God is concerned about your life. God covers and protects. Leave the bike along right now.
The children should use sanitizer at school there is something airborne.
Oliver or Olivet it is a school.
I see children being inappropriately touched.
I see Clara and Clarisse having migraines or head problems.
Also Caroline a a emotional and psychological condition.
I also am sending the Angels to the Carolinas and God touches that person in the wheelchair.
I hear conversations about a tumor. We ask the Lord. God touches and raises it up.
The person that drinks the alka seltzer water for a stomach ailment. God reveals the source of the issue.
I see a 12 year old child that sees through a dark hole, but God touches him.
I see an advocate and the Lord representing you on tomorrow.
I heard Mother Yancy God touches in her body.
God expose what is going on at the school called Olivet.
Gurnee god send the Angels to protect in that place.

I see a 12 year old in a dark place. It was a significant transition time

The Angel of the lord is cancelling out pain in the body. The Lord is the pain killer on today. God strengthens you.

August 3, 2014  

Words spoken today shall happen expeditiously.  There shall be no delay

God shall redeem time those things that was lost.  I see residual income.  Think it not strange that I have allowed  your increase to  be delayed.  I shall increase your coming in and going your going out.  I have put your faith on trial. 

I see longitude and latitude…….

I see the Ebola Virus and yes it is airborne.

God said you shall see the strength of his hand on this week.  Don’t worry about the no’s you have received.  He said he will cause you to fall in love with him on this week.

I see bulls and oxen running through a green field.  The field was full grown corn stalks and sugar cane.  It represents your field.  Beware of covetousness those that may desire to come and take what you got.  This represents the possibility of increase or total devastation.  Grasp the opportunity or it can go to waste.  Recognize the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. 

Do not eat meat or beef in New Jersey.  Also, be conscious of the bridge and avoid accidents.  God covers east coast relationships.  There is something in the earth(contamination in the feed)cook well done beef.

I see another outbreak in India.

There is also an outbreak in the states it has happened the government has not told us yet. 

I see the eyes and horns of the bull.  There is someone watching and looking almost like a stalker. 54 and 74 is significant. 

God sends his angels to Texas to avoid stomach issues. Housing in Texas will be restored.

Something left behind God touches Steve, Steven, and Stephen.  They have a L name linked,7400 west God covers and protest…..

God has already given Lyric grants and jobs.  Shrug it off no matter what they are saying. 

I see working hands someone that has calluses or cuts in their hands.  5+4= 9+6=15

6915 there is a blessing to those that live around 69th street.

I’ve seen my warring angel in

I see a fortified wall around each of our houses keeping the blessings from coming through, but today he has sent his strength to secure what is required finance, transportation and peace of mind.

I see someone being watch by a lover that was protected. 

July 27, 2014

What I see is the 5th or May and also a 3 in the date. God has a blessing for you going into your yesterdays and making changes to affects your today.  God heals on the 3 levels. 

I see allergies someone who cannot eat chocolate.  God touches their stomach.  I also see a rash.  God delivers!

You had a baby with Colic the Lord is standing by the child reversing appetites.  

All is well with Christina’s baby!

I see paperwork I see the number 23 or the 23rd of the month.  I see 2 or 3 children.  I see deliverance in your house.  God say’s yes even though man say’s no.  Also you Son will be delivered in his digestive system as he forgives his Dad.  Also, God delivers acid reflux.

July 20, 2014

Today is a miracle day. 

God is given as a divine blessing and he will give it to the 17th hours, at 5pm every day this week.  This week a negative situation will be changed in our favor left hand right side blessing.

I see someone being called into the office at work, conversation about letting you go, they’re warring angels encamped about you.

There are documents being rewritten at Mt. Sinai.  The hierarchy is changing.  Just for you. An R named person whose  birthday is in July is involved.  Beware of the liar/Lion spirit.

I see East Indian person coming and being a blessing.

Be careful how you entertain conflict.

I see film and TV , God is going to make you great.

God is blessing through social media.

I see someone choking be careful  feeding and eating.  This person also has swollen tonsils and thyroids.  God touches!

I see a throat with spots, “no more  swelling,” said the Lord. 

Everyone here looks like a millionaire it is already on our face...

I see the state of Virginia and someone "B", that name.  You are being protected. God puts a hedge around Virginia.  Beware of the well water in Virginia.

Affirm:  "I will not question what God will have me to do"! 

God has made promises to you, and He is saying, "I will do it."

The angel walking around said,  He will make their faith jump from mountain top to mountain top.

It is time for my promotion...  You have been passed over before.  There is a Left hand, right side blessing.

A contract will be written in my favor.

Someone with a 11th, 17th and the 14th God is stepping into our life and saying calm down Boo.  If you don’t have words to say, just say "hum".  There is opportunities on these day and there are things being rewritten.  Don’t go back to the golden calf, Egypt...Don’t be a slave again. 

My blessing is going to be like a domino effect, starting right now. 

The oldest child is a type of a redeemer.

God touches Allen in his mind.  They are psychological things going on.  God touches from emotional issues... like depression.

God send a miracle to the Trailer.  Provisions start now.

Sherice is being healed.

Lori and Laura are her mind and house is being healed

I see construction and working with cement blocks... do it quickly. 

Today ever word spoken today will be like God is branding you.

March 4th the blessing for God’s people on these dates.

April and May this is high energy this week. 

God touches Adrain and Mother Mary.   

July 13, 2014

The lord is in His holy temple. 

I feel stomach issues and dizziness.. God is healing.

I saw what looked like flesh being birthed from the air or atmosphere. It looked like a baby with no skin.  This entity was coming out of the air, when someone tried to catch it they could not hold on to it.  It was slippery.  This suggest a spirit of abortion.  It also suggests some airborne bacteria in the atmosphere. It looks like an amoeba.  It doesn’t resemble anything but an alien.  God covers and protects.

I see this thing alive in the air.   I hear a threat.  I see something in the lungs that looks like an octopus.  It is trying to rip apart the lungs...  God is the deliverer. 

I see an airborne bacteria in the hospital, but those that work and visit the hospital will be covered.  Be careful and pay attention to sanitation.  I hear a warning about bacteria from Asia. 

I had a vision, of someone sitting at the foot of a twin bed the end of the bed was so close you couldn’t open the door without bumping their knees.  The door was open but they didn’t not take advantage of the door being opened for a limited amount of time.  The opportunity was lost.  God said you can’t move in your own time.  The person on the bed turned into a monster/vampire.  You failed to move and your destiny changed. You were dealt with harshly because the opportunity was obvious. 

Those sleeping on a twin bed it represents depression. Someone close to you is trying to influence you they want to devour you.

God is moving for us in this season fight!!

God is canceling out that which could be repeated.  No more cycles. 

July 6, 2014

I am here that God may undo my current situation.

I walked in here with sutures in my hands the tools of a physician. God goes into the body to heal several organs.  God heals the hands today the peeling and hurting hands.

There is a stranger in town so, that your organs may be healed and touched.

The Lord said, “He will undo a current situation that seems to threaten you financial situation, and an organic complication.

The Lord reverses damage done from migraines. 

God heals irregular breathing. . .God is available to heal you.

God delivers from irregular heart beat.

God pours healing into your neck onto your throat and your neck. I see nodules on the throat as well. “Moma issues" are involved with the knots. 
Blood is not flowing properly to your limbs. God heals before it gets worse. 

I see a blood clot it won’t return.  God massages your heart and legs. God touches the cold feet and hands.

I see a genetic condition that has to do with … there is a surgical anointing in this place today……

The foot complications…

There is healing in the bone, head, face, and stomach.  The hand of God touches...

God said, “I am going to do what they thought could not be undone.”

The children are under attack and keeping secrets.

A secret relationship will be exposed...Young people let it go. 

My change has come!!!

What does Plymouth mean? A secret relationship will be uncovered an engagement is connected with a person with a "St", name.

June 29, 2014

I’m here on purpose.  I need to make sure I have the proper tool. I don’t have a butter knife situation.  Remember, Ezekiel had a dry bone situation.   Prophesy to the wind and watch God create. 

I see in the spirit these things. I see a situation in someone’s house with things being cut off.  I go upstairs into a family house.  Things threatened to be disconnected, these things won’t be disconnected.  God will cause you to prosper, there is an abundance prepared for you. 

There is a symbol of a bailout.  A seal or symbol that will be a bail out. A government symbol, a lion, checks monies…

A condition that causes the skin to peel, this is a sign.  Is a result of something else, and cried softly into a pillow.  I see you stumbling over something you left in the floor.  God said to you think it not s trange…. I have brought you out. There’s is another piece. You will never be in financial problem and always have abundance.  God said, someone said something and got on your last nerve.  God said I am delivering your house. 

God said to tell you what would happen is not going to happen.  I see some charges won’t happen.

God touched Miriam in her house.

I see arthritic hands God sends the hand of God to relieve the hand. 

I see principalities (angels) in here, they are  locals...   It represents the bloodline.  Spirit assigned to attack your families. 

I see a 12 year old child being spared.  God reverses it. It is connected to a "W" name.

I see healing balm on the altar, and preservation.

The power of God is walking around the room, here in the sanctuary.

I see someone that just broke their glasses, a sign.  God has seen the transition that you're going through....  You will make more money than you ever have.

Emotion healing for Ben and Benjamin... The Lord sees you.

Eva is being touched in her mind and emotions... God is healing.

The Haddock family,  God heals them of the sudden family situation.

Someone with a pin cushion, their house will go through a transition. 

Helen’s house is under attack... God heals.

God cancels the storm for the "C" named family before it happens. 

God cancels the storm before it happens, even that person who almost slipped today.  

Affirm:  "I’m here on purpose. . . I’m sitting in the lap of luxury"

June 22, 2014
I see your fighting against principalities, numbers 112 , 202 or 122 are significant.  I see this address on a house.  I see bloodline conditions.  There is a spirit going back and forth.  I see a demonic spirit trying to find a way inside, but the warring angel is protecting the house.   Someone going back and forth living downstairs wanting to take something the name could start with a “J.”
Also, someone living some place temporary, they could have keys. The name could be Juanita It seems as though they're watching for more than one thing.  The Angel of the lord is watching your house. 
I see genetic behavior attaching themselves to many here today. 
I see in the spirit...  I saw a “weeping statue” it had blood coming down.It looked like a parent not being able to do what she needs to do. The tears were connected to the mother.  She is throwing a lifeline out to you.

I see the pain lifting from the bosom.

I see a checkerboard object.  You are about to grow.  God is pulling out things that were held up yesterday.  God’s turning no’s to yes!  God is throwing all with this checkerboard pattern a lifeline.  Many have been asking, "what do I  do in the meantime?"  God said, “Don’t be scared.”

God sprinkles new things around the house.

Someone whose last name is "Minor" having their house restores.

I see someone running, running, running away.  The name starts with a J-A-C-K……it is time for your change! I see someone watching your house...

Someone name Jack there is peace around his mind. Jack’s kids are about to get a blessing

God heals ear aches.

I see something with Creek, Valley and Rivers in the name.

I see Jonathan’s house being delivered.
God heals from mental illness. 

I see someone with salt and pepper shakers. They are both in the same bottle. Throw it out. It represents others having influence over and in your life...  Rebuke the subliminal message!

I see magnets on the refrigerator.  The angel of God...

Someone with a Mickey Mouse menagerie,a sign... God is making a change in your household. 

I hear arguments and conflicts this morning...  God said, you won’t have to go back to that.

June 15, 2014

We are sending the angels of the Lord to Mercy Hospital pouring the oil into her body and allow her body to remember perfection.  This service is dedicated to healing and every “yes,” is being sent up to the healing God. 

There is an anointing of increase following from this Pastor. 

There is a stirring in the spirit.  A mini-hurricane around each of us. We are in an emotional place in our psyche.  The whirlwind is not a whirlwind it is a cocoon.

I see 777 in the address, on a door and a gate.  The house in these places, the furniture is changing.  A spiritual metamorphosis is happening in this house. There is a miracle in this house.  God releases finances in this house.

God touches and heals Brandon.  I see this Brandon... God lifts the burden from his shoulders.

God detaches us from the “wilderness people” so we won’t wander and miss out on the Canaan blessing. 

God sends a bailout to Wanna...  You won’t have to explain it to nobody.

I see someone with “super”, connected to it. 

Everything to the “left of the picker or plucker” I will give you, say the Lord God. It is associated with property and transitioning.  He will divinely give you what is connected to the house.  I see God lifting the altar up. God lifted the check book and now you’re picking stars.  God is raising you up so fast.

(10-2 9+4 2+8) 813 South 10th this house belongs to an accountant.  Also could be
August 13th. 

Someone who was balancing their check book on today, a sign... There is a financial wind blowing into your checkbook.  It will happen quickly. 

Schiller, you are lifted above the darkness...  There will be an overwhelming opportunity.

10/8/ 73

There is something delayed catching up with you.  It will be a snow balling balance. 

4/6/9 all ties to your Social Security Number, God is about to be clear.

10th a blessing

There is a Miracle at the location 127.

“I know why the caged bird sings,”...   God is in charge. 


God is restoring the MacAfee family.

I see someone pricking their finger for a blood test.  Their results will be normal.

There is a bell in the middle for someone to enter into your house.

I see a locket with a picture on it, a sign.  The Lord is giving this person the golden touch. 

Pastor say’s, I see a picture of a man in a uniform standing near a Calvary. 

June 8, 2014

The word for the month of savant the word means bricks, and water waning.  I see bricks falling.  I see an Angel of the Lord coming from a high place down almost like a philanthropist giving.  I see bricks falling.  This savant word is good for the next 30 days.

“Hands,” God is saying I am sending hands.  I see bricks needing to come down.  Replace, said the Lord.  God will provide divinely.  You won’t need money. 

I hear a 120 day house acquisition.  Some need a 30 day acquisitions.  

This is the season where the flood waters are waning and pacing.  I had a vision of people pacing at what looked like the impossible, others wanting what others had envy and coveting.  All they had to do was look up they didn’t.  You must be the one. 

Don’t drink the water drink bottled water. 


The 9th month I see people walking around with anxiety in their head.  I see a spiritual consciousness.  You may have to purge out the personality. There are sleepless nights and indigestion for the person in the 9th month.

I see the symbol of Raphael.  There things happening someone whose name id Florence or Flora. 

I see worms in the cans like tuna fish, don’t eat canned fish.


March the 9th there is deliverance. 

On the 23, of this month there will be documents rewritten.  God is raising up an advocate that will speak for you and be a mouthpiece. 

A blessing for Esther, a E named  and A named person.

There is transportation coming in the next 120 day span. 

God erases records don’t fall back. 

  June 1, 2014

There is something stirring in the spirit realm, and we are going in to pull out.  The stirring will not take a long time to manifest.

I see double numbers up and down a street. I see 99 with bells (resolution by Christmas) on it.  I see a Temporary ID it is connected to a miracle.    Access is granted!! I see an opportunity you are not qualified to take, just say yes.  What is connected to the opportunity is divine intervention.

If the 99 is on your phone the call is coming through by Tuesday.

If the 99 is on your SS ……

Esau is a miracle child.

There is a living stream flowing into my house. 

I see 66 I heard some stuff on your street.  SS numbers are cleared.

Many need to purge their environment, people around you are a hindrance because they remember the old you, but the new you is soaring!

Walking down another street entering the basement from the front.  They’re are children and cleaning solution that should be removed to prevent them from getting into toxic cleaners.

God touches Raquel and Rachel miracles for your emotions and mind.

I see a C named person trying causes conflict and the case goes another way.  God say’s no sweat.

God pours abundance into your houses.

The person with the long scar abundance is poured into your life.  Everything will turn out in your favor.

Meagangastric situation is healed.


Sue should not go to the house with the fence and broken lock.

Meade  you shall have what you write……

Someone with the a love one in rehab center so those that are there will be healed completely.


May 18, 2014

We need to know that the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much.  
God exalts you quickly because of your obedience.  Take you thumbs out of your mouth.
I heard the name Consuela’s.  Her children are in an adoptive environment.  The children will be delivered from a abusive environment.  These are children living around Addison on the north side.
If you have a gun in your house get rid of it.  Ask God to move you.  I see three numbers that add up to 9 on the house.
I see someone who needs shoestrings.  Your pathway is being changed and God is making it straight. God will show the open door in positive a way.  No confusion.  
I see someone who carries a needle in their pocket.  God reverses a report you got.  He turns it around in your favor. 
I see someone with a nosebleed.
Someone that give shots with a needle beware of the shots.  Something in the shots have not been sanitized.  Check the paperwork so you don’t have a reaction. 
Early but full term …….I will give an early delivery of what was spoken today. Yesterday will catch up with me.  Even if it is carried for 4 hours it will be full term…..(dreams, seed, miracle) God shortens you wait.
The 26th of the Month there is financial opportunity for the J named person.
There is a Miracle coming out of your past for Vonn or Vaughn.
There is increase all over the buildings…….
A Head or Ruler is finding favor with you!!
As my name is read the giants fall.   Everything you apply for will be
subsidized by the Holy Spirit.
May 11, 2014

I was looking in someone’s house that had stain glass windows, (could be a peel on) there is a child being preserved. The address is around 64th street. There’s a lot of yellow in the house.  I see the initial M.  God is preserving the household.  There may have been violence in the house at some point.  God heals.

God brings an unexpected financial miracle in 2 days to those present in the sanctuary.  This represents a financial overhaul in your houses.

The spirit of the Lord is going into the houses today.  Your financial position just changed God is restoring things.  Let the tears be intercession.  The unexplained shall be done in our houses on today. 

Those that have to move don’t worry about the money.  God has a relocation plan for you. 

I see a Mercy hospital  connection those working there I see increase around those working in the hospital. God lifts weights from those connected.  I see healing in the lower parts.

There is some emotional detachment that needs to be reconciled in Zachary’s heart concerning mother. God lifts the burden.

The healer is running through the Mercy Hospital.

God heals the lower parts of a female no surgery.
Claude and Claudia I see a mental struggle within God heals.

God touches the  Hernandez person .

God touches Mable in her legs.

There is healing in the upper parts for Dottie.  I see fluid buildup and a need for purging.

Marcellus, Marcie and Marcella healing and reconciliation in relationships. 

Someone who cannot hear well or needs a hearing aid the spirit of infirmity in being healed in the house. 

I see someone with a flag in the house, God is paying off debts. The healer will step into your house. 

God covers the son with the heart problem and the fear of dying from matters of the heart. 

Someone with varicose veins you will not be crippled those varicose veins and from going to heights. You need to soar forward.  You are being delivered from hindrances. 

I see rapists hanging around the school doors. They are luring children away from the school.  Beware Parents!

May 4, 2014


Lift your hands and say never again!! Believe what you say.  I see a spirit of manipulation that has been looking in your window.  This spirit has been speaking contrary to the Word of God.  Make up in your mind never again. Don’t give ear to this, you may say Amen. 

I see someone that sleeps next to a closet, something pink is right there in the closet.  The Angel of the Lord is right there answering your Why question.  God will give an answer by tomorrow at 10 o’clock

I see someone that has the name Grant or you are working under a grant.  There is a house in jeopardy around them this house will be sustained.

The elderly person is connected to the grant, and was in the house with her daughter.  There is a genetic connection to a heart problem. I see a tube in the chest.  Have no fear. 

I see a contract with 16 on it, and by the 16th of the month a contract with a 16 on it will be a blessing to your house.  Beware of the haters.

God gives you a blessing for those that the 16th  is relevant to……

There is a connection to something with a B on it.  It will be a blessing and it will catch up to you. 

God takes the shame away! 

I see a connection to Monument.  I see a door opening up that will bring an increase.  Just sign the papers.  Receive a major increase. 

Neal and Nelson are being healed. 

I see real dire situations in the lives of the people.
Don't cut the budget for sterilization at the Hospitals there is a superbug on the way.  This will thwart quarantining entire hospital wards.    Beware, currently sterilization not being done properly in some hospitals.