These words of Wisdom, Knowledge and Edification are for:
"He that hath an ear let him hear".
The prophecies here are effective in your life according to your level of belief.
The Spirit of the Lord has given Dr. Lewiw the ability, that allows her to minister to the masses.
These things have already happened in heavenly places, therefore from this "prophet and seer,"
she is reading a script that has already been written in heavenly places.
Take heed to those things that pertain to you and your loved ones...
for as you read the passages these words become applicable to your life.
If you read a word of prophecy that applies to someone that you know, be compelled to carry it forth.
(The prophetic Words that you will read below, are given by Dr. Pierce during services on the dates listed.)
Take these thing serious!
God has sent His "REVELATOR"  
With life on her lips to bless, warn and inform His people about the past, present and what is yet to come.
"See the manifestations and BELIEVE!"

~ * ~
March 1, 2020

- Individuals who don’t have a desire to eat give them a mind to eat.

- Those without a will to live even on hospice give them a will to live.

- Before the rain the Lord told us the plague came, God put us in "Goshen".
- Don’t be out of alignment in hearing even for your own understanding. God’s chosen people were kept covered even though the plaque was across the river. No plague will come nigh your dwelling.

- Consumption of insects come with disease. DO NOT consume locust.

DO NOT eat Salmon, there is a bug attacking the genetic type of Salmon. Ask the Origin of the Salmon “Swiss or harvested Salmon DON'T EAT...  Ask where it is coming from.

- Get a filter for your water, DON'T trust bottled water either. There is invisible amoeba’s flowing thru the water.

DON'T EAT MEAT that has NO BONE in it.

- I also saw acid rain.

- Make your own baby food, this is warning before destruction.

- I see someone‘s liver that has “white polyps” on it, they will disappear the next time you go the doctor it will be gone. God cause them to be dissolved. A SIGN will be a bloody discharge.

- Wellness for Michael, every breath you take is a healing breath.

- The Lord showed me feet, those that hurt and are sore. The Lord said, the essence of God’s healing glory has entered into your feet. There shall not be any issues concerning your feet.

- God heals an ulcerated stomach.
“Lord you are all we have, we give ourselves to you completely. Let your grace abide
in every single person that takes medication.”
- We pray for "John"
- We pray that God heals "Ashley’s" mind.

- The Seer see’s "blood" water, it is drying up as you read this Word!

- Someone called "Queen" is being touched.

- I see someone giving me gold on this week.

- Don’t let no one tell you what’s not in your hands.

September 22, 2019

There are 3 parts to a medication, it prepares the body to receive it make a square hole round, Step2 now it can receive it, Step 3 after 4 hours the medication is released from the body repeat the cycle. The perversion must exist for the meds to work. So there are side effects due to the fact the meds is not normal or perversion. There is no one size fits all.

But theirs is one pill, and that’s let the sick say I am well.

Drink lemon water!

I saw a sheep being chopped up. What does a lamb come from sheep? Do not eat lamb chops. They are feeding them feed with maggots.

It could represent the people of God digesting words you should not digest.

A Judas Goat is a diversion to lead you down the wrong pathway. They create negativity.

I see poison in a needle, the needle are outdated. Check the date before you use the needles.

Purge out your old meds.

Expose all our enemies, See the deception before the conflict crosses the threshold.

I hear the word Frog, and I see a Frog picture or painting. God exposes, and removes every obstacle out of your way. You don’t have to say anything. Every spirit of deception. Liars and manipulators are exposed. They get out of the way. It is a sign.

I can see God doing a switch in your life! I perceive in the spirit there has been a waring angel dispatched just for you.

The spirit of the Lord is saying the last shall be first.

Carlos and Carla God puts as hedge around the house, and the C named person has violence in her house. God exults and blesses him.

Prepare for a change there is a shift going on in your life. You are not by yourself. Every step you take I ordered it.

The next step I make shall be the greatest step I make in my life
September 15, 2019

In this week I witness something concerning my son that was so heartbreaking, and in all that it still not a sacrifice to be here doing the work of the Lord.
Be in the presence of God on purpose!

I saw in the spirit,

God said I am coming quickly

I see a body that retains water. They say it is because of your heart, but it is not. The water retention will start depleting it was just a heart.
I’m sending you a Pharaoh, someone with one signature that can change your life.

I see numbers going backwards, meaning I will make the last first! 10, 9,8 it is starting for your life.

I see a bolt of lightening on someone’s paperwork. It’s a sign, and also God telling you how quickly he will bless you.

As you turn, your vantage point will change. You are not fighting against others but yourself. Say the right things at the right times. I see the number 792= 18….god use the numbers as a sign to guide you. I see documents =being served and being filled out.

I see a government on paperwork, with a government seal.

I see Boston and God protects and serves in Boston. There are changes that are about to occur. Matters of the heart.

I see 792 at 8:30 on tonight.

October the 9th as a birthday or a time of completion. Your connection to this is not over yet. It is not dead yet. There are other things that shall rise up.

There is a time of completion and resurrection.

January 9th God will reveal

God will change the time for you, operate on a different dimension.

There is a positive change for Timothy.

God is opening up doors with your name on it. Like a glass slipper only your feet will fit. Just you!

The next production in my life I am going to be the star of the show.
September 1, 2019

- There has been a real spirit of interruption on today.

- God said everyone under the sound of my voice I am throwing him out a lifeline. Three separate ways. I shall cause the "Emotional" self that has been disturbed on this week. I shall throw out a life line.
- You shall get a text from these numbers 737, and 947.
- I will remember your malfunctioning organs and cause them to work properly.
- Wednesday by 4:00 I will place you were you thought you’d never be.

- This stranger has been talking about the one that has just your credentials. This person walks like you, talks like you. They have a shoe for you to wear. The favor of God has been stamped in your forehead.

- I hear the name "Rause, or Rouse" I hear this name in the Spirt.
- This Wednesday I am going to be set up, said the Lord. The Word does walk.

- I will send the "quickening" on tonight, will you ask for a bread and I give you stone, said the Lord?

- The crown on Wednesday shall lead you. You will see a crown and it will be your sign that everything spoken is done.

- I see 7, the 7th child, month, day, or a family with 7 children. I shall cause a resurrection in the reunion of the family. God will reconnect before it is too late. That family as they reconnect bodies will be healed.

- God is going to reconcile the person that has the 7 children in the family. God said that he will reconcile the #7 so it can be reconciliation in you. God removes sorrow, anxiety, and God makes you rich. God put a hedge around you and preserves you and your destiny.

- Do not attend any pop ups, adults or young people.

- The people in the 7th month my beloved. Be fruitful and I shall multiply you 7x7. God has placed you in a realm that shall not be denied you.

- God steps in to your life and interrupts what you thought you was going to do. It’s time for your elevation.

- I see a waterfall in the room where the waterfall is , I hear the conversation on transitioning.

- When you see the "CROWN" we will know that things are happening expeditiously.
- Ephraim and Manasseh blessing is happening. Where someone else was supposed to get it, the Lord switches it. You will be elevated not them.
- God is doing something unusual on today because the children are going back to school. It will deal with the bullying, shootings, and anxiety.
- There is a Benjamin person fighting depression and hopelessness. God lift the spirit of rejection. The spirit of a fetus that brought grief to Benini. The Angel of peace is being sent to Benjamin.
- Beware of your conversations.
- There is a "CROWN" over you, I keep seeing it. The Lord is speaking into your life. It is a logos word... it is already done.

- What has contaminated a manifold confession? Do not doubt God.

- I see a tube in a person someones body....God heals

August 25, 2019

- I see a road w/ 5 lanes, 2 on each side of you, and you’re in the middle. Everyone's vehicle was following the speed limit required to follow. Then I looked again in the spirit and I saw your vehicle move out of what was normal, or standard. Know your speed has now been accelerated. He does not want you to fit in to the same mode as everyone else.

- You will have 4 options you will have. New direction the two on the left are optional. I see February 8, and on a license plate I see 2,4,6,8. And also Route22 or 22nd street.

- On last week I saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand. It has an ink pen on it. I saw an elongated pen, something you use for a special occasion. Make the move and don’t be afraid to trust him... April the 4th is important.

- Release toxic thoughts! Don’t be anxious.

- The blessing (directions) N,E,W,S, are the initials of the 4 blessings coming on this week.

- Why seek the living amongst the dead? The Word of God is the lLIFE.

- I see August, I see an event that may cause a distraction, God is going into your limbs and healing what is hiding. Being undetected is not enough. Get rid of it.

- N is Monday, E is Tuesday, W is Wednesday, S is Thursday and on Friday there will be on the news thousands of debt will be forgiven. Grace around property taxes. God is doing it for you.

- I’m going toward a bridge in San Francisco. We ask God to cover the bridge.

- God will be your bridge over trouble water, so stop looking outside yourself for help.

- Do look to the left or the right for I am the way. I am your opened door. I saw a cloud. God is about to blow your mine.
- God said, "The holdup is over".

- Today is the day of release, I see the rain falling.

- Each of us is in transition.

- He is going to visit where the red light and the yellow light. He will visit in a powerful way.

- God visits a house with night lights. I see one low by your feet. You may not see clearly but you see enough to take a step. Keep on looking for that light.

August 18, 2019
- I see a midnight in the spirit. It represents some conflict you may experience. I see a light shining in a dark place. I see the spotlight of God shining down on you that will provide direction not according to your understanding.
- I see 3 constellations and 7 gathered together, the person who’s birthday is in the month of March. The 3 represents completion and the God is bringing the ailments into the light. This is also relevant for those born on the 3rd as well. God sees what has not been said.
- Elijah prayed that it rain and he saw the cloud the size of a man’s hand. God will use a man’s hand that will release property and finances to you. You have been waiting to receive. Not that many days later the test will be over.
- I see you holding on to the same mode of transportation, God said I have another mode of transportation for you. Say ouch! Release your limited understanding.

-There are hemorrhoids being dissolved. God is giving relief. Pain relief God is releasing. The person that is connected with your life name starts with a "C". You are going to have to let go of the problem out of your soul consciousness, and the anger a truth release. Tell the whole story, so it won’t be lying heavy in your soul.

- "I see the cloud the size of the man’s hand", said The SEER.

- Do not put a release on him that is not Divine.

- Somethings you have to fight for things.

- On this week don’t be forced to sign the papers. God is erasing you name off the book. You won’t be able to find the debt.

- God is positioning you to sign the papers, and you are being release. I am talking to those here in service now, tithers, and those that are faithful.
- There shall always be an abundance of Rain!

- God is making you a proposition, so when you are asked how much, tell them, “You tell me my worth,” you may understate it! Your opportunity has arrived.

- God expose the child molesters as they go back to school.

- Someone that rides with a gun in the car put it in the trunk. Especially if you are a person of color.

- God heals any disease that causes swelling or inflammation in the body.
August 4, 2019
- The SEER was summoned to sit on the altar, on today. I am sending Angel’s to be positioned in the holy sanctuary. Every condition is being raptured. These are generational diseases linked one to another. GOD said I will break generational diseases.

- I see someone linked to heart disease. They’re name starts with a "M". GOD is breaking the connection so it won’t be your inheritance.

- I see someone wearing "support" stockings. GOD can not lie. I see a strange way they tied the stockings. God has sent His angels hear that you may be healed and set free.

- I see a jumping from one family member to another. Breathing problems, no blood disease or any other condition will be transferred to me. The flood waters are washing disease away, and there will be nothing inherited to you.

- I come against broken bones, GOD heals and disconnects you.

- GOD said, "I come on purpose."

- Whenever someone asks for prayer, they have angels released to you and you’re listening in on conversations. They leave from you and go to where you are. The energy of God is more than any convo you can have. That is another anointing necessary He sent the Word and it healed.

"We honor GOD with our whole heart and we reverence Your anointing with glory."

- God raises up a Legionnaires Lawsuit just for me, that has been lingering and it is released today.

- I see a car with the license plate "243", remove the gun out the car. As they obey the crisis is avoided.

- A person connected to taxidermy or stuffed animals in this house. I see there is a condition that is a family connected disease. It could be cancelled for those who inbox the Seer about this being their house. The condition is being cancelled.

- No one is exempt from being robbed. The enemy is walking to and from.

- Tell the young girls (boys too) do not be infatuated by the lures of FB.

- There is a child that has been eating form the wall, but they will not have lead poisoning. 
- GOD for moves a family and we enter into the backdoor.
- I see a person that cut their foot on glass, GOD is saying He’s giving you a "NEW" beginning. 
- I see the younger child helping the older child. There is a burden on your heart that makes you an excellent intercessor. Because of your struggle and personal pain. I can hear the reward of new seasons.

- GOD will restore the broken heart and I will restore your body functions... Be grateful to God.


July 28, 2019

- I thought about God giving direction North, South East and West. God said, people have been asking what to do next. I saw God’s wind blowing from four directions, and that’s balance.

- I see some one that has been off in your equilibrium. Give no thought for the morrow. I will give you sustained health.

- I see something toxic in the blood effecting the liver and the kidneys. He is purging today. He does not have to write down daily things.

- God can completely heal you, you are different from others who have the same ailment. You are healed.

- We shall have whatever we "say"! It takes others some time to believe in God’s Word!!

- By December 31, 2019 we will not even need an aspirin.

- There will be "mortgage forgiveness"... God will make it easy. The world will be blessed because He’s blessing you.

- Also home ownership available with $500 down or less.

- God gives you equilibrium balance, it is from the residue of medications.

- God is lifting the film off of cloudy eyes. Let the film fall so you can see clearly. This is the month in Hebrew where God clears up your vision and sight without surgery.

- Also this is the month of "Red"

- He touches the blood line of the "Odom" family.

- I see a child having skin rash. God manifest something today that will heal. We believe in living water.

- I see a father situation, is the cause of the rash. The healer is in the house.

- I see partnership on the 17th of next month (August).
- I see acid reflux. I need you to take 4 sips of water.

- Not only will I clear out chaos out of your eyes but also out of your house.

- God is removing chaos out of the bloodline, "incompatible" cells. Someone having an injection instead of making things smooth it making lumps not smooth skins.

- I see the heavens shifting sun, moon and stars shifting. I see activity in the heavens. It will also be confirmed on TV.

- God sends a rescue team 4 different ways.

- There is a herb that will purge the bloodstream. I see a bleeder the blood doesn’t stop. This person is taking a medicine and the blood runs like water, but it will stop without meds.

- The 17th of August there is writing of the tablet/law. There is a clash in the two tablets, some folks are in the dispute concerning a legal matter.

- Several of us are about to hug and kiss someone because the charges are about to be dropped.

- This is the season that Moses wrote the laws.

- I see an infection around a bag of some kind. I want to give the healing water.

- I see fire, water,

` July, August, October, December, April, and March the Seer sees a wave of blessings. The wind blows and it represents conversations in the universe and the atmosphere. The Pharaoh can bless you independently. The wind shall blow your name and hear your tunes and melody. I shall send rain out of season, says the Lord. The wind shall speak your name and the universe will bring it forth and seeds of confidence shall fall to the earth. The Earth shall bring forth a harvest that only you can enjoy. God said, "I’m not going to consider the storm I’m just going to bless you." The Rain falls.

July 14, 2015
I send a cloud of glory in this place and you shall see a cloud of glory on today.
It is over the entire room. I, the SEER see the hand of God moving swiftly.

- He is coming to His faithful, as a cloud that will cover as a storm that will rise up. I’m standing at your next move even now. I the Lord God, have assigned angels to come to you.

- I shall bless you on today.

- I see a cloud on a website. There is a miracle coming through the clouds. Every name that falls from this site. "Ella and Allen", and everyone present in service on today.

- There is a release document with your name on it!

- I see a clock in the spirit. By this time tonight, you will ride into blessings.

July 7, 2019
- The Pastor saw unidentified spirit walking through your houses. They were sneaky personalities.
They could have been left behind. Anger, resentment, and confessions. Do not claim medications as yours that you take. Don’t call it,  ”My medication.” God exposes the spirit. We wrestle not against flesh and blood.
- I see a personality that’s has a weapon. I hear the name "Jerry, Gary and Gerald." This could be generational memory that’s wandering around the house. They’re looking upward, it seems like they were in the basement. The mask of illusion, can keep us from coming against it, so that is why they need to hide.
- It seems like an eruption below the earth.. God covers everything. Thank you Jesus.

- Someone had a key, I see a duplicate key made. Change your locks. Be aware of the spirit that’s watching. I see a brown skinned person. They could be Hispanic. Lock your doors.

- Family feud I could hear arguments from last week, I shall preserve the family. There shall not be any "Cain and Abel situation."

- Someone is hiding drugs in the basement, one of the relatives selling marijuana they need to stop. God will cover them until the message gets to them. It is like a 6 corner where this person lives, around Evergreen Street or Park or Ever Street, they are actively looking for a person selling drugs. They will be saved until you can give them the warning.

- The Lord said, "All your charges are dropped". A clean record will be given. Mercy has walked in this place. Yes, you are guilty but charges are being dropped.

- I am sending the wind of mercy with the "7" in the address.

- I am on assignment on today. It is called "retrieval'.

- I see mental illness walking around.

- I hear the name Jerry and Gary names again.

- God has forgiven the debt.

- When letting young people drive the car suggest they not go into certain neighborhoods. People are being shot for no reason.

- We cannot deny everyone needs Jesus.

- We are requesting that the medicine you are taking be removed off the market.

- "I am moving in a supernatural way. I am doing the unusual for everyone under the sound of my voice."

- I see a leaky sink. I see a burnt pot on the stove. I am standing in your house... You need change.

- Everything spoken will include all about your hills being blessed. All those connected to your heart. I am going to do the unusual. You must not doubt.

- Don’t shew away the raven.

- I even go to Josie’s Mom. I also see Joe, and touches his mind and heart.

- GOD said, I’m turning the no to yes.

- I hear the baby crying for a father... We come against the spirit of darkness.

- GOD Touches Lenzy

- GOD Touch the legs and strengthen the knees.

- The swollen legs is not a heart condition you’ve been eating too much salt. It’s being misdiagnosed, says the Lord.

- Someone who had a heart surgery, it won’t be needed again.

- I see someone with Asthma and rumbling in the cheats. Someone had a baby in the house. Even while the baby was in the womb, abuse before the baby was born. There were tears before from abuse!

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June 23, 2019

- It is a new day Hallelujah! Expect a difference today.
- I come with the intention to affect your heart. “I’m here that your heart be changed. I desire fellowship”, said the Lord, “I am God and I am here to cause a change in your life.”

- It’s not what they think you are here to be, it is what God has assigned you to be. I shall honor you said the Lord. God said, “Before you think a thought I will create it. Believe that I can, I am, and I will! ”

- “There is a scale in the middle of the room, I do what I please. I will not be second place, I will not be satisfied,” said God.

- I’ve prepared a place for you in the presence of your enemies.

***This prophet had a vision:

I saw a series of tunnels, I saw them on a lower level. Almost like Lower Wacker. I see underground tunnels that represent thing that have been hiding in you. I heard the swishing of the water. It represents sickness and illness that inside man. We can hear the manifestation in the bodies. We don’t know where the dark tunnels hide. As you walk you can feel the ache in your stomach, knees, and the depression in your mind. There are things that harbor and lie dormant. That is the swishing you hear as you walk through the water.

- Someone that has difficulty walking. God will reveal that cause of the pain, and why it happens. God will reveal. Don’t look down at your own abilities. Look up at God, do count on your own abilities. As you look up the dim light gets clearer.

- God said the wall will lead you where I need you to go. Look up! I will make provisions for you, I call you "My Own". Trust me, God will cause an amazement to come. Prepare to be amazed.

- There is a person with stomach pains,God hears your converstion....

- I see frogs this is a "sign"... I am there with you. He heard the conversation.

- I see someone sitting at a table with fuzzy horseshoes. As you ate that fish I was standing there, I have prepared a place to put your next step. I have prepared a place. Do not worry.

-- Monday Kandi, Candace, and katieexpect a blessing.

-- Tuesday @4;30 Jaqueline, Joseph, an unusual blessing by 4 0r5 .

-- Wedneday unusual blessing 9-5.

-- Thursday expect a blessing every hour on the hour.

June 16, 2019

- I had a strange dream, there was a couple on the side drive, it looks like the person was being stalked, tormented, and taunted. It seemed like they were tied to a murder, and the wrong person had been blamed. There were birthmarks on the person’s face that would identify the person. I saw it coming again. I saw a garbage truck, someone hanging on the outside of the truck, and also someone in the truck. It was a white and blue truck, could possibly be a fire truck. I see someone saying it is not over, this is a life or death situation connected. It was a dimly lit street. Beware you are being watched. If it happened yet, it will happen in the next day. I also see a municipal building at the corner of this block. This is a house on a first floor. They were in the hospital before, and there was a spirit of death/murder around the house, not sure of the cause of death. The address is _______it will be revealed. The initial "C or Sh" is relevant.

- God puts a hedge around Carol and Sharon.

- God feels the hole from the impact Dad has had in your life. Whether he was there or not.

- Mental illness around the two, God stops the person from being locked up.

June 9, 2019 

- As you would wear black today, it represents joy not sorrow, excitement not anxiety, sunshine not darkness. The Blessing is wearing black today.

- The number 3 and the number 7 is connected to your miracle, and God knows who you are. We are not here for form nor fashion.

- We are praying for Tyrion and keep him in a safe environment. Preserve the children and keep them safe. Keep the children safe in their environment.

“I’m gonna trust God for daily bread!”

- I see doors that look like they’re going in and out. I see a steel gray or blue door. The dusty door a number "9" in connected to this door. I see a box and the box looks like a pile of papers you keep bills in. They’re some bills in the box, I see "Sh and Ch", look for these initials items in the box of mail. I see you dealing with someone tomorrow. The enemy meant it for evil, but God turns it around. God is switching what you desire at the cost you want. He is making all things legal. God is turning a left handed situation that could have produced a police report. It will produce a victory.

The spirit of fear, don’t doubt.

- God is taking you off the back burner and expediting the situation.

- Tuesday, I see the red door represents STOP it won’t happen. God puts a stop at the door. There is no go ahead. There is no harm that will come nigh you. The chains fall from red.
God causes the blood level to be what it should be. He gives a natural remedy for what is going on in the heart.

- God stops the irregular heartbeat. You will not lose your breath. The matters of the heart that has broken you. I will lift a burden off your heart. Let God resolve that situation put it on the altar, said the Lord.

- The blood, God gives you a grace period.

- My debt is being subsidized by heaven, God eliminates debt in a supernatural way!! Be anxious for nothing.

- On this Wednesday 6/12/2019, I see 7+7=14 (look for these numbers including 7x7=49), you cannot be in the wrong place on Wednesday. Expect the evidence of God raising you up. The advocate is raising you up, there are miracles of access.

- Those that have "7" in the birthdate, you are receiving the miracle of 7’s. Your life shall be living water it starts now!

- I hear hidden conversations about the children from child services. The children’s lives are in jeopardy. Neighbor don’t talk so much.

- On Thursday, I see a circuit of steel, I see a waiver as well. I hear a phone ringing. I prayed for you.

- You have stepped into a place of divine provisions. I feel the move of God. The move of God cannot be boxed in!!

Everything a wealthy man has you have too.

We need more enthusiasm for who God is….

 What grieves the heart of God is we still treat him like an ex lover or someone that
we fall out of love with…..

Rejoice in the presences of the Lord.


June 2, 2019

Let your anointing fall heavy on this healing Sunday!

- God will liberate you from all illnesses and emotional scars.

- I am transforming this place into healing station... even the air you breathe is My Breathe, I shall cause My breath to become one with you. I Promised to meet you hear today, and have no doubt. For what is in the atmosphere here is greater than anything that could attack your body.

- I see polyps on the lung, and I see difficulty breathing, gasping for breath. The gasping started playing sports, a young child. This person has a bicycle I see a child riding the bike prior to falling down. I see a two-wheeler training bike. This person fell down and I see a cast on this person’s leg. These are incidences that lead up to the complications. The Lord is healing the complications. Who had a pink or blue bike, training wheels, and gasping someone died prematurely around you?

- I see a "S" named person, Sam, or Saul. God deals with the breathing issues. There was a person on a breathing tube or medication of some kind. Wellness steps into this house.

- God breaks the curses of premature snatching out. There shall not be a breathing complication anymore. Today as you sit here in this service, the weight is being lifted off your body. You won’t need a breathing machine. The heaviness is leaving both naturally and spiritually from your shoulders. I am doing a miracle. I am the Lord God!

- I am with you...the person that lost a family member to soon. God said, "I shall do a new thing". Give God some praise!

God said, "I come here as a LIFE CHANGER".

- I see someone sleeping in the back. This person needs a miracle so she can live.

- God said you doubt me, repent! If you have a spirit of doubt. You need a miracle in your body and your family.

- Lord warn, me before crisis come so that that crisis misses my house!!

- The prophet had a dream about a baby, maybe 7 months old. God said, you hold the baby then there was another child about 10 or 11. As you hold the baby, I am sparing the child, and create a balance in the baby. The child shall live, holler "LIFE"! Don’t put the child down, or on the wood porch.

- I see tears of sadness on the wood porch, I shall preserve this house.

- There are Angels encamped around the gray house, and the Gray’s house. Watch out for the kid and self-mutilation.

You have entered into a portal!

- God is lifting heaviness off the shoulders

- We pray for Fathers on today.

- Breathing problems are being sanctified by the air you breathe. Take a deep breath and let the sanctified power heal you.

- Intestinal problems it is a generational connection being cut from the eldest daughter’s father. Her eldest son is being disconnected from the ailment. Also the spirit of torment is leaving.

- Weight loss without effort!!

- The genea that must be broken attacks the oldest child... today is the last moment that the curse will hoover over. The Angels of the Lord is recreating and transforming. Your destiny is being remolded.

- I see a bag being removed from someone’s hip, release the bag.
May 12, 2019

- “I saw an escape route opening on the side of what looks like mountain. I was standing at the foot of the tallest mountain I’ve ever seen. The side opened and there was access thru the Mountain and I saw stones that moved out of the way. “As you walk by faith and trusting God the mountain is not a threat to you. It was as wide as you could see. I could also see caves. What looks like a mountain is not a mountain.

- God has given access to what looks like is impossible. I could see a cave but it had no back to it. I could see the face of God, I saw large and small stones begin to fall. I looked again and the mountain had reduced the rubble. We were all standing there. It was an opening that gave me access. The Lord allowed the stones. There are no mountains in My way. You will maintain your stable position.

- God is giving you a new strategy….Stone is in the word, mountain these Words are involved. This acquisition of property, and new construction. A solid ground.

- God will blow the wind in your face, and his breathe is the wind. Let the wind blow. God will give you direction.

- I am waiting for the doors no man can shut! Let apathy fall from your eyes, he has already prepared a place for me.

- There is a way out of no way. God is sending the earthquake on Wednesday and Thursday the borders have changed. I have to warn you that the borders have changed. There has been a shift and I am shifting your life. It is not the same. If you want a difference in your life you must change too. “There has been an earthquake around my life and I didn’t realize it.”

- I saw a coin with a hole in it, God is penetrating your finances. It represents God taking you into another level of financial increase.

- Every Word God is saying. I saw the Angel of the Lord walk into here and the weapons you thought you were going have to you don’t need that… March around the wall and watch it fall down.

May 5, 2019

- I perceive there is a hidden attack. I can see that it’s hidden in apathy. It stops at this place, it will not come near your dwelling. There is special opportunity in each one of you in this place.

- I see apples, maybe even someone shopping at the apple store. God said, I am with you, I give you that which you desire.

- I shall make each one of you a bounty, where you can lend and not borrow. Each of you lives, in sacrifice and I will make you a reservoir.

- Everyone got 7 days to sit in a car you want.

- If apples are relevant: Be aggressive with your business and your voice.

- If apples are relevant: Don’t limit the Lord!

- What you are going through is a test, Trust him and not yourself.

- Be careful how you entertain strangers, because you will be entertaining unaware. Don’t neglect to season your words with salt. He may not be a Christian but he has a blessing the size of a man’s hand.

- I see polyps on the liver inside or out, I see bumps dissolving like water bumps. I see them melting, on the skin, or any obstruction on the lungs or the liver to be dissolves.

- God has his hand around Marcellus, Marcus and he protects Carlotta!

- There is a redistribution of wealth.

- I come against the spirit of Narcissism and Apathy, in Jesus’ name.

- 9 o’clock tomorrow I see a text coming for you. It will be relevant to you and what you are doing.

You ain’t seen nothing yet! Wait one minute!

April 28, 2019

- There are some major changes God is making in your lives. Receive what God has prepared for you, and you must receive the spiritual changes. It will be a different access card. Only those that have a mind of Christ will have the eyes of Christ to see.

- God releases an undeniable change today for each of you. You will hear me differently, God will not allow your house to be robbed of anything, not your peace or joy. You expect beyond what man says, He is moving on your behalf, Now! Shed carnality, shed your understanding, and let God open a whole new fountain.

- I hear the numbers 234, it is relevant to you now or later this week.

- I see stripes on someone back, I see a scare that was left as a result of a childhood whipping or childhood abusive situations. The "line" (stripes) is a sign the Lord has you scheduled to step into another anointing today. Affirm: "I have an appointment with destiny... In the walk with destiny".
- I see paperwork being offered, and God answers yes to what God said, no too. The paperwork shall go thru quickly. God say’s you must know Him in a new way.

- There is an anointing of debt resolution here today. I shall be faithful to you. God is God of all Salvation.

- You are standing in the "twilight" of you new beginning. Just Step! Don’t compromise, I am a God that cannot lie. In a snap!

- God is taking you out of the box and it is time to shift.

- The angel of the Lord does blow in this place the Triumphant of God. "Man does not live by bread alone"….

God is God!!

- Swelling in the legs is being removed for grandmother.

- God is releasing for you, and even reconciliation from the past.

- I see the personality of "miracles" of this place walking, houses that look alike or even row houses. I see angels standing in front…new dimensions.

- God expose where the guns are coming from.

- I see the scars ……

- I saw manna provisions walking up to your door, the children of Israel. You will have enough.

- "No weapon formed against you shall prosper"! God balances your financial status.

- God stacks the deck in your favor!

- Pastor needs a castle!!
- Angels shall rapture your words!

Affirmation: "It’s my payday", thus said the Lord!

April 21, 2019

- You can’t be so sanctified you can be good for nothing!

- I saw in the spirit someone taking pills, a tiny pill. It looks like they need this pill for the heart. It looks like God is causing the heart to work properly. God is causing the heart to regulate.

- The institution is being exposed. There will be a scandal. Regarding the foster care system.

- "Dorsey", the healing is around this person. There is a blood clot and irregular heartbeat. They don’t know they even have a clot. As they read this it will be healed. God touches this family. God lifts the burden off this family mind body, and spirit. No hostile environment. An even that that happened in the month of April God breaks the cycle.

- The name "Joseph", God touches his body. His family is being preserved. An illness is being cancelled out this family. The sudden impact of incidents are being cancelled. It looks like I see a tag on the toe. There will not be an act of violence again. No violence around this family. We rebuke an act of violence. Also, I see a child running so this message is urgent. The "Menard" or "Mason" Street is relevant.

- God gave us power to tread on serpents, what are you using your Power for?

- "Charlotte" God puts a hedge around your family. God is allowing the storm to pass.

- I also hear the name "Charlottesville"... I see stalks and a field not sure of the harvest. There will be no homes consumed in the storm.

- God protects a 2 flat that is a family building.

- God is raising up someone that is sick right now. Even a storm will go around the house and not hit the house.

- God is giving you an opportunity to take the blue or the red pill, He will close a door you should not walk through.

- I hear the name Mattie. Do ride in a crowded car. God releases him, no violence. It shall pass him by.

God said, "Either you are in or you are out... Play your chips or get out the game".

Death, burial and resurrection!!

- Seahorse... I saw an incubator as a seed, you must put it in an incubator. You walked in in one dimension and walked out in another. You need a life altering design and new nature.


April 14, 2019

- I perceive in the spirit here is "Rapture"... I will snatch out what you cannot release.

- For God is here to change your life right now!  Lord make additional wisdom deposits here today. One person at a time, one life at a time, and one soul of a time.

- Pay attention to the children around here.

- I saw someone called O.G. God releases him.

- I saw someone writing on the sidewalk. Don’t retaliate, strengthen in Jesus’ name.

- I see also the color yellow connected to OG and repainted and paired. Someone that came for a dinner, I see a living room and a dining room and wood floors. One person had a weapon, and had a negative conversation.
- When you go into an office or a promotion be careful with who you share info. This person is wearing the same pendant as you (badge).

- We must hear God and not everyone else.

- God is repositioning you and ordering you next step!

- He is giving you the opportunity to trust him.

- What I saw in someone pants is a gun. The gun was hidden, and I saw someone driving up on the sidewalk avoiding an accident. It was a snitch, stop going back to the same place.

- God interrupts what was supposed to happen.

- God is giving a contradiction, he shall go and come home.

- I keep seeing the yellow color.

- I also see the street Indiana, this confirms God word.

- God said, He will be a hedge of protection around everyone in the sanctuary! He puts a hedge around your life, and it shall be reversed.

- Tell Rio to stay from around the corner.

- Yellow represents transition and moving.

- OG can be representative of manipulation and falsehood as well.

March 31, 2019

- As we are in this place I see a screen door that looks like a shredder or sifter. The sifter in the atmosphere shaking up all toxic conversations you heard before you got here. It is also shaking out any ailments. When you walk through this door you walk through this sifter as if you’re on the outside.

- Everyone here today is accountable.

- The next report will be that Levi the priest will be well.

- God lifts light headedness.

- God heals blurred vision. He sends warring angels right now. We also are asking God to send the warring Angels of healing.

God is the deliverer!

- We send reconciliation and peace to homes.

God is faithful!

- What I see is Jackson Square, I see guns pointed in that direction. God snatches hostility out in that direction. Preserve around Jackson 2345 Adams.

- God also preserves life around the Jackson family... Someone that would drive a mini van.  I see the Lord preserving the life around Jackson Square. No lives lost around these people and areas.

I see four 4’s.

- I see a car flipping over, and it looks like someone is saying, "I almost didn’t make it". I see someone traveling across the road. Even traveling to Memphis no repeat of tragedy. I see threads in the tires. (Rabbits)

- All is well! God is speaking and preserving.

- Things will change around you who he has specifically pointed out. The door is open right now. Enlarge your faith so you can receive the full capacity right now.

- God heals shoulder and neck pain. It is like a choker. God relieves the tension from the neck and shoulder. God lifts the burden.

- Be mindful of the open door. There has been a delay around you today the delay is over. It is not too late to change right now.

- I see a nose bleed, that is a sign the Angel of God is in my house. There is nothing wrong with your body.

- I heard the name Michael and Wilson, watch Michael he has two faces.

- Switch, I see the last being first.

- I see some wooden steps, there was a conversation about don’t come in here. I see the peace of God is shifting who you associate with.

- God bless the Wilson family. The spirit of premature dying we open the spiritual door of grace and mercy. Grandmother is being healed. No more complications!  I see a chair by the window, and the sunlight shines throw the window. I see a patch on the chest. The Angel of God is blowing a breath to remove any obstacles that would want to live in the wound on the chest.

Let it rain Oh God….

March 17, 2019

- God gave a revelation on this week. I woke up to the bombing in New Zealand. God gave this revelation on last year. 

- RIOM members are under a unique dimensional umbrella! And everything that happens is not the devil some stuff you just cause to happen.

- Many people are going out in My Name, but they don’t have the spiritual currency to get the healing job done, sayes the Lord. Serve the Lord in spite of what you need.

- Prayer changes things. But makes sure the person has more than a spiritual Canadian nickel! Beware!! Don’t just have anyone pray for you.

Don’t miss out on your miracle... God said, “He has an abundance and He is prepared to pour out"!

- Words that are spoken shall manifest.
I saw an abundance of water at Petes. Be cautious of water with a BLUE label. (That’s really most water) get a filter.

- I saw someone with earthenware in gray, I saw a cup or plate break. And I also saw someone walk across glass and cut their foot... It represents the cancelling out of the genetic connection. This could be the "Gray" family as well. Be careful walking barefoot.

-"Andrea", the Angel of the Lord is going to her house bringing peace and reconciliation to her house.

- I see a first floor window, I had to bend down to see into the window. I saw needs in this house. I saw God taking a log of everything that was in the atmosphere. He is talking a log so He can bring to you everything that was spoken in secret. God had sent an Angel on assignment giving you the things you requested in secret. On the 20th of this month God will bring an increase into your financial status. You will get given to you because you requested it.

- God puts you in a financial position to blow your mind. What I am looking at is you going back again. God is pouring favor into our lives, and it has to do with every word spoken here today. Like you pour syrup over pancakes. Let this be "a sign" God is speaking to you right now. It is being manifested now.

- There’s a person that has a 1 and a 7 you were denied but go back again.

- God lifts depression off the M.A. named person. This includes suicide.

- People wearing gray, there shall be no gray area as to what God wants you to do. You will not have to ask if this is His will concerning your life. I am speaking to a visionary. I got 4 days, and on the 5th day … Lord we thank You for Your Word and Your promises.

- Empty pockets and disconnected notices, “Believe God by any means necessary.”

When a believers prays it should be a rebuke to natural.
It should cause your prayers to take flight!!
March 10, 2019

- I reverse the meds that have been doing damage to the body.

- "Levasol", God is exposing this medicine because it is causing organic damages and Doctors are giving another med to offset the damage. No one connected to you or you will be effected by that medication. No damage shall come as a result of this blood pressure medicine.

- Also, the water pills is problematic, it acts like salt. It shrinks them (kidneys) until it can be fed again.

- I see the name "Maxwell" and I saw something growing in his throat. They will swallow and the polyps will be thrown up and out.

- I saw "John", around his belly something to do with the navel and belly. I saw infection, also an issue with his prostrate. God causing digestion to be easier.

- "John" also has difficulty hearing, God reassures you that you be healed from clogs or obstacles.

- "R" name person... I see a connection to your Daddy. God is saying to you have the conversation with the energy of your Dad. The pain of the 13yr old needs to reconcile w/ the energy of the dad that’s has passed on. I see a uniform connection, or military connection.

- Spiritual rehab! Don’t stay in bondage.

- God put a hedge around "Quincy" and "Quentin".

- God cancels out colon infection and colon concerns, but before the doctor prescribes it, God heals you from it.

- God says, “Prepare for the switch”, God bless you all by yourself. Wherever you are God can bless you.

- Your "Hallelujah" just spared someone’s life in your house.

- We rebuke chest infections... God purges right now.

March 3, 2019

The most valuable lessons learned will be learned by yourself. We serve God individually not with a group.

Everyone here today you have already paid your down payment.

Lord don’t take your, “Holy Spirit,” from me.

I see a skeletal frame the kind that you see in the Doctor’s office. The blood vessels like in the movie the invisible man. I see the reason Go dis showing the skeletal, because I am putting my blood in your veins. I feel hot and cold. These are tears of fear and anxiety. Move to a place of expectation.

I saw someone

God will reveal the naysayers while there outside the threshold.

I say clay a sculptor or a designer someone being creative with their hands. I see them sitting sculpting clay, and designer’s maybe window designers.
I see a person fighting depression, it weighs heavy like a weight. I see the wheel. I see a door in the market place opening. It could be called the market place or the name of a street.

I see a basement with two layers or levels. I see life being preserved around the Bermuda Triangle.  

I see a street called water way, I saw a sinkhole. Also a sinkhole in the middle of the ocean. I see sinkholes in unusual places more than usual.

Those that take water pills, who can push their legs and it leave a dent? You next doctors visit you will be taken off, they don’t want you off the pills, cause they get paid for it. But the doctor will take you off of it.

We send prayers for Dan, and ask him to be awakened, mercy, and preservation of life, no residual effects to remain.


We shall drink living waters.

What come to mind is the Bermuda Triangle things being revealed from that area.

February 24, 2019

- The Miracle Power is touching us on the inside and renewing the tripartite man.

- We stand here in a world that is about to change.
I see a field of cattle and I see them falling, they have been fed things that cause them to change. Their skin is changing the cows are dying. What they have been eating is not healthy. I see skinny cows. Dead cows being gathered up and being fed to the people. They are being fed to a people and causing a disease.

- I see animals bleeding from the mouth. I send the Angel of peace going to Argentina and Australia. So, that there is a separation of what is good.
I see a person having seizures. The name is Dale, I see something that is labeled organic. Right now stay away from organic foods, there being fertilized by dead contaminated or toxic dead animals.

- We will know the hand of God is mighty, the hand of God will show it self. You will run to church, the air is being contaminated where you will be protected. There air will be contaminated some will need a mask. But we will be preserved.

- I see a house with a wooded table, and it has multi colored flowers. 426 oir 624 is an address on a wooden table that has cushions in it. In your refrigerator. There is contamination growing in this house. I see field flowers as if you picked them yourself. The congestions is being caused by the house. The multi colored flowers.

The cause of the congestion is not because of asthma but the house. The Angel of the Lord blows in the house, and tells you want need to be done. It’s under the sink or behind the sink.

I see an address w/00 in the address. There are plants growing in the window seal. I see a spirit of lung infection.

Soon the time will come when medicines won’t work and you will have to come to God for everyone.

I heard the name sugar water, or sweet water. I see a Sugar water connection. It could also be Kool aid. I see a red Kool aid before it stains the area.

I see someone drinking the sweet water, in the next 3 days I will turn the biter to sweet. I see a mind that is not made up, don’t listen to the bitter conversation.

No matter what it looks like this is your season. This is your season, as you stand in MY presences this is holy ground. I see a signature. I see the letters B.A.C, they will be relevant on tomorrow.

If you go on this week, there will not be a background check. File the claim.

For the past 2 weeks, we have been talking about umbilical cord not knowing how relevant it would be on this week. Thank God for Malachi….

If you worship me now you won’t have to cry later.

Peace were sibling conflict would be, Mother against daughter, Father against Son. There will not be a Cain and Abel situation.

We speak Peace to 7th street. 89th Street,

We speak peace to Elsa, Normal, and every mind that hides behind a mask, and every mind that is in conflict. Let the hiding spirit be exposed before it destroys. Peace Lord

11745, 34927, 2876,

Smell you food before you cook it, or buy it. I see putrid meat.
I see God giving each of us an idea, he wants us to write down your dreams for the next 3 days. On Thursday night I will interpret it. If it’s just one thing, even write down if there is not dream.

God reveals himself by this time tomorrow, he steps into his situation. This time tomorrow you will experience a new situation.

God gets in the middle of a situation for you. Trust in God without measure. This time tomorrow our lives will make a 360, said the Lord. It is my season.

Your phone can be fully connected, but you can’t get online, but not with God. You are being distracted by what you can see, but all the time he is moving over here.

I have released several streams of increase, pomegranates, grapes, olives, and figs, not just on your job. Your job don’t count. The greatest blessing you’ll ever receive is the one God gives you.

February 17, 2019

As I the Seer walked in here, she saw the brightest glow over each person’s head.

* Not only are you going to get the job you want, but they’re going to offer more.

* I see the beam of light reaching out. As we are expecting to hear from God it is getting lighter and lighter.

* I see this light on Laflin. I see preservation of life on Laflin. There was a spirit of infirmity at this location.

* This season there shall be a Word spoken in season, but out of season. God is holding court for you. He is holding court for you, and you won’t be charged for the crime. Step out of what seems normal.

* We need Him to do a task we can’t do it on our own. No one can limit what I will give to you. I see a distribution God is preparing for you.

* There was a disturbing call that came on Tuesday and Wednesday caused hope to be lost. I shall regenerate those things that have been cut off by the government.

* There is a healing for Lawrence and an Alvin. An emotional healing for Al. I see a badge of some kind. Have Faith in God, there is no greater power than Him.

* Restoration and Entrepreneur for Lawrence, step out of your imagination (fear).

* There is a countdown that you will start.

* There is a residual that will be returned to you. We need God to change your status right now.

* Malice, Forgiveness, strife God is changing the season in your house.

* Someone that recently had a blood test. The new report will be different. The angel of God intervenes and there report will be good. You had your finger pricked.

* Those that have walked with crutches, this Thursday the Lord is opening up a door this Thursday the 21st. I heal your body but I also heal your ground.

* I see the finger with the prick, God is changing the condition of the test.

* Re-Diagnosis! The medication is a problem and play a detrimental role in the conditions.


* There is tissue being tested, the biopsy is being found normal. You are healed, you are well.

* There shall be found on this week either. The Lord is healing, there is a spirit of infirmity, but it is a lie. Everyone does not get the flu.

* “I, the Lord go into the left ventricle of the heart, what was dark is becoming light. The dull is becoming right.”

* I see the kidneys, God heals Catherine’s kidneys! There is perfect health in here today.

* Breathing has been difficult for someone, we are sending the Roush (breath) of God to eliminate the heaviness on someone’s chest.

* See a breathing tube from here to heavenly places, and the breathing will get better. Including the release of finances.

* I see bright colors, there is warfare around yellow and the bright colors. I shall bring an anointing around your house. I am your way maker and you deliverer.

* I see your apartment, God is here just for you. You will get a life changing occurrence from the Lord.

* Healed from Gangrene! I feel a spirit of sores at a house w/11725 in the address.

* Also at a senior building where one might work. It will be exposed.

* I see a "K" named person. Don’t worry about one thing believe the Word of God!

* Give us a Like! So we know you are reading.

February 10, 2019

* You asked for the unusual and you got it. God is not a man that He should lie.

* * * REVELATION has a gift of miracles.

* Sometimes the sacrifice you make goes beyond finances. God wants to make you great.

* Let your seed be sown into the matrix right now. The seed is called "Miraculous Manifestations".

* The core of who we are WE ARE seedlings, and there can be no reproduction until the seed dies. Today shall be your dying place. Your understanding shall die.

* God told Moses to make the Arc of the Covenant of wood. So it would show man’s frailty, but cover it with God that represents me covering you. You are covered by the Glory of God.

* Prepare to be moved quickly.

* Moses broke the tablets out of anger, don’t break your tablets. There has been a delay because of being distracted.
The thing you desire, has already been created in heavenly places. Look up and not down. Anxiety, Stress, Worry and idle conversations will cause you to look down God said, "Watch your mouth". Be cautious!

* I see in the spirit, I am putting the desire of your heart at the threshold of your door. God told Moses, “I am going to make you a royal priesthood and a holy nation.” Make it easy on yourself, guard your anointing! God said, "Watch your mouth"…

* This week will require a leap of faith, "I will require you to leap and trust. Complete the paperwork don’t say what’s the use. I am holding back the storm until you get your harvest. You won’t lose anything, unless you abandon the Word I have given. I promise to never leave you."

* Shirley... I see the anxiety about your next step! I see the Tears, pain and doubt but I cover you with my Gold of his promises.

* "Estella", God is going to hold back the storm, there will have to be healing, and longevity being added to the family. In health and emotions.
* I see Shirley being strengthened in her legs. Swelling connected to another condition in the body. The lord is giving resolve and stopping the swelling of Shirley. God is has dispatched His angles into this location and healing station so that there will be resolution of water retention.
* God is turning around a situation with "Stella."

* Emotional restoration for Shirley and Stella.

* I hear condemnation spoken and you will be vindicated. Harsh Words were spoken, Do not be afraid. The greatest blessing ever received.

* God is unveiling and allowing you to see what has been hidden from your natural eyes. God is pulling the veil back that blocked your vision. You have not seen what I have for you. But, now he pulls back the scales from before your eyes.

* And also Ella, God is reversing a situation, said the Seer.

* I see God directing you and going forward, and making a river in the desert.

* “Come up hither and let me show you what is going to come,” it has already been created on your behalf.

February 3, 2019

* Today is the day of new beginning. “For Yeah I shall so a new thing and it shall be manifested. I shall deliver a timely blessing in a timely atmosphere.” It is going to be on time. Even though you were told it’s too late. You’ve been told this for a while. “Is not my Word like a fire. Charges against you shall be cancelled.” It could be housing, or a complaint. By Wednesday, it could be cancelled.

* I will not be the one watching! Today and all day it will be a special anointing. This will be a "Super Bowl" Service.

* God said, "On this week I’m giving you something new to talk about a new testimony."

* There is an Angel behind each of us, while others have been trying to make thing work out. They shall watch you, and His blessing will take the shame away.

* The month of Tisrah, and the blessing this month is "7". I shall uncover the blessings. The number 7, God said, "Please believe me.”

* I got a call from Texas and California...The heart valves are being opened. He (God) stopped irregular heartbeats. Clogged arteries are opening up.

* God stops the numbness in our veins. He increases the blood flow so the finger tips won’t be cold anymore.

* Healing for the esophagus, God opens it up. It is a senior or or someone living in a senior facility.
* Someone who had to take care of a parent. I see a reward for those that took care of their senior parents.

* Mr. Brown or the Brown family is being remembered.

* The tubes…..

* We pray for "Devon’s" family.

* Swallowing will no longer be a problem, the acid reflux or the burning of the throat. I see someone with some who has a problem with tasting, God heals.

* Chewing is difficult, God heals……

* He is cancelling out debt even though we are guilty.

* The person that cannot chew or have to grind up their food, the enzymes will adequately function and break down the foods.

* I shall change your tongue, and the conversations will change from "I can" to "I did it"!

* God gives you the wisdom to pass test you didn’t study or prepare for.

* Stomach condition where the food doesn’t stay down, this person could have 2 and 5 in their address, phone, or SS number.


January 27, 2019

* All week I’ve seen God’s people are being robbed. Living in situation contrary to God’s Word! You are in warfare and can’t get tired when you are in the fields.

* Don’t get tired of fighting, cause they enemy won’t stop coming after you.

* I had a vision, and saw someone that was a type of security guard. He came in with a chocolate brown jacket, he was roaming around, almost got in trouble, and he was maybe 34 or 35, but he was a big robust guy. He was standing at the door of someone whose name was Yvonne or Yvette. Don’t open your door to strangers their credentials are not authentic. Don’t be easily swayed by someone’s appearance. His partner is about 27 don’t be fooled.
Don’t be easily swayed by someone’s appearance. They are not who they seem. Personality are approaching our young men and women to deceive. Be aware of folks posing as city workers they are not who they pretend to be.

* I hear the name "Nathan", and I see the Lord bringing you herr. You are anointed of God. I perceive in the spirit we are all called here today, He is making a special deposit in your life, one you can never do on your own. He has sent an authority here that you will be provoked to change.

* The anointing is all energy!

Affirm: "My help has arrived! I know it to be true."

* The Angel of the Lord said, “I am coming in a hurry! ”God can do anything, He is doing the impossible in my life. I see the "energy" walking in this place.

* I hear the name "Nelson". The hand of God is protecting him. I hear a Nelson connection, I see someone living on the first floor and the second floor. I see reconciliation around the Nelson’s. I see a house where family members live together. A supernatural move around him and the family.

* I do see a location around 37th, 27th, or 47th around; the Lord is sending His Angels that there might be a difference made. God is about to challenge your lifestyle, that you may have another acquisition of income. You are guarded by the Lord.

* I’m giving you something new to talk about! A new testimony, route, God said, I will not give you a new route and not give you a testimony.

* You all are trying to hard to do things on your own.

* God touches "Ned", and puts a hedge around him. I see someone that had a surgery. I see a financial status has caused a depression. God intervenes that there may be change.

* It may sound strange, I hear "Mary had a little lamb". I see territory being enlarged not just physical. But He enlarges your hope, faith is the the substance. God enlarges beyond what you can see or understand. Dare to look beyond what man want’s you lifestyle to be. God said, "I’m doing it in a hurry".

* Don’t let the violence come near your dwelling.

* There is a hedge around Jackie, Darcey, Mildred and Micky.

* I cancle out everything that’s unlike God.

* Those that had Bean Soup or Chili last night. As you would continue to stand, God says, "I have an assignment I will bring to your door. I’m giving you access to a place you didn’t work for. I will feed you with new food, new words, and a new level of spiritual consciousness. For the next 8 days favor will be your garment".

* For the next 8 days, everyone in this church shall experience a supernatural level of Favor. The new garment is "FAVOR".

* Are you ready for the move of God?

January 20, 2019
* There are storms in our houses, we want to deal with the storms inside of you on today.
* I see things happening in secret. I hear the name "Elsa", people speaking negatively.
* The relationship established on the internet is deceptive.
* Do not give you address or number out on Facebook.
*Lord assign an Angel to our houses to expose conflict before it reaches our dwelling.
* I hear the name "Linda", "Les" and "Leslie". I hear a conversation, I see a "view", but I can’t see a street. The "view" is blocked by another building. And your address has a "2" in it. The Angles of God is standing there for protection, he is also providing provision. A window is opening, run while the window is open. God will give you exactly what is required, even an overflow. There’s an overflow coming to your house.
* I saw classes being changed. There is no need to be afraid. Do not allow that crowd that picks with you (your child) to cause your grades to be lowered.

* I going into a basement apartment, I hear music and I see activity that should be changed in the basement. If we change what is going on the basement no one will be arrested. No one will go to jail. I hear the name "Teddy" and "Phil". God is cancelling out a cycle so what happened before will not happen again.

* God cancels "CYCLES", in the name of Jesus.

* A decision you made on Monday you’d like to change, God gives you mercy to change it cause you said, ”Oops I made a mistake.”

* "Otis" needs to make changes right away! I see drastic changes around him. The Holy Ghost walks with him.

* "Kyna" if you give God 3 weeks you will have a new car. You could have it in 3 days.

* If you really trust God you can step into a 24hr change!

* The child with the "hammer" in his hands... God gives him his own company!

* God says, “Warrior, I decree what you have a desire for today, "Right Now" will be your wake-up call in the morning. I’m receiving a wake-up call signed, sealed, and delivered.

* Why would someone still have pumpkins in their house? It is a sign! There are additional streams of income coming to the house per number of pumpkins.
* There is a grant coming from the government that will benefit all of us... I see entrepreneurs.
* We rebuke brain tumors, and mental illness. No more surgery.

* God touches "Kenneth" so, he won’t be depressed.

* Those with two boys, you are reaching out so intensely God said, "I will over shadow them with the same anointing I’m giving you today in this house. I have released a dual anointing".  I see two anointing’s leaving. It’s two going to each of them. I hear a conversation about employment that will change. God changes them and does a work with them both naturally and spiritually. God gives financial doors so they won’t make minimum wages.

* I see a 077 in a SS number, I am cancelling out all the debt connected to that number. God removes the stigma off your SS number. God rewrites the definition of what the credit score should be. And a building in someone name but you are paying the bill on it.

The Lord says, “Can I not bless you that trust me or believe in me?” God gives relief, a clean bill. I need my release to be my wake up call.

January 13, 2019

* Every step you take shall be by faith, be careful because will be where you end up by the end of the year. If you don’t won’t change put your hand down, cause God said he is about to take over. Removing toxic environment both natural and physically. God is snatching toxic components out! You will not be able to stop what is about to happen around your house. God is a way maker.

* I see a cloud in the atmosphere it is about the size of a man’s hand. When you walk into this new place you walk in with the Lord God. This one I am doing. I’m takin gover your house and your body.

* I see the number 5, May, and the birthday on the fifth. Mark your calendar on the fifth and the 15th. I am working a wonder in your life.

* The 15th of this month I am pouring out a blessing so big,… will not be able to deny it as you seek him.

What was turned down last month around the 20th -24th God said I am turning the No around. I shall revealed my hand to you in way you have never experienced it before.

* There is a flutter of multitude of Angel’s in the environment. God has sent the angels. The number 5 is still relevant.

* I hear a conversation and someone was spreading something on toast. God said I am smoothing everything out.

* Step into the place of faith it allows God to give you divine Access to God. No faith no passion for God. It gives God the access to commune with him. The just shall live by faith, and places you in a supernatural realm.

* Doubt closes the womb, there is not access to God.

* We need to tap into the perfect love from God and that can only be done by faith.

* I saw someone with sore on their foot. God is drying the sore up the womb is drying up on their leg or foot.

* The conflict of the first burn. The child is having a cycle of hurt. This has caused them to shut down and pull away. Reconciliation is being sent to them, and they can be set free. No one can stop it, and it so. There is peace for the first born child. God is in his holy temple.

* The spirit of the Lord is saying whatever it take!

* God is your rear guard learn how to rely on him, you will love him like you never have before.

* I see a child that was lost, and God is saying I will raise up a nation in you. I will bless you.

* Don’t look for the living amongst the dead.

January 6, 2019

* God has sent the wind of shifting, think it not strange the fiery trial you are going through. God has made your life golden, and I shall shine a light on your life that shall not be denied. You cannot make a wrong move. There are no hindrances. I’m sending you into unfamiliar territory.

* There are new gifts I’m putting inside of you. You haven’t earned them. There are things being uncovered.

* “Don’t work out your own situation. I am sending you a messenger. That will tell you where you should go. There will be no denying that God is doing this. Rev 4:1 this entire year your life shall be a life of mystery.

* Your life shall not be typical but unusual. I shall open up doors that are unpredictable. You will not be able to predict your life. I shall move quickly. I need you to see me look and focus on ME. All your help shall come from the Lord. I shall send unusual signs. S
Signs from the heaven and the water. Those things that you once ate freely you will not eat freely. There will be Beast coming from the water. Beast will surface that have not been given a name yet.

* I shall cause the irregular heartbeat to stop. I shall go into the stomach area and I am healing your from dairy diseases.

* I go again into the stomach area and see something growing there and as your touch it God causes it to melt. Focus on me and you will see things happen that have not been documented. I shall be a partaker of God’s wonders.

* Doors that have been shut shall be opened. Change your glance form earth to heaven.

* I am your first voice, I am the Trumpet today. Whatever has happened yesterday it is not the same today. When God say’s it is written it is already done. Take it to the Bank.

* Trundle that’s the bed you sleep in in the corner. Someone that sleeps in this bed the Angle of the Lord is pouring oil on you, and your knees and ankle. God purges! Houses that have a spirit of infirmity where everyone gets sick in the house. God protects Tre.

* The Winston family the house is being sustained and from the sorrow comes joy!
God Also purges from generation curse for a house on Winston.

* The lord will gave you absolute words and direction.

* I see a young person between 17-27 years old. I see a child, not ready for a child. Don’t go into dark places to hide neither should you run.

* If you run there could be destruction. God will make a way for you.

* I see and address 111 or 1112. I see God turning around any chaos behind these numbers like 111th Street. The 3 ones must be in sync before or after. The conflict shall be purged.

* We pray that theirs is a reconciliation in the white house. That things are exposed, and lives are spared. We pray for worldwide peace.

* I see a movement of God in this place, don’t trust anyone but him.

* I see through the eyes of Ezekiel’s wheel, and as I look the eyes were plentiful in the wheel. And he says,” as you look in faith you are going to cause the wheels to move. Your glance in faith shall be what cause the wheels to move. It’s important to look with intent and purpose. Take a step a normal step to make mobility in the spirt. So, therefore wherever you look you shall go, the spirit of God carry’s it. The spirit of the living creature is in the eyes of faith, and it is faith and confidence.

* God has sent the wind of shifting, think it not strange the fiery trial you are going through. God has made your life golden, and I shall shine a light on your life that shall not be denied. You cannot make a wrong move. There are no hindrances. I’m sending you into unfamiliar territory.

* There are new gifts I’m putting inside of you. You haven’t earned them. There are things being uncovered.

* I am to Terrible for you to see me, said God. When you look I’m planting my seeds. Wherever you look the wheels turn. The just shall trust God.

I am to Terrible for you to see me, said God. When you look I’m planting my seeds. Wherever you look the wheels turn. The just shall trust God.

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December 30, 2012

We are going into a new year with new stuff!!

Limit your conversation and words don’t say anything you don’t want or mean. 

Many of us are depressed we are going through sorrowful things.  There is a different harvesting tool in every harvest.  Therefore we must get into the presence of the Lord to get the correct harvest.  

December 23, 2012

In the upcoming year vow to make your confession more than noise, cause when you speak your  voice is your sketching tool!!
From this day forward thank God for being able to not only eat but digest the food.  Thank God before and after each meal.
God heals from acid reflux. The esophagus is being healed. The throat is being healed.  You cannot receive the testimony about eating if you cannot eat.  The Angel of the Lord stands in the center of the room to heal you quickly on today. There is a river of oil flowing.


December 16, 2012

God is sending healing to the people.  There is a sifting process that is going on in our life. 

God is healing Cory in his mind. 


Parents ask your children to forgive you today.  Wait for them to accept your apology.  


December 9, 2012


I see that Revelation Ministry has grown.  Those things that stopped you before 

won’t stop you now.  I’m already out the door!!


Someone named Helen going through an episode of depression.  The angel of the Lord 

will provide answers.  She will not go back to the bed of her indifference. 


Your past should not know where to find you every day you should have a brighter future.  Don’t look for me in the same spot.  I have a new reality.


I see a bald headed woman. She has Alopecia.  There is conflict in the house.  The 

Angel of Peace must go in the house.  There is healing for her breathing as well. 

God heals shallow breathing.


Regulated breathing for Brenda and Brandon.


In the Hodges and Hoskins family there has been financial …….

I see suicide.  God reverses this spirit.  The person may try it again. 


The hand of God is around Kiera and Tiera.  Peace to the roommate.  Do not argue 

until Tuesday.  God be a hedge around the children!!


“The spirit of insanity is rebuked,” in the name of Jesus.

November 18, 2012


We need God to do some things as of Yesterday.  We need stuff straightened out. 

I see someone standing by a fountain of water or either a water leak.  I hear the drip or the gurgling of the water. That sound is a sign God heard you.  It has already begun.  Do not take this lightly be sincere.  There is no delay.   

I see God opening up doors for new furniture and new houses. 

I see a chef in a Japanese restaurant in his body  I see a  flare up in the organs and intestinal problems.  Thereare nodules in the intestine. 

I see someone spitting up bloody mucus.  It is  a sign you are being healed.

Do not eat Tofu it is contaminated.  Check the date. 


I hear the Lord saying I am giving favor to Fannie Mae.  They are doing something extraordinary.  Debt forgiveness!!


God is giving out Gift like wedding gifts. 


If your name is Fannie God is touching your stomach and bowel area God touches your body.


The child with the bowel problem is being released from the fear given to the child from the mother’s stress during pregnancy.


Depression and migraines are being lifted from Vera and Vernon


Favor in your house through the power of God.  You house can be healed when you put a watch over your mouth. 


God heals Raynell he has a question about relocation.  and Missy.


Missy is fighting relocation no eviction.

Melody is talking about moving out and getting a roommate.  Please reconsider.

Mitzi  is being touché din her back and legs.

I see someone going into a building that has spiral stairs.   You can see through the stairs. I hear yelling up and yelling down. There is misappropriation of stuff.  You have not been treated fair.  You need to cut ties.  Stay away from the M named person.

I see some checks missing pay attention.  



November 11, 2012

Step not in the direction of the storm.  There was an agreement you will be released from it.  You made it while sitting at the table.   If someone ask you to be a mediator don’t go.  Let God handle the conflict.

You wore white shoes to the meeting you will be released from the agreement.

White hall…………

I see a class action lawsuit connected to the “white Hall.” Someone with a purple jog suit or pants God is going to move on your behalf quickly.  Don’t try to figure things out. 

There is complete reversal and release.  There is complete release. God removes the negative.  God is erasing even the residual effects of bad credit, debts and relationships.  In relationships, those harsh things spoken will not even be remembered.  Have the faith to even trust God.  God even forgives your ignorance.  God is handing out second chances. 

Remember the “gym room faith” as you exercise often you muscle and body become fit or svelte.

Courtney is being healed in their emotions. 

By the middle of December, there will be resolve to court cases round the 12th  and 13th  of December. 

God is healing the broken and wounded spirit. There is healing in the emotions.

Eunice, Eugene, Earlene and Yolanda God takes the shame away.

In the midst of today’s service is an Angel walking around that is not a punk.  He is called new beginnings

I see the numbers 77 and something Square.  There is more than one door opening.  God has dispatched messengers to you.  Let the blessings walk up to your door]

Charles, Charlie, Susan, and Goldstein these are some of the names that hold the strings ….Let them call me ( all that hold the strings.)

 77 is in your social security let your slate be wiped cleaned.  A certificate will come in the mail that enable you to purchase a car and an apartment. 

It is not going to even take 7 days to get the 77 blessing.  Go while the table is spread!  Seal this with a sacrifice to the Lord.  

November 4, 2012

I saw two sets of stairs. I saw a peace walking upstairs and downstairs.  I see someone that has to walk upstairs and downstairs.  The change may seem gradual to you.  The change may be a sustained change. .  Why am I here in this position? God is preparing you so that you don’t treat your winning as a lottery.  You future is waiting for you to agree and be consistent.  God gives you dominion!  You learn to do what you say and say what you’re doing.

Littleton, Lil John and Lil Johnny the bowel obstruction is being opened and healed.  The house is also being protected from flames and fire. 

Don’t smoke in bed.

Vincent and a V named individual.  You are walking towards a body of water.  The Pastor says, there is employment and excess to an extraordinary world wind of excess and provisions.  You’ll have way more than just enough.  

I see contaminants in the Ke named brand milk and ice crèam.  Do not eat these 

products until further notice. 

I see a family traveling in a RV.  Their initials are LV.  I see a bike connected to the vehicles.  You are taking this trip because you believe you are sick but say, “God has healed me!”

The Anderson's I see mental illness is being lifted from the family.  The mother gets 

paid sometimes and the house needs to be brought up and the benefits are going to be 

brought up to par. 

The healers come to Andrew and Andy’s house and no surgery will be needed.  Every child will be healed and spared. 

God gives discernment as to where we should leave our children.  So no harm will come their way.  

October 28, 2012

The mystery is walking deeper and deeper into the lives of those here at Revelation. 

 I see spoiled or curdled milk as a sign of where you are is not where you will 

remain both naturally and spiritually.  Don’t settle in!  There is an opportunity being 

born as you accept this word.

What God gives you on today is more precious than gold.  What you use(perceive) 

today will produce in your life what has never been produced before. 

I see a spirit of adoption a pregnant individual wanting to give the child away.  Don’t do it deceptively.  Tell your family give them a chance to adopt first. 

Glen let the depression lift. He is fighting his own emotions.  There is deliverance for him.  God has an opportunity for him to turn his life around.  Avoid confrontation.

Glendale and Glen Ellen there is favor in this area.  Watch your driving in this area.  Fix the car so it won’t pull to the left. 

The debt that is in my name God pays it on my behalf.  Don’t own the debt!     

A broken window is a sign of a life make over. 

I see God blessing Sara

God healing swelling and an sore on the leg.

God is healing the mouth.

I see ulcers being healed.

Heart valves being healed as you read this the process begins immediately.

 I see scar tissue from a surgery that hinders and/or blocks bowels.  


I see God cancelling all debts right now.  It is needed right now.  

 God is giving 

October 21, 2012

I see a major street. I'm standing on the right side and the cars are going really fast.  I 

see a Spirit of mercy walking up and down the street.  This street has a M and 

number in the name.  I see vividly the street has a tall wooden fence 

with  murals on the wall, advertisements on billboards as well.  Also, someone

 seems to be hiding behind the mural.   I see someone also changing clothes maybe a 

temporary living quarters, dorm, etc.  The lord is sparing or quieting what could be a 


There could be physical abuse or molestation in group homes or similar places. 

Sierra there is conflict in the spirit.

Lashawn  and a R named person needs to have their eyes opened.  Do not let your inability to accept what you see be a hindrance.

I see a motion of someone opening and stooping don’t go get the gun! God vindicates you.

 I see another tall wooden fence someone is hiding behind the fence.  I also 

see lockers, changing of clothes and living quarters .  I see deception and someone 

hiding in different locations.  God cancels the assignment of rape, murder and any 

other violence.  

There are numbers on the doors 31, 32  etc. are in sequential orders.   An

named person knows the history of the property.

Beware of the person who makes the keys.  They did not turn in all the keys.  Get the locks changed there could be a robbery.  Check rooms number 31 and 32. 

The angel of the lords stand in the center of the S named person’s house and 

send peace.  The house is seasoned    with the power of God. 

Someone is trying to steal out your locker in a transient environment.  Don’t give out 

the combination or key. Someone is trying to pick the lock.

I see a billboard like those that appear when you go the airport.

I see someone running in gym shoes with no shoe laces. 

Don't eat canned meat.

Haley God touches you in your emotions


October 14, 2012

Pastor had a theophany on last night.  The message from the Lord is, “I came to enforce the promises!” The messenger was the largest angel she has ever seen. I walked into him. I was in his bosom.  He was so huge I could not see where he began or ended.  The message is,” you cannot turn and I am not there. I come as a warrior to enforce every promise I gave to you.” Today’s message can change your lives.  Nothing can be hindered!


I came to cancel out genetic ties that hinder and bind you.  Even the body 

that remembers being sick, this includes back problems,  body sores, mental 

illness, asthma and stomach problems are being cancelled all the way back to Adam. 

God rewrites your DNA.

 God sends the answer running to your house.

There are emotional things going on in the Family with the name Lachet and Lacey this 

family is going through concerning the mom.   

Make sure the locksmith is reputable company.  I see someone making and keeping extra keys.

I see a black border or a back splash in a kitchen with tile on the wall.  I see a 

visitation coming to this house.  But someone is giving you things at no cost.  God said 

he will refurbish your entire house. 

There is no delay on your request on today.  The texture of what is needed can be touched on today.  To God be the Glory the ultimate authority.  

October 7, 2012

I hear the word time over and over again some things that have been delayed…..

I hear a conversation on Tuesday and Wednesday about a situation with a toddler.   

God touches the hip of the child with the meeting on Tuesday. Do not get the 


I see blood clots and varicose veins God melts the blood clots.  They are 

dissolving as you read and believe.

IRS issue has been resolved.  By Friday, of this week there will be resolve in your favor.  God rules!

I see Sherice is being healed from emotional things.  

Don’t take them back until God fixes it.  Leave it in the Potter’s hand until  He fixes it.

I see a baby coming to those sitting on the south side of the church.

Those in committed relationship may have outside children coming.

God is giving us a creative tongue ask and it shall be given by next Sunday. 

God gives a financial door in the next 24 hrs.  


September 30, 2012


At 2:40pm on tomorrow you will answer a question that was asked in the morning.  An answer needs to be given right away. You will receive it.

This room of people  chosen to be here now will be rewarded for being present in a timely manner.  

I see the hand of God pointing toward Florida.  I see a black sludge coming out of the ground or being washed up on the shores. God will expose this before it gets into the reservoir.  

I see someone with an oil leak in their car. That is a sign the questions that came up on Wednesday or Thursday regarding property conflict will be resolved……

I see someone with conflict and problems that you have not talked about and are swallowing.  This is a direct result of rebellion.  You are coming out of a dark place.  I see you coming out and what was lost will be restored. Your strength is being regained.  Please remained steadfast.  Do not back away from what you know to be right. 

I see someone taking antacids for your stomach and stomach problems. This is because of anxiety and not trusting  in God. 

I am looking at  unclean water in someone house……God is calling you to make a lifestyle commitment to him.  God has chosen you to strive and press your way.  Think it not strange the fiery trials you are going through…

I hear a S named person a doctor that thing you are fighting your body wins.  It could be a doctor with a S name. 

God completely takes the struggle out of your house on this week.  

I see a box that is outside the angel of the Lord is going to your house.  God has extracted all lack from outside your house.  There is abundance of peace, and God is pouring into the spaces in you exactly what you need.

The person named Lee Ann needs peace in their house and their child’s house as well.

I hear the word or name flora this represents being healed.  God says, “I am the one that heals thee.”  

It is a new day a new world order.  The harvest is right now.   

I saw different shades of rain some heavy some light.  Lord pour the water everywhere.

I see an x-ray on Tuesday.

God gives peace to Lee and Lexus.


 September 23, 2012

I saw a person walking down a street and all the houses have peace in them.  They 

were in a residential (Irving park and Cicero area) and more than one street 

intercepted.  There is someone watching multiple stores and they are about to 

experience a rash of burglaries.  The merchants need to secure their stores.  The person 

will be exposed.  Also around Milwaukee Ave as well.

I see friendly fire.  This means someone that came to your house as a friend comes back to burglarized you.  There is a 4 in the address.

I see town houses around 111th and 115th street there is burglary in this area.

Moriarty there is a split in the family.  There has been violence in the family this includes the Moore  and the Morrison Families.  There are transitional situations going on right now.

40 East and 40 West I see a map.  The Lord is taking the struggle out of what you need and out of your hands.  This is also the first fruit.  You won’t have to chase it.  You will acquire what you need.  The notice will come by various email, text, mail and phone.      

Someone applied for a driving position you may drive for a while but the Lord will 

pull you out from behind the wheel and give you a better position.                                         

1947,1957 , 1967,1977,1987and 1997 this is your perfect year for the next 7 months.  God is showing you favor walk in favor and you will have no opposition.  If the question come up what should I do on Tuesday the answer  is  yes and on Wednesday the answer   is no.   

The number 40 be cautious about this if it is a location.

This person walking down the street they are a left handed person.  They leave early 

in the morning walking be especially careful.  The Lord covers you be aware of your 

surroundings.  There is a person in back of you wearing a brown hoodie or 

you could be wearing a brown hoodie that zips.  God covers you from the 

serial rapist. 



September 16, 2012

<!-Every word spoken in this place is seed. You will become fertile and then pregnant for a season.  This gives you what you need to bail you out.  It won’t take nine month to have what you need.  It will be ready in about five hours.  This is divinely imparted by the power of God.  It overshadows you in this place. 

<!--Tell Ed to leave you alone!  They have a spirit of manipulation or usury.

<!-Abigail or Abby there is peace of mind for you.  You opened the door to crazy put them out. Don’t let others steal your peace. 

<!--Each of us standing in the midst are about to be overshadowed by the power of God.  An echo will go before you so that the atmosphere is familiar with you before you arrive. 

<!-I rebuke tormenting spirit to stop you from sleeping.

<!-Someone’s throat is closed God opens it after you take 3 sips of water.  Things are heavy on your heart.

<!-I see a spirit that iSomeone with blood clots in their leg as you read this in faith the clots melts. Varicose veins are being healed and made flat.

<!-T hose government phones being issued in lots have tracking devices and drug dealers are the target.

<!-I see a can of Spaghetti or Ravioli being opened.  There is a spirit of success walking in the house.  Receive even that which you don’t understand.  This is for all those who hear.  Faith activates this!!

<!-I see a coil in the spirit it represents your DNA you have been worried about heart attacks.  God has cancelled this for you.

<!-Also someone that is a bleeder or has an issue of blood.  The Angel of the Lord comes to stop the excessive bleeding.  God heals from the bacteria.  He is cleaning away the blood left behind in your system. 

<!-Someone is fighting depression and has really thought about dying….

September 9, 2012

I see circles in the spirit realm.  It represents the solar system.  The solar influence is on earth an extraordinary heat on earth.  The news will be reporting that in various locations around the world the air will be changing.  The circles also represent entering into “new vows” with the Lord.  The Lord will be proving to you a new love as a gifts to you.  Many of us may be getting a new ring in the next few days. A new nature of God is being revealed to you on today.   A new part of him you will be shown staring on today.  This god type you have never known before. 

I see circuit breakers that need to be fixed.  I see someone with soggy carpet.  God preserves the house until the breakers can be repaired.  The numbers 23 is significant to this house.

I see a wall that moves.  I see the hand of God.  It could be a room that is separated with a curtain etc.  What I see is in a house with movable walls is a warring angel standing there.  I hear a conversation about relocation and conversation going on in this house.  Follow the spirit of the lord there will be an intervention.  At about 7o’clock on Monday and Tuesday you will be given confirmation clarity  by Wednesday.

In the next 7 days, God will make clear which doors you should walk through.  He closes those that are not meant to go through.  It is not God’s will we go backwards.  Go in faith.  

The number 15 relevant in your life is significant to the fact you are in line for a miracle.  This month of Tisrath is a month of miracles.  The 1 and the 5 are very significant. 

At 12 pm and 12 am, write down what God is saying to you. 

Those with sliding doors I see multiple checks and opportunities coming.  Think it not strange.  Don’t confess what you see but confess were you are going. 

Keep a tablet by your bed.

September 2, 2012

A to Z Prophecy


I have reached my turning point right now!  There is a turning point for something miraculous.

An A name person has been through a financial turning point.  A relationship is being healed.  There are employment changes.  The transition takes place Tuesday at 3 pm and Thursday at 7 pm.

B named person being advanced out of sequence and time.  God removes obstacles out of their atmosphere.  God provides a door of opportunity.  Also your living situation is about to change.

C named person balance your conduct and your temper.  Be calm this week.   Anxiety and emotions are irregular on this week.  Do not let your emotions get off kilter.  Just know you win.  By Friday you will see, the call will come in the morning.  Don’t fret.

D named person balance God is taking this out of your hand.  God is taking the power to balance your entire life.  By 4 pm there is a meeting and by Friday at noon.  God enters into a contract or covenant.  Don’t worry about the finances.

E named person has a D person they are working with.  E and the D named person are in partnership.  you are fighting depression and listening to the wrong conversation.  God brings you into alignment.  You have lofty ideas but you have a spirit of procrastination.  You lack motivation.  God sends someone to motivate you.

G names person home, children and moving involved.  I see congestion in your chest also prostate problems that are being sloth off.  Also, God is healing of internal infection.

There are many from A-Z that has anxiety because you're out of balance.  You’re at a turning point.

H named person you tried several business ventures the third time is a charm.  You are getting the answer.  Yes, Yes on Monday and Tuesday morning also on Friday yes, yes, yes.  There is a bail out.

I named person there is a bail out for you as well.  You are about to meet a stranger.

For those that are partakers in the first fruit, you are about to meet a stranger.

J named person you don’t know which way to go.  You are internalizing things and are having psychosomatic ailments.  The opportunity has been knocking on your door but because you have not been familiar, so you didn’t recognize it.

K named person there is a power of favor on Tuesday at about 5:30 or 7 pm.  Don’t talk too much.   You could be around someone that really doesn’t want you to succeed.  Hold your peace.  There is healing for your legs and knees.

L named person you talk way too much on this week don’t talk so much.  There is a blessing designed just for you.  Watch your account and your social security number.  Something is coming in the mail look for it.

M named person represent miracles.  You have a tendency not to be sincere in expressing your true feelings.  Don’t try to figure it out.  If you ask you are going to get it.  There is a partnership.  God works out in personals and business.  Take the burden of your life off your shoulders.

N named person God lifts the burden off your shoulders.  There are 3 people you talk to but release the burden only to God you are at a turning point.  God lifts the anxiety off your head.  On Tuesday night do not let “it” bother you.  On Tuesday just know it is a lie!

O named person God makes the negative a positive.  Also, there is healing for your hands.

Those on the first floor make sure your windows are secure especially in the children’s room.

Internal healing for the Blanchard family there is a family healing and healing for someone in a hospital bed.  They have a IV in their arm.  The hand of God heals the matriarch.

The Blair family is being healed.

Douglas and Doug don’t worry about the meeting on Tuesday it will be find.

Bella you won’t experience it anymore the acidic stomach problems.

On Douglas Street there are folks with attitudes.  There is jealousy but you go as a peace maker. The angels are being dispatched to that street.

P named person I see that God will have you sign the papers.  Sign the papers on the P great increase.

P and the Q person may sign the papers.  Things are being given freely to you.  The no is being changed to yes.

R named person run quickly to evaluate.  Just take advantage.  A business will be handed to you, a gift.  You are given an extraordinary gift of favor.

S named person a sale is going through.  Purchases for the S named person.

T named person I hear horses, animals and a farm.  It will bring finances ownership of companies.  Change in diet God is delivering the T named person major finances.

U named person the x-rays come back okay the residual are released.

W named person radios station named being called out loudly.  The turning point comes on Thursday.

V named person debt is being erased.   Something that was lost is being restored.  God brings to a level of increase of faith.  There is a level of increase for V on Thursday and Sunday.

X, Y, and Z named persons you are all at a turning point you will have 3 opportunities.  The sign for X named person is a dove.  The Y named person sign is a horse.  The Z name person sign is Africa.  


August 26, 2012


I speak to Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico mental illness and mass killings.  

There is spirit of mental illness lurking in these areas.


We cancel violence around Brown University.


Violence in K-town around the schools.


In Chesterton and the mind of Chester. Violence is cancelled.


We cancel violence around Aaron and Eric.


In Charlotte, North Carolinaviolence is being cancelled the spirit of mental illness is being cancelled,


I see violence being cancelled  against a B named person. 


Rolling Meadow violence is being cancelled.


Also in the area with actual meadows the lord has heard your prayers about your house. 


Someone is asking for an escape route from an abusive relationship.  I also see someone by the name of Cory.  Do not go back to that abusive relationship.  Mental illness is involved.

Mental illness leaves your house on today.  Lord deliver.


David will be ok in the chest area.

Patty will be healed in her mind

On route 34 and 67, I see traveling and going through an emotional crisis but when you see route 34.  Let that be a sign that God has heard you and things will be OK.


The season has come for divine change, but the devil has placed a border of opposition to stop you from getting over to your destination.  It is being declared that every hindrance has been removed.  

 August 19, 2012

Someone raising doves or in contact with doves this is a sign of obstacles being moved 

out of your way. 

If you see a raven go the other way.

A person named Raven wants to quit or give in.  She needs to pursue the other or change 

direction.  There is conflict in the transition.

I see 80 north, west and south, and also route 80.   You need to rent a car if you are 

traveling.  There is redemption and money resolution as he travels this route.

Every word spoken today by next Sunday you will be able to say you got it.

Someone that is 40 yrs old is not sleeping.  You need to do some soul searching now until the end of the year you are about to fly.  This is for those born in 1972. 

 This also applies to those born in 1962. 

There is a D named person that has a special blessing.  Also a person with 40 in an 

address has a special blessing coming as a special light.  There is a contract you have that 

is going to be rewritten.   Rewriting of the testament and the covenant

Increase is all over the room. 

Those that are between 30-39 watch for the golden calf offer.  (That which is done in 

place of the authentic God.) Beware of the manipulation.   

Those with an 8 and a 4 in their address………….

This is a month for harvest.  What will you reap?

The tribe of Gab is influential this month.  A month of mercy and the name Gab means 

camp.  The hand of God is moving in this camp. 

I hear the name Rainey.   

I see Moses being a type for you with supernatural provisions.  You will receive it on 

this week.  That which you don’t deserve. 

Those with a bird tattoo.  You need a living situation resolved.  A dove is coming by 


We will hear about an Owl on the news. 

Some have been hanging out with scavengers.  God will release you from these 


I see the number 10.  Which represents the 10th month.  This person has a 40 and a 80 


It is moving time the conflict with moving is over. 

The 3rd child is about to burst loose.
There has been a delay, but it is over.  By Thursday, you will know the Lord has answered you.  Worship God on today like you never have before.  
August 5, 2012


The angel of the Lord is sending His healing power to Kina.  The Lord remembers her 

labor of Love.  God restore her!!!


The name Crockett I see this family fighting mental illness.  I see intervention coming 

to the Crockett family. 

Casey or the Casey family someone has a problem with needle the child will be restored.

I see families that are connected with heroin needles.  There will also be intervention 

before tragedy.


The BR named family and the H named family and the Benjamin family.  Cast down the thought for drug and heroin use.  There are individual that put drugs in cigarettes.  We ask God to intervene.  The drug is poisonous.  I see foaming at the mouth.  The environment is unsafe as well.  There are people in the house that don’t belong there. 


I see visitors that want to come to your house and sleep on your couch.  Don’t let that 

happen they bring the wrong energy into the house…. spirit of deception.  The devil is 

trying to bring in the subtle entry of addictive behavior.

Someone who rides horse it looks like there could be an accident.  Be careful the horse 

has a number on it.  Check the saddles etc.  God puts out the fire around the stable. 

There is 44 in your SS number that which you apply for you will receive.  You will 

get what you ask for be anxious for nothing.


The first fruit is you will be stress free on this week. 


There is a cloud called favor over each of the member’s head for those present 

in the service.  Pull it down. 


There is Favor for Blanchett and the Sawyer family.


I heard the name Dada.  If this relates to you , you are about to receive an 

inheritance from that side of the family.  God blesses and removes the shame.   

Also concerning Dada, there is healing coming to the house, and God is breaking up 

inappropriate relationships and healing the household.

God touches Petey in their mind

7463 in your SS or other important Documentation………

November 9 healing in your house

September 11 there is a miracle

1959 ……

1964 ……….

1973 , 1974 and 1975 walking into a miracle.   


 July 29, 2012

The Word today has entered into this location as a personality.  The Lord is going to open doors.  I see the angel of the Lord walking up to these doors with a piece of paper in his hand.  I see three windows and the angel of the Lord has the paper in his hands.  A paper you have been waiting for a long time.  Your words have a personality on today.  The words and your personality have linked up and the words you speak will come into fruition on tonight.  Be God focused!!  This is a warring service on todayThe words spoken are not being hindered on today. 

The messenger is walking up to a wood door with red curtains. 

There is a river of change for all of us.  I hear the gurgling of the river flowing.  Receive life!! Step beyond your understanding.  Let your word have the personality of a warrior as you speak today.  Go aggressively today!!

I’m walking up to another door and I am looking through the window.  There is a throw cover that is white with a pattern lying on the sofa .  He is waiting for an invite to go beyond boundaries and not be distracted.  The 2-3 month delay is released. 

The first fruit is God sends a Ram!! It will erase lingering debt on today.  As soon as tomorrow, I see God has released. 

One day one opportunity!!

I see a broken microwave in someone house you spoke a thing at the refrigerator.  The D named person you wanted to get some milk but it was bad or there was none.  That thing you spoke about in the living room.  God will provide exactly what you asked.  Remember to give God the glory!!

Geronimo and Jerome
has some emotional and psychological things.  

Also a man named Abraham and  Amy. There is a lucrative contract and opportunity that walks through the door.   


July 22, 2012

  • You as a people have questions.  God will give an environmental sign by 9pm on tonight.
  • I see a Patrick and a Patricia are involved in a legal contract.  It is ruled in your favor.
  • I see someone with a Georgia connection a school in Georgia.  You are being offered a scholarship. 
  •  On Tuesday there is a financial overflow added to the check.  This person has a peanut allergy and lactose intolerant as well. Also on Tuesday, part of the settlement is coming. 
  • We pray that those that bring terror and copycats are rebuked in their tracks.  The mask is lifted so we can see beyond the mask. 
  • Also, those that have been injured by the mass killer let them be spared and have long life. 
  • Julia or Julie has a sore and she is concerned about it.  As she reads this, the sore will dry up. 
  • Also those with sores that don’t heal well you will now notice evidence of the sore drying up.
  • Carlos isin a troubling place.  Don’t do that tragic them in retribution.  Don’t fight back or get even. 
  • All individual born on the second day there is retreat all around your house.  August 2nd will be a day of Jubilee. You can request the celebratory oil from this ministry be sent.
  • An address with 1 and 9 there is peace walking up to your house.   1219 deliver our house from tormenting spirit.
  • The 1973and the lord says to you that situation you thought was going to take you and your family out, it won’t happen.
  • If you were born in 1989 it is your season.  You will not follow the path of your parents.  You will, “bypass the bullet”(escape generational curses).
  • God has sent 21 blessing to Revelation 
  • The address is 2103..........  

July 15, 2012

As I was standing upstairs I saw a child having a tooth pulled with a string, know as 

an adult God has stepped into your affairs.  I see a big D over your head. That means 

the delay is over.  God is preparing you house for the overflow.

Someone named Stanford  or someone who has gone to Stanford. There is some financial resolve for tuition tuition forgiveness.

Also someone with a Connecticut connection there are some children with conflict with a parent.  It will be resolved. 

I see young women being lured away from their houses in Connecticut. 

Someone who has a lock on something or a combination on something it has very 

important things that have been tampered.

I see hands going into locked boxes  papers with dual ownership could be 

some fraudulent activity. 

Someone named Haggerty  and Johansen.  T here is a father in the hospital.  The 

father seemed to be in a coma before he made his transition.  One dad was an

amputee.  Expect a stranger to call in the next two weeks.  Your delay is over. 

Just know it is not to late.  

I see the symbol of a Barber Pole. 


I see a lying tongue and it is pierced.

The person named Darlene  her son life is being spared .  There should be no 

violence around the house.  Stay away from the 4 flat on the corner.  They hide drugs at 

that location.  The police is coming.  So, if he does not want to be locked up stay away.   

That spirit wants to come again that caused him to get shot.

God spares Darlene son’s life.  

July 8, 2012

The word of God is going to walk through the aisles on today.  God will even capture 

your thoughts on today.  

Remember the scripture that says before the words fall from your lips.


There will be natural wonders that will erupt and become massive demonstrations of 

God’s power. These things will happen on this week and for the next two weeks.  These 

will be signs for the believers that God is moving and providing change for your earth 

or lives.  There could be wind and water coming up and fire coming down. 

Someone who uses a cane God reverses the paperwork that was signed in secret.  

Things spoken in secret will be revealed.  I see a cane with an ornament on top.  This 

could be related to New York.  I see also a name that is involved.  There is deception in 

partnership with a name like Stein and Stein or Harris and Harris.  This is 

type of business name involved.

I see airplane tragedy being avoided flight numbers with these numbers 2111, 1211, 

and 2347.  

I also smell sulfur there will be healing in the sulfur.

Corliss don’t do it on Wednesday.  Don’t accept the first offer.  Don’t get angry.  The J 

named person is wearing a mask.

I see Millie or a MI named person at a crossroad about a job.  On Wednesday hold 

off on making the decision.  

In the state of Maine,Courtney don’t run away.

Carmen, Carmelita, Carmella, and Carlita the conflict in your mind will be resolved.  

Don’t worry about the paperwork (3 types) no fear.  Today is a day of fear. 

Carmelita and Carmella you need confusion resolved and emotional transition God makes the decisions for you. 

Tuesday is the high energy day.  Make the call or sign the papers.   Also at 2:45 pm on this week say, “I have won.”

Wendell you won’t loose the family or the property.

 I see a male that has one thumb. I see you driving a truck avoid the Tri-State.  God 

covers you from accidents. 

 Mallor Family the children will get the scholarship.


Mather family you had questions about your daughter’s relationship.  It needs to end it is not a good one.  

July 1, 2012

I see a series of buildings that look like motels there are flat.  There is criminal activity in this area.  I see motels like when you travel.  There does not seem to be an upstairs.  Those traveling city to city don’t stop at a motel that starts the letter P or may even be a parrot on the sign.   Be cautious about stopping at a motel.  It may be near a place that makes boots or shoes.  Don’t stay at that motel it is not safe.  They may even have parasites.   The sign is the boots.  Just don’t stay at motels!

Also, if you see a sign with Parrot Bay someone is scouting to rob the store. 

There are many struggles in terms of financial investments.  Don’t quit but 

hold on.  You are climbing a mountain but you are asking God which way to go.  The 

key is not to quit.   There is a slippery slope and you are not sure where to place 

your hands and your feet just don’t quit.  Be determined not to quit. 

I see black stones or coal.  There is no delay.  If the stone it was in your purse it 

represents victory.  Your answer is so close.  Do not quit.  Don’t let the enemy keep you 

back.  Pay attention and stay out of your own emotions God has already provided for 


There’s no more waiting. Your sleepless nights are over and waiting is over. 

Those that can grasp this message “You are standing inside the belly of a seed!”

The Blackstone Hotel needs healing and favor God grants this favor.  Do not let the 

coal mines collapse.  I see black stones God preserves lives from volcanic ash.  Allow the workers lives to be saved. 

I see sick whales being washed up on the beaches.  Don’t touch them.  They have parasites. 

Athena has emotional things going on. 

Preserve Wales from terrorism.  God exposes the terrorist group.

God cancels out a suicide spirit.

June 24, 2012

I have reached my turning point right now!  There is a turning point for 

something miraculous.

An A named person has been through a financial turning point.  A relationship is being healed. There are employment changes. The transition takes place Tuesday at 3pm and Thursday at 7pm. 

B named person being advanced out of sequence and time.  God removes obstacles out of their atmosphere. God provides a door of opportunity.  Also your living situation is about to change.

C named person balance your conduct and your temper.   Be calm this week, anxiety and emotions are irregular on this week.   Do not let your emotions get off kilter.  Just know you win.  By Friday  you will see .  The call will come in the morning.  Don’t fret.

D named person balance God is taking this out of your hand.  God is taking the power to balance you entire life. By 4pm, a meeting and by Friday at noon .  God enters into a contract or covenant.   Don’t worry about the finances.

E named person has a D person they are working with.  E and the D named person are in partnership.  You are fighting depression and listening to the wrong conversation.   God brings you into alignment.  You have lofty ideas but you have a spirit of procrastination.  You lack motivation.  God sends someone to motivate you

G named person home, children and moving involved,  I see congestion in your chest also prostate problems that are being sloth off.  Also, God is healing of internal infection. 

There are many from A-Z that have anxiety because your are out of balance.  You’re at a turning point

H named person you tried several business ventures the third time is a charm.  You are getting the answer Yes. Yes on Monday and  Tuesday morning also on Friday yes, yes, yes.  There is a bail out.  

I named person there is a bail out for you as well.  You are about to meet a


For those that are partakers in the first fruit,  you are about to meet a stranger. 

J named person you don’t know which way to go.  You are internalizing things and are having psychosomatic ailments.  The opportunity has been knocking on your door but because you have not been familiar   so you didn’t recognize it.

K named person there is a power of favor on Tuesday At about 5:30 or 7pm.  Don’t talk too much.  You could be around someone that really doesn't want you to succeed.  Hold your peace.  There is healing for your legs and knees.

L named person you talk way too much on this week don’t talk so much.  There is a blessing designed just for you.  Watch your account and your SS number.   Something is coming in the mail look for it. 

The M named person represent miracles.  You have a tendency not to be  sincere in expressing your true feelings.  Don’t try to figure it out.  If you ask you are going to get it.   There is a partnership.   God works out in personally and business. Take the burden of your life off your shoulders.

 N named person God lifts the burden off your shoulders.  There are 3 people you talk to but release the burden only to God you are at a turning point.  God lifts the anxiety off your head.  On Tuesday night do not let "it" bother you.  On Tuesday just know it is a lie!

O named person waking up on Tuesday or Wednesday there is a conversation about giving up but by the evening everything will be turned around.  The pill or drug usage God removes.  The children and your  inheritance God brings you through in 24 hours. 

P name person God makes the negative a positive.  Also, there is healing for your hands. 

Those on the first floor make sure your windows are secure especially in the 

children"s room.

 Internal healing for the Blanchard family there is family healing and healing for 

someone in a hospital bed.  They have an IV in their arm.  The hand of God heals the 


The Blair family  is being  healed.

 Douglas and Doug  don’t worry about the meeting on Tuesday it will be find.

Bella you won’t experience it anymore the acidic stomach problems.

On Douglas Street there are folks with attitudes.  There is jealousy but you go as a peace maker.  The angels are being dispatched to that street.    

P named person I see that God will have you sign the papers. Sign the papers on the P great increase

P and the Q person may sign the papers.  Things are being given freely to you.  The no is being changed to yes.

R named person run quickly to evaluate.  Just take advantage. A business will be handed to you, a gift.  You are given an extraordinary  gift of favor.

S named person a sale is going through. Purchases for the S named person. 

T named person I hear horses, animals and a farm.  It will bring finances ownership of companies.  Change in diet God is delivering the t named person major finances.

U named person the X-rays come back Ok the residual are released,

W named person radios station name being called out loudly.  The turning person comes on Thursday.

V named person debt is being erased. Something that was lost is being restored.  God brings to a level of increase of faith. There is a level of increase for V on Thursday and Sunday.


X, Y, and Z named persons you are all at turning points you will have 3 opportunities. The sign for X named people is a dove.  The Y named person’s sign is a horse. The Z name person’s sign is Africa



June 17, 2012

Those that are here right now are chosen for a direct deposit. 

God has said he is given a special prayer for the males in our lives today. 

God said he will restore Dads born 1947-1950 with their sons and daughters.  There 

was some conflict that created the disconnection. 

I see a grandmother named Mable or Mabelline that raised you Therefore you 

were separated from your father. There is a Mississippi, Alabama, Utah, and 

Arizona connection.

Also a father who had his toe amputated will be restored to his children as well. He 

will also be healed. 

These fathers born in the years 1951-1965 you will need to be healed in your emotions. 

Those who have never seen their Fathers will see them within the next 45 days

Paul will be reunited with his family.

God heals Curt’s wounded spirit. 

Dads that are in need of employment God will provide without being made ashamed. 

God heals anger and unforgiveness for those with the feathers connection

June 10, 2012

I’m standing at a shore in the spirit.  I am at the edge of the shore and I see a group of people standing.  The shore represents a possibility and you are waiting for something to happen, you are waiting for my ship to come.  Some are distracted for purpose.  Do not give up or lose hope. The ship is about to come.   The ship is visible on the horizon.  On the ship are the words “just in time.” 

I see a once in a lifetime opportunity.  A phenomenon coming so fast it was about 

to go over your head.  Some of us reached up just in time.  On this week pay attention 

to the mail, dreams, and calls.  It will come quickly.  Drop everything and grab it.  It 

may wiggle in your hand but hold on you win! 

I hear the name Perry, I see he has breathing complications as he inhales and exhales 

God heals the breathing for Perry. 

I see the word flagship in this place deals are being made.  I see the person 

getting 2 coats of favor.  The conversation

Flagship I hear an explosion it has the numbers 8888.

There are two coats or layers of favor being dispensed to all that are present in the 

service today. 

I see an idea that the healer wants to give to several.  The healer is giving 

ideas that create business sense.  Listen to the wind of the spirit and receive 

great success. 


I see a partnership for the C named person, do not share all you ideas at first.  It will 

be a lucrative business.  God will reveal each step gradually so you won’t reveal all the 



God is doing things as it is spoken in this service, because the energy is very high


God is healing Ava in her mind.


Jonathan will have healing in his emotions and in his finances


Nathanis being touched..............


Chloe is being healed in her mind..........


Avoid the infestation in a facility, institution

Someone was drinking milk and has a problem drinking milk … mothers with crawling 

babies make sure that chemicals are stored in a safe place so infants can’t access.  

Check the milk products. 


There is an extraordinary amount of finances coming rapidly, and God’s stamp is on it. There is so much potential in us.  

June 3, 2012

When asked the question what you see your response should be: I see myself great! 

On this week Monday and Tuesday journal/write every time you spend time with the Lord.  Let a man examine 

himself.  Examine how much time you spend on the internet. We are going to lay aside every weight.  This is a 

spiritual weight loss plan! (Heb. 12:1) 

Jeffery there is a sore or tearing in the leg or thigh  the Lord will heal.

Those with spinal conditions God is putting cushioning, mending and regrowing that which was depleted in 

the spine or vertebrae. I see cartilage growing.  God is pouring cartilage into the back. 

I see Booker needs to be moderate in his activity on Monday and Tuesday.

I see a quick promotion. 

Jackie or Jacqueline God touches her eyes and migraines 

I’m walking down a street with a red sky.  I see a ranch style house.  The person in this area is fighting a 

disease.  The place they live has red in the name.  It could beAlaska or somewhere north.  There is a

route number connected and 7and 4 are in the address. 

I also go to a duplex in a gated community God is drying up disease.

Someone with a hearing problem God is healing. 

Someone with a child 2-4 months old lives in a house with pest.  It is like something has crawled in the baby’s 

ear.  The baby is crying. It will come out.

A women has been in a mental institution their initials are either  E,J, or L they are getting to strong or the wrong medication.  

May 27, 2012

There is no way I can live without God should be your mantra or words of power……

God blesses  Agnes with healing in her body.

The perfect time has already been written for your destiny.  It is disrespectful to put anything before God as far 

as your time is concerned.  Can you eat worms?

That which is spoken today has a time stamp on it. 

There is going to be an opportunity between 3-7pm on Wednesday May 30, 2012.  It will be made to 

you.  It will be beyond your imagination. 

 God will give you daily bread between 8-11am for the next 7 days.  Don’t talk as much meditate and 

hear from God.   Also, the evenings between 6-10pm you will have the answers.  This is a time of meditation.

I see fumes going up.  The spirit of the Lord is flowing into each of us.  There is no delay!    It is time to retrieve the success “over your head” reach up and get it, but you have to be disciplined by the word. 


Mercury ……..I hear this

I hear the name Becky, she has been fighting depression.  There are tormenting thoughts God lifts the burden.

Cynthia has been fighting torment and God provides employment for her house.

I thank God for the 2pm time to create worship and thank God.  This will be a time of double portion.

This is a season of progress for each one of us there is no failure in God.

I hear the name Ivan or an I named person; the loins are being healed.

Also someone from the Netherlands will be connected to Revelation Ministries

There is a hedge of protection for the Netherlands.

Someone with blurred vision it is not high blood pressure you need to reduce the salt, aspirin, and 

drink more water. It is a nutrition issue.  

May 20, 2012

- The lord says, “It’s all good.” No matter what you going through or what it looks like. 

- I see someone going through a situation on last night a person who has a birth mark on your shoulder. 
It looks like an apple on your left shoulder.  It is a sign to you that the lord has heard your cry on this week. 
You are going forth financially and the door you knocked on Monday and Tuesday 14th and the 15th will be
granted.  You went to a location and made an application

- 3337 God has made you uncomfortable because it is time to make a move.  The lord is moving you quickly

- Do not adorn yourself in garments that are not yours or do not fit you.   

- The Lord touches Minnie’s mind. She is fighting depression and conflict about finances. 

- God will provide jobs, by Friday on this week.  Don’t hear with fear or depression for those that want to be

- There is a “positive transition” all around all of you. 

- The letter A will be a great influence in and around obtaining property.

- God touched Sherry and Sherie  and brings forth transition in her house.

- A person whose name is Lucky your stomach has been ulcerated you are being healed of a stomach

- Those with a severe rash the rash will dry up.  As you rub your right hand over it.

- Individuals in our homes that are not employed God will address those financial needs whether they want to work or not.  

- Someone whose first name is Jackson you are touched in your house.

- Evan is healed

- Ivan has been fighting depression and is being touched with employment.

- A person concerned about their fathers heart condition.  There will not be another surgery.  There is swelling
in the legs.  Also, the mother needs healing. 

- God removes rebellion out of the home. 
- Many here need direction because, we are in a crossroad, God gives it.

- I hear the phone ringing or an Allen calling you.

- Expect a miracle on this week at 2pm. 

- A W named person is about to have new employment and a bail out.  (That which has been repressive, lack of 
 finances and peace God will bail out by whatever means necessary.)

- The blessing for those in the sanctuary on today a reward is stockpiled by treasures that somebody thought was trash.  Talents laid down by the wayside.   One man’s trash shall become your treasure. 

- B named person is doing instigating hold your peace, God exposes everything. 

May 6, 2012

I hear the word umbrella in the spirit. We are asking the Lord to be an umbrella over our house.  I see some household’s that are in a little trouble.  He covers us individually and the house. The lord is the umbrella of safety in your house.  God extends the umbrella and removes anger, strife and confusion of the house. Your finances are covered as well. 

The Lord cancels out the assignment of the enemy…we decree safe travel and we reverse anything unlike God.  We stop any hostility that may come to your house.  I see documents coming to the house in a brown envelope.  Just know God rules in your favor.  It is legal and it has a seal on it.  There could be an argument your name was on it.  God exposes the person using your name.  The culprit is exposed.  God reverses the assignment of the enemy.   The letter has “confidential” on it. 

What I see in the spirit is strong deception.  You will need to pull back on sharing 

information.  What I feel is, “Hezekiah uncovered his treasures to the enemy and they 

came back and robbed him.”Don’t over expose!  Don’t cast your pearls among swine. 

Monitor this number if your account has 2233 in it.    Be careful not to expose account 

info.  This is a warning.

I see a mailbox outside put a lock on it if it is not locked. 

I see someone by the name Vincent.  He needs to check his records.  He needs to check his account balances, and don’t let friends have access to info.

Veronica who has her own business, it will be successful.   Don’t take friends and family hire from outside.  Be careful of who has access to information.

Victoria is fighting depression the burden will be lifted.  The 20th of May it will be lifted.

I see a driver’s license that needs to be replaced.  You need to just get another and you will get a new car as well

We need Ashley to be delivered and she is going to be delivered.  She will be a prisoner of God. 

“I need God to move now.”  You needs things cancelled destroyed and identified and 

then create and design. Make it over again doesn’t repair but make new.    

All day is expectation worship. 

This is a walk through the alphabet if your name starts with:

A   4:o0 is a time for agreement
B   A door is opened on Wednesday
C   A crossroad turn right go in to a 1, 1 address.
D You are talking to a D named person David.  God touches your mind and body on            Wednesday.
E   On Tuesday - Thursday good report don't sweat it.
F   Don't panic a need for finances for a bill  you will receive a financial windfall
H   Expect a higher realm of faith.  God says take courage you will be confronted with          something that seems impossible.
I  Cast down you imagination what you think will happen won't happen on Monday            evening.  Driving and license is connected.  Don't get in the car.
K  No failure for you Courage heightened no's turn to yes'
L  I see the Angel of the Lord is leading you to a door that has 3,4 and 77 with grace you can handle all the doors.
M Whatever you touch is golden unexplained hidden things to be discovered.  Keys walk up to you.
N Curses are over in your house.  Two check are coming to you ruptures are drying up.
   No's turns to yes.  Put the thought out for the children for September.  God supplies
O  A new season the cycle of loneliness is over.  A relationship is healed  a season  of  change.
P  Equal 7 harvests, opportunity and doors.  If 7 letters are in your name Restoration of things taken, bounty and increase.
Q  Access into a business venture. Take the keys go forward.  They told you the truth about the bonds but not the        amount.
R Run to catch up w/ your blessing go go go.  Your living quarters are about to change. A large item will be gifted to you no struggle. 
S  You will deal w/others with S in their name also the name Betty is relevant.  Don't stop go on.  You lost something it is in reading material on the table by the bed.
T  Finish the application and double the amount requested.  The blessing of fish and loaves is given after you give it over to the Lord ..........allow him to break you off a piece.
U  Unexpected visit from the tings from the past. An inheiritance kept from you is revealed.
V  Take courage stop crying.  Their not truthful the name is Robert is connected.  Your clumsy be careful, sign papers on Friday on Saturday a major answer....
W  you win God opens a door break off a piece.....Joy opportunity, employment and school...pluck over you head.
X   has a destiny........ appointed to politcal office.  don't worry about school....... God wraps your feet
Y  Problems with your back ...weak legs as well.......hearing is opened with clarity ....Flavors and taste is no mre acid reflux Taste God word new faith.....foreign language relevant......
Z  A baby or pregnancy if desired.....keep your writing tablet by the bed.....Music, lyrics ........oppression and depression is lifted......

April 29, 2012  Divine Sunday

“I have come to present my case.  Lord, I have a situation; and I must present my case before the judge.  I know I am imperfect but Lord please still consider my case.”  I need the judge to rule in my favor.   Find a new worship on Today!

There is bounty that needs to be gleaned in this place.  The bounty is what the enemy left that is to be uncovered for God people.  You are going to walk into it today.

I had a vision on about individuals going into a meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday someone with the initials A, L, or B. 

 I see a business owner who has merchandise on the second floor.  There is someone looking at you through the windows.  This person has merchandise at this location.  You either had a divorce, firing or a type of separation.  You are being watched.  There are two people involved.   Do not renegotiate any more.

I see stairs that lead up to a side house.  I see a house with stairs on the side.  I see a peeping Tom these numbers are significant 727,737 or 757 .  This could be a route. This could be an Ex involved.

There is protection for Joyce protection and employment.

Robbie there is employment for this person.

There is healing for Patrick and also opportunities.

 Migraines constantly you have been talking to many vitamins or pills.

I see Raul…….

 I see men forgiving their fathers.  I see fathers coming in on this week.  The conflict can be reconciled on this week.  Daddy comes home. 

 Adam is connecting with his father. 

 God cancels death in the three siblings the enemy wants to steal.  God heals. 

Everyone that is dealing with heart disease as you read this word you will be healed immediately. “Please say, God heals me from this heart condition.” As you say these words you are healed.

Joey or Joe the condition wants to attack.  God destroys genetic curses in the family. 

The authority of healing walks through my kingdom! 

                                                   April 22, 2012

I see 7 opportunities.  First, I see 7 and 8 the next one is 20, the third is 10, and the center is #1.  This represents the force of God that will draw you to God.  Let the people know that you brought God to the place and that is why they blessed.  The voice of God is walking around you.  The voice of God has been assigned to you. 


Signs:  Marcus is giving access in one door of opportunity and next to him is a L named person possibly Luke or Lucas. The Si named person or Simon is also.  Just know these are the signs of person standing at the door of opportunity.  When God tells you to move on this week move quickly the Lord has already moved.   Do not question the person God brings to you.


Those who came into this place making noise change their noise to worship. 


The Word shall walk into your house, and for the next 7 days your ground shall water itself.


I hear chickens or someone who raises chickens and they have been eating fecal matter.  It is possible that the dust/bacteria falling from the ceiling in the chicken coup and it is getting in the coup.  The meat could come from Carolina the number 205 is connected to it. 


If you have been suffering from sinus/ allergy problems it is from spores or excessive dust.   Clean the dust out.  Also, I see mold.  Clean this up!

God is keeping Corky and Cory safe.  There is a situation that could jeopardize the peace in the house.  The child should not visit for the next 2 weeks


The steering has been slipping in the car with the license plate 737. 

There is peace I see a bridge that will not fall.  The Lincoln Bridge or twin bridges or a bridge with a president’s name connected in the Carolinas .  The weakness will be detected before it falls. 


The angel of the Lord will give you finances that will cancel out the debt.

1222800 is an account. I also see 2800 and 610 there is a blessing of debt being cancelled. God is burning the debt and adding the cash.  You won’t need a loan. 


The angel of the Lord is hovering in this place.  

April 15, 2012

We ask God to give us eyes to see beyond the Flesh so we will not constantly make mistakes in relationship.

 I see a B named person that needs to look beyond the face on Tuesday.

 Also, someone that has a connection to the name Master and Masterson I see seduction or manipulation on Tuesday.  Don’t buy it until you see it. 

 Did someone have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  This person has been running and being confused about where you live or stay.  I see young women having a conversation with older women about what to do.  There are outside people tugging at you.  Do not let anyone abuse you physically.  You have been saying things contrary to your belief system.  You are using the wrong language and what you're eating is a sign of your testimony being influenced by outside sources. 

  I see young women who want to leave their mothers house, if her house is not a safe place then find other adults to talk to about stability. 

 Those people that just ate jelly your life is about to be rearranged and God is going to help you let go. You have been compromising too much and it’s been wrong.

 Those who had the peanut butter, you had rule and control but your emotions allowed you to back down.  You have the authority and control people come when you command.  However, you go along with the flow not wanting to create problems.  Create problems don’t compromise. 

 Someone named Jelly is cheating and he is in a cheating environment.

Do not agree with a lie.

 I hear a name like sweetness or a S named person.  He is in business but he is a thug.  He won’t do his own dirty work.  Don’t go it for him no matter how much he is paying.  Say no around Wednesday evening.   You need to come home at a reasonable hour you stay out to late. 

 The authority of the Angel of the Lord brings two fish and 5 loaves. He multiplied that to be more than enough.   The miracle  of more than enough.  

 God is putting everything in sync.  Circumstances that will cause the process   to happen like dominoes.  God puts in motion a series of events that will make your soul leap.  I will stay in sync with God purpose and follow the providential road of God.  Does not delay follow the signs. 

 Signs: red door,  a broken glass in the bath room, when you see the arch keep going.  The Smithsonian when you see that you are in the right place.  Also,when you encounter a book about cows or animals you have made the right decision.   

The paperwork will be approved.   Ashton ,Ashley, Ashford

 Ashley do not go back this week.

  I see a door all of us are standing at this door.  At the door are fields of increase, go beyond your understanding.  Every step you take God reveals revelation about the next step. 

 Don’t fight  fire with fire!

 I see a friend on 23rd Street Don’t go into the burning building.  I see electrical problems in this gingerbread styled house.  There is a dog that sleeps by the window.  Unplug the light by the window; and you will avoid another fire. 

The person who has a dog and had a fire, I see a beverage or liquid around something that is electrical.  There is a lamp on the little table.

Check the outlets and plugs.  There is a lamp on the little table.

 The dog ate the wrong thing and may be sick someone fed him something outside.

God cancels out the truck accident and the the accident while driving through the mountains.   I see an 18 wheeler and a bus God protects and covers to avoid devastation.  

Someone on this week is going to receive not one but two checks! 


April 8, 2012

 After today the haters are going to stop the noise! The haters could not stop the resurrection.  They cried, “Hosanna,” they cannot stop the fulfillment of the destiny in your life.  I rise.  This is the miracle of the Third Day. 

 I see a stove and it looks like the person who has this stove, the Angel of the Lord is standing in this place.  You have to light the stove a lot.  There has been a delay and it seems as though the wind is blowing the stove out.  Just know, the angel of the Lord is standing with you and gives you access to.  The delay is over.  I also see a red stove in someone house this is saying the Lord is healing a blood condition. 

I see a stove that needs to be cleaned, clean it out and it won’t be a fire.  I see an address with the 9 in it.

 God wants to give you something that you are not qualified to receive. The Cannon stone is territory provided by God you did not earn or you would not ordinarily be qualified. 

 Willa, Willimena, Willie or a name with Will, I see your name being placed.    Something is coming up from the pass.  You will not have to return to work and you will make more money from home.  Also, the legal knot has been untied.  There is a place being prepared for you by the Lord!

 I see a brother that lives in a house with his sister and his mother.  He is going to have to make some changes so he won’t go back. 

 I see a blue light.  It represents a sign that you are about to change your position, and do not expect the disease to return.  It will not return. 

 God heals Blanche and Blanchard from stress.

   God heals Travis from stomach problems

April 1,2012

“I have come to bring that which is required into your dwelling space from beginning to end I am God!!” There is a warrior angel in this place and I see and feel the energy of God walking through this place.  The answers are going to come quickly. 

I see a distribution center or a construction going up.   Things are changing just for God’s chosen.  I see frames going up.  It looks like the construction company that distributes steel beams the beams are made with poor quality.  It is not durable or flawed.  Beware of things tumbling down!

I bring a word that has no delay on it. 

 I see a people that have an Amish look or a people that have a strict religion.  The problem is in the drinking water or the well.  The bacteria have gotten into the well.

Gordon has a stomach situation.  If it is your last name you have ulcerative polyps.  You need to forgive your mother as well.  This is some of the problem.

If Gordon is your last name your have constipation and back problems.  God cancels heart problems and heart attack.  The father won’t need to have heart surgery.

Yvette is going to have to be quiet about what God is doing.  Keep things close and be quiet.  There are people that don’t want to see you prosper. 

Armstrong check your records.  The error is in the addition.  A person that tallies the numbers.  Someone is resentful and may change the figures.


Frederick Nelson the surgery planned you need to have your body checked again.  If you hold out for the next 7 days there will be a change. 

Hold out for 7 more days and everything is about to change. 

Kent stay away from the crowd.  There is a another family by this name someone is hiding in the house on the corner.  There was a break in and it was because of the neighbor.  God also thwarts a kidnapping the child is in the corner house. 

There is healing for Jamie.  Jamie Olsen and Jamie Olston is being healed. 

Also, concerning the Olsen or Olston family, there could also be a conversation about splitting up the family or adoption.  The children will not have to be split up.

Someone had a conversation about making money on the streets this child needs to not go back on the streets.  God wants to spare her life. 

The fishing bait in Vicksboro Ms. is contaminated.  There is a plant near this town that has made the earth toxic.  

I feel tremors volcanic ash falling the national emergencies that are about to erupt on an international level.  God gives his people safe passage above catastrophe.

Those things spoken even on last night.   God heard you and it is being resolved.

     March 25, 2012

The people are standing like an army in the physical and the spirit.  They’re standing shoulder to shoulder with no way of moving from the left or to the right.    The people can only move forward.  God is providing a way of direction for his people today.   He is providing for us without natural interruption.   God is guarding his people life today!  We can only go forth with the Lord.

God is touching and healing Saundra (Spanish) stomach today!

God is healing the people without having surgery.

God is touching the minds of the people around us.  Ask God today to give you a new mind today and cover our children with his protection.  He is exposing the spirit of seduction in the school today!

Olson and Olsten:  school or family name – do a background of all the teachers.  Be cautious who you let around your children.

There are members of a family who live on four corners of a block.  God is breaking the curse of heart attacks in the family.  He is healing the older woman with the “J” name and resolving all the situations in the house.

Our season has come!   It’s time for us to change our minds.  Elevate your mind from thinking like the low end and elevate your faith.   We look on the inside for our help where there is grief, sorrow and our past wrong.  We should look on the outside and see that all things are possible and God has created perfect balance for the people.

The decree today:  The demand will produce the supply.  Let the demand chase after us today.

Increase your bottom line of thinking today!  Increase your bottom line and don't think $100 but think $100,000. Prepare yourself to receive the seed sowed like you have never received before.   God allows you to see where you are going today!

Have a greater expectation of faith because your bottom line has increased today!

March 18, 2012

We have stepped into a cloud on today.  I thank God for being open to receive talents gift that are being taken from one person and being given to someone who will make good use of it.  God snatches talents. 

God give gifts to Belinda to use her hands.  It will bring finances into your house you will not have to leave. 

God pours gifts that you did not have before.

God is rewriting your destiny right now.  Those things you thought you were failing at you won’t fail at.  Those that thought they were superior to you will be shown they are not.  God is going to switch the balance of things.  God is increases you financially.  The wealth waiting for you is being given to you.  The finances are running to your door.  The Angel of the Lord is turning you around so you can get what is yours.  We have been going in the wrong direction.  The money was running after us.  God provides for us divinely.  We no longer are running in the wrong direction.  Our wealth is not like the world's wealth. We don’t obtain it the same way.

I see finances.   A major financial change is coming. 

I see a white light.  We are going to all have a dream follow the white light.  I see a night light into someone’s wall.  This is a sign there has been a spirit of fear around you and you have not been aggressively going forward, but God is giving you another chance to accomplish that which you have not accomplished before.   Follow your dreams as you follow God.  If they told you no keep going forward until you get the answer you won’t. 

On this week don’t be concerned with looking crazy. Go and get that which you desire on this week.  Get ready get set Go!

I see someone who owns a janitorial service.  There is a miracle coming to this location be open. God sends a raven to your door.  You don’t know them.   

I see a person who has a bald head there is a concern about  a mole being cancerous.   God says, they are healed.  The biopsy is not cancerous. 

Whittier School God sends a hedge of a protection.

A council moves in your favor.     

Blood clots are being dissolved in Jesus’ name.  They are being healed in multiple places.   The light of God is standing up.  A light personality has stood up.  The clot will come out don’t be afraid.  Move in faith they are gone.

Confess, I will not go another day without God fulfilling my dreams.

 I see healing in the prostate and painful urination.

Jeffery is being healed the weight of depression is being lifted. There is a miracle in his house and the Angel of the Lord is on Jeffery Street.

I see entrapment.  I see a spirit of entrapment.  Beware of the places you go.    

March 11, 2012

I see someone with “Laughing Cow Cheese” on the table you were snacking on it. This represents: God has given you authorization for a scholarship for your children.  God has heard you and given you the door.

All of us have been waiting for a door and God has granted access already! 

We declare on this week as well our House is a Safe house!

I see Broadway it could be a street, you walk on it, it could be in New York ……it is a neon sign.  God preserves life and violent attacks on Broadway.   I see a steak house on this street. Avoid this restaurant.  It is unclean possibly rodent contamination.  God also covers a owner on this street.   No life will be loss around this steak house. 

I see in Broadview in a drawer, in  a pantry near the kitchen, papers.  God is going to deliver from the foreclosure. 

There is a place that you got to get money it is not a bank.  This is  a currency exchange avoid this Currency Exchange on a S and/or a T named street.  Go to another place.  Don’t get money orders from this place either. They will not be secured from this currency exchange.

Do not get a title loan it is s rip off.  Do not be manipulated by someone influencing you to get a title loan.  Do not go and get a quick loan of any type. 

Do not go get” juice man loans.”

I see a Mr. Wilson contact him and there will be release for you.  Prepare for the papers to be signed.

Joyce stop crying you will have the finances for your house.

Timothy God heals in your body and a miracle of finances. 

There is an attack against our children; this is the season of attack against the first born.  Be conscious of the first born in our house. 

This is when the curse of darkness hit Jerusalem.  I decree we need a door opened.

The Lord said, “Tell them I am the King of Kings. “

I see the toll way, God grants safe passage on the toll way. 

God is rewriting a path; the enemy has planned for you. God is clearing up things spoken against you.   God gives you stability, you won’t be nomadic and he reverses violence around you in Jesus’ name. 

 God preserves the eldest and the only children. 

God touches Broderick and Rod

God heals Reginald and

God touches Loren, Lela and Javier mind body and spirit.

March 4, 2012

I am walking down a road where the roads that curve in and out in an unincorporated area. The person looks as if they’re going to claim something.  Redwood or Redding is connected.  There is a building or a house. The house is in the distance.  There are numbers on the door or gate that opens. The house is vacant or empty.  

What is the relevance of rooster?  God is taking out the confusion and the scheduled breakdown is being thwarted.  There is healing being mended into the bricks and mortar of the house. 

Also if you bought feed for the chickens it is contaminated.  Also the feed for the horses and cows may be contaminated the identification numbers are:    

See Gretchen and Greta have to make a decision about moving and relocation.  Do not fret the move because there is a job connected. 

 I see an index number to a possible safety deposit box:   (DF7925846).  This identifies a lot number to stay away from.  Could be related to a contaminated meal sitting in a unhygienic area. 

There has been some mislabeling of some pharmaceuticals, which need to be recalled.  Check the lot numbers. 

I smell pine sol at an industrial plant which is indicative of some type of airborne contaminate needing to have ventilation.

GG needs to be healed.  Angel of the lord touches and heals in her life. 

Greg needs to be healed in his lower parts.

The bleeding stops! There will be no need for a transfusion.

Revelation is a healing station on at least three levels……

I see a person putting money in a safe. Whether it is your job or etc,  I see someone wanting to get the access to the safe. 

Also, be aware when going to an ATM around the 7 11, minimart and a small Walgreens. 

I see a person that has been fired this week or last week.  Their coming back flee quickly if a disturbance erupts. 

God touches Julia and her children.  Come to church so you can be set free from emotional conflict.

I am looking out a window and seeing purple and white flowers in a field.  I see wildflowers.  I see a flowerbox outside the window.  I hear the word meadows.  There is increase around the meadow.  I also see two mountains fill out the paperwork with the seal on it. 

Donna you are going to have finances so great in the next 30 days it will blow your mind. 

I see a release in insurance claims and papers in a lock box, There are hidden treasures in a box.

I see a train coming off the track.  I also see engine problems.  God exposes the bomb on the train.  The train is going over the bridge.  RR is what I see.  God covers you as you travel.   There will be about 3 in a week.  The number on top of the train is 47 on the side the number is ……I see a gray train and a red train….Don’t take the 47th street train.  God reverses and keeps the train on the track.  The angel of safety be the controlling mechanism.  God exposes the problem before the train takes off.  The devastation is cancelled.   Also, this covers cross country travel as well.  

I see airborne contaminants that cause breathing problems.  We may need to wear masks in the spring.   My house is a safe house like God told Rahab…….a house of refuge.  Beware of new members.

God touches Doc in the heart area. 

Do not associate with anyone who has a gun. 

The person with the stack of newspapers in their room the Healer is in your place and the lord is tearing up the negative things being written up and being torn up by the hand of God. 


February 26, 2012

Confess, you will not treat my relationship with God like a casual relationship!

 I see an orange pillow.   In the house were this pillow is someone is sitting with leg problems.  The healing power of God is on the bed or sofa with you.  The person that has been lying on the pillow has been having spasm inhibiting your walking in the morning.  Also the bottom of your foot hurts as well.  The spasm will go away; the spasm had to be present long enough to be a sign that that which you have need of is coming to your door.  The back of my legs is a little stiff, but tomorrow when you rise the stiffness will be gone. 

I also see orange curtains represents being unable to see beyond.  You need God to show you a door.  Don’t be confused.  Your vision is obscured.  You need answers from God.  Don’t rely on yourself for progress.  Someone is trying to stop something you are entitled to.  On day six  by 6 pm  day you will have what you need touch the altar. 

Those with orange walls you will not have to look outside of yourself to have your needs met.  God is giving the angels an assignment to come to your door.  God brings to your door a name and an opportunity.  This angel is a “Big fella” he is a warring angel.  You will get exactly what your need to manage.  The situation is in house .  God sends you the answer. 

Orange stripes represent multiple doors God opens.  

I see the number _7_7.  Phone calls are coming to you.  What comes up tomorrow will be in your favor.  Miracle calls are coming through.

Laws are changed for Law. 

Orange rug you will not be looked over again.  Someone will be displaced so you can be placed.  You are place by the hand of God.  Praise God!

God sends the angels to Ashley to make the crooked places straight.  She is covered by the hands of God. 

I see a bedroom with more than one clock.  Everyone that says they have your best interest in mind is lying.  There time is up. They are being moved out of your way quickly.  They have the tongue of a snake.  Tick ,tock their  time is up. 

God has given 1 word. 

Be excited your time has come!!

More than one of you has your SS number being used by someone else.  You will receive forgiveness of date

Also for the 7, 7 there will be forgiveness of debt. 

God is going to allow a call from the bank offering you a possible mortgage.  If you are a single, Mom in need of a house, God’s bringing forth the financial stability.  In the next 21 days, you will get the house. 

There is an anointing of great success in this House. 

February 19, 2012

~ It seems like I stepped in a puddle of water, “my rug is wet.” The water is troubled today.  You have stepped into a pool prepared to give water or sustaining miracles.  The floor is all wet.  The water is troubled because there is a demand in your life.

~ The Cotter Family, I see the Lord healing illnesses in the female senior.  God heals the stomach situation.  The mother had problems.  I see an ulcer.

~ I see a female with an ulcer being healed.

~ God heals someone with a piercing in their navel.  God heals your digestion.

~ A person born with 6 digits on the hands or toes, God gives you a financial miracle.  It has a seal on it meaning it comes from the government.  Let the digits be your miracle sign. 

~ I see a seagull.  Let this be a sign the Lord is blessing you.  You will be able to identify the blessing it will have wings. 

~ Heidi and Heather a blessing in terms of Education just sign the papers for a major release.

~ Alexis has an opportunity coming to you.  The release you have been waiting for comes on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. 

~ There was an incident in a home that led to a foundational problem in the property.  The cracks or holes are a sign that God is sending a spirit of rapture regarding the burden in your heart.

~ Beware you are being manipulated!

~ Someone found maggots in the house this is a sign that the house needs to be purged.  

~ Ostrich feathers on a boa…..those with feathers or wings on the body the messenger comes quickly needing a house change or a change in your house. The lords shall bring my deliverance to my door. 


February 5, 2012

  • Come expecting a supernatural change and be elevated into a spiritual atmosphere.
  • Gwen and Gwendolyn is having some emotional problems.  She is experiencing anxiety and having night terrors.  Sleep is eluding her.  She is being touched in her back.  The disc in her back is being healed.
  • Also someone i