As a playwright, Dr. Lewis brings the excitement of “Broadway” to the inner city. Using brilliant costumes, makeup artists, and set designers, she brings to life those images that mirrors the conflict in our lives and through drama brings answers and resolutions..        Dr. Lewis dynamic plays as such “Miracle On 16th Street,”  “Destiny’s Decision,” and “Genesis Jones” are all used for not only entertainment but for instruction as one embraces the message behind drama.  These live dramas are performed at our beautiful facility on Chicago’s west side.  A.V.T. Productions presents plays that the entire family can enjoy.
Dr. Lewis's alternative methods of teaching offers an opportunity for children and adults to learn the art of  stage acting, how to create costumes, props, stage lighting and much more about theater productions. 
Two vibrant and extraordinary plays written and produced
by Dr. Lewis
"Hosea & Gomer"

An intense play about how to deal with your
life situations. 
Extract a soul to trade for a "new" one
[every trade comes with residual affects] ...
 Is it better to seek repentance and spiritually
work through the life challenges?

The passion of God to express
His love for His people through
His prophet Hosea, by ordering
that he marry a prostitute, Gomer
and the tests of the marriage. 
The lack of faithfulness, commitment.

Dr. Lewis produced "Night At The Apollo" 
                    Martha Reeves & The Vandellas         Moms Mabley                 Nikki Giovanni
A fun night for the family, remembering the many legions that shaped the entertainment world,
that made us laugh, that made us croon to great music and that made us aware of the politics of
the times... All brought back through performances from the youth and adults of  the

 Healing and Therapeutic Workshops

"Vision Painting Therapy Workshop"

Dr. Lewis conducts"therapeutic" workshops for adults as well as children. Her "Vision" Painting Therapy Work- shop is one form of therapy that works well with both the children and the adults.
"Children's Meditative Therapeutic Workshop"


"Genesis Jones"

"It All Starts With
Nursing Home Visits
Dr. Lewis has a deep abiding love for people, whether young or seniors.
For many years she has visited hospitals and nursing homes to bring prayer, love and hope.
People need "hope"...
Dr. Lewis and her team go out in love and with helping hands to brighten the day of seniors with the Word of God and a cheerful spirit.

Community Outreach

Support in the Community
Connecting with the community is a vital part of our Outreach ministry ...
Supporting our youth, single mothers, grandparents rising their grandchildren, young men that need advocacy and gang members that need counseling is all about self empowerment...
We come to bring the Word of God to help them build a personal relationship with God and encourage their dreams. 
We do it in LOVE...
That is what makes the difference.