After these things I saw, and behold, a door opened in heaven, and the first voice that I heard, a voice as of a trumpet speaking with me, one saying,
Come up hither, and I will show thee the things which must come to pass hereafter.

 Straightway I was in the Spirit...ENTER INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION...

Look to See Behind
The delicate Mask in your morning mirror...
In the reflection of the mirror there is a face,your face, you see your image with the etching of your past staring back... there is work to do before your first greet ...
Anxiety tucked under your eyes gotta be pasted with ”it’s all good”... there are lines of familiar pain to patch with unstable material... Where is the tape to mask the selfie heart break...within you behind the awkward masking lurks a lingering migraine....

  Makeup!!! powder here, straighten the plastic smile from the box.. grab your script, careful to rehearse what you must repeat for the next 24...

Why are we shackled... bound by needing to be accepted?
“We’re gettin it in"!
REALITY, is behind the mask is tension, last nights tears still dampen your pillow... you’re at a  BREAKING POINT!
The glue patching your broken heart is coming loose.. where is the script (turn wiped tears return)?

WASH YOUR FACE.. put away, cease and LEARN...


Today wear a Real smile! 

From The SEER'S Desk
You use the smile you applied as you greet new faces..
No one hears the echoes of anxiety screaming from
your heart...The concealer is doing its job, you greet
new facesamid anxious streams, old faces you greet
with a sterile “How are you”? You respond “great”
the applied smile is working.....Most cover heartfelt feelings NO NEED TO SUFFER IN SILENCE!


A mask can’t be healed... GOD SAYS, HE SEES THE 
I HEAR “Joy unspeakable blankets your heart...
She gives peace of mind...she changes your
perception ... in a few hours Joy gifts you the
wonderful unexpected.

“He whom the Son Sets Free is Freed Indeed”
                      Joy unspeakable!



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The Voice of The SEER

The prophecies that you find here could be pertinent to you or someone that you know,
whatever the case do not take lightly what The SEER has said..
GOD has endowed her with His unique and special anointing to bring His message to the masses and He is not a man that He should lie... His Word will not go out void and come back empty, but it shall accomplish that which He sent it to do.

January 14, 2018

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

Your steps have been ordered to this place today!

When you walk into this place the atmosphere s filled with the Shekinah glory. The Shekinah glory is a female personality.

You are not in a familiar place, today you stand in a strange place. Prepare to experience Wonders.
I the Lord God has dispatched a Power here called “Wonderful.” You’ve stepped into a power you are yet to know. As you stepped into this place your every step I have taken control. I shall rapture out of your presence all those things that are toxic. No worries!

I am going to move and you will not see it coming you will look up and see the change.

God is AMAZING! God can not lie.

There was an atmospheric airborne release. There calling it the Flu but God is covering us from the Pandemic contagion.

God can change your life in a moment.

You are walking into a messianic movement and as you walk into Tuesday things shall come into fruition.

I see the number 1111,…

I hear the name Shay God changes the atmosphere. It is a time for a change. Time for my change. I see someone that cries silent tears, don’t talk very much.
Everyone here today was assigned to be hear like a Superhero.

I see someone that has a wood chair with a broken leg. Don’t compromise and be led by the Lord. Be prepared.

Be prepared.

It’s like Cod is putting new shoes on everyone standing here now. Can you let the Power of your presence speak?

On this week his name is Wonder.

Multiple channels of income. “I have multiple channels of income!”
Don’t speak based on what you see, the enemy is trying to speak to your mind. Go beyond where you are…

You have messed up some stuff, but God is waiting for you to mature so he can bless you.

Healing is in the Revelation of Jesus Christ…

I see mayonnaise with no top on it. I see containers without tops. The Angel of God is in the Kitchen. It is a sign that you will be a partaker of the unusual on this week. The Power of God rushes through your house like a mighty wind!

Don’t blinded by your fears.

I declare the situation regarding purchasing. It is resolved. We don’t understand why God is doing it this way. Just know you have the victory.

I heard the Tucson or Tuskegee. I see an Alabama connection but there is opportunity. I see preservation around Tuskegee. God sends his presence to Tucson.

I see feet, even sore feet. There is oil being poured over feet. No removal of extremities.

Lord cover the people involved in mudslides. This is not the end. God gives a warning next time before thing get worst.

Speak to your house, and speak deliverance. Learn the words of the scripture and walk there in.

Rebuke Mystery and sickness at your threshold so it doesn’t cross the line.

223311 I see double numbers together.

33 is your SS number god erases all your bed.

There is about to be a new way to evaluate credit.

Wherever you step, you are stepping on purpose with the power of God.

People with 22 healing for breathing, God heal my mother’s sister’s children.

There was a visitation on last night, the message was,” I want to bless the people, but the concern was the people don’t love me like they should.” Let yourself die so the unthinkable becomes you reality.

The Seer



   Voices of Angels

The SEER Book

Dr. Arnella Lewis-Pierce is an Intimate Companion with the Angels of GOD... 
 She travels to heavenly places to retrieve answers for the people...
Her book,
Voices of Angels The SEER, gives you guidance for situations that might be occurring in your life, answers for matters that concern you and Signs to look for, such as colors, dates, numbers and more... To let you know that GOD hears, and answers you.

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

Voice of Angels

Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis
The SEER's Book comes with a deck of cards'; you would pull a card, which has a number on it, then check the book for that card number to get The SEER's Prophecy for that day or moment in time...
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