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  • All Rose Oils $20.00 
Fragrance: Rose Oil with Eucalyptus or Rose Oil with Lavender
  • Rose Face Mist with Hyaluronic Acid    Small- $10.00  Large- $20.00  
  • Bath Bomb $10.00
Fragrances: Lemon or Lavender

  • Bath Salt   $10.00
 Fragrances: Strawberry Magnolia or Raspberry Vanilla
Plus $5.95 for Shp. & Hdl.

Amazing 'Divine' Aromatherapy Fragrances created by
Dr. Lewis 
'Raptured Scents'
Produced by Divine Things
“Come up hither, and I will shew
thee things
which must be hereafter”…

$60.00 (2oz)
"Ouranos" now comes in a
Body Spritz - $20.00


My love becomes an offering made by a
consuming FIRE…
A Fire unquenchable for the thirst of my
beloved desires me.


From the north, south, east, west and around 
the world, a Divine Wind blows skillfully with 
a Breath… He repositions you.
The wind in His Strategic Hand of Creation, 
He forms …
He Designs to manifest substantially more 
than you can imagine.

Fire - $60.00 (2oz) 
Breath - $60.00 (2oz)


"Give ear oh earth daily…

Fail not to produce from my soil"

$60.00 (2oz)

"Earth"  now comes in a 
Body Spritz  -  $20.00 
These books are available for you to
add to your personal library...
Inspirational, healing and guidance reading material for the mind, body, and spirit...
Dr. Arnella E. Lewis
Give as a special gift to
encourage someone else...
"Good Morning LOVE It's Me Again"
This is a book of prose and thoughts ...
'Revelation' can be ushered into your
Courage, Faith and Knowledge"

[The "Good Morning Love" tee shirt 
is available, see below]
"But You Say You Love Me"

"But You Say You Love Me"
is an inquiry we have all solicited
 based on an action that seemed to be contrary to an expected emotional response at one time or another. 

The question of someone's commitment
to us or the lack, thereof is a bridge we have all had to cross...
"Voice of The Angels

The SEER Book"

"Voice of Angels, The SEER" is a book of inspiration, encouragement, and enlightenment...
There are numbers, colors, and dates that have great significance.
  • Hardback  $100.00
  • Soft copy  $65.00
[ A deck of 31 SEER'S cards with each book]
"Have You Ever Had A Tickle In Your Ear?"
This book was written to give children confidence and let every child know how special they are.

"Tickle" Tee shirts
The Laughing Angel  

We have the 7 "Angels" in the
Tickle book on tee shirts for children as well as adults
[White only tee-shirts /color $5 extra]
  • Children's sizes -  S to XL
  • Adult sizes- S to 2X 
  • [Add $3.95 for 3X to 5X]

  • Adults $20.00 / Children $15.00

    "The SEER" Caps
  • Comes in adults and children's size
  • Comes in an array of colors 

  • $30.00- Adult

     $20.00 Children

    "Good Morning Love" 
    Tee shirts 
     This t-shirt comes in several colors
    • White with red writing
    • White with black writing
    • Red with black writing
    • Children's sizes -  S to XL
    • Adult sizes- S to 2X 
    • [Add 3.95 for 3X to 5X]


    Raptured Scents Angel Soap
    These beautiful Angel soaps come in 
    • Aromatherapy fragrances
    • An array of colors  
    • Several different shapes of angels.


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