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My mission in Revelation Ministry has been one of driving PASSION towards teaching and, retracting to Heal the Hurting through methods that reach beyond masks, shields and locked doors of a persons personality to discover then, excavate stones of pain to heal what they have guarded.

I've written theater productions, written many intimate workshops with themes
designed to awaken sleeping giants... giants aggressive in behavior which sleep not not being identified but screaming alive, conflicting our minds causing illness in the body and spirit. 

This year I will continue The pursuit of "Awakening sleeping Memories", breaking up fallow grounds to sift stones that breed, they multiply because we hide them behind  multiple masking techniques.

TIME OF DISCOVERY... EXCAVATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT... utilizing the Revelation GIFTS GOD has given me.

- First the gift of LOVE... LOVE to look to SEE past what has been spoken to HEAR the totem voices of the Soul
- FREEDOM IS: Finding Peace, Reconciliation and Spiritual Enlightenment
- INNER PEACE, for Revelation will begin with two meditation sessions  One for children of all ages... One for adults. 

                               The SEER


Children's Session: Wednesday,
January 29, 2020 
5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
[ALL ages welcome]
Adult's Session:  Thursday,
February 6, 2020
 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

127 N Leamington in Chicago

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