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"Barefoot and Pregnant"

Naturally Footwear provides protection from cuts, abrasions, bruises, and impacts from objects on the ground or the ground texture itself, as well as from frost or heat burns, and parasites like hookworm in extreme situations. 

Being Barefoot 

However, shoes (resistance) can limit the flexibility, strength, and mobility of the foot and can lead to higher incidences of flexible flat foot, bunions, hammer toe, and running barefoot results in a more
natural gait, allowing for a more rocking motion of the foot, eliminating the hard heel strike and
therefore generating less collision force in the foot and lower 


In most religions, the exposure of bare feet is regarded as a sign of humility and subjection. In many religions, it is common to remove shoes when entering a place considered holy. For example, in the
Book of Exodus, Moses was instructed to remove his shoes before approaching the burning bush:
- Exodus 3:5 Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest [is] holy ground

- James 4: 10 HUMBLE Yourself's before the Lord ... Barefoot 

- JAMES 4:7 Submit yourselves to God  wrong motives 

- JAMES 4:1 Desires that battles within ... your Inner struggle  causes fight and quarrel , covet desire but
  can not have so you kill

- I Peter 5:5-6 Low .... Humble yourself ..I will do a new things 

- Proverbs 3:34 to the humble He shows favor

- Hebrews 11:3 ... spirit 

'He has done marvelous things!'




"Thou shalt love the Lord
thy God with all thy heart,
and with all thy soul,
and with all thy mind".
REVELATION Institute of Higher Learning 

This year Revelation will  continue
the pursuit of healing one child at a time
using the gifts God has provided our Prophetic Teacher.


 "Every child's LIFE matters"

"Finding Inner Peace In Meditation"

Revelation Ministry is a teaching institution. Our driving PASSION is towards TEACHING, and retracting to Heal the Hurting through methods that reach beyond masks we wear, shields we carry and locked doors of a persons personality. Meditation is a tool to help uncover silent storms.

The rate of child suicide is rising. Children between the ages of 5-14 there is an increase.

Dr. Lewis-Pierce works with children
ages 5 thru 17
 "The Prophetic Word"
Every Sunday during in our "First Fruit", Dr. Lewis-Pierce gives the people "what thus
says the Lord".
These are truths from God that He has given, His vessel Dr. Lewis-Pierce to bless, heal,
and guide His people. Prophecy is for all, share what you read here with anyone you know. 
"He that hath an ear let him hear"...

Sunday, March 1, 2020
- Individuals who don’t have a desire to eat give them a mind to eat.
- Those without a will to live even on hospice give them a will to live.
- Before the rain, the Lord told us the plague came. God put us in "Goshen". Don’t be out of alignment in
hearing even for your own understanding. God’s chosen people were kept covered even though the plaque
was across the river. "No plague will come nigh your dwelling".

- Consumption of insects come with disease. Do not consume locust and grasshoppers.

- Do not eat Salmon, there is a bug attacking the genetic type of Salmon. Ask the Origin of the
Salmon “Swiss or harvested Salmon don eat! Ask where it is coming from.
- Get a filter for your water, do not trust bottled water either. There is invisible amoeba’s flowing thru
the water.

- Do Not eat meat that has NO bones in it.

- I also saw "acid rain".

- Make your own baby food, this is warning before destruction.
- I see someone‘s liver that has “white polyps” on it, they will disappear the next time you go the doctor it
will be gone. God cause them to be dissolved. A sign will be a "bloody discharge".

- Wellness for Michael.

- Every breath you take is a healing breath.
- The Lord showed me feet, those that hurt and are sore. The Lord said, the essence of God’s healing glory
has entered into your feet. There shall not be any issues concerning your feet.

- God heals an ulcerated stomach.

“Lord you are all we have, we give ourselves to you completely. Let your grace abide in every single person
that takes medication.”
- We pray for "John"
- We pray that God heals "Ashley’s" mind.

- The Seer see’s blood water, it is drying up as you read this Word!

- Someone called "Queen" is being touched.

- I see someone giving me gold on this week.

- Don’t let no one tell you what’s not in your hands.


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