Pastor, Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis

Faith creates balance in a hostile environment ...
Normal ain’t the routeFaith takes.
Faith speaks, "shake up wherever you stand"...
Walking by Faith will provoke a disruption in a normal mind.
God will reveal to you your true identity the "you" created in His umatchable Image...
You  can not un-see Greatest,
not when it's your reflection. Why not you??? 


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"Love Indeed"
"True religion" is the Love we share with our brothers and sister regardless of race creed, color..
Loves ingredients brings with it a mystery which we all need, desire, must have ...
To Love is to breath.
Love doesn’t discriminate, Love reaches out to strangers, Love is gentle...
Love is listening without judging, Love is a bosom, Love is a soft answer in the midst of an anger environment

The word Love has no value... until it’s behavior is shown in deeds
                     Yes, Love is his brothers keeper...
May you experience Love in deed today and always ... You are the vessel!


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The universe remembers what man forgets!

"The lesson's of life, if we learn them,
will catapult us into a place confidence beyond measure"...
Echo- sound repeated or an "energy" that is reverberated after the original sound has stopped.
I'm reminded how that is so reminiscent of DNA, things and
behaviors that we know nothing about ...
 Seasons, times of year, I call them
"The Stir of Echo's"




"He that hath an ear let him hear"...

This AMAZING book about the many types of "LOVE" goes beyond the natural into the supernatural.
                           Dr. Lewis has been gifted to hear what the wind would say; the ears of the wind hear the whispers
                                      of our hearts, minds, and desires.
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                                                                     "But You Say You Love Me"... The ambiguity of LOVE clarified
God has written the lyrics, He choreographed the steps to the dance ...
He called us to the wedding table to feast, reassuring us that what HE SERVED
was delicious. He Said, “Oh taste and see”... Now dance to the rhythms of His Promises. 

Give Him your hand... Everyday He will Lead you in the way you should go, when you
mis-step and you will, Hold on! His omniscient Wisdom will keep you in step, in sync with
His Song of Songs, His Beats....When you forget the steps ask Him, "Show me thy way,
teach me thy path, lead me in your Truth." Now dance, make bold steps ...
God will CHOREOGRAPH in a MOMENT what you have attempted your entire life to complete...
So dance to His Promises... stay in step with His Will... DANCE!


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