I want to personally welcome you to Revelation Ministry, because I believe God can do anything for you for He never fails.  Here at Revelation, I teach relationship, not religion.  Rather than learning religion, you will learn how to have an intimate relationship with the Great Creator of the Universe, Elohim.  Learning how to touch Him and Him touching you back, how to speak to Him and He speaking back, and learning to embrace Him and Him embracing you back.  Here you will be taught how to speak to the winds and be challenged to create what is not, faith. 

As a Seer, the Lord has granted me gifts to see in the spirit, feel, and know what He has for your life.  Through the Word of God, together, we will explore and receive all the deposits the Lord has for us because His Word is truly alive! “He that hath ears, let him hear” giving birth to a harvest of an abundant life spiritually and literally. “Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established, believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper”.
II Chronicles 20:20.
Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis,
Senior Pastor 


The Lord God had much to pour into Dr. Lewis so, over several years He put inside
of her "special" Divine secrets like in a gift box.  These Divine secrets would be locked in her memory until God's season of Revelation.
Dr. Lewis has been that vessel, that servant, that messenger to the people of God for many years. Pouring out healing virtues, creatively speaking change and turning drastic situations around. Studying, meditating, living the Word of God as He empowers her and
leads her every step of the way ... never considering not helping the people, not teaching how to have a relationship with God and live a victorious life through His Word.
Those precious Divine secrets put inside of that 8year old child are yet today changing and empowering the lives of many and walking by Faith and not by site, Dr. Lewis stands ready for the work God has for her.
God's Chosen Messenger

Learn the path that the charismatic vessel of God, The SEER, was "chosen" from...
Listen as she tells the astonishing story of the beginning of her "Prophetic" journey of service to our Sovereign God and His people.
"Taken To Heaven On The Back Of Pegasus"

Dr. Arnella E. Lewis 
Carrying the Word of God is not an easy task... It takes a very special mortal vessel to make the sacrifice of their lives to do this deed in the Name of the Sovereign God.... It takes a servant of God's "Chosen", His very "Elect".  One that He calls and prepares for this honor ... God does it in unique and some say, even peculiar ways.
The "Chosen" are wise, strong, courageous, tempered, compassionate, virtuous and loving and merciful. Speaking "Thus says the Lord God" takes all of this and more.
Dr. Lewis is such a one.
 "Chosen" at the young tender age of eight Dr. Lewis was take into heavenly places on the back of what she can only describe at that time as Pegasus, but when she was older and understood better, then it was revealed to her that it was a Cherubim."  
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Learn more about Dr. Lewis' profound journey of how God of ALL, prepared His "Chosen" vessel for a path that only a courageous warrior can walk ...
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Experience the astonishing truths of the how Dr Lewis was endowed with God's  Divine Gifts ... thus bringing forth the Anointed
Prophet and SEER.

Prophetic Prediction
"He that has an ear let him hear" ...
These words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by The SEER.

 Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis The SEER


He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."


March 19, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."

God allows the revelation to be revealed, there is nothing new under the Sun. Let the scales fall.

God is preparing the birth of a revelation or idea in you.

God teaches those in position to communicate with autistic children and teenagers. Accept the gift.

This is the month of Agar or good fortune, where people will see you for the first time in the eyes of God. Abundance will fall from their hands. You’ve been working for years, but your boss needs to see you for the first time.

Remember God is your rear guard!!

I hear Apothecary, creating things that will be massed produced…….

Those born in the month of June god give you 4th, 5th, and 14th. Your joy shall be increased.

I see a man who has children with more than one women, God cancels out a struggle or conflict. I hear phone calls, God cancels the violence. Grace intervenes.

There is a child that is 14 and 19 who shares a father. God covers. It could also be a 7year old. God calms the storm before it starts.

I see a child that is 25 years old God reconciles the conflict.

God heals Rachel, she needs deliverance. God heal her situation around her body and emotions. Also Leah or Lee. The conflict is being quieted for the next 8 days.

A birthday that is the 29th of the month. I hear a conversation about housing and employment. Also there is a double portion for you. At 11:00 there is a call or text coming.

I see someone eating popcorn, God saw you and he knows your needs.

God said tell the people to run, like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. You’re late and your blessing has been waiting for you.

God is going to drown the debt.

This is the month of the eye, God is saying the spirit will be like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

God said he will put mysteries in your dreams on this week, let God reveal to you.

4, 12, 26

So from now until the the 13th of next month. Expect!
Blessings beyond what you can multiply.

Because He Reigns he sends the Rain.


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 Share what you read here, these Prophecies are to bless, warn, and heal...

Voices of Angels



 Oh Lord my God, I thank You for another day. I thank You for making me in your image. You have made me a little lower than the angels and crowned me with glory and honor.

I am Your handy work created to worship You all the day long. I will praise You in the morning; I will praise You as the night falls over the evening skies. I will proclaim that You are Elohim (the Creator). I will exalt You as I walk by faith. I will not put anything before you. You are and will always remain the first in my life. I will proclaim You as my hope and glory. I will trust in You … lean and depend on You.

Nothing will silence my hope in the Divine Authority of my salvation. I will let my voice resound. You are worthy of all my praise and all the glory, for even the winds worship You. In your daily exercise decide to submit and give honor to the Divine Messengers that serve you. When trials come I will not be moved. I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water and whatsoever I do shall prosper.  You, who absolutely define all things, exalt me as I sit at the feet of the Wise to learn to do well. As I learn to do well, cover me with Your grace until I perfect my way. I seek you with my whole heart today and forever…Amen

Today, I will without fear obey and submit to Your Divine Authority. I stand on Your word. I am bold and strong... Today I win! I am Your baby, willingly I release anxiety. All fears of failure are gone from me. I am a vessel of valor lifted above doubt. Shame leaves behind boldness. Aggravation turns to confidence. The whispers of the archangels help you to rise above turbulent waters in your home which made you hesitate months ago. Now, confess with the winds that, I Rise… I Rise… I Rise…

CONFESSION: I am created perfect. Allow the Memory of my Excellency to walk with me daily. Wherever I go, I will let Your hand lead me. I shall surrender my will, the will of self pleasure, over to obedience to The All Knowing God.

COLORS! COLORS! COLORS! I am seeing a home with curtains that are sprinkled with purple flowers that started small in this home, and will grow to large proportions. Favor shines in the color purple, wear it today. Blessing of relationship for those who wear purple. Restoration!

There is a release from financial obligation for you in the area of the court. God begins where you stop if you learn how to submit.Obey the inner voice of your soul. How? Remember the last dream you had? If you can’t remember, you will have one tonight so go to bed with pen and paper beside your bed.

God will prepare you for every challenge in your life.Trust Him and obey. Receive the revelation of obedience to God in spite of the conversation your flesh has with you. (Knowing) God will bring greater revelation of obedience and denying of the flesh. Trust God, be careful how you answer strangers you could be entertaining angels unaware.

The stranger has your promotion in his hands. The Master of the lands highest financial reserves will provide for all of your financial needs. God will cause blessings to come to you when there is a need. Affirm: “My promised possession given by God is abundant, measuring in extraordinary size”.

There is an inherited place for those who believe. The abundance has been provided by those who had dominion and were caused to abandon their wealth to be consumed by the people of God. He removes the obstacles that stand between the promises and possession. Favor is here.

No one can take personal possessions from you unless you allow them. Neither can anyone hinder the excellence of your created kingdom unless you open the gates to allow access to your treasures. You have the unrestricted power of an heir. Use it. The wealth of the wicked is stored up for you. Wisdom empowers and strengthens the womb for the bearing of vision.

To believe or not to believe. That is the question! Where is your residency? Consider a barren place, desert place, a place where there is famine of divine wisdom. Where there is parched land, nothing can grow. To be spiritually malnourished is to be reluctant and passive. There will be those who try to discourage and prevent you from entering into your promised destiny planting seeds of fear, doubt, and unbelief. I hear negative conversations around you. Someone you respect, making your hope seem unconquerable and unreachable. When you sit in the atmosphere of negativity, and break bread with people without dreams, you will be devoured up by the power you give your agreement to. Sooner or later, your mind will become contaminatedwith what is spoken. Next time don’t sit and don’t stop for casual conversations. Don’t socialize especially with associates that say you can’t have a dream, or that judge you based on a social declaration written by faithless people. You have what you confess can make it. And you begin to shrink and feel small even in your own eyes; although your inheritance represents what-so-ever you have need of or desire… The fruit of your promised is abundant and great.

We are one with all things. The Creator did not design man in order to witness his demise. So do not rebel against the Source and do not fear the people of the land for they surely will be devoured. It is a wonderful country ahead; it is your country, your kingdom that is come.




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The prophecies that you find here could be pertinent to you or someone that you know, whatever the case do not take lightly what The SEER has said.
GOD has endowed her with His unique and special anointing to bring His message to the masses and He is not a man that He should lie...
His Word will not go out void and come back empty, but it shall accomplish that which He sent it to do.

The SEER, Dr. Arnella Lewis-Pierce is an Intimate Companion with the Angels of GOD... 
 She travels to heavenly places to retrieve answers for the people...
Her book,
Voices of Angels The SEER, gives you guidance for situations that might be occurring in your life, answers for matters that concern you and Signs to look for, such as colors, dates, numbers and more... To let you know that GOD hears, and answers you.
Voice of Angels

Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis
The SEER Book comes with a deck of cards, we pull a card and open the book to get The SEER'S word for the day ...
Here, we are presenting the wonders of this book to you ...

"He that hath an ear let him hear".

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