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Angelic Presence...
Walking with The SEER
Dr. Pierce has an intimate relationship with God's
Angels ... They Share and Reveal the Strategy of God to her. Divine Messengers Converse with her about the healing, warning and blessings for God's people... The Angels announce, themselves at any moment. 
"Be Careful How You Entertain Strangers, You might be Entertaining Angels being unaware"... Hebrews 13:2
 Dr. Pierce... bringing particular Divine Deposits for specific Revelations. Her long standing connection with God's Angels is a Divine and cherished relationship that God has given to His chosen messenger.
The energy is always high in our services and is a blessing to all the people. Angelic visitations are not unusual in our services .... In one service The SEER was prophesying to the people looked and said,"I see the Angel of the Lord walking around in the temple" and the Angel crossed in front of her... To show as a sign that he was in there..."And these signs will follow those that believe"... Mark 16:17
 Teaching Revelation Knowledge
"I sought for a man to stand in the gap and make of the hedge"
The SEER... always climbing the mountain into a realm of access on behalf of the people...Going before God with petitions of deliverance and life challenges. She's on the altar in the Spirit and literally, being the "BRIDGE"that connects the Spirit world (the Real world) with the natural world... using her "CREATIVE" Voice bringing
forth the manifestation of healing changes, turning around crucial situations and speaking an abundant harvest over the lives of God's people.
Dr. Pierce teaches with passion and fervor... Always planting seeds of "life" through the Word of Jesus Christ into the matrix of the people. God's Word is ALIVE, so "he that hath an ear to hear" shall give birth to a harvest of an abundant life, spiritually and literally. . ."Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established; believe His Prophets and you shall prosper"...  2 Chronicles 20:20

A Divine Charismatic Vessel 
The Holy Spirit moves in POWERFUL, unusual ways...
The SEER seeks the Lord for the demonstration of mental and spiritual conversion  that the people need and God presents His miracles in handkerchiefs, cloths, touch of The SEER ... Diseases dissipate, evil spirits leave, legs, arms, hands are mended...  "He who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do"... John 14:12



Be Motivated ... Be Inspired ... Be Courageous!

Dr. Arnella E. Pierce writes books that gives you a foundation to build your"personal" relationship with God on...
You learn how to "Pull Down" to earth as it is in heaven, giving seeds of life to your fertile ground.
Man, woman or child... there is a book to move one toward that spiritual plateau where God  heals your wounded spirit and makes you victorious over situations and things...
Voice of Angels
"Good Morning Love It's Me Again"
"Have You Ever Had A Tickle In Your Ear"
The SEERS Manual and Cards
This is a compilation of "Providential" messages, affirmations and spiritual insights... God's messengers, the Angels (who she has an intimate relationship with) have given
Dr. Pierce. She has put into this brilliant book to enlighten you... If you fine an affirmation that agrees with your day include that vocabulary into the redesigning of your day that needs changing.
In this dynamic "inspirational" book, Dr. Pierce has put together some powerful positive daily AFFIRMATIONS, that promotes your a voice of victory to feed your spirit... Every day select an affirmation that gives you positive energy that make your day successful.
Out of her own childhood experiences Dr. Pierce has written a wonderful children's book that puts a light on the greatness in every child and lets them know how special they are and encourages them to embrace their uniqueness 

These books make wonderful gifts for any occasion or just to give out of love...

Order for yourself, your children or a friend today!

Call to order Phn: 773.287.4732


The Healing "Balm"

Workshops that heal 

the Mind, the Body and the Spirit

As an intuitive, Dr. Pierce seeks to penetrate the wall of trauma, dysfunctional behaviors and wounded souls on a level that can only be done with her unique and powerful Divine gifts..."INNER HEALING" is her goal for the people, the workshops she develops are intense, they are the "Balm" that changes lives...For man,woman and child.  

In this unique workshop designed for children from the ages of 4 to 18, Dr. Pierce uses an 'alternative' method to work with children to "Find their quiet place"... Teaching them lessons in 'meditative' therapy. 
In the midst of social fear a child experiencing anxiety, peer pressure, bulling and other traumas, is negatively affected by these things... Children exhibit stress which contributes to their school performance and causes irrational behaviors... "Whispers of meditation can change your child's life."


 Dr. Pierce uses "Alternative" methods in her 'healing' workshops...
They are therapeutic, creative and life transforming.


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