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Imbalance is created when man begins ‘patching’, giving away his sacred pieces. The parts of you that belong to God, in surrendered obedience.
The distribution process: Patching, you give your peace to Jonah whose destiny is the belly of the whale, with your tears you cry for Judas the deceiver, your joy is torn away from your bosom, like a piece of jungle kill whose bloody flesh is torn apart by a carnivorous predator.

You live your life, patching, patching, patching, being barely alive. Tired exhausted, you patch, weary and worn out, you still patch; giving of you in situations only God can repair.

Save a Piece…

On a human level you give things, you offer feelings, a shoulder, an arm, human emotions, for spiritual complications whose pain only God can truly erase. You give a piece of your human self, when individuals who influences your soul calls, therefore you tear away calm days and include conflict into your quiet night... patching confusion across town.



I caution you to store a piece away…  Save a piece for yourself. They blame and try to make you ashamed and feel guilty, not caring about the value of the last piece, not concerned that you are fighting for you own place, your own sanctity, or that you have your own dreams.

There is a "Waiting Piece",  search for it and Stash it, fight to keep a piece. Comfort yourself with words you always give away. Save a piece, a piece of yourself, for yourself.  There is a Divine piece you must hide and not distribute; a piece you must fight to keep, even when they come to steal it away. Hide that last moment of strength, it is the remnant that God will use to restore you wholly.

The last piece… “The Waiting Piece” which holds the secrets of its Divine DNA. The piece of your soul you give when trying to patch everyone’s life has value, it craves Spirit. Given to the compassion of the True Parent He will renew strength in your  exhausted days. In His hands every missing part is recreated, and restored more perfect than the original. He renews a mind so full of Himself He will cause you forget those lonely nights, the remnant recreated to prevent total destruction, and restore your true identity. He comes, to labor over the ‘waiting piece’ to reformat and place in harmony the mind, body, and spirit. Reconfiguring it into the  perfect image of Himself within you...

Keep a Piece,
don’t’ give it all away!


You, the beautiful personality of God, held hostage underneath hardships of life. God enables you to save a piece of you, a remnant, the piece that someone came to get and you hid in desperation. The remnant, “The Waiting Piece”. “The Piece” of your being that holds the memory of He who created him. “The Piece” that can, will be restored, recreated into a more perfect you only if you can get that piece, “The Waiting Piece”, into His skilled hands.

What allows creative opportunities in Gods hands would otherwise be considered as trash and tossed away into a social garbage heap, in the hands of man.  So hold on to a piece I refer to as "The Waiting Piece", the part of you that holds total recall of its Divine purpose, and the Ability of the True  Father…. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.”

Holding within the Divine DNA, longing to be restored to its original purpose… “The Waiting Piece”.  He who holds “The Piece”, Precious is he who knows the value of  “The Piece”, is he who realizes the potential after he touches it. “The Piece”, has value to you and the Master designer.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Yours!


Kindling....small pieces of wood you use to start a fire.
When you go camping, you can gather from the grounds kindling, twigs and branches.
As time passes a man does look back to EXAMINE his life... In looking back you OBSERVE how much precious "PERSONAL KINDLING" you’ve given away to people to encourage, motivate...
It was your kindling to spark ideas, kindling to build up others to follow their dreams, give courage, you gave TIME to many who de-valued your most precious gift . Now depleted you seek to go back to regather what was given away ....looking down you search for lost time...you look at the ground as one would search for kindling wood ...
In a thick forest of your past a man does search to gather wood to kindle a fire in your hopes, health, provisions, strength... you have given all these energy’s away but, this time the kindling wood is for you, to restore your soul, LOOKUP!

A man can not supple the flints to redeem the "TIME" or return to you the Love you gave away.

The kindling wood you require to ignite the ENERGY of your life is not kindling for a"Natural" fire ...
But for your SPIRITUAL FLAMES His consuming FIRE to not destroy, but restore the years you gave away... "Is not my word like fire," declares God , and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces"?
With skilled hands He will labor over your several pieces on the table of sacrifice,

He Will restore you ... Brand NEW me!


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