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Dear Parent/s,
Revelation Institute offers counseling for children who fight with bouts of depression,anxiety,
stress,fears actually the list is endless of what situations can upset the balance of your child’s educational progress..

We are available year round to assist you in counseling your children. For over 25 years I have been passionate with being an educator and a child advocate.

We can’t ignore the signs of trouble in our children ... why,because there are signals we see before fragility takes over completely..
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"Revelation Institute of Higher Learning is here to serve"

(There is no age limitations) perhaps the child in you mom dad could
use a little comforting as well   It is never to late to heal!


Love is a Movement

A MOVEMENT which begins with you being the first example of kindness…

The expression of compassionate, soft answers, being charitable. 

“What you give from the heart will move in the heart of another and then another”...

Sharing Love can be a challenge if we draw from a place of pain.
Man's life...Consists of many multifaceted, difficult and often times complicated pieces. Life will teach
you how to give honor to every Mosaic abstract placement even when the baggage is shattered,brittle. 


“I will Honor a man’s broken pieces every uncommon piece... giving respect to every piece that is brought into union with my own”.

I don't have the privilege to discriminate which pieces are to be kept in another person’s life, or which piece is to be labeled poison... to change someone that does not fit into my Souls definition, to judge is not your position.

You cannot decide which piece is uncomely or which piece should be discarded, or thrown away, it’s not your life. Honor the sensitive parts of a man's journey with compassion... be mindful of your individual journey and be willing to accept battle scars without judging.

God sends people He intends to blend with your life, make sure you understand each piece they bring has a history and should be treated with respect.

Each piece has tears connected to it, each piece has a scar, each piece has a wound,each piece been broken in one form or another. Each piece may have a sharp edge which could cut, but if you treat each piece with respect it can fit properly with your broken pieces, and your pieces won't scratch them, your scars won't offend them because, their sharp edges won't offend you...

Respect the wounded pieces which are brought together...not by mistake, but in a union God has designed every single war torn piece has paid a price to exist... EVEN YOURS.

Understand that you must learn how to reposition relationships in your heart mind and spirit.

"But let a man example himself"... Self examination, in the mirror of the Word will cause a change in your heart, your soul won’t grieve, your mind won't be troubled.

With the SPIRIT of GOD'S LOVE, HONOR their PIECES... YES! Even a stranger.  So, I suggest we share the LOVE GOD gives to you daily… Being able body we rise, open our eyes and take a deep breath. Allow the extension of LOVE beginning with yourself, to patrol the streets of your consciousness.

There is a time to pray and a time to take ACTION...


The MOVEMENT begins…

"I share with you GODS LOVE without measure"
"Conversations From A
Pregnant Mind" 
'Man The Universe'
“Where there is expectation, there is excitement.
With bated breath, your soul desires to lie on
GOD’S bosom.
As one who craves, you will to be satisfied,
therefore you seek nourishment and comfort,
and find rest in the comfort of
His Sovereign Authority.
As one betrothed, which is the agreement to marry;
as one poised in covenant, you willfully relinquish
control of personal authority, submit to,
give in to the demands of your beloved. “


Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis-Pierce

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"Echos" ...The reverberating recurring
Eye color is an example of an inherited characteristic: An individual might inherit the "brown-eyes, blue eyes, traits given from the parents. Inherited traits are controlled by genes and the complete set of genes.

Life patterns that have stalked you, your family, generationally... many are inherited patterns like father like son.

“The parents eat sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge. Unsteady, bitter agitated etc.
Ezekiel in this scripture sheds light on tendency’s, inherited behavioral conflict in sons,(daughters). Let this scripture also encourage parents who sometimes want to give up... the release from bitterness, anger, emotional eruptions, depression etc. was made available to you, and your house from the beginning before your son was a sparkle in your eye.

“If the son keeps my laws and follows my decrees. He will not die for his father’s sin;
he will surely live"
Moms, Dad, don’t give up sons change
The universe remembers what
man forgets!


"The lesson's of life,
if we learn
them, will catapult us
into a place of confidence beyond measure"...
Echo- sound repeated or an "energy" that is reverberated after the original sound
has stopped.
I'm reminded how that is so
reminiscent of DNA,
things and behaviors that we know
nothing about ...
 Seasons, times of year, I call them

"The Stir

                    But You Say You LOVE Me" goes beyond the natural into the supernatural...
                                   Dr. Lewis has been gifted to hear what the wind would say; 
                     The ears of the wind hear the whispers of our hearts, minds, and desires  
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What Do You
Say LOVE Is???


When you speak the words
"I Love You" Authentic.

AUTHENTIC LOVE extends kindness,
LOVE creates POSITIVE energy.
AUTHENTIC LOVE is a ark which allows a safe passage
through waters of TRANSITION...
love is patient,
love desn't judge,
love is kind,
love does not boast,
love builds up,
love is a SOFT answer,
A safe EXAMINES itself before speaking

I LOVE YOU... Get on board

"He that hath an ear let him hear"...
Meditate and reflect on



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