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"The Remnant of God"


We want to value the “piece” of God that is on the inside of us. 
The piece God left that He may call back to life.

There is a piece of you that is Divine, placed there by God. God is the designer. He said, “Let Us make man in Our image”.  Every piece of you looks just like God.  Every lung, every organ, every stomach, every ear, every piece of you looks like God.

Until man listened to outside chatter, through Eve, God told Adam, “Everything that’s here is yours, just don’t eat of the fruit of this tree”.  So what caused the detour in man’s life?  is that when God says, Adam you don’t look like Me anymore.  Adam where art thou?  You are different?  Adam your nature has changed.  Adam where art thou, Adam?

He knew where Adam was, but he had eaten of the fruit that was not given to him by God. He had eaten the word of an outside city based on soul ties, soul attractions. So as a result, Adam bore sin through his loins because of Eve, whom he trusted.   Therefore, he ate the fruit that Eve gave him, he ate the word.  he had eaten word but, he didn’t eat God’s Word and that put man on a down fall in Adams relationship with God.
He told you to be anxious for nothing...

That further makes me know that, God will punish you for your sin.   “He who knows to do right and doesn’t, that person shall be whipped with many stripes”… so don’t tell me, “we’re in trouble”.  No, you are in trouble because I’m not eating the apple of denial of your ignorance and that’s what we do… Adam, where art thou? And he was so low, Adam was so low, he killed a plant trying to cover himself.  God said, Adam your nature has changed, your conversation has changed… “Whose apple have you been eating”?  Whose word have you been confessing? Who have you built a bridge with? Whose conversation have you embraced in your bosom, and now both of you are put out? You don’t have any faith, and you don’t have any courage, and God is saying, “I told you so, you knew better”… You know better.

And because of God’s mercy through the Word, through the scriptures, His love for people always brought a place of restoration. He always allowed Israel, His chosen, to suffer a while. Israel was never created to not be called God’s “chosen”.  You were created not to be sick.  You where created for your ground to water itself.  God created you in His image  and in His likeness “created He them”. You are created in His likeness, and your body remembers that. Your body remembers God’s likeness all the way back to Adam… How do you know? Well, He created your body to heal itself.  It remembers perfection all the way back to Adam … therefore your body heals itself, the bleeding stops, the heart beats on its own…

Understand that God loves you so much… If you are worrying, it is because you have gotten yourself on a detour and now you are outside of God’s will.  He told you to be anxious for nothing. He tells you to, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding”.

But, I want to encourage you today about the treasure inside of you. Even if you sin, even through obstacles, through the trouble, through the tribulations you have gone through, there is a piece of God inside of you call “A Remnant”… A remnant that looks just like Him … The remnant that reminds your body that you were called to be “Adam” from the beginning.
Have faith in God!

Natural man may not know how things are going to happen, but the Remnant that is inside of you that is attached to the Divine part of you, heard with the ears of God, that it could respond. See now there is an activation going on, on the inside of you, reconstruction; there is a re-creation of God’s image through your belief system…Unbelief is doubt.

God says, “Listen, I love you so much. I will put inside of you a secret…a treasure that attaches you to My Divinity … a treasure that will always respond to My Voice”. In the midst of your trouble, in the midst of your conflict, in the midst of the error of your ways, there is a piece of God inside of your womb that is locked up, that nobody else can activate except Him… That’s why the Word tells us, “Have faith in God”.

Have faith in God; if you are on your last leg, crawl in, because that piece wants to connect Divinity. Get that piece in the comfort of the Lord that it may be activated…


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The universe remembers what man forgets!

Echo's being stirred...
Echo, sound repeated or an "energy" that is reverberated after the
original sound has stopped.
I'm reminded how that is so reminiscent of DNA, things and
behaviors that we know nothing about ...
 Seasons, times of year, I call them
"The Stir of Echo's"


"Life is a Series of
Rhythms and Beats"
I was meditating and heard "life is a series of
Rhythms and Beats" ...
A mans confession has to rhyme with the beats of
Earth songs written from the beginning...
Divine Revelations gives us perfect pitch!
Beats of the heart regulated...
rhythms speaks to seasons.
Pulse rhythms determines blood pressure (Healed)
"There is nothing new under the sun".

What we must do is get in sync with the
rhythms and beats...
Listen, hear to learn Beats.. already in place.
Write, include your Rhymes into the
Voice of the Universe.....
If you don't have your own rhymes repeat the
words He provided... You win!
Knowledge is power



From Hindrances to Eagles Wings

Have you ever experienced events “rites of passage “that forces you to scan your Truth of life without a filter? This week has evoked intimate reflections.
When I think back over my life, I relive experience open memories as a video show rolling through the years of my life..these pictures rest behind doors of lessons I’ve learned
on my journey.

Some doors are yet to be opened.
(You also have unopened doors which must be opened)

Gratitude rushes through me like an overwhelming tsunami.

There are occurrences that happen in your life that redefine appreciation of life where you are no longer distracted by pride,
but are willing to be thankful for the complicated lessons You were forced to incorporate into the books of your life,

My Soul Song

I am thankful for determination ...
thankful for a heart of compassion...
thankful for shed tears.
Grateful how GOD has kept my mind,
thankful how God preserved me in situations
where He has offered Himself to me and I resisted,
thankful I came to myself to accept God’s Offer
to give myself to Him completely As a result




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