I want to personally welcome you to Revelation Ministry, because I believe God can do anything for you for He never fails.  Here at Revelation, I teach relationship, not religion.  Rather than learning religion, you will learn how to have an intimate relationship with the Great Creator of the Universe, Elohim.  Learning how to touch Him and Him touching you back, how to speak to Him and He speaking back, and learning to embrace Him and Him embracing you back.  Here you will be taught how to speak to the winds and be challenged to create what is not, faith. 

As a Seer, the Lord has granted me gifts to see in the spirit, feel, and know what He has for your life.  Through the Word of God, together, we will explore and receive all the deposits the Lord has for us because His Word is truly alive! “He that hath ears, let him hear” giving birth to a harvest of an abundant life spiritually and literally. “Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established, believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper”.
II Chronicles 20:20.

Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis,
Senior Pastor 

The Lord God had much to pour into Dr. Lewis so, over several years He put inside
of her "special" Divine secrets like in a gift box.  These Divine secrets would be locked in her memory until God's season of Revelation.
Dr. Lewis has been that vessel, that servant, that messenger to the people of God for many years. Pouring out healing virtues, creatively speaking change and turning drastic situations around. Studying, meditating, living the Word of God as He empowers her and
leads her every step of the way ... never considering not helping the people, not teaching how to have a relationship with God and live a victorious life through His Word.
Those precious Divine secrets put inside of that 8year old child are yet today changing and empowering the lives of many and walking by Faith and not by site, Dr. Lewis stands ready for the work God has for her.
Dr. Arnella E. Lewis 
Carrying the Word of God is not an easy task... It takes a very special mortal vessel to make the sacrifice of their lives to do this deed in the Name of the Sovereign God.... It takes a servant of God's "Chosen", His very "Elect".  One that He calls and prepares for this honor ... God does it in unique and some say, even peculiar ways.
The "Chosen" are wise, strong, courageous, tempered, compassionate, virtuous and loving and merciful. Speaking "Thus says the Lord God" takes all of this and more.
Dr. Lewis is such a one.
 "Chosen" at the young tender age of eight Dr. Lewis was take into heavenly places on the back of what she can only describe at that time as Pegasus, but when she was older and understood better, then it was revealed to her that it was a Cherubim.  

Today's Card - October 17, 2016


 I arose today with gladness because; I know the Lord my God is with me.  The Son shines in my spirit and I set my ways to be perfect like Him. Sorrows can’t find me; rejection has no place in my life.

 I am victorious over the wicked because, the Lord upholds me in a safe place. I know He has made my enemies my footstool. I will walk upright in Thy magnificent spirit.

 I will love my enemy as myself… I will love my brother who I see, for I do love the God of heaven and earth who with natural eyes, I do not see. I will comfort the downtrodden, I will serve the poor.  I arose today and the spirit of the Lord was upon me and Thy wonderful compassion consumed me. Oh, how I love God!  I will behold Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake with Your likeness…

 My soul is satisfied with fatness; with my lips I shall praise You. By faith I speak a season of increase in everything concerning my life. Blessed am I in my coming in and my going out... Blessed is my store house.  Lord, I praise You for Your abundance.

 We go through life thinking we are not in control over our lives…

We do have control because God gave us a ‘divine’ voice. Your name is Creation. You can actually create with your mouth. You can create power by faith.


 Almighty, You are the core of my life, I don’t exist apart from You, and without You I am nothing. Trusting you provides me with courage. I believe You Sovereign God for all that I desire when I pray. You are the substance of my committed soul, I give myself to You wholly and completely. I respond to Your Voice alone… Speak Lord!

 I walk through my days holding the hand of Your Voice… Oh, to be lead by Your Voice, the only voice to whom I give myself in obedience and humble submission. My relationship and hope in You grows.  My faith seeds are made perfect. I embrace You Lord, I climb heights beyond my understanding so that, I can dwell near to You, because I live my life by faith.

 Divine Spaces are arranged for me, and around me.  My Divine Space becomes my kingdom.  My kingdom come Your will be done in my Divine Spaces … You cause the universe to respond to my thoughtful command.

 I dwell in CREATION… My life by creation, formed by Your power, places the total sum of my life in Divine Spaces.  Where is my Divine Space? What are the boundaries?  I command where I stand. My Divine Space is everywhere I place my foot.  My Space is Divine! Why? I concede and believe because, as I look into my purpose all that I see is what God has prepared for me. My confession is exactly what He has said, what He has spoken, concerning me.

 He has put a watch over my mouth therefore I cannot sin with my tongue. The Lord is my Shepherd … is all that I proclaim I have everything that I need… is my eternal mantra.

 Welcome to my Eden… Enter in without coincidence or conflict. Living by Divine principles puts my kingdom under protective watch by eternity, preserved by His Promise, watched by His Love. 

 A place, my uninhibited places… A life without boundaries, without reservation. I am a place full of trust, with a heart full of courage. I shall not be moved, I press towards the mark of the higher calling … My quest is to learn to and master the Will of God for my journey.

 I embrace my Divine Spaces and I identify my kingdom as an Absolute Place… a place where when I need it time is created by the command of my voice.  I dwell in a place where the ground waters itself.  It’s my absolute place… It’s my Divine Space.                                                                     

Every day there are new mercies ... The SEER has a voice that reaches the foot of the Throne of God...

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Dr. Arnella E. Lewis