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"Replication of Divinity"
And God Said...."Let every sort of animal produce after their own kind... And it was so."
Reproduces Himself... And let us make man in our image and in our likeness male and
female created He them...

FAITH is a divine Component of God Himself given to man...

FAITH activates fertility in the womb of man God has Created-in His Image ...
the fragrance of fertility has passion that craves for intimacy ..
Intimacy welcomes Divine Seed ... Seed in a fertile womb does recreate in the image it was sown...
Without Faith God finds no pleasure in you...
an individual living in an atmosphere of doubt is a womb foreign to the nature
we were recreated to become ...
Divinity cannot reproduce what is like Himself when the womb is not compatible with His nature...
We are created in His Image and in His likeness....I can understand why “without faith it is
impossible to please God “ He turns away from doubt.

Doubt changes the nature of the womb leaving barren that which is not compatible ...
Faith seeks to have intimate moments with His Divine Source

Can a species reproduce after another kind not the same as himself.

Doubt means to be without resource or supply
 doubt is to pull away, to not be available ..... without seed there is
no harvest which resemble the perfection of Divine Providence ..:.
Tell yourself, “No doubt”!

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The universe remembers what man forgets!

"The lesson's of life, if we learn them,
will catapult us into a place confidence beyond measure"...
Echo- sound repeated or an "energy" that is reverberated after the original sound has stopped.
I'm reminded how that is so reminiscent of DNA, things and
behaviors that we know nothing about ...
 Seasons, times of year, I call them
"The Stir of Echo's"


"Being Transformed"
Being "transformed" means our minds must be renewed.
Let's get in the "Gym of Spirit Transitioning"...
Give strength to the body of your confession.  We gain Spiritual strength lifting weights of possibility. Join me!
Add volume to the muscles of your voice...
Lift, with all my heart... Lift, I will not lean to my own understanding...
Lift, I cast down my imagination that I may hear Him...
Lift, lift, I have whatsoever I say, therefore work to add Spirit
mass to your voice...
Lift and lift and I have tried, but don't give up, you can, you will... Lift!
Lift, your voice does gain strength and your Spirit body definition...
Wait for it, NOW, feel the joy wash over your!
Exhale and then keep it moving...
"With God nothing is Impossible" ...



"Gaining Knowledge"
Gaining Knowledge of Spiritual Truth, teaches
a man confidence.
Becoming confident teaches a man obedience,
being obedient is like lifting natural weights
it will produce muscles that ultimately enlarge
the "spiritual body mass'... more knowledge
more you change.

Live in sync with what you say. As a man's
knowledge is increased, his thinking changes
he becomes skilled in speaking and walking
in the activity of his confession.. doing!

Step by step, the intangible becomes mans daily
bread, as knowledge evolves to seek wisdom...
you walk giving no thought for tomorrow... your
anxiety develops into Faith ..your conversation
shifts from murmuring to creating...
"The POWER of Knowledge".



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