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"Entering Into Covenant"

'All of us have boundaries in our life.'

There are several influences that can restrict your progress. There are influences that restrict you from reaching success beyond your family. There are boundaries created by dad’s abandonment, spirit of rejection, spirit of fear, fear of  success, fear of failure.  There are generic things that you inherit that would also try to hinder your life. There are boundaries that keep you locked in a cycle and you remain locked in a four corner hustler mentality; not being able to move out of the community, being afraid to go downtown and being afraid to shop other than the dollar store, or don’t have a bank account and you only can go to the currency exchange to cash your check. There are restrictions in your life placed there and the enemy wants to keep you where you are. He wants to keep you being a failure.

There are social boundaries which can hinder your progress...peer pressures, neighborhoods where you grew up. These can minimize your ability to dream bigger, void vision, and hope.  As you began to hear the promise of God your desire to go beyond the boundaries is sparked. The desire to step outside of where you transitionally been is right because hope is ignited through the Word. God being the way maker now resides in your head. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength or even the notion that maybe you can apply for a job that pays more than $8 hr.  As you learn the Word, you have the hope to press beyond where your homeboys went and press beyond where your family went.   Now you are not pressured about that high school diploma and now you want to go on to college. The boundaries are non threatening anymore. Knowledge enlightens you. What threatened you outside your door is normal.

You are not afraid to ride the bus anymore.  Fear to drive is eliminated as you take driving test.  Now you are skilled and with skills come courage.  You are ready to confront your restrictions. You know that the enemy knows where you live. He knows what your greatest fears are. The enemy knows where your Dad failed you, where your Mom failed you. He knows where no one in your lineage went to college. What he wants to do to you is keep you bound and fearful. To keep you bound, the enemy will send you    people that will help to keep you down and will help you stay in the boundary of your past.  We as a people are people of habits. Old clothes, old shoes, living in a house for 55 yrs, being in the neighborhood for 45 yrs, down the street from everybody.  From 16th street to 109th street is your family and the enemy will try to keep you in these boundaries.

But the Word does give you faith to step out of the boundaries and   challenge where you are. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, and evidences of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1.” What comes to you is the spirit of fear, because fear will cause you to do nothing. 

Fear petrifies and stagnates you...

This is why the Lord told Gideon to tell all the men who were afraid to go home and 22,000 men left.  That says to you that there are more who are afraid then really talking about it. You can look at a person’s fruit to  determine who is afraid and whose not. Those who are fearful and doing nothing. The hope given by Christ you gives you courage or causes you to at least  realize how you’re living is not all that there is to life. So when the thought of change and progress comes in here comes the twelve spies.  Some folks who don’t believe like you. Those who know where you come from manipulate your thoughts.  Manipulate your conversations like the twelve spies; “We cannot make it, there are giants in the land”...


Yes, the land flows with milk and honey. Yes, there are giant grapes,  olives, and plump figs.

However, Israel listened to the report of those they respected from their own tribe and their own families.  In their own circle. So don't think that the enemy is going to send someone you don’t listen too. He comes to steal, kill and destroy.  He comes to win and those in various religious circles rather play games with the scripture, tossing colloquial terms about but without the force of faith and knowing He who spoke the Word. 
Saying, "hickory dickory dock"... is the same without knowing the Giver of the word.  
Stop Playing!!

The Lord says, “ I have given you the land but you are accustom to bondage and I am bringing you out of bondage to place you in the bless  environment.” God delivered Israel miraculously.  They witnessed the hand of God. How many of you would recognize God voice if he spoke? When you   recognize God voice you are subject to obedience. And God made promises to Israel. Israel was accustoming to being oppressed.  They were operating in fear.  Moses had worked a wonder in Egypt then no doubt the miracle had to be witnessed not only by the Egyptians but also by the people he had to bring out. They were fearful and actually they wanted to go back to Pharaoh, back to Egypt.

What happens to a dream deferred?

God is not a man that he should lie.  You must hold on to your dream. Hold on to your vision, even if it does not comes in the time you expected.  It’s never too late to fight back!

God is preparing you for when your dream comes to pass and you are successful.  Changes will discipline you to secure your success so that you will be sustained.  He is the Force that Rules your life, preserves you, and keeps you until you are dressed in the integrity of the Spirit.  Neither can you miss the blessing God has preserved for you.

God is preparing a trusting people to receive great wealth.  It only looks like a delay. God is never late.  He is always on time and He knows your faults in your character.  He is holding back the storm and preserving your heart so that you can come to your foolish self and be awakening and say,
“God, You can bless
me now.”



On A Mission
Strengths and Gifts are diverse... impactful.
There are TREASURES buried inside you.

Why are the values of the gifts undiscovered?
Because we have the tendency to look outside of ourselves for quality and look inside to find fault..
you Ma’am ... you Sir,
represent God’s fusion of excellency
Fusion? Yes Infusion because within YOU He included a part of GOD HIMSELF... ask any designer or artist
However, PRIDE will cause an individual to challenge another vessels gifts, when God has sent them to be a support in the several seasons of life,
to be apart your life...
We compare ourselves rather than embrace the beauty
of the vast range of GODS PLAN OF BALANCE Giving us what we need for Victorious Living.

Listen ... someone is waiting for you to share how great you are ... but also to respect God’s Gift in another man.




From Hindrances to Eagles Wings

Have you ever experienced events “rites of passage “that forces you to scan your Truth of life without a filter? This week has evoked intimate reflections.
When I think back over my life, I relive experience open memories as a video show rolling through the years of my life..these pictures rest behind doors of lessons I’ve learned
on my journey.

Some doors are yet to be opened.
(You also have unopened doors which must be opened)

Gratitude rushes through me like an overwhelming tsunami.

There are occurrences that happen in your life that redefine appreciation of life where you are no longer distracted by pride,
but are willing to be thankful for the complicated lessons You were forced to incorporate into the books of your life,

My Soul Song

I am thankful for determination ...
thankful for a heart of compassion...
thankful for shed tears.
Grateful how GOD has kept my mind,
thankful how God preserved me in situations
where He has offered Himself to me and I resisted,
thankful I came to myself to accept God’s Offer
to give myself to Him completely As a result




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