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Entering Into Covenant

'If God is not a Life changer, why are we here?'

Each season has an energy
that stimulates the social soul
which represents a hiding place or a reservoir of remembered  feelings in addition to a harboring room for every emotion that occurs that stirs family life. During November we have Thanksgiving and everyone
loves everybody you have ever felt in your heart.

Seasons from Thanksgiving until New Years Day everyone is walking around like Steppford" wives, mechanically stimulated like robots. We feed the homeless and give clothes away.

During Christmas we buy
gifts for people we don't like,
we invite strangers to our
supper table, and we give
toys; almost behaving like windup toys ourselves. Most of us don't really want to purchase gifts, but the spirit of giving world wide drives us to unreasonable purchases.
We are influenced 
by global energies which include dates and historical connections.

Some spirit movements or forces dominate our neighborhoods such as gangs, violence, lack of working families, poverty, or big beautiful homes, great business districts, and prosperity.
We are the embodiment of spirits and they are territorial. Many influences are global. The identity of the messenger spirit is different in that we have Saint Nick or Santa Claus, however the energy they bring is the same. As previously stated, the spirit of giving lasts even through New Years Day, it's gone...  
        It's Over!
Most occurrences are
hinged on the Biblical connection to our day, 
month, and years... 

Think about it this year. Be aware of when the spirit enters. We are influenced by global energies which include dates and historical connections. There are influences which remind us of tragedies like "9/11", the Holocaust, etc. on a conscious level and then there are influences by Biblical energy dates
all the way back to Adam. 


There are liars and manipulators 
in the midst.

These energies include the ritual of circumcision and baptism practiced in millions of religious home around the world influenced
by commanding Celestial Hierarchy or spiritual seasons. Most occurrences are hinged on the Biblical connection to our day, month, and years...  Each person has an individual encounter with these energies that affect us as much as the rain in the spring and the heat of the blazing sun in mid July.  The world is affected from region to region. We, the human race, are all affected
 Using this knowledge as "prophetic" instruments, the grace of God permits this prophet to provide insight that can reverse the outcome of some events, predict individual future events, and also provide warnings... On many occasions giving answers before questions are asked days in advance. I present this premise to offer understanding of why we feel the same emotions, behave certain ways at the same time as well during the month. We can also help you to know how to avoid things as well.
The spies were sent out to scout the land for 40 days. One representative from each tribe, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulon, Manasseh, Ephraim and Benjamin (Joseph's children). These were people who were a part of the Exodus tribes. Know that your great "foe" will not be outside of your house, your inner circle, or family because, it takes someone you "trust" to sway you in a negative direction. 

Those taking part of this expedition were all brothers and they were sent out by Moses to scout out the land and find out if this was the promised land. They were influenced by the report what they heard. It was a time of sadness because what they heard "influenced" the positivity of what they saw.  

YOU must be sure you are clearly hearing God because, there a strong influence on you by outsiders. It may not be happening to you today, but wait until tomorrow... You are about to be influenced by outsiders; someone or something that is not in that circle.

Because it is your world, your breath, your home, your survival, your kingdom and if you are not obeying the Voice of God according to your understanding, you are being manipulated by an "Aaron" type personality.
Aaron was a righteous priest, a mouth piece for Moses... But at Sinai, Aaron stepped out of Divine order or out of line with God's positioning when he took Moses' position and caused the people to error. 
If God is not a Life changer, why are we believers? Why do we go to church?
We come for a
LIFE Change!
Realizing the influences of the atmosphere and spiritual suggestion, is why we do some studies on the Biblical connection of each month and their energies that affect us. We try to understand why we feel certain ways during the month, what we can do to reverse the negative effect and what to avoid as well.
There are liars and manipulators in the midst. The walls of reason are down and the idea of change has created a break in the spiritual wall of heredity and cycles. 
Due to fear, man can become vulnerable.  There is a possibility of manipulation. Therefore, you must be aware. 
"He that hath an ear"! 



Into INTIMATE Places
Reteach your mind how to think...
When our mind is peaceful we are free from worry.


Meditate on who GOD is
and not the history of your past.
 GOD IS... GOD IS... GOD IS... GOD IS... GOD IS... GOD IS... GOD IS... GOD IS...

"The Spirit Moves"
"Spirit moves as a Poetic Motion",
it's touch is a gentle nudge to carry you; its brisk winds will wisk you effortlessly into the Winds of the Will of God, ...that is if you choose to Go...
A man's resistant to God's Will can create storm winds ...
Ask Him, "Show me your ways teach me your path lead me in your Truth" ...


Do not resist...
Avoid the storms!


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