I want to personally welcome you to Revelation Ministry, because I believe God can do anything for you for He never fails.  Here at Revelation, I teach relationship, not religion.  Rather than learning religion, you will learn how to have an intimate relationship with the Great Creator of the Universe, Elohim.  Learning how to touch Him and Him touching you back, how to speak to Him and He speaking back, and learning to embrace Him and Him embracing you back.  Here you will be taught how to speak to the winds and be challenged to create what is not, faith. 

As a Seer, the Lord has granted me gifts to see in the spirit, feel, and know what He has for your life.  Through the Word of God, together, we will explore and receive all the deposits the Lord has for us because His Word is truly alive! “He that hath ears, let him hear” giving birth to a harvest of an abundant life spiritually and literally. “Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established, believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper”.
II Chronicles 20:20.
Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis,
Senior Pastor 

The Lord God had much to pour into Dr. Lewis so, over several years He put inside
of her "special" Divine secrets like in a gift box.  These Divine secrets would be locked in her memory until God's season of Revelation.
Dr. Lewis has been that vessel, that servant, that messenger to the people of God for many years. Pouring out healing virtues, creatively speaking change and turning drastic situations around. Studying, meditating, living the Word of God as He empowers her and
leads her every step of the way ... never considering not helping the people, not teaching how to have a relationship with God and live a victorious life through His Word.
Those precious Divine secrets put inside of that 8year old child are yet today changing and empowering the lives of many and walking by Faith and not by site, Dr. Lewis stands ready for the work God has for her.
God's Chosen Messenger

Learn the path that the charismatic vessel of God, The SEER, was "chosen" from...
Listen as she tells the astonishing story of the beginning of her "Prophetic" journey of service to our Sovereign God and His people.
"Taken To Heaven On The Back Of Pegasus"

Dr. Arnella E. Lewis 
Carrying the Word of God is not an easy task... It takes a very special mortal vessel to make the sacrifice of their lives to do this deed in the Name of the Sovereign God.... It takes a servant of God's "Chosen", His very "Elect".  One that He calls and prepares for this honor ... God does it in unique and some say, even peculiar ways.
The "Chosen" are wise, strong, courageous, tempered, compassionate, virtuous and loving and merciful. Speaking "Thus says the Lord God" takes all of this and more.
Dr. Lewis is such a one.
 "Chosen" at the young tender age of eight Dr. Lewis was take into heavenly places on the back of what she can only describe at that time as Pegasus, but when she was older and understood better, then it was revealed to her that it was a Cherubim."  
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Learn more about Dr. Lewis' profound journey of how God of ALL, prepared His "Chosen" vessel for a path that only a courageous warrior can walk ...
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Experience the astonishing truths of the how Dr Lewis was endowed with God's  Divine Gifts ... thus bringing forth the Anointed
Prophet and SEER.

Prophetic Prediction
Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis The SEER
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The prophecies that you find here could be pertinent to you or someone that you know,
whatever the case do not take lightly what The SEER has said.
GOD has endowed her with His unique and special anointing to bring His message to the masses and He is not a man that He should lie...
His Word will not go out void and come back empty,
but it shall accomplish that which He sent it to do.

May 14, 2017

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive orbe compelled to share as spoken by Dr. E. Lewis. “The Seer.”

Yell the devil is a liar!

God is coming to your rescue on time. Even though you’ve been late.

In the spirit today there was a river flowing underneath the conscious level of your being.
The Lord said, “I am the living water, I flow in the loins of the people today.”

I see high blood pressure with infection in it,

I see 3 stones and I hear the name Stoney, I also see a person with Alopecia.
God is touching someone with Alopecia,
and Vitiligo in their lower parts. I feel a pulling in the lower parts of the stomach.

I see someone that had a tube in and a tube out. I see someone that was incubated. I also see trouble swallowing, stiff legs.

Swollen legs and some parts of the veins in your legs have shrunk. It is also a sign of
psychological issues on which way I should go. God said, he will make the decision for you.
The problem is we have been trying to put new wine into old wine skins.

Don’t pull a Gideon, gathering those that God did not choose.

I see an Easterner releases things you need.

We have been traveling on the wrong road. I road of familiarity.

In the next 24 hours, I will release a hidden secret being held on your behalf.
You won’t lose anything.
I see in the spirit there are stones. Someone that has them in their body.
They will pass hard knots.
There is a hard knot in the leg. Also the varicose veins are not soft.
The Holy Spirit resolves them in the name of Jesus.

We need a new mind!! Which means a new voice.

We will meet someone that has the rights to relinquish all things to you.

I see fungus on the wall where breathing is difficult. I see sewerage underground.

Someone not being able to use the restroom. God opens up the bowels. God heals the body.

Tell Joseph his son that he has his father’s spirit. God is untwisting some things.
I also see a "V" named person.
For those that are worried about surviving to see the fruit of your works,
the Lord says, "you will live to see the fruit of your labor".
What I see in the spirit is: I’m stirring it up like the best cake you ever had.
I have something better that the last blessing you gave me. You thought that was great.

God said he must bless you!!

God is rescuing you from need disposable undergarments. God will blow your mind.
I will heal you.

I see a tiger. The person around that tiger... I shall aggressively come for you.

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these Prophecies are to bless, warn, and heal...

Voices of Angels

The SEER, Dr. Arnella Lewis-Pierce is an Intimate Companion with the Angels of GOD... 
 She travels to heavenly places to retrieve answers for the people...
Her book,
Voices of Angels The SEER, gives you guidance for situations that might be occurring in your life, answers for matters that concern you and Signs to look for, such as colors, dates, numbers and more... To let you know that GOD hears, and answers you.

He that has an ear let him hear, these words are given by the power of God as you hear them and they are relevant to you receive or be compelled to share as spoken by Dr. A E. Lewis, "The Seer."



Today, don’t neglect to lean on the arms of the Almighty… For in the times that I go through my storms, Lord You comfort me.  Though I walk in the midst of trouble You cover me …

Keep your mind fixed on the All Powerful One … Thank Him that His peace shall sooth your mind, throughout your day with Him.  You will be comforted and stress free. Bearing His peace keeps you near to Him, being under His protection, evil cannot come near your dwelling… You are a Divine vessel of abundance, truth, embrace Joy!

“I will praise You and Your peace shall pursue

me all the day long”

Every new day with the Creator, is sweeter that the day before. Let your desires of liberation and change draw you closer to Him, therefore you become detached from negative and ungodly acquaintances.


“I love You, Lord and there is none, not a single man that can take Your place. Just a closer walk with You… offers comfort in troubled situations… Loving You gives me joy in my soul; I pray Your Love to walk with me and to be my daily bread”… Amen.

Answer Yes! To His Invitation to Fellowship.  Answer yes, to the call to fellowship with God. Being close to Him will affect your soul decisions. When the master of your soul changes the appetite of your natural body also changes.

Deny yourself!  While in His presence you gain increased strength to combat the flesh. Spending time with Him nourishes the spirit. Therefore, natural power slowly diminishes. Because no man can serve two masters; natural consciousness and spiritual consciousness cannot dwell equally in one place.  Now resisting impulses becomes easier, and instinct is recreated. A body that once resisted the invitation of the God’s Spirit, now subserviently bows in response to His commands.

Change…. All of God’s Creation is already and always has been in agreement with your purpose. The key to change is the Speaking and affirming in faith. When you speak “what would have been” is shaken loose giving way to what will now be your New Beginning. Your destiny has changed, your voice, once dormant, becomes an aggressive personality. Seen and unseen factions are obligated to offer their fabric, in response to your Command. For you are godlike and your needs are provided through the seeds of divinity.


Voice of Angels

Dr. Arnella Elizabeth Lewis
The SEER's Book comes with a deck of cards'; you would pull a card
then check the book for that card to get The SEER's Prophecy for the day

"He that hath an ear let him hear".

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